The pre-sale price is 199,800, aiming at the polar krypton 007, and the polar fox Alpha S5 will also lift the table.


The pre-sale price is 199,800, aiming at the polar krypton 007, and the polar fox Alpha S5 will also lift the table.

On April 22nd, BAIC Polar Fox held a pre-sale conference of its Alfa S5 model. At the press conference, BAIC Polar Fox launched two models, namely Alfa S5 708 MAX and Alfa S5 650 ULTRA, with pre-sale prices of 199,800 yuan and 219,800 yuan respectively. It is reported that the new car adopts a series of the strongest black technologies of Beiqi Polar Fox, which not only has a drag coefficient as low as 0.1925Cd, but also comes standard with an 800V high-voltage platform.

With the official opening of the pre-sale of Extreme Fox Alpha S5, Extreme Fox has also provided a wealth of car booking rights for scheduled car owners. Two of the models enjoy a cash interest of 25,000 yuan, and the rights and interests of Alfa S5 708 MAX and Alfa S5 650 ULTRA are 174,800 yuan and 194,800 yuan respectively. In addition, users who order the Alfa S5 708 MAX version before 24: 00 on June 30, 2024 can also enjoy the optional rights worth up to 19,000 yuan; Users who purchase the Alfa S5 650 ULTRA model can also enjoy the optional rights worth 11,000 yuan. In addition, Extreme Fox Alpha S5 also provides a variety of zero down payment, low down payment and low interest financial solutions, as well as basic rights and interests such as lifetime free three-electricity warranty, five-year 120,000-kilometer vehicle warranty, free gift and installation of charging piles, and three-year unlimited free traffic.

More "silent" car design

As a brand-new masterpiece of the brand-new sports coupe style of Polar Fox, the pre-sale Alpha S5 of Polar Fox has a length, width and height of 4820mm *1930mm *1480mm respectively and a wheelbase of 2900mm. The whole vehicle is positioned as a B-class medium-sized car, and its shape is smoother and more agile than the previous models of Extreme Fox, and it also has a sports technology model.

Externally, the polar fox Alpha S5 adopts a brand-new design language of "wind-plastic aesthetics", and the whole body line has undergone meticulous and dense design and complicated wind tunnel test, which makes it have an ultra-low drag coefficient of 0.1925Cd. Such a low drag coefficient not only shows the extreme pursuit of design aesthetics by Extreme Fox Alfa S5, but also is more conducive to the positioning of its pure electric vehicles.

The front face design of the new car is sharp, and the wind-blade headlights composed of 400 LED light sources are full of recognition after lighting. At the same time, it also has the effect of intelligent light language, which is full of science and technology. The side of the Extreme Fox Alpha S5 has a sleek line design, which makes the whole car dynamic. The rear of the car is equipped with a multi-dimensional ultra-red taillight, which not only improves the safety by 40%, but also can identify the identity of Alfa S5 even if it is far away in the middle of the night. In addition, the area of the intelligent active lifting tail at the rear can reach 3430 cm after deployment, which not only makes the whole vehicle feel full of fighting, but also reflects the "rustling" to the fullest.

Sitting in the car, the interior of the Extreme Fox Alfa S5 is obviously in line with the new power car companies, and the overall design is simple and scientific, while not losing the solid materials used by traditional car companies. In many places, the new car uses the Microcloud fiber velvet high-grade leather of Mercedes-Benz EQ, which is not only silky to the touch, but also more environmentally friendly. It is worth noting that the polar fox Alpha S5 is equipped with a panoramic dome with industry-leading thermal insulation effect, with a total coverage area of 5.2㎡, a light transmission area of 4.5㎡ and a light transmission ratio of 78.7%, which greatly improves the transparency of the whole vehicle.

In the interior configuration, the Extreme Fox Alpha S5 has also achieved the leading level at the same price. It is not only equipped with a 68-inch large AR-HUD, a large intelligent central control panel and a 7.1-channel 15-speaker surround sound stage system, which provides users with more wonderful audio and video enjoyment. In addition, for the first time, Polar Fox was equipped with the intelligent cockpit system of Polar Fox Lingzhi OS. Based on this set of advanced software and hardware, the polar fox Alpha S5 cockpit can be transformed into KTV, game room and "Four Seasons Garden" in seconds, greatly improving the car experience of drivers and passengers.

More "trench" inner strength.

As a pure electric car focusing on sports attributes, the Extreme Fox Alpha S5 is not only "quiet" in external design, but also very capable in internal strength.

On the power level, the new car is equipped with a synchronous+asynchronous dual-motor combination, with a total power of 390kW and a total torque of 690 N m, and the zero acceleration only takes 3.7s s. Not only is the acceleration fast enough, but the polar fox Alpha S5 brakes steadily enough. Thanks to the aluminum four-piston brake calipers, the new car only needs 33.5m for 100-degree braking. At the same time, due to the steering system with large transmission ratio, the directivity of Alfa S5 is very accurate, providing drivers with precise control over where to hit.

In order to perfectly reflect the excellent performance of the Extreme Fox Alfa S5, at the press conference, Alfa S5 officially announced the release of the "Tunnel Crossing Challenge" blockbuster, which took the lead in paying tribute to Mercedes-Benz and Schumacher in the name of pure electric cars. In the video, Echo Gao, a well-known racing driver, drove the Alfa S5, rushed into a tunnel with a diameter of 10.2 meters within a limited 320 meters, and found the right angle to use the built ramp to rush into the tunnel wall, completing a 360-degree flip, and finally drifting on the subsequent mountain road. The overall action is done in one go, which shows that the extreme fox Alpha S5 is extraordinary in power attributes.

As a pure electric car, the Extreme Fox Alfa S5 adopts Contemporary Amperex Technology Co., Limited’s Shenxing rechargeable battery, with a battery capacity of 79.2kWh, and the longest cruising range can reach 708km under CLTC comprehensive working conditions. At the same time, the Extreme Fox Alpha S5 comes standard with 800V high-voltage platform, which can charge 380km in just 15 minutes, greatly reducing the mileage and anxiety of users.

In the face of the full pre-sale of the Extreme Fox Alpha S5, the model that directly competes with it will definitely be the Extreme Krypton 007. The two cars are basically the same size, both belong to B-class cars, and both come standard with 800V high-voltage platforms. On the power level, both cars belong to the 3-second club. The difference lies in that the Krypton 007 has a larger power battery and the intelligent driving model has a laser radar, which makes the intelligent driving level more redundant. However, after all, the Extreme Fox Alpha S5 has an advantage in price. Compared with the Extreme Krypton 007, which started at 209,900 yuan, the price of the Alpha S5 after rights and interests is about 35,000 yuan lower. Excluding the added value of the brand, the Extreme Fox Alpha S5 even has an advantage in comfort configuration, and its cost performance is better than that of the Extreme Krypton 007 to some extent.

From April 11th, Polar Fox Automobile released the "New Darwin 2.0 Technology System" in Beijing to April 22nd, Polar Fox Alfa S5 opened for pre-sale. The pace of Beiqi Polar Fox in new energy electric technology has obviously accelerated. Its seven technical fields, such as polar shield safety, extremely clean health, polar front power, aurora battery, extremely enjoyable cockpit, elegant chassis and intelligent intelligence, have been installed in Alfa S5 in one breath, which fully shows the rich background and innovative spirit of Polar Fox relying on old car companies, and also indicates the importance that Polar Fox attaches to Alfa S5 models. The Beijing Auto Show is just around the corner, and the Extreme Fox Alpha S5 will officially meet the general audience at the auto show. At that time, it is believed that the Extreme Fox Alpha S5 will become the most dazzling star model of the Extreme Fox booth, bringing new breakthroughs in sales for the Extreme Fox.


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