iFLYTEK brings Spark cognitive model and industry application to the 2023 world artificial intelligence conference


iFLYTEK brings Spark cognitive model and industry application to the 2023 world artificial intelligence conference

  From July 6th to 8th, the 2023 World Artificial Intelligence Conference was held in Shanghai. The theme of this conference was "Intelligent Connection World Generates the Future", focusing on the development of general artificial intelligence and creating a good innovation ecosystem. iFLYTEK brought the Spark Cognition Big Model and Industry Applications to this conference, showcasing the core capabilities of the big model and the latest application results in education, medical care, office, industry and other fields, and discussing the opportunities and challenges of general artificial intelligence.

  During the event, the digital human press officer created by iFLYTEK for the conference made a wonderful appearance at the service desk of the Shanghai World Expo Center and the World Expo Exhibition and Exhibition Hall. With the blessing of the Spark Model, the audience can interact with it more naturally in real time to understand the dynamics and hot topics of the artificial intelligence conference. iFLYTEK provided technical support for the opening ceremony and main forum of the conference, helping the participants from home and abroad to achieve barrier-free communication. iFLYTEK provided technical support for the opening ceremony and main forum of the conference, helping the participants from home and abroad to achieve barrier-free communication.

  In addition, the Spark model based on domestic software and hardware was also exhibited simultaneously in the AI model technology area and Huawei’s ecological exhibition area, demonstrating that the Spark cognitive model empowers the diverse ecology of all walks of life, allowing more attendees to experience the charm of domestic models.

  Wu Xiaoru, President of iFLYTEK, Hu Guoping, Senior Vice President of iFLYTEK, Liu Cong, Dean of iFLYTEK Research Institute, and other leaders attended the conference to share the cutting-edge technology of artificial intelligence, industrial ecology, finance, medical care and other fields, and promote the construction of large-scale model related standards and large-scale model applications.

  AI "Smart Emergence" iFLYTEK Spark Cognitive Big Model Triggers Interaction Craze

  "What are the highlights of the 2023 world artificial intelligence conference worth paying attention to?"

  "Please write a poem to describe the future world of artificial intelligence?"

  "Can cooking in an iron pan supplement iron?"

  At the iFLYTEK booth, the iFLYTEK Spark Cognitive Model attracted many attendees to stop. Everyone gathered around the big model to ask it questions, and the big model quickly and accurately gave the answer, becoming the hottest "clock in the exhibition".

  On May 6 this year, iFLYTEK released the Spark Cognition Big Model, demonstrating seven core capabilities such as text generation, language understanding, knowledge answering, logical reasoning, and mathematical knowledge. Since the release, the core capabilities have continued to iterate. On June 9, it upgraded again and released the Spark Cognition Big Model V1.5. Not only did various capabilities continue to improve, but also three major upgrades were achieved in general capabilities: a breakthrough in open knowledge answering, multiple rounds of dialogue, and further upgrades in logic and mathematics.

  iFLYTEK has also launched the Spark APP, Mini Program and H5, which users can use through different entrances. Recently, the iFLYTEK Spark APP has been successfully listed in AppStore, Huawei, Xiaomi, OPPO, vivo, Tencent App Treasure and other app stores, and has become the first domestic large model to fully cover the Android and iOS mainstream app stores.

  The Spark Assistant Center, which covers 1000 + intelligent assistants, triggered an interactive experience boom at the iFLYTEK booth. Click to enter the assistant center to quickly issue instructions, and the big model immediately transforms into a portable intelligent assistant to meet the needs of users including workplace, marketing, creation, life, comments, recruitment, learning, customer service, fun, travel, official documents, emotions, brain storms and other scenarios.

  AI deeply empowers the latest application achievements in the industry

  During the 2023 World Artificial Intelligence Conference, a variety of latest industry application achievements equipped with the Spark Cognitive Model entered the audience’s field of vision at the iFLYTEK booth. In addition to experiencing the core capabilities of the Spark Model, users can also learn about the application results of the Spark Model in education, medical care, office, digital employees, automobiles, finance, industry and other scenarios. In front of iFLYTEK AI learning machine, hearing smart screen, smart office book and other products, the audience scrambled to queue up to experience, and the applause on the spot continued.

  Previously, among the excellent application cases of the large model released by the China Academy of Information and Communications Technology, the three application cases of iFLYTEK AI learning machine, intelligent office book and intelligent RPA were rated as excellent application cases of the large model.

  In the field of education, the iFLYTEK AI learning machine under the blessing of the Spark model allows AI to correct compositions like a teacher and have real-life conversations like a speaking teacher. At the conference, the audience can also experience the newly released Spark Language Partner APP, which can conduct open dialogue and situational communication, practice like a speaking teacher, and perform real-time speaking error correction.

  In the office scene, the intelligent end point of the conference room equipped with a large model – iFLYTEK Hear Smart Screen Enjoy Edition was exhibited for the first time. It can automatically organize and output dynamic meeting records and meeting content, generate various types of meeting copywriting with one click, and help users work efficiently. In addition, the audience can also experience iFLYTEK Hear Writing, which can automatically convert audio & video files into text while performing in-depth analysis of the content to achieve fast output of text such as product promotion copywriting and meeting notes.

  In the medical scenario, based on the iterative optimization of the large model technology, iFLYTEK Medical has comprehensively upgraded the medical post-consultation rehabilitation management platform, extending professional post-consultation management and rehabilitation guidance to outside the hospital. It generates personalized rehabilitation plans for patients, and uses intelligent voice and Mini Program to urge patients to execute and collect patient conditions in a timely manner, and automatically adjusts the patient’s rehabilitation plan. At the same time, it provides consulting services combined with patient medical record data to improve the efficiency of doctors in managing patients and serve more patients under the premise of ensuring patient safety.

  In the field of financial technology, a new generation of intelligent customer service product iFLYTEK Spark Intelligent Customer Service was unveiled, and its application on the financial service APP was displayed at the meeting. Taking commercial insurance recommendation as an example, in the face of users’ voice questions, iFLYTEK Spark Intelligent Customer Service quickly understood the customer’s purchase appeal, and simultaneously displayed relevant business pages, directly recommending a variety of insurance products for customers to choose from. iFLYTEK Spark Intelligent Customer Service products have achieved comprehensive improvement in four levels: intention understanding ability, professional knowledge application ability, dialogue design and interaction ability, and personalized expression ability. On the basis of ensuring the security and control of service information, it helps Financial Institution Group improve the efficiency and quality of Client Server and improve user experience.

  In the industrial scene, the Antelope Industrial Internet Platform is based on the cognitive understanding ability of the large model and combines the professional knowledge of the industrial field with massive resources to create a one-stop industrial Enterprise Services assistant – "Antelope Machine Move", which clarifies the needs of enterprises through multiple rounds of dialogue, provides answers and professional suggestions for various questions raised by enterprises, and can also achieve accurate matching of massive resources to help enterprises find solutions and industry experts that match their needs.

  In the car scene, iFLYTEK demonstrated the interactive experience of the intelligent cockpit based on the Spark Cognitive Big Model. The intervention of the big model makes the conversation between people and cars more free, and multi-modal integration helps vehicles better perceive and express. In addition, in addition to the general knowledge base, iFLYTEK also customized the automotive professional knowledge base to help users solve problems related to car use.

  In addition, the audience can also experience the virtual human intelligent interaction machine up close, which is aimed at government, enterprises, finance, cultural tourism and other fields, providing AI virtual people to conduct "face-to-face" interactive communication with users, business consultation, intelligent Q & A and service guidance and other interactive services, improving the efficiency of Client Server, innovating service experience, and reducing the comprehensive cost of service.

  At present, the cognitive big model has become the dawn of general artificial intelligence. As one of the artificial intelligence national teams, iFLYTEK relies on its long-term solid accumulation in the field of cognitive intelligence, scientific evaluation system and innovation system to promote the continuous evolution of the Spark big model, empower the big model to do everything and lead the industrial transformation.


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