The concept video of "The Legend of Lu Xiaofeng" was first exposed


The concept video of "The Legend of Lu Xiaofeng" was first exposed

  Authorized by Gu Long, the first concept video of the NetEase 3D action martial arts mobile game "Legend of Lu Xiaofeng" was exposed today, and the news that the game will be sealed and tested in mid-January was released simultaneously. Judging from the exposed promotional video, the game inherits the essence of the many mysteries of Gu Long’s novels, which are interconnected and look at flowers in the fog. The high gamble caused by the peak confrontation between the two Kendo masters led to a bizarre murder case in the rivers and lakes, and the clues were connected one by one, and the players logged in to solve the mystery.

  The first decisive battle of all time – the sword god Ximen Chuixue and the lord of Baiyun City, Ye Gucheng, fought on the top of the Forbidden City. The powerful and capable people have gambled heavily on who will win and who will lose. Li Yanbei, who bet on Ximen Chuixue, died tragically in Xicheng Gate, which became the beginning of the suspense of the story. "The Legend of Lu Xiaofeng" perfectly inherits the essence of the original book from the macro settings and details such as character dialogues, scenes, and plot development. A thread seems to weave a net of heaven and earth in front of you. Players seem to be caught in the situation and have clear eyes and ears, fully enjoying the extraordinary taste of ancient dragon-style martial arts.

  The game is open, there must be life and death. Ximen Chuixue disappeared, and Ye Gucheng’s life in the Tang Sect was not long ago. The rivers and lakes are changing, and the swords and swords are evil. Point persons died one after another, and the black hands behind the scenes came and went without a trace, and the events became more and more confusing. "The Legend of Lu Xiaofeng" reproduces the appearance of all beings in the rivers and lakes. The plot is interlocking and full of tension, leading you to experience all kinds of rivers and lakes on the way to breaking the game.

  Ximen Chuixue said: "Those who are not sincere are not enough to discuss swords at all." Ye Gucheng said: "People who learn swords are only sincere in swords, not necessarily sincere in others." The strange warriors in Gu Long’s writing are tall and distant, and their martial arts attainments are unique and mysterious. "The Legend of Lu Xiaofeng" restores the unrestrained posture of the ancient dragon’s long and upright body, and creates a "double" martial arts system, inheriting the high martial arts attainments of the martial arts warriors who are like entering a no-man’s land. In the dashing skirt, dozens of people lie across, and the players guide and control the room, becoming the legendary ruler of the rivers and lakes.

  "Full moon night, the top of the Forbidden City, one sword breaks the flying fairy." "Legend of Lu Xiaofeng" uses top-level 3D modeling and real-life motion capture technology to perfectly realize the peerless posture of the two kendo masters and the unparalleled battle of the top of the Forbidden City. On the top of the Forbidden City, the sword god’s clothes pass before your eyes, and the cold sword qi hits you head-on. In the cool bamboo forest, the green snake driven by the midi leaps in front of you, making you feel terrified that you can’t get along with it. The game’s next-generation high definition image quality and full-truth collection of character movements bring players a top-level action audio-visual experience.

  NetEase 3D action martial arts mobile game "Legend of Lu Xiaofeng" is about to open in mid-January. Qixia Jianghu, waiting for you to explore!

  Regarding "The Legend of Lu Xiaofeng":

  One sword comes west, and the sky is flying immortal! Genuine authorization of Gu Long: NetEase 3D action martial arts mobile game "Legend of Lu Xiaofeng" will open the closed beta in mid-January. The original taste of the game reproduces the essence of Gu Long, the fast sword cuts off the enmity, one finger knows the consonance, and takes you into a real unrestrained knight Jianghu.

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