My wife gave 210,000 stars to cross L and drive 3,564 kilometers to share six advantages and disadvantages.


My wife gave 210,000 stars to cross L and drive 3,564 kilometers to share six advantages and disadvantages.

What is the experience of having a "local tyrant" wife? Let me tell you something. You can buy a car at will in buy buy, provided that you can satisfy your wife. You see, I raised the L in full, without blinking an eye. Not much nonsense. Now the new car has driven 3564 kilometers. Let me share the three advantages and three disadvantages of Xingyue L.

My wife pays, I contribute, and I buy a car to match the top. Anyway, it doesn’t cost me money. What are you afraid of if the meat doesn’t hurt? The version I bought is a 2021 2.0TD high-power automatic four-wheel drive flagship (top-equipped model), which is a top-equipped version with all configurations.

The new car guide price is 185,200 yuan, the purchase tax is 16,000 yuan, the commercial insurance plus compulsory insurance is 7,200 yuan, the licensing fee is charged to 800 yuan, and the new car decoration is charged to 3,000 yuan, which is 212,200 yuan.

At that time, the reason for considering the purchase of Star Yue L was very simple, that is, at first glance, it was very attractive, and my eyes were fascinated, just like seeing a beautiful woman, and my eyes were sucked away. Not only did men like it, but actually my wife thought it looked good when she saw the Star Yue L, and then she looked at the interior workmanship, and the configuration was all satisfactory to her, and finally she decided to choose the Star Yue L.

For example, the electric seat is made of two-color leather, which is very luxurious and fashionable, and the touch of the car is very comfortable; There is also the A-pillar with a fur-turning design, which has a high-grade sense ratio and is not bad. The most important thing is the 12.3-inch LCD instrument and the double 12.3-inch central control display screen. The whole central control looks very scientific and classy. You can’t find one of the 200,000 joint venture cars, can you?

My wife likes the function configuration mentioned above very much, and thinks it is almost the same as a tablet, and it is simple and easy for young people to get started. And the visual perception is very good, concise and atmospheric.

In terms of power, let’s say that the car I bought is equipped with a 2.0T high-power engine with a maximum power of 175kW(238 HP). The peak torque is 350N·m, and the gearbox is matched with an 8-speed automatic manual transmission.

What level is this motivation? To tell you the truth, I haven’t actually tried extreme driving. I mostly use it to commute to work in cities, and I rarely run at high speed. Therefore, the 2.0T+8 automatic manual transmission powertrain equipped by Xingyue L is very strong in daily use, and the power burst is strong, so you will hardly touch its limit.

Let’s talk briefly about the space of Xingyue L. Its wheelbase is 2845mm, which is actually not lost compared with Highlander. Officially, Xingyue L is positioned as a compact SUV. I think it is a medium-sized SUV with five seats. Its rear row space is not as good as that, but it is also very spacious for daily use, which is much larger than the ordinary five-seat SUV.

I’ve talked with you so much. Now my new car has driven 3564 kilometers. I’d like to share some advantages and disadvantages with you. I hope it will be helpful for you to buy a car. Let’s talk about the disadvantages first and then talk about the advantages.

Disadvantage 1: At present, the fuel consumption is 11L, and the fuel consumption feels high.

Now the new car has run more than 3,500 kilometers, and it should be past the running-in period, but I feel that the fuel consumption has not been reduced, and now the fuel consumption is about 11L. Personally, I feel that the fuel consumption is still slightly high, and I hope that the fuel consumption can be reduced in the later period. If it can be reduced to 8-9L, so much the better.

Disadvantage 2: the central control display screen is easy to leave fingerprints and is not resistant to dirt.

The central control panel is also a point that can’t be ignored. After half a year of use, the central control panel is not resistant to dirt, and it is easy to leave fingerprints, and it feels dirty after light reflection. I suggest you pay attention to it during use and wipe your hands as clean as possible.

Disadvantage 3: the engine is not easy to start and stop, and there is obvious vibration when starting.

The engine start-stop function of Xingyue L is not easy to use, and sometimes it vibrates at the moment of starting. In fact, the 3 Angkor Serra I used to drive also has this kind of vibration feeling. It may not be the problem of the car, but the function itself. I suggest that you can turn off the startup function, and your daily experience will be better.

Advantage 1: the interior is luxurious, and the central control big screen is very scientific and technological.

What I am most satisfied with is that the interior is luxurious, and there are dual 12.3-inch displays in the central control. I feel that the luxurious atmosphere in the car is very good. Although this car has landed more than 210,000 yuan, this kind of workmanship and configuration feel no worse than that of a 500,000-class joint venture car.

Advantage 2: The power is particularly strong.

The 2.0T power of Xingyue L is very powerful. Officially, the acceleration is 7.7 seconds. In fact, it is particularly powerful to drive. You don’t have to be afraid of lack of power. As long as you are willing to step on the accelerator, the power will come out, giving you a good sense of pushing back.

Advantages 3: Small steering virtual position and high steering accuracy.

The question that makes me feel incredible is that although the Xingyue L is an SUV, it is very easy to drive, the steering accuracy of the steering wheel is very high, and the steering position is very small. When the star flies over L, you can hit it wherever you point and drive it with ease.

At the end of the writing, someone may ask me, do you regret spending more than 210 thousand to buy Star Yue L? I want to say, no regrets. Xingyue L is the best workmanship and materials of 200,000 class in all aspects. You can’t find one in the joint venture car. You can go and have a look at the cars such as,, etc. Which one has the sincerity to surpass L?


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