Online celebrity’s product problems teach you how to identify the "pit" in marketing.


Online celebrity’s product problems teach you how to identify the "pit" in marketing.

  □ Our reporter Zhou Xiaopeng

  Online celebrity products have become a unique phenomenon in residents’ life, from scenic spots and amusement parks that are wildly spread in friends circle to cosmetics and delicacies mentioned in various topics, to restaurants and stores that are crowded and lined up forever offline. People are dazzled by various online celebrities, online explosions and popular products.

  According to the 2018 Insight Report on Economic Development in online celebrity, China jointly released by iResearch and Sina Weibo, as of May 2018, the total number of fans in online celebrity, China has reached 588 million, and the economic scale of online celebrity will exceed 2 trillion yuan.

  However, with the deepening of online celebrity products in life, a lot of problems about these products, such as exaggerated publicity, uneven quality, trademark infringement and volume fraud, have also emerged, and the "pit" in the "online celebrity economy" has begun to be hard to prevent.

  Online celebrity store, likui jy and Gui Li are difficult to distinguish.

  Since the first half of 2017, Xicha has set off a wave of beverage shops in online celebrity, which has become the object of many young people’s pursuit. In the first half of this year, a drink shop named "Xishe Xicha" in Beijing claimed to have spent a lot of money to buy the formula from "Xicha" and jointly operated with Xicha, which attracted many consumers.

  The fact, however, is that online celebrity’s drink shops have encountered shanzhai. Hi tea quickly voiced that the above-mentioned stores did not have any form of cooperation with them. This situation is not uncommon. For example, after Master Bao, a pastry shop in Wuhan, became popular on the Internet, stores such as Master Jin Dian Bao, Master Jing Bao and Master Supreme Bao blossomed everywhere in Beijing. Because the cottage shops are imitating the signs and products of "Zun Zun", even the names are very close, which is difficult for ordinary consumers to distinguish.

  One of the reasons for the popularity of Master Bao’s pastry shop is that there are always tens of meters of "long queues" in front of it, and the enthusiasm of fans is amazing. Some media have gone deep into QQ groups, forums and WeChat groups to find out that there are "foremen" who post filling tasks online and organize a large number of part-time workers to queue up as "trustees" on the spot.

  After the media exposed that this online celebrity store paid people to queue up to create a hot sales scene, the headquarters of this "Master Bao" online celebrity store also responded quickly and apologized, saying that the behavior of one store did not represent the whole brand. However, Beijing Bao Caisheng Catering Company then directly bombarded the "Master Bao" who hired people to queue up as a cottage infringement shop, and both parties went to court for this, and related cases are under further investigation.

  In another online celebrity drink shop in Beijing, a media reporter "undercover" in the store and was shocked to find the fresh juice that became popular on the Internet. According to the report, the clerk in the drink shop directly squeezed the juice in the tea bag with his hands, and even the clerk himself said it was "disgusting"; The fruit was thrown into the juicer without cleaning, and the operator never wore gloves; There are fresh and attractive fruits on the counter, but the mango … …

  Confirm whether trendy products are harmful first.

  Nowadays, as long as the word "online celebrity" is added, and it is fueled by the Internet, people’s enthusiasm for consumption can often be ignited. However, some online celebrity products really can’t stand scrutiny, with high prices and amazing sales, but there are security risks, and even some products are "three noes".

  In some city bars, luminous drinks are popular. These luminous drinks are packed in cups of various shapes and flash every three or four seconds. Merchants have also given many unique names to the drinks. In fact, it is the ice in the drink that glows, and there are small light bulbs in the ice.

  According to the investigation by the reporter of Legal Daily, all the luminous ice cubes are made of button cell, which will not cause electric shock due to the low power. However, because the price of this lamp is relatively low, it is likely that the plastic material of the shell is of poor quality, and some toxic substances may be produced after being soaked in corrosive liquid for a long time. In the market, many of these online celebrity products do not have the qualified marks of quality supervision departments.

  The recently popular "smoking ice cream" also has certain security risks. Food-grade liquid nitrogen refrigeration is added to this online celebrity food. Liquid nitrogen which is atomized quickly is generally safe, but some children may suffer oral injuries after eating it.

  For these trendy online celebrity products, experts advise consumers to be optimistic about the composition of the products, identify whether the products have qualified instructions and safety labels, see clearly the ingredients such as raw materials of food and drinks, and consider the safety factor when eating. If online celebrity products belong to "three noes" products, they must not be bought and eaten.

  In addition, some online celebrity products boast various functions, such as "Bigu Meal" in online celebrity, which advocates "detoxification and weight loss", but in fact, it often leads to serious energy intake deficiency, which may lead to muscle decomposition, basal metabolism decline, multiple organ damage, and even increase the risk of cardiovascular disease. Don’t believe these fabricated online celebrity statements.

  The routines behind online celebrity marketing should be clearly understood.

  Or a "functional artifact" that can lose weight, sunscreen and whiten; Or it is an "honorary winner" who has won some domestic and international awards and has been endorsed by various authoritative organizations for its quality; Or a "grandiose product" … … Online celebrity products with these unique "temperament" often require consumers to be vigilant.

  In addition to some online celebrity stores hiring people to queue up to create illusion, there are many routines for online celebrity products. Online celebrity products usually show a lot of praise and experiential promotion on the Internet, and offline stores are often in short supply and business is booming, but in fact they are usually routine.

  A online celebrity store promoter revealed that most consumer evaluations can be faked, and this fake business has formed a considerable scale. There is a clear charging standard for the evaluation of consumption experience on various e-commerce platforms. Generally, the evaluation of "full number of people" is only a few yuan, but the evaluation of consumption evaluation, detailed experience and great appeal will receive each 120 yuan at the highest.

  Some media joined the group that acted as the "queue head" and found that there was a special person who posted information about the time, place, number of people and hourly wage of hiring people to queue up. Generally, a person hired 100 people to 150 yuan within 3 hours.

  Some online celebrity products have many honor "platforms", but these honors are usually unreliable. It has been exposed by the media that the honor of online celebrity Mazibao brand, the so-called "3.15 Anti-counterfeiting and Fidelity Honor Mark" and "Anti-counterfeiting and Fidelity Consumer Alliance Unit", has not been authorized, and its business model has not been certified at all. It is purely a fictional honor and self-promotion.

  In addition, there are a large number of protagonists who advertise "get rich quickly", often lacking names and surnames, and there is no way to search. Online celebrity products under this marketing model are simply nonsense, and even some of them have violated the law. Consumers must spend rationally and distinguish between authenticity and falsehood.


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