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From "Hidden" to "Kite", the romantic scenes of spy war dramas are exciting.


"Kite" Li Xiaoran stills

Liu Yunlong directed and performed Kite, which took five years from shooting to broadcasting. Douban scored 8.6 points, higher than the most popular spy war drama "The Pretender" in recent three years. In addition to the suspense and tension of the spy war drama, the emotional drama in Kite is also very beautiful. In particular, the six devils and the "shadow" loved each other and killed each other all their lives, and many clips made netizens relish.

The highest ratings of Kite once broke 2.

In fact, from "Hidden" to "Kite" and high-scoring spy drama, there will always be one or two romantic and touching love scenes, which will make the audience feel infinite sorrow and even tears.



"Kite" is probably the one with the lowest "face value" among all high-scoring spy war dramas. Zheng Yaoxian, the hero played by Liu Yunlong, was somewhat cool and arrogant in his early military career, but he either fled or reformed through labor in the later period, with rags and a beard.

Luo Haiqiong plays the heroine Han Bing in Kite.


As a female communist party, Han Bing, the heroine played by Luo Haiqiong, is devoted to the revolution, and she is plain and plain all the time. There are few handsome and beautiful supporting roles, which attract thousands of audiences to chase the drama, all by "acting value"


As the ace agent of Juntong, Zheng Yaoxian, the sixth son of Dai Li’s "Eight donkey kong", is ruthless, but his real identity is a senior agent of our party lurking in Juntong, code-named kite.

Liu Yunlong plays Zheng Yaoxian.


After the online sacrifice of single-line contact with him, he was like a kite off the line. Not only was he hunted down by the military, but communist party also punished everyone for him. After liberation, he did not dare to restore his identity. He assumed the pseudonym of Zhou Zhigan, a retained employee of the Kuomintang, and continued to provide information for the organization in a unique way. At the same time, because of his public identity, he has been receiving various reeducation through labor.

Zheng Yaoxian and Han Bing were transformed in Kite.


Han Bing, who was slandered for being captured, also accepted the reform-through-labour program. They sweep the streets together every day. Before that, one was Juntong, and the other was communist party, who fought several times and fought like hell.

The picture shows Zheng Yaoxian’s stills in his later years.


Now, being reduced to sweeping the streets together, Zheng Yaoxian is happy and seems to accept everything calmly. When Han Bing is down and out, sit on the steps and chat with her; The most beautiful scene is that Han Bing is swinging on a swing, and he is sweeping the fallen leaves. This is probably one of the most touching romantic scenes in this play.


Two people over 50 years old and in rags, because of this mutual affection, gave birth to a kind of romance of "growing old with you"

In Kite, Zheng Yaoxian and Han Bing live together.


Of course, there is also a sense of bosom friend in this mutual affection. In Zheng Yaoxian’s mind, Han Bing is one of our own — — Communist party; In Han Bing’s mind, Zheng Yaoxian is a military leader and one of our own. It was not until many years later that both sides learned that the other party was the "undercover" they were looking for, and they all collapsed.


Han Bing prepared a table of dishes, waited for Zheng Yaoxian to come to the appointment, and then drank poisoned wine to kill himself. Zheng Yaoxian fulfilled him with tears. Love is no match for faith after all. But in any case, at the moment of swinging, we were happy and sincere.


 Stills of "The Pretender"

"The Pretender" is also a high-scoring spy war drama, with 8.3 points for Douban. What fans of this drama relish most is the brotherhood of the three brothers in the Ming family, but the love drama is also very touching.


The love line in spy war dramas often plays an important role. For example, the man changes his position and joins our party’s arms, often because of the influence of love. For example, Yu Zecheng and his first girlfriend Zuo Lan in Latent, and Xu Congliang and Guan Haidan in Razor.

The fire of The Pretender failed to win the heroine Wang Lejun.


Hugh’s Mingtai in The Pretender is no exception. He used to be a military agent, because he met Cheng Jinyun, a member of the underground party of the Communist Party of China. They met and fell in love and killed each other in the execution of the task, and finally they were successfully rebelled by the beautiful and kind Cheng Jinyun.


However, he had previously had an affair with Yu Manli, a "scorpion beauty" who was also a military agent. They pretended to be husband and wife and cooperated with each other for many times to perform their tasks, and their friendship was deep.

Yi Song plays Yu Manli in The Pretender.


So the love triangle began. During a mission, the military task forces such as Mingtai and Yu Manli met Cheng Jinyun, an underground party disguised as a doctor and nurse, in a small town. The scene was suddenly very embarrassing, and Mingtai was well-advised to slip away, leaving two "heroines".


When rivals meet, they are particularly jealous. So there was a classic dialogue that was widely circulated on the Internet.

 Classic dialogue

Cheng Jinyun: Do you want to talk to me?

Yu Manli: What’s there to talk about with you?

Cheng Jinyun: It seems that you don’t want to talk about it.

Yu Manli: I’ve been wanting to talk to you for a long time.

Cheng Jinyun: Then what do you want to talk about?

Yu Manli: Don’t you know what I want to talk about?

Cheng Jinyun: How do I know what you want to talk about?

Yu Manli: Didn’t you talk to me first?

Cheng Jinyun: OK, let’s talk.

Yu Manli: Talk about it.


One is a white rose and the other is a red rose. Probably because Yu Manli came out first, and lived and died with Mingtai many times, so that their CP voice drowned out the official match between Mingtai and Cheng Jinyun.

 Dialogue between Yu Manli and Mingtai

When Yu Manli was on her last mission with Mingtai, she made a sad confession to Mingtai who was engaged: "I’m not afraid of death. I’m afraid I’ll never see you again after I die." As a result, the two men were ambushed. In order not to drag down Mingtai, Yu Manli cut the rope and died in a trap.


There is a question on Douban. What is the most tearful scene in The Pretender? This clip was elected with a high vote. The love of life and death, don’t have a cruel romance.



 Stills of Latent

Eight years ago, the explosive spy war drama "Hidden" helped Sun Honglei and Yao Chen to reach the top of the list of first-line stars. The emotional drama of the two in the play is also touching.


Cui Ping was sent by the organization to pretend to be a husband and wife with Yu Zecheng, but because of her lack of experience in spy war, she almost made a big mistake several times. It was Yu Zecheng’s nightmare at first. But as time went by, the two gradually understood each other and cooperated more and more tacitly, and they became affectionate for a long time.

In Latent, Yao Chen plays Cui Ping, the female guerrilla captain.


Finally, Yu Zecheng bought a red candle and proposed to Cuiping: "I asked for a sign today, and it’s a great success." Cui Ping: "What the hell do you want?" "I want to marry you." "How?" "Don’t ask, do you want to marry me?" "Nonsense, who wants me to live with you for so long? It’s already yours. " "Me, too. I can’t marry anyone else if I want to."

 Sun Honglei picked up Yao Chen.

Putting melons and fruits and lighting red candles, the two of them worshipped heaven and earth, and there was a happy dialogue in the bridal chamber: "Sleep without reporting, do you think this is a mistake?" "I don’t think so. We have a ceremony." "But the leader didn’t participate, will people believe it?" "After liberation, make up a ceremony and call the leaders."

"Latent" Yu Zecheng and Cuiping get married


There is a line in the play: "Revolutionary love is particularly romantic." It is probably the portrayal of this moment.


The war is ruthless and the love is successful. But happiness is always so short. Finally, Yu Zecheng was temporarily asked by the military to evacuate to Taiwan Province at random, and he hid important information in his henhouse. Anxious, I unexpectedly met Cuiping at the airport. The two people were pleasantly surprised, and their eyes were opposite. Under the eyes of the public, there were thousands of words in their hearts, but they couldn’t say it.

 Yao Chen and Sun Honglei look at each other.

The furthest distance in the world is when I stand in front of you, but I can’t tell you where I’m going. The minute of parting seems to be as long as a century. When Cuiping had to leave by car, Yu Zecheng suddenly "goo goo" dressed up as a chicken flying, suggesting that Cuiping’s information was in the henhouse.


This scene depends on how many viewers are crying.


Cuiping finally understood what he meant. But when we left the airport, we were already in Qian Shan, and we never met again.


 "Red" stills

In the hearts of veteran drama fans, The Red starring Edward Zhang, Zhou Yiwei and Tao Hong is a classic among the classics, and Douban’s score of 9.2 is simply a fate.

 Red score

"Red" is not a typical spy drama. It describes that ordinary little people flirt in Shanghai alleys and live at home with rice, oil and salt, which is far more than the scenes in which the Communist Party struggles with the Japanese army and the military system.

"Red" stars Edward Zhang, Tao Hong and Zhou Yiwei.


This is a spy war drama with high IQ, and it is also a rare spy war drama that gives out sugar all the time. Edward Zhang, a Beijing actor, turned into a Shanghai boy with cowardice and responsibility. Tao Hong, who is over 40 years old, interprets the sense of girlhood just right.


The story is set in November 1937, after the Battle of Songhu ended. Xu Tian, the hero, is skilled, but he is willing to live in seclusion in the downtown area and be a market accountant.

In Red, Edward Zhang plays the leading actor Xu Tian.


On that day, Shanghai fell, and the citizens outside the concession evacuated crazily. Xu Tian was carrying a vegetable basket in his left hand and a fish in his right, so he had to meet his friends. At this time, the heroine Tian Dan, who was rushing to meet her fiance and fled Shanghai by plane, walked gracefully in the turbulent fleeing crowd in high heels, hat and red scarf, and was accidentally squeezed into wrestling. Xu Tian happened to pass by and put her arms around her to prevent her from falling.

 "Red" clip

In her panic, her red scarf fell to the ground. Four eyes relative, Xu Tian hurriedly away eyes. At that moment, he knew that he would never escape in this life. The two men talked briefly and went their separate ways.


Since then, Tian Dan suffered a life change, was abandoned by her fiance, and her parents were killed by the Japanese army. She finally turned into a black-bellied white rabbit and designed to kill the Japanese again and again, but always left clues. Every time Xu Tian silently helped her wipe her ass. She rented a small attic in Xu’s house, and Xu Tian took her to listen to Pingtan and put a hanging basket to buy wonton for her. Get along with each other day and night, and finally feel dark. She doesn’t know, at the beginning, Xu Tian had a look at the moment of passing by in the street for ten thousand years.

The picture shows "Red" stills, and Tao Hong plays Tian Dan.


At that time, the scarf that Tian Dan fell to the ground has been preserved to this day. Xu Tian is actually color blind. This big red scarf is smoky gray in his eyes. However, Tian Dan is the most vivid red in his life.

The picture shows the stills of Red.


Finally, Tian Dan joined communist party and went to Yan ‘an. A year later, Xu Tian also came to Yan ‘an, where they finally got together. The love for the rest of my life is both beautiful and firm.



The 6th World Intelligence Conference "Artificial Intelligence Ethics Summit Forum" was held to discuss the issues of safety, reliability and controllability.

  The first law: robots must not harm human individuals, or stand idly by while witnessing that human individuals will be in danger; The second law: the robot must obey the command given to it by people, except when the command conflicts with the first law; The third law: robots should protect their own survival as much as possible without violating the first and second laws. Some practitioners used Asimov’s science fiction "Three Laws of Robots" as the starting point of artificial intelligence, and the World Intelligence Congress also paid attention to related issues.

  On June 24th, the 6th World Intelligence Conference "Artificial Intelligence Ethics Summit Forum" was held in Tianjin. With the theme of "Ethical Challenges and Governance Strategies of Artificial Intelligence", the forum invited representative academicians, experts and scholars in the field of artificial intelligence to discuss in depth the ethical challenges, ethical governance and the construction of safe, reliable and controllable artificial intelligence, actively explore the construction objectives, key tasks, realization paths and institutional guarantees of artificial intelligence ethics, and promote the vivid practice of ethical governance of artificial intelligence.

  Experts pointed out that artificial intelligence is a basic, strategic and leading technology that leads a new round of scientific and technological revolution and industrial transformation. Its characteristics of radiation, permeability, diffusion and subversion facing the economy and society are becoming increasingly distinct, which is driving new changes in the economy and society. While benefiting mankind, artificial intelligence has brought unprecedented risks and impacts on employment, social ethics and personal privacy. Artificial intelligence and big data ethics have attracted much attention, and it is urgent to establish a new governance model. He put forward four suggestions. First, integrate multidisciplinary forces, carry out interdisciplinary research on artificial intelligence ethical governance, focus on hot areas such as information recommendation, data privacy, autonomous driving, virtual reality, and meta-universe, and promote cross-disciplinary collaboration. Grasp the development law of artificial intelligence, explore and study new ethical problems, solve new governance problems in coordination, and realize the healthy development of artificial intelligence technology and industry. The second is to improve the ethical governance mechanism, integrate broader social forces, and promote collaborative governance. Encourage relevant national societies to establish branches related to artificial intelligence ethics and governance, and guide responsible research and development and application of artificial intelligence. Promote leading enterprises to set up internal ethical governance committees and shape the corporate culture of science and technology. The third is to promote ethical science education. Timely publicize the cutting-edge achievements and development trends of artificial intelligence, popularize the relevant policy information, governance rules and governance effects of artificial intelligence ethics, and promote the public to comprehensively, objectively and accurately understand the possible benefits and risks brought by cutting-edge technology of artificial intelligence. Fourth, promote international exchanges and cooperation in ethical governance, and contribute to global ethical governance with China’s wisdom and China’s plan.Share the best practices of ethical governance in China. Guide the development direction of artificial intelligence ethics and standards, put forward effective countermeasures to solve international problems, promote consensus rules and initiatives, and promote the development of global artificial intelligence governance system in a more fair and reasonable direction.

  Experts said that science and technology ethics is the thought and code of conduct of the relationship between man and society, man and nature, and man and man in science and technology innovation activities, which stipulates the values, social responsibilities and code of conduct that science and technology workers and their communities should abide by, and points out that the fundamental significance of science and technology for goodness is to "make science and technology better enhance human welfare". At present, strengthening the ethical work of science and technology requires the combination of institutional norms and self-restraint. Scientific and technological workers, scientific research institutions and organizations should establish and enhance their ethical awareness, internalize it in their hearts and exercise self-discipline. The ethical behavior of scientific and technological personnel is closely related to their scientific and technological values. Under the guidance of common human values and socialist core values, scientific and technological personnel should establish correct scientific and technological values and ethical principles internalized in their hearts, so as to truly achieve scientific and technological goodness.

  Experts pointed out that artificial intelligence plays a vital role in digital technology and is the innovation engine of industrial digitalization. The security of artificial intelligence faces seven challenges: hardware may be attacked, software has loopholes, protocols may be tampered with, algorithms may be cheated, data may be polluted, application may endanger human interests, and social ethics may exceed existing norms. At the same time, artificial intelligence also provides new technical means to solve digital security risks, such as AI data analysis, AI intelligence processing and AI intelligent defense.

  Experts pointed out that artificial intelligence has hidden dangers in algorithms, data, infrastructure and applications, and it is necessary to develop credible and safe artificial intelligence, taking into account the synergy, symbiosis, standardization and fairness between artificial intelligence and human beings, and finally achieving the goal of people-oriented and serving people. To this end, four suggestions are put forward: first, we should promote the "no man’s land" and application-oriented path of artificial intelligence with the concept of interdisciplinary to solve the bottleneck problem faced by the development of artificial intelligence; Second, we should actively carry out the basic theoretical research of credible, safe and robust model algorithm, and improve the criteria and system of safety evaluation, verification and supervision; Third, in view of the distinctive characteristics of the combination of social attributes and technical attributes of artificial intelligence, we should plan ahead to strengthen the construction of artificial intelligence ethics and regulations; Fourth, we should strengthen international cooperation and information technology sharing, and establish an open and innovative development platform.

  The forum also put forward seven ideas to solve the ethical problems of AI from the development status, application fields, evolution process and problem types of AI. First, we should improve the governance system of artificial intelligence ethics and safety; The second is to promote the implementation of laws, regulations, standards and norms; Third, establish a multi-agent dialogue mechanism, track the forefront of technological development, and discover new security and ethical issues; The fourth is to establish an ethical evaluation, early warning and control mechanism for the frontier research and application of artificial intelligence; Fifth, strengthen the ethical education of all stakeholders in the research and application of artificial intelligence and improve their ethical awareness; Sixth, actively cultivate healthy intelligent culture and digital humanistic thought; The seventh is to strengthen the scientific dissemination and ethical popularization of the frontier progress of artificial intelligence and improve the public’s cognitive level.

  In addition, experts also conducted in-depth discussion and communication on the challenges faced by artificial intelligence, strengthening the ethical norms and governance of artificial intelligence, and building a more reliable and responsible artificial intelligence, and answered questions from the audience.

  The summit forum was hosted by China Association for Science and Technology and Tianjin Municipal People’s Government, and Gong Ke, former president of the World Federation of Engineering Organizations and executive director of China New Generation Artificial Intelligence Development Strategy Research Institute, made a keynote speech. Zhou Hongyi, founder of 360 Group, academician of China Academy of Engineering, Wang Shuxin, deputy secretary of Party Committee and president of Chongqing University, and Xue Lan, dean of Schwarzman Scholars of Tsinghua University and a senior professor of liberal arts in Tsinghua University, gave a special lecture. Nearly 50 representatives from Tianjin party and government organs, universities, research institutes, high-tech enterprises and other units participated in offline activities.


The child has a cold and is recovering at home. You can accompany him to do these parent-child activities.

When the weather is cold, it is inevitable for children to catch a cold, so they need to have a good rest and recuperate at home. However, how can lively children endure boring life at home? Here are some things you and your child can do together to kill time and make your child feel happy and comfortable.

Step 1 organize old photos


Don’t think that only old people like to sort out old photos and browse past albums, and children can also have fun from them. They rediscovered the sweet memories of the family in old photos. You can give him some old photo albums, or digital photo albums on the computer, and let him organize them. This method can kill two birds with one stone-you’ve been trying to organize those photos for a long time, but you’ve been too lazy to start, haven’t you?

Step 2 flip through recipes

As long as the children are sick and nauseous, they will be happy to participate in this activity. Even for children, recipes filled with tempting foods are fun to read. Give them another stack of paper and ask them to record the good ideas that can be referenced in the recipe, and use them when preparing dinner or dessert at home in the future.

3. Card games

Open a new deck of cards and let the sick children play card games for a while. Playing card games in the real world is more interesting and better for children’s health than staring at iPad all day.

4. relive classic movies together

Play back an old movie that everyone likes. Disney movies that you haven’t seen for a long time, or some warm movies suitable for family fun, will make you embrace a warm time.

Step 5 do manual work

Find a manual labor that can be easily done by children leaning on the sofa. For example, making a necklace with fruit MaiQuan, decorating a photo frame, or drawing pictures can help children relax and divert their attention so that they don’t feel so uncomfortable.

Step 6 play with plasticine


The biggest advantage of playing plasticine is that children will concentrate on playing and be quiet for a while. Illness may bring great pressure to children, so you can take this opportunity to let children release these feelings when kneading plasticine, so as to calm down.

Step 7 breathe fresh air

If the child recovers some strength, you can take him for a walk nearby. If he is not strong enough to walk, it is good to sit in the community for a while. Fresh air can wash your lungs with your children, and sunbathing can also help your children absorb vitamin D, which is very good for their health. At the same time, fresh air can bring a good mood. Staying at home all day is stressful for children and adults.

8. Listen to audio books

If the child is too young or too sick to sit up and read, you can listen to audio books.

9. Meditate


If the child is fidgeting because he is not feeling well, you can try to meditate with him. Find a piece of meditation music and try to meditate with your child for ten minutes, which should help him to divert his attention from thinking about sore throat and other uncomfortable symptoms.

10. rekindle enthusiasm for old toys

Find an old toy left in the corner by a child, or a board game that hasn’t been played for a long time. Maybe children will rekindle their enthusiasm for them.

11. Indoor picnic

Tired of staying in bed or leaning on the sofa all day? Maybe you can move the children under the table. Put a piece of cloth, and you can have a picnic, read books and have a good time with your children under the table.

12. Video chat

Sometimes, you and your children will miss someone who doesn’t live locally. When the child is sick at home, you can open the video software and have a video chat with friends far away. Seeing the familiar faces of your friends and talking to them for a while will definitely make you feel that time flies.

13. write a letter

Why don’t you take your child with nostalgia and try to write a letter by hand? Imagine the surprised expression on grandma’s face when she received the letter written by her child. Or your child has just finished his birthday, you can ask him to write some thank-you cards to the friends who gave gifts, or you can ask your child to write some small cards of blessing for the people around you when a holiday is coming. It is a good time to finish these tasks quietly when you are sick at home.

14. play house


Invite all the plush toys and have afternoon tea together. Or let the sick child play the patient and you play the nurse. You can choose any kind of play house scene, and the key point is to give kind care to the children who are in a bad mood. Help them divert their attention, relax and focus on interesting things.

Original title: When children catch a cold at home, these parent-child activities can kill boring bed time.

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The Immortal Red Eagle —— The story of Feng Dafei, the aviation pioneer of the People’s Army

Xinhua News Agency, Guangzhou, June 23rd, Xinhua News Agency reporters Li Song, Mei Changwei and Liu Fei.

An old house located at No.16 Dafei Lane, Dongbei Town, Lianzhou City, Guangdong Province, once had an aviation pioneer of the People’s Army.

He is Feng Dafei.

Referring to Feng Dafei’s experience, Huang Zhaoxing, former director of the Party History Research Office of Lianzhou Municipal Committee, said: "Feng Dafei not only knows the theory and technology of aviation and infantry artillery, but also has the strategic and tactical ability to command large corps operations and guerrilla warfare. At the same time, he has mastered three foreign languages, English, Russian and German, which can be said to be extremely rare among the early senior commanders of our army."

Learning experience of multi-arms military academy

Feng Dafei was born in a small businessman’s family in Dongbei Town, Lianzhou on July 31, 1901. His father died young, and he lived with his mother who was born in a scholarly family since childhood.

In July 1919, after graduating from middle school, Feng Dafei was admitted to Guangdong Army Surveying and Mapping School. In 1921, he was transferred to Xijiang Jiangwu Hall, and served as a lieutenant of Guangdong Army after graduation the following year. In May, 1924, he was selected to study in the Fourth Brigade of the first phase of Huangpu Military Academy. Joined the Communist Party of China (CPC) at the end of 1924.

Qiao Guohua, Feng Dafei’s granddaughter-in-law and director of Lianzhou Historical and Cultural Research Association, said: "In August 1925, Feng Dafei was selected by the Guangdong revolutionary government and party organizations to go to Moscow Aviation School of the Soviet Union and the Soviet Red Army Infantry School for further study."

"At the end of 1929, Feng Dafei participated in the the baise uprising." Huang Zhaoxing said, "At that time, the armory of Guangxi Province (now Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region) was taken over by our army. Although there were many weapons in the library, most of them were incomplete. Whether these weapons can be repaired in time is of great significance to the success or failure of the uprising. "

Feng Dafei was ordered to lead a team of more than 20 people into the armory. With excellent technology, after more than 10 days and nights of fighting, more than 20 heavy machine guns, 5 mortars and 3 mountain guns were repaired before the uprising, which made great contributions to the uprising.

Fight with captured enemy planes.

Since January, 1932, Feng Dafei has successively served as the chief of staff of the Hunan-Jiangxi Military Region, the commander of the Third Independent Division, the acting commander of the Red Eighth Army, and concurrently served as the president of the Fourth Branch of the Red Army School. During this period, he participated in the anti-encirclement campaign, and his military talents in all aspects were fully brought into play.

In April 1932, the Red Army captured Zhangzhou, an important town in southern Fujian, and seized two planes of Kuomintang warlord Zhang Zhen, one of which was seriously damaged and could not be used.

Feng Dafei was ordered to travel day and night to Zhangzhou to repair the plane.

They overcame many difficulties and finally repaired the plane with the help of local craftsmen.

As the war situation changed, Feng Dafei was ordered to fly the captured plane back to Ruijin, the capital of chinese soviet republic. There was no aerial bomb, so he tied up the mortar shells and hung them on the bomb rack, and loaded them with several bundles of leaflets. In the absence of navigation and flight route map, I resolutely flew over the mountains from Zhangzhou and flew to Ruijin.

When Feng Dafei flew the plane over the enemy-occupied area, the enemy thought it was his own plane, some looked up and watched, and some contacted with flags. Feng Dafei took advantage of the enemy’s illusion and dropped mortar shells, which severely hit the enemy.

Refuse the enemy to lure him into surrender and die bravely.

"In October 1934, Feng Dafei participated in the Long March and was incorporated into the cadre group led by Chen Geng." Qiao Guohua said, "From 1935 to 1936, he served as a faculty member of the Red Army University in northern Shaanxi. In 1937, he served as the second and fourth captains of Yan’ an Anti-Japanese Military and Political University. "

In January 1941, the Southern Anhui Incident broke out. In the bloody battle of Shijingkeng, Feng Dafei was unfortunately shot in the leg and was arrested.

In the face of the Kuomintang’s surrender, Feng Dafei sternly refused. On June 8, 1942, Feng Dafei was killed in Shangrao concentration camp at the age of 41.

On November 3, 2017, with the approval of the Organization Bureau of the Political Department of the China People’s Liberation Army Air Force Party Committee, Feng Dafei’s heroic name was engraved on the heroic wall of the China Air Force.


The five departments jointly deployed the standardized management of the network car aggregation platform, and established the first inquiry responsibility system for handling complaints about network

  □ Our reporter Liu Xin

  In recent years, relying on Internet technology, cooperating with online car-hailing platform companies, facing passengers and matching supply and demand information, the platform (commonly known as online car-hailing aggregation platform) that jointly provides online car-hailing services has developed rapidly, providing new choices for travel services. However, there are also problems such as inadequate implementation of corporate responsibilities of online car-hailing aggregation platforms and online car-hailing platform companies, and inadequate protection of the legitimate rights and interests of employees and passengers.

  Recently, the General Office of the Ministry of Transport, the General Office of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, the General Office of the Ministry of Public Security, the General Office of the State Administration of Market Supervision, and the Secretariat Bureau of the State Internet Information Office jointly issued the Notice on Doing a Good Job in the Standardized Management of the Network Car Aggregation Platform (hereinafter referred to as the Notice), in order to compact corporate responsibilities and protect the legitimate rights and interests of passengers and drivers; Standardize business practices and maintain fair competition market order; Strengthen coordination and cooperation, improve supervision ability and level, and make arrangements to promote the standardized, healthy and sustainable development of the network car industry.

  It is imperative to standardize management

  Nowadays, the network car aggregation platform is favored by more and more people. According to the statistics of the network car supervision information interaction system, in March this year, the network car supervision information interaction system received a total of 716 million orders, up 9.7% from the previous month. Among them, the aggregation platform completed 197 million orders, up 16.9% from the previous month.

  "The network car aggregation platform is connected to dozens of network car platforms, and a large number of drivers are online, and the order is efficient. At the same time, consumers can compare prices online and select cheap orders, which is fast and economical." According to Liu Ruzhong, a member of the expert group of the Legal Work Committee of China Communications and Transportation Association and a senior partner of Taihetai (Beijing) Law Firm, the network car aggregation platform has many advantages.

  Chen Yinjiang, Deputy Secretary-General of china law society Consumer Rights Protection Law Research Association, told the reporter that on the one hand, online car aggregation platform can better protect consumers’ right to know and choose, on the other hand, it can also promote the fair competition of online car platform companies by formulating fair and reasonable price rules.

  However, it should be noted that the risks of the network car aggregation platform cannot be ignored. Chen Yinjiang said that because aggregation platforms usually charge lower information service fees, there may be problems such as lax qualification review, inadequate daily management, and unsmooth after-sales service, and online car service is directly related to the life, health and safety of consumers. Once an infringement incident occurs, it may have serious consequences and must be highly valued.

  "Moreover, in some places, the responsibility boundary between the aggregation platform and the network car platform has not been clarified, and there is an unequal phenomenon of responsibilities and obligations. It is necessary to standardize the management of the network car aggregation platform." Liu Yuzhong said.

  Liu Junhai, a professor at the Law School of Renmin University of China, said that the network car aggregation platform is an important channel to solve the "travel difficulties" of the majority of passengers. As a new thing, it is not easy to develop from scratch and from small to large, but there are indeed irregularities in management in practice. The promulgation of the "Notice" will help to better standardize the business behavior of platforms and drivers, better protect the legitimate rights and interests of consumers, and purify the ecological environment of the online car market.

  According to the Notice, local transportation, telecommunications, public security, market supervision, network information and other departments should give full play to the role of multi-sectoral collaborative supervision mechanism of new transportation formats at the local level, and study and explore regulations and policies to regulate the management of network car aggregation platforms in light of local conditions. It is necessary to strengthen the supervision and guidance on the operation behavior of the network car aggregation platform, and urge the network car aggregation platform to implement the verification responsibility for the relevant network car platform companies, and not to access the network car platform companies that have not obtained the network car business license locally. Drivers and vehicles providing services should apply for the corresponding network car license. Guide the network car aggregation platform and the cooperative network car platform company to operate in compliance with laws and regulations in accordance with the Interim Measures for the Administration of Online Booking Taxi Management Services and other relevant requirements.

  Properly handle consultation complaints

  "It is easy to take a taxi, but it is difficult to defend rights." Some consumers spit, and after a traffic accident on the network car, the aggregation platform and the network car platform buck-passing each other, which increased the difficulty of consumer rights protection.

  It is worth noting that this Notice makes it clear that if passengers are damaged due to safety accidents and require the network car aggregation platform to bear the first compensation liability, relevant local departments should urge the network car aggregation platform to fulfill the relevant provisions of the Law of People’s Republic of China (PRC) on the Protection of Consumers’ Rights and Interests and bear relevant responsibilities.

  "If consumers purchase the online car service through the online car aggregation platform and their legitimate rights and interests are damaged, they can directly ask the online car service provider for compensation, or they can ask the online car aggregation platform or the cooperative network car platform for assistance in safeguarding rights." Chen Yinjiang said that if the network car aggregation platform or the cooperative network car platform cannot provide the real name, address and effective contact information of the network car service provider, consumers can claim compensation from the network car aggregation platform or the cooperative network car platform. If the network car aggregation platform or the cooperative network car platform makes a promise that is more beneficial to consumers, it should fulfill the promise, and after compensation, it can claim compensation from the relevant platform or network car service provider according to law.

  In addition, the "Notice" requires that the network car aggregation platform and the cooperative network car platform companies should establish and improve the first-inquiry responsibility system for consulting services and complaint handling according to law in combination with their respective service contents, and properly handle the consultation complaints of passengers and drivers in a timely manner.

  Chen Yinjiang believes that the implementation of the first inquiry responsibility system aims to urge operators to earnestly fulfill the responsibility of the first person responsible for consumer rights protection, and accept and handle consumer complaints in a timely manner according to the principle of "whoever sells goods is responsible and whoever provides services is responsible".

  Chen Yinjiang further explained that the establishment of the first inquiry and responsibility system for complaint handling between the network car aggregation platform and the cooperative network car platform company means that no matter whether it is the network car aggregation platform or the cooperative network car platform company, as long as it receives complaints from passengers or drivers, it is not allowed to shirk, let alone deliberately delay or unreasonably refuse, and should properly handle the consultation complaints of passengers and drivers in a timely manner.

  "These regulations can effectively avoid problems such as buck passing and procrastination between the network car aggregation platform and the network car platform company, which will significantly enhance the experience of the company." Liu Yuzhong said.

  Improve the level of regulatory capacity

  Recently, the issue of "the driver of the network car has failed to increase the price and refused to load" has caused heated discussion. On May 1, the Transportation Bureau of Jinghong City, Yunnan Province issued a report on the investigation and handling, and imposed a fine of 30,000 yuan on the driver Zhao Moumou, a fine of 30,000 yuan on Hua Moumou, a company on the polymerization platform, and the vehicle and the driver were banned indefinitely.

  In fact, in recent years, relevant departments around the country have been working hard to standardize the business behavior of platforms and drivers and maintain fair competition market order. The "Notice" also stressed that relevant local departments should maintain a high-pressure situation of cracking down on illegal operations in accordance with their statutory duties, and publicly expose the network car aggregation platform and cooperative network car platform companies that violate laws and regulations.

  In addition, the "Notice" requires that local transportation, market supervision and other departments should urge the network car aggregation platform and the cooperative network car platform company to implement the requirements of clear price tag, and must not disrupt the market order with unfair price behavior; Supervise the network car aggregation platform not to interfere with the price behavior of the network car platform company, not to directly participate in vehicle dispatching and driver management, and to maintain fair competition market order.

  Liu Junhai believes that these contents of the Notice are helpful to reverse the phenomenon that "bad money drives out good money", which is of great significance and is also conducive to protecting consumers’ right to fair trade and security.

  "The market will fail, and regulators should not fail." Liu Junhai said that when the market is out of order and enterprises can’t exercise self-discipline, regulators should make good use of the rights given by the law, such as market access, administrative guidance, administrative supervision and administrative punishment, so as to stir up chaos, punish evil and promote good, enthusiastically protect consumers’ legitimate rights and interests, take a clear-cut stand to crack down on and punish illegal business practices, and do a good job of supervision in all aspects before and after the event.

  Regarding how to further standardize the management of the network car aggregation platform, Liu Ruzhong suggested further studying and exploring the laws, regulations, policies and measures to standardize the management of the network car aggregation platform, increasing the definition of related modes, responsibilities and obligations, service management, illegal punishment and other contents of the aggregation platform, and truly bringing the aggregation platform into the adjustment scope of transportation management to ensure its standardized and healthy development.

  Chen Yinjiang suggested that in order to innovate the supervision mode, relevant departments should establish and improve the joint supervision mechanism, and comprehensively use digital supervision, credit supervision, administrative law enforcement, social supervision and other means to improve the supervision ability and level. Supervise the network car aggregation platform and the cooperative network car platform company to transmit real-time information and data about network car operation to the network car supervision information interaction system in accordance with relevant regulations, and ensure that the relevant regulatory authorities share the data in real time.

  It is also necessary to unblock the channels for complaints and rights protection. On the one hand, it is convenient for consumers to protect their rights according to law when they encounter problems and resolve consumer disputes in a timely manner; On the other hand, it is to encourage consumers to complain and report the illegal problems found in the network car, provide effective law enforcement clues for the regulatory authorities, and give full play to the power of social co-governance.


The new energy license plate "one license is hard to find" is quietly coming, and the special license plate will be promoted in three batches.

  According to the official Weibo news of the Traffic Management Bureau of the Ministry of Public Security, the Traffic Management Bureau of the Ministry of Public Security recently held a meeting in Wuhan, Hubei Province, and deployed to promote the special number plates for new energy vehicles in three batches nationwide from November 20, 2017.

  The industry believes that with the introduction of a series of new energy vehicle policies, the new energy vehicle market will continue to grow, leading to the situation that new energy license plates are "hard to find" in some cities. At the same time, the rapid development of China market has also prompted China enterprises to actively go out and cooperate with international high-end technologies in the field of new energy vehicles.

  New energy license plate "one card is hard to find"

  According to the relevant regulations, vehicles with new energy vehicle number plates will not be restricted by the restrictions, and enjoy the policy of free parking for the first two hours in a large number of parking lots. In addition, pure electric vehicles do not detect exhaust emissions, and fuel cell vehicles and plug-in hybrid vehicles (including extended-range vehicles) are not included in the exhaust emission detection range for the time being.

  These "benefits" are undoubtedly attractive to consumers who live and work in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and other cities with strict motor vehicle management and high parking costs.

  According to the data released by China Automobile Industry Association, in October, the production and sales of new energy vehicles all exceeded 90,000, up by 86% and 106.7% year-on-year. In the first 10 months of this year, the production and sales of new energy vehicles were 517,000 and 490,000 respectively, and the year-on-year growth also exceeded 45%.

  The popularity of the market has led to the situation that new energy vehicle license plates are "hard to find" in some first-tier cities. The Beijing Municipal Office for the Regulation and Control of Passenger Car Indicators recently announced that the indicators of new energy vehicles have already been used up this year, and more than 80,000 people are waiting in line for next year’s indicators. In other words, according to the original plan, Beijing’s new energy passenger car index has been "booked" in advance in 2018. If you apply now, you can only wait until 2019 to get the new energy vehicle index.

  He Daixin, an associate researcher at China Academy of Social Sciences, said that this shows that with the promotion of policies and the continuous expansion of the market, consumers have become more and more accepting of new energy vehicles. But at the same time, the development of new energy vehicles still faces many technical and service problems. In the future, on the one hand, with the encouragement of national policies and the promotion of the capital market, the production capacity will be rapidly formed, and the sales layout of related car companies will also be rapidly launched; On the other hand, we should vigorously promote the quality and quality of after-sales service to ensure the healthy and sustainable operation of the industry.

  Upgrading technical services and accelerating industrial development

  So far, the development of new energy vehicles largely depends on the promotion of policies, and in the context of the gradual decline of subsidies for new energy vehicles, improving the technical and overall service level has become the key to consolidate and develop the market for new energy vehicles.

  Short cruising range, difficult charging, high battery consumption and low vehicle residual value are important factors that currently plague the growth of new energy vehicles. Because of this, these aspects are becoming the focus of social investment.

  Recently, Shanghai Shiwei Technology Co., Ltd. signed a strategic cooperation agreement with Buckingham University in the UK, and released a new product using artificial intelligence and cloud technology — — Energy management system of GAZELE3 electric vehicle.

  According to reports, Shiwei Technology currently has an energy management technology platform with completely independent intellectual property rights, which can be applied to the energy management of passenger cars, capacitive buses and electric forklifts, and can effectively improve the technical performance of electric vehicles. At the same time, the system can give full play to the maximum efficiency of each battery, further prolong the service life of the battery pack and reduce the user’s use cost.

  GAZELE3 system can also support the mixed use of capacitor package and battery package, which solves the bottleneck problem that has plagued the industry for many years. It is reported that the GAZELE3 system can adjust the system management module according to the needs of the vehicle manufacturer to adjust the battery pack energy, so that the BMS can quickly match the vehicle battery management, and the vehicle manufacturer does not need to redesign the battery management system, thus saving the new car design time, reducing the cost and reducing the product risk.

  Not only Shiwei Technology, but also many vehicle companies and technology companies are striving to promote the upgrading of new energy vehicle technology and services. BAIC New Energy Company recently released Optimus Prime Plan to promote a new mode of rapid power exchange for new energy vehicles.

  In this regard, industry experts said that these innovations have improved the quality of batteries, reduced costs, alleviated the problems of high battery cost and difficult recycling of new energy vehicles, and opened up the industrial chain of new energy vehicles, forming a virtuous circle.

  New energy vehicles become the focus of international cooperation

  The National Development and Reform Commission recently issued the "Three-year Action Plan to Enhance the Core Competitiveness of Manufacturing Industry (2018-2020)", and new energy smart cars have become one of the key points. The document calls for promoting the establishment of an international dialogue and exchange platform, strengthening technical cooperation, and promoting various forms of joint ventures and cooperation between leading global enterprises and domestic enterprises.

  At this point, the new energy automobile industry is particularly prominent. Daimler Group and BAIC Group, Volkswagen Group and Jianghuai Automobile, Ford Motor and Zotye have successively carried out in-depth cooperation in the field of new energy vehicles.

  As the largest automobile aftermarket exhibition in Asia, more than 6,000 enterprises from 40 countries and regions participated in the 13th Shanghai International Automobile Parts, Maintenance, Testing and Diagnostic Equipment and Service Supplies Exhibition held not long ago, and the achievements of Chinese and foreign automobile parts enterprises in the field of new energy vehicles became a highlight.

  It is understood that the scale of the new energy vehicles and technology area in this year’s exhibition has increased significantly. In addition to the richer exhibits, the technical core in the past was mainly motor electronic control, but now it is constantly extending to batteries, battery management, charging piles and related core components. Many multinational companies are seeking deeper cooperation with China enterprises, among which German pavilions with many famous brands such as Osram, Fabi and Proffit have expanded by more than 44% compared with the previous period.

  According to Zhou Shaolan, deputy general manager of Frankfurt Exhibition (Shanghai) Co., Ltd., the electrification, automation, intelligence and networking of automobiles and the communication of the "Belt and Road" automobile industry have become the focus of attention of Chinese and foreign manufacturers.

  Cao Jiansheng, assistant managing director of Frankfurt Exhibition Asia Holdings Co., Ltd. also said that high-end technologies such as new energy, intelligence and lightweight have increasingly become the focus of the exhibition. At present, Messe Frankfurt has become a platform to help China enterprises participate in international cooperation.

  Cao Jiansheng said that in the future, it will further enrich and improve the platform function of the exhibition, better serve China enterprises to go global, and help domestic enterprises to achieve a higher level of international cooperation.

  In this regard, industry experts said that with the efforts of many multinational automobile companies in the field of new energy, the international competition of new energy vehicles will come soon. For domestic enterprises, facing the internationalization of the new energy vehicle market, there are both pressures and opportunities, which can encourage domestic enterprises to continuously promote technological progress and service improvement to meet the ever-increasing market demand. (Reporter Li Zhiyong)


People-oriented, multi-party governance, providing a Chinese solution for global artificial intelligence governance.

  BEIJING, Beijing, Oct. 26 (Xinhua)-It’s a familiar poem that apes say goodbye to each other. Man is the spirit of all things, benefiting from and growing up in nature, creating and using different tools to face vicissitudes of life, and only then can there be a great beauty room on which to live today. Today, everyone will regard artificial intelligence technology as the strongest innovative application cultivated by human beings. Indeed, artificial intelligence is leading a new round of industrial transformation and bringing great development opportunities to the world, but at the same time it has also triggered a series of new risks and challenges, and may even pose a devastating threat to the future survival of mankind. Whether we live in the "human world" or in the "artificial intelligence room" is a human problem. All countries are talking about artificial intelligence ethics, but what will happen in the future if it goes against the basic rule of "people-oriented", the development and application tool of human society? Exploring reasonable and effective governance schemes to realize the healthy and orderly development of artificial intelligence has become an important issue in the world. At the third "Belt and Road" international cooperation summit forum, China released the Global Artificial Intelligence Governance Initiative (hereinafter referred to as the Initiative), which won wide acclaim from the international community. Standing at the historical height of building a community of human destiny and safeguarding the well-being of all mankind, the Initiative puts forward constructive solutions in three aspects of artificial intelligence development, security and governance fairly and fairly, and provides a Chinese solution for global artificial intelligence governance.

  First, build a safe bottom line and effectively respond to the general concerns of the international community.

  As China’s centralized response to the global artificial intelligence governance, the Initiative emphasizes security controllability, privacy protection, fairness and non-discrimination, and gives countermeasures and methods based on the actual situation of related issues and the governance work in China, which effectively responds to the issues that the international community is most concerned about on the safety of artificial intelligence and provides a blueprint for all parties to carry out the safety governance of artificial intelligence. Among them, the core problem of safety and controllability is to improve the interpretability and predictability of artificial intelligence and ensure that human beings can trust the behavior of machines, which is a prerequisite for human beings to promote the development of artificial intelligence. In practice, with the wide application of deep learning and other technologies, the self-iterative ability of artificial intelligence has been continuously enhanced, and its dependence on human beings has been continuously reduced in the process of training and training; The more complex internal network structure also makes the black box attribute of artificial intelligence technology continuously enhanced, and the balance of human trust in the output results of artificial intelligence by mastering its own operating rules becomes more fragile. The relatively opaque artificial intelligence will make it difficult to guarantee the security and fairness of its related data processing behavior, and the accountability mechanism will also be affected in some complex applications. Based on reality, the Initiative takes improving interpretability and predictability as the key work of artificial intelligence research and development, ensures the authenticity and accuracy of relevant data, and puts forward practical and feasible measures for the safety management of artificial intelligence. In practice, focusing on improving the transparency and reliability of artificial intelligence data sources, system management and other fields based on this proposition will not only help to realize auditable, supervised, traceable and reliable artificial intelligence technology,It will also better meet the needs of data and personal information security, fairness and non-discrimination in the field of artificial intelligence on the premise of enhancing human trust in artificial intelligence.

  Second, focus on the governance mechanism and actively promote the cooperation framework of joint construction.

  After recognizing many risks and difficulties in the development and application of artificial intelligence, the international community has begun to actively explore and promote the work related to artificial intelligence governance. At present, the initiatives, guidelines and suggestions issued by governments, international organizations, enterprises and people from all walks of life have their own emphases, and there is still a significant distance from the formation of a unified rule system and governance mechanism recognized by the international community. Based on this, the Initiative issued the idea of collaborative governance and the establishment of an international artificial intelligence governance institution. It is hoped that by coordinating countries to strengthen communication and dialogue, multi-stakeholders will be promoted to participate in governance matters in depth, and major issues related to the development, safety and governance of artificial intelligence will be coordinated, and the global artificial intelligence governance process will be continuously promoted. The above claims can directly hit the two major pain points of the current artificial intelligence governance work. First, different countries have different understanding, development, application ideas and methods of artificial intelligence technology. For a long time, they have formed an artificial intelligence ecosystem with different levels and characteristics, with different emphasis capabilities and development directions. Therefore, there are also many differences in the artificial intelligence governance strategies designed. By coordinating the communication mechanism and sharing the best operational practices, it can not only promote all parties to achieve a broad consensus on artificial intelligence governance, but also form universal theoretical rules that reflect the wishes and respect the interests of all parties, and also brainstorm practical measures to effectively prevent and deal with artificial intelligence risks, greatly improving the overall international level of artificial intelligence governance. Second, the huge risk of uncontrollable artificial intelligence technology has become a key issue for the international community to carry out artificial intelligence governance.Therefore, it is inevitable to adhere to multilateralism, set up international governance institutions and discuss risk coping strategies. Considering the great influence of artificial intelligence on today’s society, we can take the establishment of nuclear energy governance mechanism as a reference. With the establishment of the International Atomic Energy Agency and the promulgation of the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty and other documents, through decades of long-term coordination and cooperation among all parties in the international community, the application of nuclear weapons has gradually shifted from military confrontation to social welfare, contributing to the well-being of mankind. We can learn from relevant work experience, establish an international artificial intelligence governance organization based on the "Initiative", advocate the establishment of an artificial intelligence governance cooperation framework, promote mutual trust and mutual trust, and effectively achieve the balance between artificial intelligence development and security in the future.

  Third, clarify the principles of development, promote artificial intelligence to enhance human welfare

  Due to the differences in geography, culture, economy, productivity and other factors, countries and regions in the world have different production forms, lifestyles and group values, and there are also obvious differences in the cognition and usage habits of a certain technology and tool among different civilizations and governments, resulting in new difficulties and challenges. The development of artificial intelligence is also facing this situation. With the development of technology, risks and challenges are gradually increasing. On the one hand, artificial intelligence technology is constantly evolving due to its integration with algorithms and data, but the risk of technology-related uncertainty also increases in the process of evolution. Some technical achievements developed for specific scenarios have not yet formed effective governance ideas, even the most developed and active countries and economies today cannot guarantee that artificial intelligence is fully understood, mastered and controlled by human beings, and effectively control the risks and threats caused by technology; On the other hand, a digital divide and a technological divide have emerged in the field of artificial intelligence. Some developed countries make use of their first-Mover advantages in technological innovation, product research and development, ecological creation and other fields to use artificial intelligence at will, and some groups even directly use it to manipulate public opinion, interfere in other countries’ internal affairs, infringe on their sovereignty, threaten the security of cyberspace, and endanger people’s peace of life and the stability of international order.

  Faced with the above problems, it is necessary to form a unified concept and understanding from the perspective of all mankind, design the governance rules and order to be followed in the development and application of technology in the era of digital, network and intelligence with common values, and form a global consensus so as to coordinate and discuss the controllable development direction of artificial intelligence more effectively. To this end, from the perspective of respecting human rights and ensuring human security, the "Initiative" puts forward the proposition of people-oriented, intelligent goodness and respect for sovereignty, clarifies the relationship between artificial intelligence and human beings, and gives basic principles for the future development direction of artificial intelligence. Among them, the central idea of people-oriented and intelligence-oriented is that the development and utilization of artificial intelligence technology should adhere to the basic principle of promoting the growth and progress of human society and enhancing the common well-being of mankind; Respect for sovereignty focuses on the development and application practice of artificial intelligence technology, emphasizing that the development of artificial intelligence should respect the global order and safeguard the sovereignty of all countries. The "Initiative" will play a great role in promoting the development and utilization of artificial intelligence by countries and institutions around the world, preventing malicious organizations and lawless elements from abusing artificial intelligence technology, and ensuring that artificial intelligence technology cannot become a weapon and tool for attacking human beings. (Author: Li Yuxiao Secretary General of China Cyberspace Security Association)


Farewell Performance artist Yu Lan died of illness and recalled the eternal "Jiang Jie"

Special feature of 1905 film network "Jiang Jie"Yulan, go.On the evening of June 27th, I was in a movie.Yu Lan, a famous film performance artist who played "Jiang Jie", died in Beijing at the age of 99.

Yu Lan’s youngest son, Tian Zhuangzhuang, a famous film director, confirmed the news in a circle of friends. He wrote: "Mom is gone, and now your senses no longer work. Your heart is independent, naked, clear and in the present. You have never experienced it before, and everything you are experiencing now is the Buddha. Thanks to all those who care about my mother, I want to be alone for a few days. "

Wang Xiaotang, the original director of Bayi Factory and a film performance artist, deeply expressed his nostalgia and recollection of Lan by writing a mourning letter. Wang Xiaotang said: "Yu Lan is an outstanding son and daughter of the Chinese nation and a respected elder. Yu Lan is the’ most beautiful struggler’ and the pride of China film industry. Yu Lan is eternal! "

At the same time, China Film Group, Changying Group, Chen Shu, Cao Kefan, Zray, Ni Ping and other people in the literary and art circles also sent letters to mourn.

Yu Lan is one of the "22 movie stars in New China" and a witness to the development of new China movies. Although her film works are not many, her films are excellent, and she has created many dazzling heroic images on the screen.

In addition to performing, Yu Lan was appointed to set up the China Children’s Film Studio in her 60s. She was the first director of the Children’s Film Studio and ran in the front line of the development of children’s film in China.In 2009, she won the Golden Rooster Award for Lifetime Achievement in Chinese Film. When receiving the award, she said, "I have only done very little work for the cause of the party and the film industry."

Yu Lan is modest, and she will devote her whole life to China film art.. Now that Sisi has passed away, let’s review her film career, pay tribute to her performing arts and pay tribute to her pioneering work for children’s films in China!


In 1938, the Japanese army occupied Beiping, and Yu Lan was 17 years old the year after the fall of North China.Her old friend’s mother changed her original name from "Yu Peiwen" to "Yu Lan", which means: I hope you will walk in.Wan LiUnder a cloudless blue sky


Yu Lan’s first blue sky is in Yan ‘an. In August of that year, she walked for two months from Zhaitang, the anti-Japanese base area in Pingxi, crossed many enemy areas and arrived in Yan ‘an with full revolutionary blood.

When she wanted to fill in the information form, she saw a line written on the left and right sides of the form: "Excellent sons and daughters of the Chinese nation" on one side and "Infinite loyalty to the revolution" on the other. Yu Lan recalled that her eyes suddenly became "hot".


After that, she studied in Yan ‘an Anti-Japanese Military and Political University and Women’s University, and became a glorious Communist party member. During the period, because she spoke Mandarin well, she was sent to participate in the drama performance with anti-Japanese theme, and then transferred to the experimental troupe of Lu Xun College of Arts and Literature as an actress.

Yu Lan’s experience of performing drama for the masses in the countryside during the "Luyi" period enlightened her literary and artistic thoughts. In 1949, at the age of 28, Yu Lan was in her prime, and she went to her second blue sky: becoming a movie actress.


Yu Lan’s first screen work was that she played a female captain of the medical team who served the PLA wholeheartedly.This is not only the first time for Yu Lan to make a film, but also the first time for the director and screenwriter to make a film. She once recalled that her performance was still difficult and tense.

In the second film, Yu Lan played "Xiang Wuer", a family member of the Red Army who always cared about the revolution. This cooperation with director Junxiang Zhang finally made her feel like making a film.

Co-starring with Yu Shizhi is Yu Lan’s satisfactory work. She depicts a Beijing woman "Cheng Niangzi" who loves her husband and life.

At first, Yu Lan didn’t dare to take this play. On the one hand, it was a classic adaptation, and the pressure was great. On the other hand, she was not sure whether she could play this role well. "At that time, I was pregnant with Tian Zhuangzhuang and my legs were swollen."


Yu Shizhi encouraged Yu Lan to take her to the painting to experience life. Pregnant, she also went to Beijing Tianqiao to observe the working women in the street and learn their generous speech posture and action manner. Gradually, she had the confidence and confidence to play this film and role.

By the age of 33, Yu Lan had the courage to study acting again, and studied stanislavski’s performance system in the performance cadre training class of the Central Academy of Drama.After a year and a half of training, she realized that playing characters should have a sense of reality and life, and that performing arts should be used to influence the audience.

After that, Yu Lan and director Shuihua made films one after another, among which Revolutionary Family was the only collaboration between Yu Lan and her husband Tian Fang on the screen.


Yu Lan successfully created a strong red mother Zhou Lian in Revolutionary Family and won the Best Actress Award at Moscow International Film Festival. Premier Zhou also praised her performance, holding Yu Lan’s hand in a film conference and saying in front of everyone, "Yu Lan played a good mother!" "


Yu Lan’s acting peak is coming soon.



"The will of Communist party member is steel", "I know the name of the superior, and I know the name of the subordinate, but I can never tell the enemy."Yu Lan’s lines firmly spoken in the movie "Eternal Life in Fire" are deeply impressed by the audience. Jiang Jie, the female martyr she interpreted, has become an indelible and glorious female image in the history of China movies.

Yu Lan has become synonymous with "Jiang Jie". When recalling this film, Yu Lan said: "I seem to be her after Jiang Jie left, and I am very embarrassed." "I hope everyone will forget me and only remember Jiang Jie."In fact, Yu Lan is not only the starring role of Immortality in Fire, but also the original screenwriter of the film.

At the end of 1961, Yu Lan was hospitalized, during which she read the novel Red Rock serialized in China Youth Daily and was deeply moved by Jiang Jie’s story.Soon after, Beijing Film Studio decided to adapt and shoot Red Rock. The directors Shuihua and Yu Lan cooperated together. They went to Beidaihe and Chongqing to interview, talked with the author of Red Rock, sorted out more than 300,000 words of notes, and wrote three scripts before and after.


Because there are many stories about characters, it has been difficult to sort out a narrative main line in the script, so they turned to playwright Xia Yan for help. There were only two Jiang Jie plays in the original script, and Xia Yan suggested that the protagonist should be changed to Jiang Jie, plus Xu Yunfeng in Red Rock.

Xia Yan took over the revision and handed over the script in four days. After the film started shooting, Xia Yan specifically told Yu Lan: "You should play Jiang Jie, not Liu Hulan or Zhao Yiman."


Yu Lan was confused at first, and then slowly grasped the complex characteristics of Jiang Jie: a gentle woman in the family and a strong soldier in prison. Finally, she performed this great female image with real and natural performance.

Yu Lan once said that after the film was released, she didn’t dare to watch it, because she felt that her appearance was not like Jiang Jie’s, and her ideological height was beyond her reach. Later, she dared to watch it when she was old, and after watching it, she thought it was ok.

She is still humble about the performance.Jiang Jie and Xu Yunfeng went to the execution ground together at the end of the film, and the heroic melody of The Internationale sounded. Behind them washigh mountainWith pine and cypress, this is Yu Lan’s most satisfying scene. She said that every time she watched it, she felt "excited and into the play".



"Eternal Life in Fire" created a highlight. After starring in 1974, Yu Lan suddenly chose to bid farewell to the screen.During the work in the cadre school, Yu Lan fell from the roof and hurt her face, so she decided to leave acting and study directing, and directed her debut in 1978..

At the age of 60, Yu Lan went to her third blue sky: she devoted herself to the children’s film industry, built a Chinese children’s film studio from scratch, and worked until she was 80.Yu Lan recalled that when the Children’s Film Factory was first established, the conditions were simple, and it worked in a row of simple rooms in the North Film Factory. One day in 1983, when she went to work to pull the door handle, she was accidentally caught in the door and broke a section of her right ring finger.

When I arrived at the hospital, the doctor said that I had recovered for more than 20 days after connecting my severed finger. Shortly after the factory was established, Yu Lan threw away her broken knuckles because she thought it would affect her work. After sewing the wound, she returned to the factory and put it into work.

At the beginning of the establishment of the Children’s Film Factory, Yu Lan actively organized a creative team to shoot children’s films, and a series of works won many awards at domestic and foreign film festivals.


However, Yu Lan was dissatisfied, because the distribution and screening of children’s films in China was not good. She once said in an interview with the media at that time: "I am the head of children’s films, but I can’t send colorful children’s films to children. I am ashamed of 300 million children. The more I get to the festival, the more painful I am. However, the children’s film factory is small and weak, and it is difficult to meet the expectations. "

Yu Lan strives to improve the quantity, quality and influence of children’s films and provide spiritual food for children’s film art. She also runs for years:


Initiated the establishment of China Children’s and Teenagers’ Film Association, and founded the Children’s Film "Cow Award"; During his tenure as a member of Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference, he submitted relevant proposals to promote the development of children’s films; Writing an article calling for "saving children’s movies"; The year before last, at the age of 97, she also attended Beijing International Children’s Film Week to discuss the future development of children’s films. ……


Yu Lan said: "Children are the future and hope of the motherland. Only by making more and better films that meet the characteristics of children can we satisfy children’s desire for knowledge and stimulate their rich imagination."

From the strangeness of first appearing on the screen to the natural blooming, Yu Lan broke through the single and conceptual performance program of the previous New China films, and her images of revolutionary fighters and working people were simple and sincere, reflecting the context of the times.


For performance, she always believes that only by really going deep into the people can I really write works that meet the needs of the people, and I can truly become an actor with both morality and art.

When I went to Yan ‘an, it was the revolution that prompted Lan to devote herself to art. From drama to film, from performance to children’s film, she also served the revolutionary ideal."Dedicated to the film.Love moviesShine on you is better than blue ". Yu Lan, we will always miss you!

(The content is compiled according to many interviews with Yu Lan in 2017-2019 movie channel)


China Film (600977) sold 17,921,300 yuan of main funds on March 21st.

According to Securities Star, as of the close of March 21st, 2024, China Film (600977) closed at 12.92 yuan, up by 0.08%, with a turnover rate of 1.45%, with a turnover of 269,800 lots and a turnover of 351 million yuan.

As for the data of capital flow on March 21st, the net outflow of main funds was 17,921,300 yuan, accounting for 5.1% of the total turnover, the net inflow of hot money was 4,956,100 yuan, accounting for 1.41% of the total turnover, and the net inflow of retail funds was 12,965,200 yuan, accounting for 3.69% of the total turnover.

The third quarterly report of China Film in 2023 showed that the company’s main income was 4.21 billion yuan, up 88.65% year-on-year; The net profit of returning to the mother was 471 million yuan, up 79,104.1% year-on-year; Deducting non-net profit was 404 million yuan, up 640.2% year-on-year; In the third quarter of 2023, the company’s main revenue in a single quarter was 1.353 billion yuan, up 90.13% year-on-year; The net profit returned to the mother in a single quarter was 111 million yuan, up 664.79% year-on-year; The non-net profit deducted in a single quarter was 81.2009 million yuan, up 413.94% year-on-year; The debt ratio is 41.93%, the investment income is 53.3798 million yuan, the financial expenses are-44.4104 million yuan, and the gross profit margin is 26.39%. China Film (600977) is mainly engaged in six sectors: creation, distribution, projection, science and technology, service and innovation, covering film drama production and post-film product management; Domestic and imported films are publicized and distributed, and are distributed in the secondary market; Cinema investment and management, cinema management; Film technology research and development, film and television equipment production and sales and technical services; Film and television production, ticketing platform and financial leasing services.

In the last 90 days, the stock has been rated by 5 institutions, with 4 buy ratings and 1 overweight rating; The average institutional target price in the past 90 days was 13.9.

Explanation of the term "capital flow": refers to the reversal of capital flow through price changes. When the stock price is in a rising state, the turnover formed by active buying orders is the driving force for the stock price to rise, which is defined as capital inflow, and when the stock price is in a falling state, the turnover generated by active selling orders is the driving force for the stock price to fall, which is defined as capital outflow. The difference between the two forces on that day is the net force left to push the stock price up after the two forces offset each other on that day. Calculate the main capital flow, hot money flow and retail capital flow through the transaction amount of each transaction.

Note: The main funds are large single transactions, the hot money is large single transactions, and the retail investors are small and medium single transactions.

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Rumors of "the return of Blizzard’s national costume" led to a surge in game stocks.

  According to the Securities Times, game stocks collectively strengthened again in the morning. In the news, after a period of silence, Blizzard Game National Service will return to the player’s field of vision in the near future. Recently, a number of media broke the news that Blizzard Game National Service is expected to officially announce its return within one month. It is understood that after the return of Blizzard National Service, Netease Entertainment Guangzhou will be responsible for the operation and Thunder Fire will be responsible for the marketing, which has aroused the concern and expectation of the majority of game lovers.