Farewell Performance artist Yu Lan died of illness and recalled the eternal "Jiang Jie"


Farewell Performance artist Yu Lan died of illness and recalled the eternal "Jiang Jie"

Special feature of 1905 film network "Jiang Jie"Yulan, go.On the evening of June 27th, I was in a movie.Yu Lan, a famous film performance artist who played "Jiang Jie", died in Beijing at the age of 99.

Yu Lan’s youngest son, Tian Zhuangzhuang, a famous film director, confirmed the news in a circle of friends. He wrote: "Mom is gone, and now your senses no longer work. Your heart is independent, naked, clear and in the present. You have never experienced it before, and everything you are experiencing now is the Buddha. Thanks to all those who care about my mother, I want to be alone for a few days. "

Wang Xiaotang, the original director of Bayi Factory and a film performance artist, deeply expressed his nostalgia and recollection of Lan by writing a mourning letter. Wang Xiaotang said: "Yu Lan is an outstanding son and daughter of the Chinese nation and a respected elder. Yu Lan is the’ most beautiful struggler’ and the pride of China film industry. Yu Lan is eternal! "

At the same time, China Film Group, Changying Group, Chen Shu, Cao Kefan, Zray, Ni Ping and other people in the literary and art circles also sent letters to mourn.

Yu Lan is one of the "22 movie stars in New China" and a witness to the development of new China movies. Although her film works are not many, her films are excellent, and she has created many dazzling heroic images on the screen.

In addition to performing, Yu Lan was appointed to set up the China Children’s Film Studio in her 60s. She was the first director of the Children’s Film Studio and ran in the front line of the development of children’s film in China.In 2009, she won the Golden Rooster Award for Lifetime Achievement in Chinese Film. When receiving the award, she said, "I have only done very little work for the cause of the party and the film industry."

Yu Lan is modest, and she will devote her whole life to China film art.. Now that Sisi has passed away, let’s review her film career, pay tribute to her performing arts and pay tribute to her pioneering work for children’s films in China!


In 1938, the Japanese army occupied Beiping, and Yu Lan was 17 years old the year after the fall of North China.Her old friend’s mother changed her original name from "Yu Peiwen" to "Yu Lan", which means: I hope you will walk in.Wan LiUnder a cloudless blue sky


Yu Lan’s first blue sky is in Yan ‘an. In August of that year, she walked for two months from Zhaitang, the anti-Japanese base area in Pingxi, crossed many enemy areas and arrived in Yan ‘an with full revolutionary blood.

When she wanted to fill in the information form, she saw a line written on the left and right sides of the form: "Excellent sons and daughters of the Chinese nation" on one side and "Infinite loyalty to the revolution" on the other. Yu Lan recalled that her eyes suddenly became "hot".


After that, she studied in Yan ‘an Anti-Japanese Military and Political University and Women’s University, and became a glorious Communist party member. During the period, because she spoke Mandarin well, she was sent to participate in the drama performance with anti-Japanese theme, and then transferred to the experimental troupe of Lu Xun College of Arts and Literature as an actress.

Yu Lan’s experience of performing drama for the masses in the countryside during the "Luyi" period enlightened her literary and artistic thoughts. In 1949, at the age of 28, Yu Lan was in her prime, and she went to her second blue sky: becoming a movie actress.


Yu Lan’s first screen work was that she played a female captain of the medical team who served the PLA wholeheartedly.This is not only the first time for Yu Lan to make a film, but also the first time for the director and screenwriter to make a film. She once recalled that her performance was still difficult and tense.

In the second film, Yu Lan played "Xiang Wuer", a family member of the Red Army who always cared about the revolution. This cooperation with director Junxiang Zhang finally made her feel like making a film.

Co-starring with Yu Shizhi is Yu Lan’s satisfactory work. She depicts a Beijing woman "Cheng Niangzi" who loves her husband and life.

At first, Yu Lan didn’t dare to take this play. On the one hand, it was a classic adaptation, and the pressure was great. On the other hand, she was not sure whether she could play this role well. "At that time, I was pregnant with Tian Zhuangzhuang and my legs were swollen."


Yu Shizhi encouraged Yu Lan to take her to the painting to experience life. Pregnant, she also went to Beijing Tianqiao to observe the working women in the street and learn their generous speech posture and action manner. Gradually, she had the confidence and confidence to play this film and role.

By the age of 33, Yu Lan had the courage to study acting again, and studied stanislavski’s performance system in the performance cadre training class of the Central Academy of Drama.After a year and a half of training, she realized that playing characters should have a sense of reality and life, and that performing arts should be used to influence the audience.

After that, Yu Lan and director Shuihua made films one after another, among which Revolutionary Family was the only collaboration between Yu Lan and her husband Tian Fang on the screen.


Yu Lan successfully created a strong red mother Zhou Lian in Revolutionary Family and won the Best Actress Award at Moscow International Film Festival. Premier Zhou also praised her performance, holding Yu Lan’s hand in a film conference and saying in front of everyone, "Yu Lan played a good mother!" "


Yu Lan’s acting peak is coming soon.



"The will of Communist party member is steel", "I know the name of the superior, and I know the name of the subordinate, but I can never tell the enemy."Yu Lan’s lines firmly spoken in the movie "Eternal Life in Fire" are deeply impressed by the audience. Jiang Jie, the female martyr she interpreted, has become an indelible and glorious female image in the history of China movies.

Yu Lan has become synonymous with "Jiang Jie". When recalling this film, Yu Lan said: "I seem to be her after Jiang Jie left, and I am very embarrassed." "I hope everyone will forget me and only remember Jiang Jie."In fact, Yu Lan is not only the starring role of Immortality in Fire, but also the original screenwriter of the film.

At the end of 1961, Yu Lan was hospitalized, during which she read the novel Red Rock serialized in China Youth Daily and was deeply moved by Jiang Jie’s story.Soon after, Beijing Film Studio decided to adapt and shoot Red Rock. The directors Shuihua and Yu Lan cooperated together. They went to Beidaihe and Chongqing to interview, talked with the author of Red Rock, sorted out more than 300,000 words of notes, and wrote three scripts before and after.


Because there are many stories about characters, it has been difficult to sort out a narrative main line in the script, so they turned to playwright Xia Yan for help. There were only two Jiang Jie plays in the original script, and Xia Yan suggested that the protagonist should be changed to Jiang Jie, plus Xu Yunfeng in Red Rock.

Xia Yan took over the revision and handed over the script in four days. After the film started shooting, Xia Yan specifically told Yu Lan: "You should play Jiang Jie, not Liu Hulan or Zhao Yiman."


Yu Lan was confused at first, and then slowly grasped the complex characteristics of Jiang Jie: a gentle woman in the family and a strong soldier in prison. Finally, she performed this great female image with real and natural performance.

Yu Lan once said that after the film was released, she didn’t dare to watch it, because she felt that her appearance was not like Jiang Jie’s, and her ideological height was beyond her reach. Later, she dared to watch it when she was old, and after watching it, she thought it was ok.

She is still humble about the performance.Jiang Jie and Xu Yunfeng went to the execution ground together at the end of the film, and the heroic melody of The Internationale sounded. Behind them washigh mountainWith pine and cypress, this is Yu Lan’s most satisfying scene. She said that every time she watched it, she felt "excited and into the play".



"Eternal Life in Fire" created a highlight. After starring in 1974, Yu Lan suddenly chose to bid farewell to the screen.During the work in the cadre school, Yu Lan fell from the roof and hurt her face, so she decided to leave acting and study directing, and directed her debut in 1978..

At the age of 60, Yu Lan went to her third blue sky: she devoted herself to the children’s film industry, built a Chinese children’s film studio from scratch, and worked until she was 80.Yu Lan recalled that when the Children’s Film Factory was first established, the conditions were simple, and it worked in a row of simple rooms in the North Film Factory. One day in 1983, when she went to work to pull the door handle, she was accidentally caught in the door and broke a section of her right ring finger.

When I arrived at the hospital, the doctor said that I had recovered for more than 20 days after connecting my severed finger. Shortly after the factory was established, Yu Lan threw away her broken knuckles because she thought it would affect her work. After sewing the wound, she returned to the factory and put it into work.

At the beginning of the establishment of the Children’s Film Factory, Yu Lan actively organized a creative team to shoot children’s films, and a series of works won many awards at domestic and foreign film festivals.


However, Yu Lan was dissatisfied, because the distribution and screening of children’s films in China was not good. She once said in an interview with the media at that time: "I am the head of children’s films, but I can’t send colorful children’s films to children. I am ashamed of 300 million children. The more I get to the festival, the more painful I am. However, the children’s film factory is small and weak, and it is difficult to meet the expectations. "

Yu Lan strives to improve the quantity, quality and influence of children’s films and provide spiritual food for children’s film art. She also runs for years:


Initiated the establishment of China Children’s and Teenagers’ Film Association, and founded the Children’s Film "Cow Award"; During his tenure as a member of Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference, he submitted relevant proposals to promote the development of children’s films; Writing an article calling for "saving children’s movies"; The year before last, at the age of 97, she also attended Beijing International Children’s Film Week to discuss the future development of children’s films. ……


Yu Lan said: "Children are the future and hope of the motherland. Only by making more and better films that meet the characteristics of children can we satisfy children’s desire for knowledge and stimulate their rich imagination."

From the strangeness of first appearing on the screen to the natural blooming, Yu Lan broke through the single and conceptual performance program of the previous New China films, and her images of revolutionary fighters and working people were simple and sincere, reflecting the context of the times.


For performance, she always believes that only by really going deep into the people can I really write works that meet the needs of the people, and I can truly become an actor with both morality and art.

When I went to Yan ‘an, it was the revolution that prompted Lan to devote herself to art. From drama to film, from performance to children’s film, she also served the revolutionary ideal."Dedicated to the film.Love moviesShine on you is better than blue ". Yu Lan, we will always miss you!

(The content is compiled according to many interviews with Yu Lan in 2017-2019 movie channel)


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