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BYD Qin pro is China Tesla? These points tell you why you bought Qin pro.

I believe that my friends are still wanting more, and a brand-new energy source is coming out again-PRO. He has made great achievements in the field of new energy and never let consumers down. What kind of car is Qin pro, known as the "China"? Can it be accepted by the times? Let Xiaobian open your eyes today!

Designer’s operation

Since the former design director Iger was hired, our products have finally got rid of rusticity in design style, and have been well received by consumers in the market. Qin pro was designed by former designer Iger himself.

Iger graduated from the International Academy of Arts and Sciences in Milan, Italy, majoring in design. He is a favorite pupil of the famous design teacher Silva. He has created countless magic cars such as A3, Q7, TT and R8. This time, I believe it will make our eyes shine.

China ""

Pro adopts the latest "Dragon Face" design language, and the large-mouth air intake grille with "dragon beard" headlights adds a new atmosphere and a sense of movement. The design is relatively simple, and the overall line looks euphemistic. Together with the through taillight line, it is calm, neat and generous.

In the overall appearance, it is not inferior, not lost at all, so it enjoys a good reputation-China.

Pro upgrade is more spacious

In terms of size, it is longer, wider, taller and bigger. With a super spacious suitcase, no matter what shape people are, there is no need to worry about the crowded space inside the car. No matter how many things you have, you don’t have to worry about not letting go. It’s just so capricious.

Strong momentum is ready to go.

It is understood that Qin pro has released two versions of pure electric version and plug-in hybrid version, which are consistent in appearance. The plug-in hybrid version of Qin pro is equipped with a 120 motor (up to 150KM/h) and a 1.5L naturally aspirated or 1.5T (up to 200KM/h) in terms of power. The acceleration of a hundred miles takes only 5.9 seconds and the spike is 7.09 seconds.

In terms of power, it has been widely praised by major consumers, and it has received rave reviews on the websites of major cars. Can pro compare with it?

Stay tuned for actual battery life.

I believe that friends who love cars will care about the performance of new energy vehicles in battery life. From what has been released, we can know that its battery life is 80-100KM, so what kind of battery life will pro have? Still to be known! However, Xiao Bian believes that my brother is quite good, and the younger brother is definitely not bad. The actual battery life should exceed 100KM.

Summary: The back waves of the Yangtze River push the front waves, and Qin pro will do its part.

Qin used to do a good job in power, space and configuration, but the appearance has always been complained about this PRO upgrade, which has filled this short board. Therefore, as long as the price of Qin PRO is reasonable in the future, it is a high probability event that the monthly sales volume exceeds Qin. However, in the current system and intelligent acceleration, PRO should be able to add many technologies to surprise consumers, which is worth looking forward to.

I believe that in the future, we will go further and further, do better and better in the brand, and make products that are satisfactory to the people and suitable for the people of China.


The new energy market has fallen for three consecutive days. Is there any chance for BYD’s brand-new Qin?

Affected by the subsidy withdrawal policy on June 25, the domestic new energy market ushered in a three-day losing streak throughout the third quarter, not only the decline gradually expanded, but also the market share continued to shrink.

The industry is "weaned" and the market encounters bottlenecks

Among them, two leading enterprises in the new energy industry have been hit hard. The data shows that the sales volume in July was 16,567 units, down 11.8% year-on-year; In August, the sales volume was 16,719 vehicles, down 23.4% year-on-year; In September, the sales volume was 13,681 vehicles, down 51% year-on-year; The sales volume in October was 12,042 vehicles.

At the beginning of this year, it was planned to sell 300,000 vehicles and 650,000 vehicles in the next year. In the first 10 months, the vehicle sales volume was 205,000, up 19.9% year-on-year, and the fuel vehicle sales volume was 172,000, down 25% year-on-year.

In the sales composition, it has become the lifeline. As of September, the total sales volume of new energy vehicles exceeded 700,000. It is worth noting that among its many models, only the performance of the Song family is remarkable, and other models have not achieved sales of over 10,000. It seems that although there are many models, they are not strong.

On the other hand, the fuel vehicle business in the third quarter showed a trend of rapid growth from the previous quarter. Under the background of the cold winter in the automobile market, the sales of fuel vehicles went against the market, which was tantamount to a cup of herbal tea for clearing away heat and relieving summer heat.

This also confirms that fuel vehicles will still be in the mainstream of consumption for a long time to come. With the "weaning" of the new energy industry, enterprises can’t leave fuel vehicles if they want to survive, have considerable sales and have cash flow support.

Of course, the new energy market still has potential growth points. At present, the new energy market is undergoing a new round of structural reshuffle-the pure electric market is basically out of the abnormal small miniaturization, and cars of mainstream and above sizes will become the new dominant market. In particular, the compact car market with the highest market share, accounting for 31.7%, is undoubtedly a "battleground for military strategists."

For me, how to avoid paying attention to one thing and lose sight of another, find the balance point of interests in enterprise development, and let each sector be in a benign development track, which is a great test of the wisdom of the top management of enterprises.

Based on this, a few days ago, the brand-new Qin fuel and the brand-new Qin fuel were officially listed, from which we got a glimpse of the market insight and judgment on the direction and opportunity.

The price butcher returned, and the new Qin fuel was sold for 59,900.

As the "pioneering work" of the dynasty series, Qin has been listed for 7 years and accumulated more than 200,000 car owners and users. In 2018, in order to successfully break through the price ceiling and reshape the brand image, the old Qin gradually faded out of people’s sight, leaving a lot of market space. The brand-new Qin is obviously the best option to solve the problem. With the arrival of this car, the Qin family has formed a more perfect product combination boxing and refreshed the competition pattern in the compact family car market.

"A new generation of smart car" Qin Fuel has launched four models, with the official guide price of 649 ~ 81900 yuan. Before January 25, 2020, the first batch of car owners can enjoy the welfare car purchase price of 5990 ~ 76900 yuan.

The starting price is less than 60,000 yuan, and the brand-new Qin fuel can be said to be sincere. The starting price of competing products of the same level, such as, etc., is generally around 70,000, and the automatic gear is 80,000. The brand-new Qin fuel version is equipped with 1.5L+CVT power, 80kW, 148 Nm, all of which meet the requirements of 100,000 kilometers in six or four years.

The new Qin fuel is built on the all-engine and all-power platform under BNA architecture. The new platform gives the car better driving and control performance, and it is further upgraded in terms of architecture, core technology and power technology.

Dragon Face design language has finally been applied to the brand-new Qin, with international appearance, tough and fashionable lines, and matrix headlights and daytime running lights look very spirited. In terms of dimensions, the measurements of the brand-new Qin Dynasty are 4675/1770/1480mm (the height of the pure electric version is 1500mm) and 2670mm, which are in the upper-middle level of the same class, and there is no pressure at home.

The interior of the new car also adopts the latest family style. The 10.1-inch rotatable central control screen is not absent, and the built-in DiLink2.0 intelligent network connection system is compatible with more than 3 million mainstream applications in the APP market. The new car also supports the OTA remote intelligent upgrade function of the whole vehicle, which makes it possible to improve the performance of vehicle software and hardware.

In terms of configuration, Bosch P 9.3 electronic vehicle stability system, TPMS intelligent monitoring system, etc. are all available. Through this "no cost" investment, the new Qin has the "technical level of not losing 100,000 joint venture models".

421km true battery life, lowest power consumption at the same level.

The brand-new price range is 129,900-139,900 yuan (after subsidy), which will open up the compact car market together with the fuel version. In comparison, EV models have always been strong products, and the new highlight is "upgrade".

Brand-new born in the world’s leading professional platform-e platform, which realizes the efficient integration of motor, electronic control and energy transmission, reduces the whole, optimizes the energy transmission path, reduces the power consumption, and creates a new standard for pure electric family cars.

Thanks to the empowerment of e-platform, the energy consumption per 100 kilometers is as low as 12.9kWh under new working conditions, which is the lowest energy consumption at the same level. The official said that the electricity fee per 100 kilometers is only about 6 yuan, which is very economical. In addition, the new car NEDC has a comprehensive working life of 421km, which meets the needs of long-distance travel, and can travel 100km after charging for 15 minutes, solving the real pain points of new energy users.

15 years of battery safety zero accidents, "true" safety is worthy of the name. A new seven-dimensional four-layer battery safety matrix is built, which fully guarantees the battery safety from the aspects of reliable connection, high-voltage protection, collision and overcharge, and with the lifetime warranty of power battery cells, there is no worries about using the car.

In addition to the battery life upgrade and safety upgrade, the brand-new car has the leading configuration such as the longest 4675mm at the same level, quiet space at NVH library level, and "texture upgrade" for interior and exterior decoration, which brings users a car experience beyond the same level, making it the first choice for value in the pure market.

Write it at the endThe domestic downturn continues, and independent brands are facing the risk of elimination. Zhao Changjiang, general manager of Sales Co., Ltd. believes that products, technology and services are the foundation of the company. From the brand-new Qin, we can see the continuous efforts in technological innovation, leapfrog product strength and customer service. With all kinds of strength reserves, I believe that it will be the most competitive player in the stage of transformation and upgrading of the automobile market.

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[Early know] A new round of large-scale conflict broke out between Palestine and Israel; Main market performance during the long holiday: China’s assets generally rose, and international oil prices fe


Hot spot focusing

1. The spokesman of the Ministry of Commerce answered a reporter’s question on the inclusion of some China entities in the export control "entity list" by the US Department of Commerce.
A spokesman for the Ministry of Commerce answered a reporter’s question on the inclusion of some China entities in the export control "entity list" by the US Department of Commerce.
A reporter asked: On October 6, 2023, US Eastern Time, the US Department of Commerce announced that some Russian entities were included in the "list of entities" for export control. What is China’s comment on this?
A: China has noticed the relevant situation. In a short time, the United States once again listed some Russian enterprises in the "entity list" of export control on the grounds of so-called involvement in China. The United States has generalized national security, abused export control measures, and arbitrarily imposed unilateral sanctions and "long-arm jurisdiction" on China enterprises. This is a typical act of economic coercion and unilateralism, which China resolutely opposes.
The United States should immediately correct its wrong practices and stop its unreasonable suppression of China enterprises. China will take all necessary measures to resolutely safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of enterprises in China.
2. Shanghai and Shenzhen Stock Exchanges: At this stage, the time for T+0 trading in the A-share market is not mature.
Relevant person in charge of Shanghai and Shenzhen Stock Exchanges answered questions from reporters. Q: Recently, it has been reported from the media that the trading hours of A shares will be extended after the holiday, and T+0 trading will be tried out on some stocks. How do you comment on this? A: We are concerned about the above rumors, and the relevant contents are not true. On August 18th this year, when answering a reporter’s question on activating the capital market and boosting investors’ confidence, the relevant person in charge of the CSRC proposed to study the appropriate extension of the trading hours in the A-share market. This work involves a wide range and has a great influence. The Exchange is conducting in-depth research and demonstration in accordance with the unified deployment of the CSRC. In addition, the relevant person in charge answered the reporter’s question in the early stage and made it clear that the time for T+0 trading in the A-share market at this stage is not mature.
3. Zhejiang Guoxiang IPO Sudden Brake Shanghai Stock Exchange will carry out special verification.
Near the subscription date, Zhejiang Guoxiang (603361)IPO pressed the pause button. The Shanghai Stock Exchange also paid close attention to this matter, saying that it would conduct a special inspection on Zhejiang Guoxiang. On the evening of October 7, Zhejiang Guoxiang announced that due to relevant media reports, in order to effectively protect the interests of investors, the issuer and the lead underwriter decided to suspend the follow-up issuance work until the relevant matters were verified and clarified. The estimated issuance schedule disclosed in the original Announcement on Issuance Arrangements and Preliminary Inquiry will be adjusted. Zhejiang Guoxiang was originally scheduled to purchase on October 9th (T-day) after the National Day. In answering a reporter’s question, the Shanghai Stock Exchange said that recently, there have been media concerns about the existence of the same asset secondary listing and high issuance pricing in Zhejiang Guoxiang. In this regard, the Exchange said that it has paid attention to relevant reports. The relevant information reflected from the media has been paid attention to in the audit and a special inquiry has been made. At present, Zhejiang Guoxiang has suspended the IPO issuance process.
In April and September, the purchasing managers’ index of China’s manufacturing industry was 50.2%, up 0.5 percentage points from last month.
In September, the purchasing managers’ index (PMI) of China’s manufacturing industry was 50.2%, up by 0.5 percentage point from the previous month. After running below 50% for five consecutive months, it returned to the expansion range. At the same time, the index rose for four consecutive months, and the chain-on-chain increase rate continued to expand, indicating that the economic recovery situation is getting better. Among the 21 industries surveyed, the purchasing managers’ index of 11 industries is above the critical point, two more than last month, and the manufacturing boom has expanded.
5. China’s foreign exchange reserves in September were US$ 3,115.1 billion, down US$ 45 billion from the end of August.
According to the statistics of the State Administration of Foreign Exchange, by the end of September 2023, China’s foreign exchange reserves stood at $3,115.1 billion, down by $45 billion or 1.42% from the end of August. In September 2023, influenced by the monetary policies and expectations of major economies, macroeconomic data and other factors, the US dollar index rose and the global financial asset prices generally fell. The scale of foreign exchange reserves decreased in the month due to the combined effects of exchange rate conversion and asset price changes. The overall recovery of China’s economy is improving, and the solid progress of high-quality development is conducive to the continued stability of the scale of foreign exchange reserves.
6. Many data of long holiday travel have exceeded that before the epidemic.
According to the Ministry of Culture and Tourism, during the Mid-Autumn Festival and National Day holidays in 2023, the cultural and tourism industries recovered strongly, and the national holiday market was stable and orderly. According to the data center of the Ministry of Culture and Tourism, during the eight-day Mid-Autumn Festival and National Day holiday, the number of domestic tourists was 826 million, an increase of 71.3% year-on-year according to comparable caliber, and an increase of 4.1% compared with 2019 according to comparable caliber; Domestic tourism revenue reached 753.43 billion yuan, up 129.5% year-on-year according to comparable caliber, and up 1.5% compared with 2019 according to comparable caliber.
7. Passenger Association: It is estimated that the wholesale sales volume of new energy passenger car manufacturers in September will be 830,000, a year-on-year increase of 23%.
The Federation comprehensively estimated that the wholesale sales volume of new energy passenger car manufacturers in September was 830,000, a year-on-year increase of 23% and a quarter-on-quarter increase of 4%. According to preliminary estimates, from January to September this year, 5.92 million vehicles were wholesale, up 36% year-on-year. The Federation predicts that in 2023, the sales volume of new energy passenger cars in China will be 8.5 million, and the sales volume of narrow sense passenger cars will be 23.5 million. The annual penetration rate of new energy vehicles is expected to reach 36%. The current operation state is basically consistent with the forecast.
8. State Administration of Taxation: Departments in charge of official vehicles at all levels should increase the use of new energy vehicles.
From September 26th to 27th, the State Administration of Taxation held a site meeting on the promotion of new energy vehicles and a national symposium on the management of official vehicles in xiong’an new area, Hebei. The meeting stressed that the competent departments of official vehicles at all levels should fully implement the policy requirements for the promotion of new energy vehicles, strengthen coordination with relevant industry authorities, improve supporting measures, and increase the use of new energy vehicles. It is necessary to pay attention to local conditions and classify policies, better coordinate geographical location, power types, urban-rural differences, and vehicle use, and actively and steadily promote the use of new energy vehicles.
9. National Film Bureau: National Day box office was 2.734 billion yuan.
According to the statistics of the National Film Bureau, the total box office of National Day movies in 2023 (from September 29th to October 6th) was 2.734 billion yuan, with 65.1 million people watching movies, and the domestic movie box office was 2.618 billion yuan, accounting for 95.78% of the market. The top five movies in the National Day box office were: Rock Solid, 883 million yuan, and Ex-4: Early Marriage, 6.
10. IATA: In August, air cargo demand increased year-on-year for the first time in 19 months.
On October 8, IATA’s regular data on the global air cargo market in August 2023 showed that the air cargo demand increased year-on-year for the first time in 19 months, with an increase of 1.5% compared with August 2022 according to the freight ton-km. The transportation capacity increased by 12.2% compared with August 2022. The strong growth of transportation capacity is attributed to the 30% year-on-year increase of abdominal cabin transportation capacity. Willie Walsh, president of IATA, said that PMI data is developing in a positive direction, and this signal is even more optimistic as it enters the traditional year-end peak season of air cargo.
11. Shenzhen: By 2025, the proportion of new energy and clean energy power vehicles will reach about 60%.
Shenzhen Municipal People’s Government issued the implementation plan of Shenzhen peak carbon dioxide emissions. Among them, it is proposed to promote the low-carbon transformation of transportation equipment. By 2025, the proportion of new energy and clean energy vehicles will reach about 60%, the number of new energy vehicles in the city will reach about 1.3 million, the number of LNG vehicles will reach more than 20,000, and the number of hydrogen fuel cell vehicles will reach about 2,000. By 2030, the proportion of new energy and clean energy vehicles will reach about 70%, and the number of new energy vehicles in the city will reach about 2 million.
12. Tesla reduces the price of some models in the United States.
On October 6th, Tesla official website showed that Tesla reduced the price of some models in the United States, the price of Model 3 in the United States dropped from $40,240 to $38,990, and the price of Model Y long-life version in the United States dropped from $50,490 to $48,490.
13. Sudden change in the Middle East! The largest armed conflict broke out between Palestine and Israel in years.
On October 7th, local time, the Palestinian Islamic Resistance Movement (Hamas) announced that it would launch a military operation against Israel. It not only fired thousands of rockets, but also its armed personnel entered Israel and clashed with the Israeli army. The Israeli army responded by launching several rounds of air strikes in the Gaza.
14. The US non-farm payrolls data in September far exceeded expectations.
On October 6th, the U.S. Department of Labor announced the changes of non-agricultural employment population and unemployment rate data in September. In September, the number of non-farm employees in the United States increased by 336,000, a sharp increase from the expected 170,000, much higher than the 187,000 in August. This latest data undoubtedly shows the strength of the labor market in the United States, and the number of non-agricultural new jobs exceeding 300,000 is beyond the expectations of all Wall Street institutions. Previously, among large financial institutions, Citigroup gave the highest non-agricultural expectations, but it only added 240,000 people. Investors have more reason to believe that the Fed will maintain high interest rates and even raise interest rates further in the face of high inflation.
15. Major market performance during the long holiday: China’s assets generally rose and international oil prices dropped sharply.
During the A-share holiday, the overseas market represented by the interest rate of US bonds fluctuated obviously, and the global stock market remained volatile as a whole. At the same time, the US dollar index strengthened and the international oil price dropped sharply.
In terms of China’s assets, Hang Seng Index rose by 0.65%, Hang Seng Technology Index rose by 1.01%, Nasdaq China Jinlong Index rose by 0.34%, and A50 Index rose by 0.19%.
In terms of US stocks, the Nasdaq rose 1.74%, the S&P 500 rose 0.2% and the Dow fell 0.77%. In terms of European stocks, Germany’s DAX30 index fell 0.61%, France’s CAC40 index fell 0.79%, and Britain’s FTSE 100 index fell 1.41%. In the Asia-Pacific stock market, the Korean Composite Index fell by 2.29% and the Nikkei 225 Index fell by 2.75%.
In terms of commodities, gold and oil all showed a correction. London gold has been falling for nine trading days since September 25th. During the long holiday, it has fallen by about 2%, and COMEX gold has fallen by 1.84%. In terms of crude oil, NYMEX crude oil fell by 9.8% and ICE oil distribution fell by 9.31%.
16. The Beijing Stock Exchange revised the relevant guidelines and promoted the transfer in a safe and orderly manner.
On October 8, after soliciting opinions from all parties in the market, the Beijing Stock Exchange revised and issued the "Guidelines for Continuous Supervision of Listed Companies of Beijing Stock Exchange No.7-Transfer of Board" (hereinafter referred to as the "Guidelines for Transfer of Board"). According to the experts interviewed, with the official release of the "Transfer Guidelines" of the North Stock Exchange, the transfer listing of the North Stock Exchange will soon enter the practical stage, or it will promote the valuation repair of listed companies in the North Stock Exchange, enhance the liquidity of the secondary market of the North Stock Exchange, and attract more high-quality companies to go public in the North Stock Exchange. The North Stock Exchange said that the transfer mechanism involves the coordinated development of multi-level capital markets. This revision of the Guidelines for Transfer attaches great importance to the protection of investors’ rights and interests, and strives to form an orderly, standardized and normalized transfer arrangement.

Theme opportunity

1. Ask the new M7 to set a new high in a single day. The supply chain is expected to benefit.
According to the official news, the new M7 model of AITO has set a new one-day record during the Mid-Autumn National Day holiday. According to the latest official data, the car reached a "record high" on October 6, with a large number of 7000 vehicles. Since the car was officially listed, the cumulative number of large orders has exceeded 40,000. According to public information, the new M7 in Wenjie is equipped with Huawei ADS 2.0 advanced intelligent driving system, which can realize high-speed and urban intelligent driving without relying on high-precision maps. The new car is equipped with 27 sensing hardware, including 1 overhead lidar, 3 millimeter-wave radars, 11 high-definition visual sensing cameras and 12 ultrasonic radars, which supports parking service and ultra-narrow parking spaces in the park. In 2023, the sales volume of the world was less than expected for a long time, and the new M7 exceeded expectations to raise the market heat. There is room for exceeding expectations in the future, and related supply chains are expected to benefit. Related companies include Demais, Mingke Jingji and so on.
2, artificial intelligence chip track fiery giants set out to launch self-developed products.
According to foreign media reports, Microsoft plans to launch the first chip specially designed to support artificial intelligence (AI) at the Microsoft Ignite conference held in Seattle on November 14th. At the same time, OpenAI, the developer behind ChatGPT, which exploded this year, is exploring the manufacture of its own artificial intelligence (AI) chip and has begun to evaluate a potential acquisition target. It is also known that Amazon and Google have strategically integrated their artificial intelligence chips into their cloud business promotion activities. The analysis pointed out that this wave of AI was set off by ChatGPT, which triggered Chinese and foreign scientific and technological enterprises to pursue big language models and generative AI and an arms race for computing power. With the emergence of more complex and multivariate models, AI chips with high computing power will fully benefit. At present, although the popularity of generative AI and big models has cooled down compared with the beginning of the year, NVIDIA and other giants have given strong performance and future guidance, indicating that the industry is still investing more in the AI field on a large scale and is optimistic about the long-term development trend of AI. Related companies include Tongfu Microelectronics and Haiguang Information.
3. Huawei’s fully liquid-cooled overcharge station went online.
On October 4th, Huawei officially announced that the fully liquid-cooled overcharge station built by Huawei Digital Energy was officially launched in the southern Sichuan-Tibet line and along Litang and Aden highways, with a maximum output of 600kW and a maximum current of 600A, which is known as "one kilometer per second". The success rate of one-time charging is as high as 99%, and the charging range of 200-1000V matches all models, including passenger cars such as Tesla, Tucki, Ideality and commercial vehicles such as Cargo Lala. Liquid-cooled overcharge technology is based on the traditional air cooling technology, which introduces liquid cooling module to realize efficient heat dissipation and temperature control of equipment. At present, domestic brand car companies Weilai (500kW ultra-fast charging), Tucki (480kW single pile), Beiqi (480kW) and FAW (350kW) have all been overcharged, and liquid cooling technology has also become the technical layout direction of overcharge stations. Huaxi Securities said that the feedback of Huawei’s intelligent and electrified layout is good, which is expected to enhance the acceptance of smart platforms, liquid-cooled overcharges and other technologies by domestic consumers.

Company news

1. Evergrande Motor Co., Ltd.: Trading in the company’s shares will resume at 9: 00 am on October 9.
Evergrande Automobile: The company has applied to the Stock Exchange to resume trading in the company’s shares from 9: 00 am on October 9, 2023.
2. North Rare Earth: The transaction price of rare earth concentrate in the fourth quarter was adjusted to 20,536 yuan/ton excluding tax.
North Rare Earth (600111) announced on the evening of October 8, according to the pricing method of rare earth concentrate and the price of rare earth oxide in the third quarter of 2023, the transaction price of rare earth concentrate in the fourth quarter of 2023 was adjusted to 20536 yuan/ton (dry weight, REO=50%) without tax after calculation and approval by the general manager’s office, and the price without tax was increased or decreased by 410.72 yuan for every 1% increase or decrease in REO. The company will re-sign the Rare Earth Concentrate Supply Contract with Baotou Steel, and carry out related transactions of rare earth concentrates according to the newly signed contract.
3. Huayi Brothers: The operating income from "Previous 4: Early Marriage" is about 73.49 million to 95.45 million.
Huayi Brothers (300027) announced on the evening of October 8 that the film "Ex-4: Early Marriage" directed by its subsidiary was released in Chinese mainland on September 28, 2023. According to the data of the National Film Office, as of 24: 00 on October 6, 2023, the film was released in Chinese mainland for 9 days, and the cumulative box office income (that is, the cumulative total box office of the film) was about RMB 710 million (the final settlement data may be slightly wrong), which exceeded 50% of the operating income of the company’s audited consolidated financial statements in the latest fiscal year. As of October 6, 2023, the company’s operating income from the film was about 73.4882 million yuan to 95.4502 million yuan (there may be errors in the final settlement data). At present, the film is still in release.
4. China Eastern Airlines: It plans to purchase 100 C919 aircraft from Comac.
China Eastern Airlines (600115) announced on the evening of September 28th that the company signed the C919 Aircraft Purchase and Sale Agreement with Commercial Aircraft Corporation of China (hereinafter referred to as "Comac") and purchased 100 C919 aircraft from Comac. According to the central parity exchange rate of RMB against the US dollar (1 US dollar to 7.1798 RMB) announced by the People’s Bank of China on the signing date of this transaction agreement, the catalog price of 100 C919 aircraft purchased this time is about 71.08 billion RMB. The above 100 aircraft are scheduled to be delivered to the company in batches from 2024 to 2031.
5. Lotus Health: Xinhua San Information plans to deliver 330 NVIDIA H800GPU series computing servers to Lianhua Kechuang.
Lotus Health (600186) announced on the evening of September 28th that Lotus Kechuang, a wholly-owned subsidiary of the company, signed the Purchase Contract with Xinhua San Information, a subsidiary of Xinhua San Holdings, on September 27th. Both parties confirmed that under this purchase contract, Xinhua San Information delivered 330 NVIDIA H800GPU series computing servers (each server contains 8 GPUs) to Lianhua Kechuang, with a total contract price of 693 million yuan.
6. China Zhongmian Performance Express: The net profit in the first three quarters was 5.199 billion yuan, a year-on-year increase of 12.33%.
China Zhongmian (601888) disclosed the performance report on the evening of October 8: the net profit in the first three quarters was 5.199 billion yuan, up 12.33% year-on-year, and the revenue was 50.84 billion yuan, up 29.14% year-on-year. During the reporting period, the company paid attention to sustainability and pursued a balanced growth of scale and profit. In the first three quarters of 2023, the gross profit margin of the company’s main business continued to recover, which were 28.75%, 32.47% and 34.27% respectively.
7. Tomson Bianjian: The net profit in the first three quarters increased by 25% to 34%.
Tomson Bianjian (300146) announced on the evening of October 8 that the net profit in the first three quarters is expected to be 1.849 billion yuan to 1.979 billion yuan, an increase of 24.77% to 33.55% over the same period of last year. Benefiting from the increase in market demand for many categories of products brought about by the improvement of national health awareness, the company’s domestic and overseas income achieved rapid growth in the first three quarters.
8. Sunrise in the East: The estimated net profit in the first three quarters is 1.2 billion-1.38 billion, with a year-on-year increase of 61%-85%.
Oriental Risheng (300118) released its performance forecast on the evening of September 28th, and it is expected to achieve a profit of RMB 1.2 billion-RMB 1.38 billion in the first three quarters of 2023, an increase of 60.56%-84.65% year-on-year. Benefiting from the expansion of the company’s module production capacity, the increase of the scale of self-supplied batteries and the stabilization of the price of photovoltaic upstream supply chain, compared with the same period of last year, the sales volume of photovoltaic module products of the company increased, the sales gross margin increased, and the corresponding sales profit increased. In addition, this period, the company’s overseas battery component production base began to ship stably, which also had a positive impact on the company’s operating performance.
9. BYD: The sales volume in September was 287,500 units.
BYD (002594) announced on the evening of October 8 that it sold 287,500 vehicles in September, compared with 201,300 vehicles in the same period last year; In September, a total of 28,039 new energy passenger cars were sold overseas. In September, the total installed capacity of power batteries and energy storage batteries of new energy vehicles was about 14.348GWh, and the cumulative installed capacity in 2023 was about 100.931GWh.
10. Zhongding Co., Ltd.: Obtained the project designation of air suspension system products.
Zhongding Co., Ltd. (000887) announced on the evening of October 8 that AMK, a subsidiary company, has become a batch supplier of air supply unit assembly products for air suspension system of a new platform project of a head new energy brand main engine factory in China. The life cycle of this project is 5 years, and the total amount of life cycle is about 1.64 billion yuan.
11. China Chemical: The subsidiary signed a general contract of about 65.05 billion yuan for the chemical complex project of methanol from natural gas.
China Chemical (601117) announced on the evening of October 8 that recently, a wholly-owned subsidiary of the company signed a general contract with Russian Baltic Methanol Co., Ltd. for the chemical complex project of methanol from natural gas. The duration of this contract is 48 months, and the total contract amount is 8.4 billion euros, equivalent to about 65.05 billion yuan.
12. Xu Ji Electric: Pre-bid for the Fifth Equipment Bidding Procurement of State Grid UHV Project.
Xu Ji Electric (000400) announced on the evening of October 8 that the company had won the bid for the fifth equipment bidding procurement of the State Grid UHV project in advance, with an estimated bid amount of 611 million yuan.
13. Commodity City: Signed a strategic cooperation framework agreement with People’s Data, a platform of People’s Daily Online.
Commodity City (600415) announced on the evening of October 8 that the company signed a strategic cooperation framework agreement with People’s Data, a platform of People’s Daily Online, to carry out all-round and multi-level cooperation in data confirmation, data storage, data empowerment and data operation, and establish a long-term, stable and efficient communication mechanism to jointly create a trade data ecosystem.

calendar of finance and economics

Editor: Zhang Qian
Proofreading: Yao Yuan
These, users are watching.
Controversy! Venus commented on the hot search on "Rock Solid"! The box office has reached nearly 500 million, and the main producer is this A-share company.
Where are the institutions going this year? The total number of reception institutions of these hot stocks during the year has exceeded 2,000.
Second listing of the same asset? Suspend the issuance process, special inspection!
Will A shares extend trading hours after the holiday? The Shanghai and Shenzhen Stock Exchanges just responded!
The US Department of Commerce listed 42 China enterprises on the export control list! 753.43 billion yuan, the "Double Festival" consumption report card was released.
That’s outrageous! There is no direct supply to Tesla, and there is no customer sample delivery evaluation! The misleading statement of "4 Lianban" company, the chairman and sister bought accurately on the eve of the daily limit.

Xiaomi SU7 lost an average of 6,800 yuan when selling one.

At the press conference of Xiaomi SU7, Lei Jun said frankly that the sales strategy of this model is to "sell one and lose one".

According to the latest Citigroup report, the estimated delivery volume of SU7 of Xiaomi Group will be between 5,000 and 6,000 units in April, while the annual delivery volume is expected to be about 55,000 to 70,000 units.

At present, the delivery time of Xiaomi SU7 has been as long as 6 months, which has aroused the market’s concern about its production capacity. If the production capacity can’t keep up with the market demand, Xiaomi may face a growth challenge similar to last year’s G6 in Tucki. It is estimated that for every SU7 sold by Xiaomi in 2024, it will lose an average of 6 800 yuan, and the whole car-making business is expected to lose as much as 4.1 billion yuan.

However, some bloggers broke the news that the production capacity of Xiaomi SU7 began to increase this week. It is estimated that the daily production capacity will increase to more than 400 units, and the monthly output will directly jump to 12,000 units. This is undoubtedly a positive signal for SU7, a high-positioning model.

Looking into the future, it is predicted that by April 2024, Xiaomi SU7 is expected to rank among the top three in the pure electric car market with a price of over 200,000 yuan in China.

Lei Jun mentioned in his previous speech: "Our original standard version was priced at 229,000 yuan, while the top version was priced at 350,000 yuan. However, considering the price reduction strategies of other car companies, we decided to adopt a more sincere pricing strategy. Therefore, the standard version is priced 30,000 yuan lower than Tesla Model 3, while the Max version is priced at 299,000 yuan. "

For this report, Xu Jieyun, Special Assistant to the Chairman of Xiaomi Group and Deputy General Manager of China Marketing Department, quickly responded at the Weibo, saying that there may be a big deviation in this information.


Secret of Xiaomi SU7 Intelligent Driving: Driving without a map comes true with only a light map.

Fast technology news on April 5,Xiaomi SU7Car series will be fully equipped.Intelligent DriveFunction, but consumers have doubts about whether it depends on map data.

In this regard,Xiaomi automobileThe official gave a clear answer.

According to the official statement,Xiaomi intelligent driving city navigation function is adoptedLight map schemeIn some complex scenes, the performance of this function will be optimized by combining prior information, and other scenes can be completed by real-time perception and planning at the vehicle end.

In other words, Xiaomi SU7 can realize intelligent driving without map data in most cases, but it still needs map support in certain scenarios.

Lei Jun announced at the press conference that,Xiaomi SU7 is scheduled to open in April.User testing10 cities will be opened in May, and eventually it will be opened all over the country.

Xiaomi’s delivery schedule shows that the standard version and Max version will be delivered at the end of April, while the Pro version is scheduled to be delivered at the end of May. This means that the owner of Xiaomi SU7 can immediately experience the NOA (automatic navigation) function of the city when receiving the vehicle.

It is reported that Xiaomi’s initial investment in full-link self-developed intelligent driving technology is RMB 3.3 billion, which has been increased to RMB 4.7 billion, and the size of the R&D team has exceeded 1,000.

Lei Jun further stated that Xiaomi’s goal is to enter the first camp of the intelligent driving industry by 2024.

Secret of Xiaomi SU7 Intelligent Driving: Driving without a map comes true with only a light map.



Analyze the difference between live delivery and TV shopping.

TV shopping and live e-commerce, the essence of both is video+buying goods, using emotions for marketing. However, different carriers, scenes and prices make live delivery more popular.

  • In 1992, the Pearl River Channel in Guangdong Province broadcasted the first TV shopping program in Chinese mainland.
  • In 1996, Beijing BTV opened the first professional TV shopping channel in mainland China, and TV shopping has been in Chinese mainland for 24 years.
  • In 2016, Taobao live broadcast was launched, positioning "consumer live broadcast". In 2019, the turnover of Tmall double 11 was 268.4 billion, a record high, and the turnover of Taobao live broadcast was nearly 20 billion, which enabled more than 50% businesses to achieve new growth through live broadcast.
  • On March 15th, 2020, CCTV 315 conducted an investigation, and the live broadcast was chaotic: online celebrity and e-commerce teamed up to cheat fans.

Online celebrity’s new shopping mode-bringing goods, even if you don’t pay attention to it deliberately, keywords such as live selling goods in Li Jiaqi and Luo Yonghao have been passively accepted. The live broadcast of goods has set off a gust of wind, which seems to be the next outlet. This reminds me of TV shopping many years ago. What are the similarities and differences between them? Is there anything worth learning from and avoiding with live broadcast?

In order to solve the doubts in my heart, I made a small survey.

I interviewed colleagues and friends around me about the intuitive impressions of TV shopping and live broadcast, and got a lot of information to form a keyword collection.

Classify, sort out and duplicate the keyword set, and finally get five keywords for TV shopping and live delivery, showing their intuitive impressions in the public’s mind at present.

Needless to say, you also know which group is TV shopping and which group is live broadcast with goods. There has been a one-sided situation, and people are generally optimistic about live broadcast with goods, expressing recognition and encouragement; And TV shopping has become synonymous with "liar", which is negative, disgusting and distrustful. In the interview, many people said that relatives and friends have been subjected to TV shopping routines.

People have a bad impression on TV shopping now, but it can’t be denied that it was also expected when it rose. It was also the birth of such an excellent enterprise as Acorn International and its well-known brands: easy to remember stars, good back and oxygen stand. And so far, TV shopping is still an important channel for consumers to buy goods in the United States, Japan, South Korea, etc. In this way, merchants continue to provide high-quality products and distribution services to consumers in front of TV sets, and the sales of TV shopping on American cable TV networks alone reach tens of billions of dollars a year.

They have a common theoretical basis, the same form, all video+selling goods, the same underlying principle, and all use emotions for marketing.

Psychological emotional law:The law of emotions tells us that people are 100% emotional. Even if some people say that someone is rational, in fact, when this person thinks rationally, it is also influenced by his emotional state at that time. "Thinking rationally" is itself an emotional state. Therefore, people are 100% emotional animals, and decisions at any time are emotional decisions.

By arousing your high arousal emotions such as happiness, anger and disgust, or by negative picture description, you can completely break away from the status quo, or by depicting a bright future, you can make your freshmen yearn for it (remember the washing powder advertisement? A Xiong Haizi is covered in dirt, which may not be so dirty in reality). It can be said that TV shopping and live broadcast with goods are the same gameplay under different traffic carriers.

One happened in the past, and the other happened in the present. The more differences are often caused by the different technical resources and scientific knowledge in different times. How much has the consumer’s cognition changed compared with 20 years ago? There may be great differences, but the most basic human needs and emotions depend on these lowest things. I am afraid that only twenty years will not bring much change, and the psychology textbooks are basically the same. Therefore, the rollover of TV shopping in China is more of a man-made disaster.

TV shopping is on TV, which requires cooperation with TV stations and media centralization. Live broadcast with goods spread by the Internet, pc Internet, mobile Internet, where there is a network, everyone can participate, and the media is decentralized.

Tv shopping is generally an obstacle, and live broadcast with goods is a promotion. Why?

People turn on the TV to either follow the drama or watch entertainment programs, and anyone’s goal is to watch sales promotion. Not the target in people’s scenes, then his appearance will form interference and become an obstacle. The environment where the live broadcast takes the goods is e-commerce. The scene is that users have clear shopping goals or just stroll around. In short, they are all on the same side. The anchors with the goods are often knowledgeable and researched. What you recommend is something you want to buy. You must pay attention to see if there is a discount. If you don’t want to buy it, you won’t be disgusted. After all, I just come to stroll, not to mention that the anchors are either floating or handsome and won’t cause physical discomfort.

Tv shopping is the cooperation between manufacturers and TV stations, and live broadcast with goods is the cooperation between manufacturers and anchors with goods. There is basically no threshold between anchors and platforms, and at most, it is divided into several parts, and the big part is in the anchor.

Manufacturers spend a lot of money to buy the broadcast time of TV stations. In order to return to their own companies, they will use this time to the extreme. Manufacturers have no obligation to maintain the reputation of TV stations. The goal is to sell more goods in a limited time, so it is not surprising that the quality of deceptive marketing products is inferior. At that time, people didn’t have so many kinds of entertainment as they do now, and they could only watch TV to kill time when they were at home. In addition to the top few TV stations, there are a lot of idle broadcast time in other stations. Therefore, TV shopping, which seems to be inaction and criticized by people, has always existed. This is also an inevitable phenomenon in the era when channels are king.

On the contrary, the live broadcast brings goods. The anchor pays more attention to its own reputation and even only its reputation goes to the world. Why? The era of live broadcast with goods is the era of decentralized media. Users’ needs can be met by TV, mobile Internet, pc Internet and even car Internet at the same time. Users have more choices, so a good reputation in e-commerce will increase the differentiated competitive advantage, and selling fakes is tantamount to death. Therefore, the TV shopping manufacturer’s extreme use of radio reputation is completely opposite, and the probability of selling fakes in live video is lower now.

How did the lowest price of the whole network come from? This is the empowerment of the development of the times and the power of modern supply chain integration behind it. The production paradigm of human society has evolved from small-scale peasant economy, handicraft workshop to modern industrialized assembly line production for three generations. With the development of information technology, the fourth generation of production mode has actually appeared in the live broadcast industry, that is, industrialized customized production. The cost reduction brought by information technology will further expand the price competitive advantage, which was not available a few years ago.

The live broadcast with goods uses Internet technology to realize the real-time interaction between the audience and the anchor, and the anchor can immediately perceive the subtle changes of the user and make adjustments, while TV shopping does not have this, so it can only go down step by step according to the previously prepared desktop. The more interactive, the higher the purchase conversion rate will be.

To sum up, let’s look at the problems that need to be solved when TV shopping is close to live broadcast:

  1. The first is the TV station.Change the modeThe advertising broadcast time is close to free opening to the outside world, and the income comes from the anchor’s share of goods. The risk of TV stations has to be diluted by high-flow well-known anchors, and the narrowing of cooperation scope is inevitable. The marginal cost of anchors is extremely low and the cooperation intention is higher.
  2. nextUser group problemThe product ordering process needs to be very streamlined, whether it’s a phone call or a code scan, it needs to be simple enough for parents’ generations to complete, and it needs more efforts at the product level to customize the TV channel.
  3. Word of mouth problemThis feeling is also the most difficult. Over the years, TV shopping has been broken. How to change people’s perception of TV shopping "deceptive marketing" in a short time and at low cost is a bit difficult.
  4. As for the above.Scene problemI think it can be alleviated through program arrangement, such as arranging the live broadcast of outdoor products after the outdoor reality show and arranging clothes and cosmetics after the emotional TV series. Does it also eliminate the "obstacles" brought to users in the scene to some extent?

If TV shopping wants to enter the second spring, it is inevitable to deal with the operation mode, product design, word of mouth and scene problems. No one wants to be cannon fodder, and this comeback will become extremely difficult.

Now is the era of multi-channel decentralized media, and it is no longer the era when TV channels are king. It is definitely impossible to resurrect TV shopping with blood. It is unknown how much money you can get in the torrent and how many cakes you can get. One day, live broadcast will be as old as TV shopping, but we must avoid premature decline into TV shopping in the life cycle of live broadcast.


This article was originally published by @ 亵亵亵亵亵. Everyone is a product manager, and it is forbidden to reprint without the permission of the author.

The title map comes from Unsplash and is based on CC0 protocol.


Geely Xingyue L has reached the "five-star" standard of C-NCAP.

  [car home Crash Results] Recently, Geely Xingyue L 2.0T DCT EVO Zhizun has completed all the evaluation items according to the management rules of C-NCAP(2021 edition), and the evaluation results are now announced after being audited by the Automobile Evaluation Management Center of China Automobile Center. According to the summation results of the scores of each part multiplied by their respective weight coefficients, the comprehensive score rate of this model is 85.7%, reaching the "five-star" of C-NCAP.

Home of the car

Home of the car

Home of the car

  With strict and comprehensive requirements, C-NCAP conducted an all-round safety performance test on Geely Xingyue L, including occupant protection, pedestrian protection and active safety. The specific evaluation is as follows:

project score scoring average Member protection evaluation 76.964 89.49% Pedestrian protection evaluation 11.521 76.81% Active safety evaluation 54.613 82.01%

★ Occupant protection

  In terms of occupant protection, Geely Xingyue scored 76.964 points, with a scoring rate of 89.49%.

  Frontal 100% overlapping rigid barrier collision test (score: 20.587/24)

  (Note: If the automatic locking function is not released after the frontal collision test, 1 point will be punished; MPDB collision compatibility evaluation, with a penalty of 0.861. )

Home of the car

  Frontal 50% overlapping moving progressive deformation barrier (MPDB) collision test (score: 20.427/24)

Home of the car

  Side impact test of deformable moving barrier (score: 20.000/20)

Home of the car

  Neck protection test after low-speed collision (whipping test) (score: 5.450/7)

Home of the car

★ Pedestrian protection

  In terms of pedestrian protection, Geely Xingyue scored 11.521 points, with a scoring rate of 76.81%.

  To evaluate the protective effect of vehicle front structure (front bumper, hood, windshield, etc.) on external vulnerable traffic participants (pedestrians, two-wheeled cyclists) in collision accidents.

Home of the car

★ Active safety

  In terms of active safety, Geely Xingyue scored 54.613 points with a scoring rate of 82.01%.

  Functional design to evaluate the vehicle’s initiative to avoid collision accidents or reduce the severity of collision accidents.

Home of the car

  To sum up, the performance portrait of Geely Xingyue L safety crash test is as follows:

Home of the car

  In the test of C-NCAP, the weight of the vehicle’s occupant protection, pedestrian protection and active safety are 60%, 15% and 25% respectively, while the scores of Geely Xingyue L in these three items are 89.49%, 76.81% and 82.01% respectively. Therefore, the vehicle has reached the "five-star" standard of C-NCAP and performed well on the whole. (Text/car home graduated)


[Looking back at 2019] Comprehensive layout of artificial intelligence: from cooking jiaozi to cloud chips

       CCTV News:"Artificial intelligence" is the strategic direction for countries to lay out a new round of scientific and technological revolution and industrial transformation. In 2019, the state issued guidance documents to encourage the development of artificial intelligence industry. Looking back on the past 2019, let’s take a look at the story of artificial intelligence practitioners in this year.

       When I met Wu Xindong, he was doing research in a dumpling restaurant in Beijing. This store introduced the artificial intelligence dining system developed by Professor Wu’s team this year, which is "face recognition" for jiaozi.

       Wu Xindong, Chief Scientist of Mingluo Technology:Jiaozi’s quality inspection, when a set of jiaozi is released, we can see how much jiaozi in this jiaozi is completely qualified through our inspection technology.


       Under each food outlet, there is such real-time monitoring equipment, which captures the final state of jiaozi in one second, one is to see the fullness of jiaozi, the other is to see the color, and all the data is transmitted to the background to help the store manager monitor the quality of each jiaozi.

       Wu Xindong, Chief Scientist of Mingluo Technology:What makes me feel very excited is the domestic artificial intelligence business community. We have done a lot of things and made many applications, which are being implemented in thousands of households.


       In 2019, the state issued the "Guiding Opinions on Promoting the Deep Integration of Artificial Intelligence and the Real Economy", in which the phrase "Promoting the Deep Integration of Artificial Intelligence and the Real Economy with Industrial Application as the Target" excited the whole artificial intelligence industry. Wu Xindong, who made a name for himself in the eyes of outsiders, also left the foreign university laboratory where he worked for 27 years last year and returned to China to join a private enterprise as the chief scientist.

       In this year, Wu Xindong’s enterprise became a national new generation artificial intelligence open innovation platform guided by the Ministry of Science and Technology. On this national platform, more technical resources, industrial chain resources and financial resources are gathered and shared.

       Wu Xindong, Chief Scientist of Mingluo Technology:(2019) two keywords, one is busy and the other is happy. Catch up with this excellent situation, because the country is now vigorously promoting the deep integration of artificial intelligence and economic entities.


       If Dr. Wu’s jiaozi Shop found a landing scene in the upsurge of artificial intelligence in 2019, then Dr. Leo Zhu has made a breakthrough in the infrastructure of artificial intelligence.

       Leo Zhu, co-founder of Yitu Technology:The chip is probably in a place as big as the fingernail, so that a complete operating system, including AI algorithms and models, runs into it.

       In 2019, Leo Zhu team developed the first domestic artificial intelligence cloud chip — — "seeking". In order to prove the real strength of the chip, Dr. Leo Zhu simply turned the conference into an examination room, demonstrated the computing power of the chip on the spot, let the chip "run" on the spot, capture the facial features of hundreds of guests in real time, and then directly screen and compare them on the big screen.


       Leo Zhu, co-founder of Yitu Technology:(On-site) Six or seven hundred people enter 200 cameras and then analyze them in real time. That’s right or wrong, and all of them can be seen on the big screen.


       Leo Zhu said that in recent years, the talent, technology and production capacity accumulated by the country in the semiconductor industry have laid a solid foundation for innovation, providing opportunities and conditions for overtaking in corners in the field of artificial intelligence chips, and the "Soso" chip was successfully introduced. It is this small chip that has gained the confidence not to be "stuck in the neck" by others, and also fulfilled his dream of making world-class innovation.


       Leo Zhu, co-founder of Yitu Technology:Science and technology has never played such an important role in China’s economy or society as it is today, not only in 2019, but I think the next decade is really called an unparalleled era.


People-oriented, multi-party governance, providing a Chinese solution for global artificial intelligence governance.

  BEIJING, Beijing, Oct. 26 (Xinhua)-It’s a familiar poem that apes say goodbye to each other. Man is the spirit of all things, benefiting from and growing up in nature, creating and using different tools to face vicissitudes of life, and only then can there be a great beauty room on which to live today. Today, everyone will regard artificial intelligence technology as the strongest innovative application cultivated by human beings. Indeed, artificial intelligence is leading a new round of industrial transformation and bringing great development opportunities to the world, but at the same time it has also triggered a series of new risks and challenges, and may even pose a devastating threat to the future survival of mankind. Whether we live in the "human world" or in the "artificial intelligence room" is a human problem. All countries are talking about artificial intelligence ethics, but what will happen in the future if it goes against the basic rule of "people-oriented", the development and application tool of human society? Exploring reasonable and effective governance schemes to realize the healthy and orderly development of artificial intelligence has become an important issue in the world. At the third "Belt and Road" international cooperation summit forum, China released the Global Artificial Intelligence Governance Initiative (hereinafter referred to as the Initiative), which won wide acclaim from the international community. Standing at the historical height of building a community of human destiny and safeguarding the well-being of all mankind, the Initiative puts forward constructive solutions in three aspects of artificial intelligence development, security and governance fairly and fairly, and provides a Chinese solution for global artificial intelligence governance.

  First, build a safe bottom line and effectively respond to the general concerns of the international community.

  As China’s centralized response to the global artificial intelligence governance, the Initiative emphasizes security controllability, privacy protection, fairness and non-discrimination, and gives countermeasures and methods based on the actual situation of related issues and the governance work in China, which effectively responds to the issues that the international community is most concerned about on the safety of artificial intelligence and provides a blueprint for all parties to carry out the safety governance of artificial intelligence. Among them, the core problem of safety and controllability is to improve the interpretability and predictability of artificial intelligence and ensure that human beings can trust the behavior of machines, which is a prerequisite for human beings to promote the development of artificial intelligence. In practice, with the wide application of deep learning and other technologies, the self-iterative ability of artificial intelligence has been continuously enhanced, and its dependence on human beings has been continuously reduced in the process of training and training; The more complex internal network structure also makes the black box attribute of artificial intelligence technology continuously enhanced, and the balance of human trust in the output results of artificial intelligence by mastering its own operating rules becomes more fragile. The relatively opaque artificial intelligence will make it difficult to guarantee the security and fairness of its related data processing behavior, and the accountability mechanism will also be affected in some complex applications. Based on reality, the Initiative takes improving interpretability and predictability as the key work of artificial intelligence research and development, ensures the authenticity and accuracy of relevant data, and puts forward practical and feasible measures for the safety management of artificial intelligence. In practice, focusing on improving the transparency and reliability of artificial intelligence data sources, system management and other fields based on this proposition will not only help to realize auditable, supervised, traceable and reliable artificial intelligence technology,It will also better meet the needs of data and personal information security, fairness and non-discrimination in the field of artificial intelligence on the premise of enhancing human trust in artificial intelligence.

  Second, focus on the governance mechanism and actively promote the cooperation framework of joint construction.

  After recognizing many risks and difficulties in the development and application of artificial intelligence, the international community has begun to actively explore and promote the work related to artificial intelligence governance. At present, the initiatives, guidelines and suggestions issued by governments, international organizations, enterprises and people from all walks of life have their own emphases, and there is still a significant distance from the formation of a unified rule system and governance mechanism recognized by the international community. Based on this, the Initiative issued the idea of collaborative governance and the establishment of an international artificial intelligence governance institution. It is hoped that by coordinating countries to strengthen communication and dialogue, multi-stakeholders will be promoted to participate in governance matters in depth, and major issues related to the development, safety and governance of artificial intelligence will be coordinated, and the global artificial intelligence governance process will be continuously promoted. The above claims can directly hit the two major pain points of the current artificial intelligence governance work. First, different countries have different understanding, development, application ideas and methods of artificial intelligence technology. For a long time, they have formed an artificial intelligence ecosystem with different levels and characteristics, with different emphasis capabilities and development directions. Therefore, there are also many differences in the artificial intelligence governance strategies designed. By coordinating the communication mechanism and sharing the best operational practices, it can not only promote all parties to achieve a broad consensus on artificial intelligence governance, but also form universal theoretical rules that reflect the wishes and respect the interests of all parties, and also brainstorm practical measures to effectively prevent and deal with artificial intelligence risks, greatly improving the overall international level of artificial intelligence governance. Second, the huge risk of uncontrollable artificial intelligence technology has become a key issue for the international community to carry out artificial intelligence governance.Therefore, it is inevitable to adhere to multilateralism, set up international governance institutions and discuss risk coping strategies. Considering the great influence of artificial intelligence on today’s society, we can take the establishment of nuclear energy governance mechanism as a reference. With the establishment of the International Atomic Energy Agency and the promulgation of the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty and other documents, through decades of long-term coordination and cooperation among all parties in the international community, the application of nuclear weapons has gradually shifted from military confrontation to social welfare, contributing to the well-being of mankind. We can learn from relevant work experience, establish an international artificial intelligence governance organization based on the "Initiative", advocate the establishment of an artificial intelligence governance cooperation framework, promote mutual trust and mutual trust, and effectively achieve the balance between artificial intelligence development and security in the future.

  Third, clarify the principles of development, promote artificial intelligence to enhance human welfare

  Due to the differences in geography, culture, economy, productivity and other factors, countries and regions in the world have different production forms, lifestyles and group values, and there are also obvious differences in the cognition and usage habits of a certain technology and tool among different civilizations and governments, resulting in new difficulties and challenges. The development of artificial intelligence is also facing this situation. With the development of technology, risks and challenges are gradually increasing. On the one hand, artificial intelligence technology is constantly evolving due to its integration with algorithms and data, but the risk of technology-related uncertainty also increases in the process of evolution. Some technical achievements developed for specific scenarios have not yet formed effective governance ideas, even the most developed and active countries and economies today cannot guarantee that artificial intelligence is fully understood, mastered and controlled by human beings, and effectively control the risks and threats caused by technology; On the other hand, a digital divide and a technological divide have emerged in the field of artificial intelligence. Some developed countries make use of their first-Mover advantages in technological innovation, product research and development, ecological creation and other fields to use artificial intelligence at will, and some groups even directly use it to manipulate public opinion, interfere in other countries’ internal affairs, infringe on their sovereignty, threaten the security of cyberspace, and endanger people’s peace of life and the stability of international order.

  Faced with the above problems, it is necessary to form a unified concept and understanding from the perspective of all mankind, design the governance rules and order to be followed in the development and application of technology in the era of digital, network and intelligence with common values, and form a global consensus so as to coordinate and discuss the controllable development direction of artificial intelligence more effectively. To this end, from the perspective of respecting human rights and ensuring human security, the "Initiative" puts forward the proposition of people-oriented, intelligent goodness and respect for sovereignty, clarifies the relationship between artificial intelligence and human beings, and gives basic principles for the future development direction of artificial intelligence. Among them, the central idea of people-oriented and intelligence-oriented is that the development and utilization of artificial intelligence technology should adhere to the basic principle of promoting the growth and progress of human society and enhancing the common well-being of mankind; Respect for sovereignty focuses on the development and application practice of artificial intelligence technology, emphasizing that the development of artificial intelligence should respect the global order and safeguard the sovereignty of all countries. The "Initiative" will play a great role in promoting the development and utilization of artificial intelligence by countries and institutions around the world, preventing malicious organizations and lawless elements from abusing artificial intelligence technology, and ensuring that artificial intelligence technology cannot become a weapon and tool for attacking human beings. (Author: Li Yuxiao Secretary General of China Cyberspace Security Association)


China Film (600977) sold 17,921,300 yuan of main funds on March 21st.

According to Securities Star, as of the close of March 21st, 2024, China Film (600977) closed at 12.92 yuan, up by 0.08%, with a turnover rate of 1.45%, with a turnover of 269,800 lots and a turnover of 351 million yuan.

As for the data of capital flow on March 21st, the net outflow of main funds was 17,921,300 yuan, accounting for 5.1% of the total turnover, the net inflow of hot money was 4,956,100 yuan, accounting for 1.41% of the total turnover, and the net inflow of retail funds was 12,965,200 yuan, accounting for 3.69% of the total turnover.

The third quarterly report of China Film in 2023 showed that the company’s main income was 4.21 billion yuan, up 88.65% year-on-year; The net profit of returning to the mother was 471 million yuan, up 79,104.1% year-on-year; Deducting non-net profit was 404 million yuan, up 640.2% year-on-year; In the third quarter of 2023, the company’s main revenue in a single quarter was 1.353 billion yuan, up 90.13% year-on-year; The net profit returned to the mother in a single quarter was 111 million yuan, up 664.79% year-on-year; The non-net profit deducted in a single quarter was 81.2009 million yuan, up 413.94% year-on-year; The debt ratio is 41.93%, the investment income is 53.3798 million yuan, the financial expenses are-44.4104 million yuan, and the gross profit margin is 26.39%. China Film (600977) is mainly engaged in six sectors: creation, distribution, projection, science and technology, service and innovation, covering film drama production and post-film product management; Domestic and imported films are publicized and distributed, and are distributed in the secondary market; Cinema investment and management, cinema management; Film technology research and development, film and television equipment production and sales and technical services; Film and television production, ticketing platform and financial leasing services.

In the last 90 days, the stock has been rated by 5 institutions, with 4 buy ratings and 1 overweight rating; The average institutional target price in the past 90 days was 13.9.

Explanation of the term "capital flow": refers to the reversal of capital flow through price changes. When the stock price is in a rising state, the turnover formed by active buying orders is the driving force for the stock price to rise, which is defined as capital inflow, and when the stock price is in a falling state, the turnover generated by active selling orders is the driving force for the stock price to fall, which is defined as capital outflow. The difference between the two forces on that day is the net force left to push the stock price up after the two forces offset each other on that day. Calculate the main capital flow, hot money flow and retail capital flow through the transaction amount of each transaction.

Note: The main funds are large single transactions, the hot money is large single transactions, and the retail investors are small and medium single transactions.

The above contents are compiled by Securities Star according to public information and generated by algorithm, which has nothing to do with the position of this website. Securities Star strives for but does not guarantee the accuracy, completeness, effectiveness and timeliness of all or part of this information (including but not limited to text, video, audio, data and charts). Please contact us if you have any questions. This article is for data collation, and does not constitute any investment advice for you. Investment is risky, so please make a careful decision.