The new BYD Qin PLUS official map will be released at the Guangzhou Auto Show.

A few days ago, the official map of Qin PLUS was released, and the new car was positioned as an A+ class compact car, which will be launched at the Guangzhou Auto Show, which will open on November 20th. Qin PLUS is built on the latest DM-i platform, and its appearance will follow the classic "Dragon Face" design language, and it will be the first to be equipped with Xiaoyun hybrid 1.5L engine.

Appearance: Qin PLUS still adopts the family-style design language of "DragonFace" for the front face, and on this basis, a new one is added, with a larger mesh, and the interior is similar to "Dragon Armor". In addition, the headlights are connected by wide decorative strips, and the Chinese character LOGO of "Qin" is printed on it, which is very design-oriented. The design of the slip-back body on the side of the car body adopts the undulating line decoration, and with a number of spoke aluminum alloy wheels, it creates a good sporty atmosphere. At the rear, the popular penetrating LED taillights are used, and the internal design of the main light sources on both sides is also complicated. A row of English letters are added above the taillights to enrich the layering of the rear.

Power: Qin PLUS is equipped with a hybrid system consisting of a 1.5L naturally aspirated engine and an electric motor. Officials say that the thermal efficiency of this 1.5L engine can reach 43%, and it also has technologies such as Atkinson cycle, high compression ratio of 15.5, EGR exhaust gas recirculation system and split cooling. Without electric drive, the fuel consumption of the engine is 3.8L/100km.


The number of topics played has exceeded 100 million! "Civilized Yuncheng, Civilized You and Me" vibrato short video contest is waiting for you to participate.

Yellow River News Network Yuncheng News (Reporter Li Bingrui)"Garbage sorting, little Lei Feng is in action", "Civilized travel, courteous to pedestrians", "Eliminating potential safety hazards, creating a civilized community", "Tomb-Sweeping Day’s civilized sacrifice, forest fire prevention is everyone’s responsibility" … Since the start of the "Civilized Yuncheng, Civilized You and Me" vibrato short video competition, high-quality works have emerged continuously, and the number of topics has continued to rise. As of April 2, the total broadcast volume of the contest topic has reached 130 million times. The entries depict the happiness of civilized Yuncheng in different forms and from different perspectives.

At present, the winners of the contest in March have been announced. At present, the entry channel is still open for the majority of participants. Participants need to post short videos related to the theme of the event on the vibrato platform, focusing on civilized tourism, civilized dog raising, civilized travel, civilized dining, civilized rural customs, integrity building, practicing socialist core values, family style and family training. Before publishing the work, you should add the topic of "# Civilized Yuncheng" to the video copy and edit the copy related to the video content.

Excellent works will be selected in the monthly activities, and 100 yuan will be rewarded with telephone charges, and the outstanding list of the current period will be announced on the 5th of next month. Excellent works will also be displayed on mainstream websites and platforms in Yuncheng.

Welcome everyone who loves your hometown, pick up the lens in your hand, capture the beautiful moment of the city, show the unique charm of Yuncheng and cheer for the civilized Yuncheng.

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Huawei’s visual intelligent driving was launched, and the intellectual S7 was released.

□ Dahebao Yu video reporter Xie Yuanli

On April 11th, Huanxin upgraded five models, with the price ranging from 249,800 yuan to 349,800 yuan. It is worth noting that the S7 Pro, the basic version of Huawei Visual Smart Driving HUAWEI ADS, and the Zhijie S7 Ultra with a 100kWh battery pack were officially unveiled. At the same time of this renewal upgrade, new car rights and interests have been added: 30,000 yuan of renewal rights and interests, and 13,000 yuan of owner care for old owners, including 10,000 yuan of cash-filled red envelopes.

Shoufa Huawei Visual Intelligence Drive

Zhijie S7 Pro will be equipped with Huawei Visual Intelligent Driving HUAWEI ADS Basic Edition for the first time, so that a wider range of users can enjoy the fun and convenience of intelligent driving. Without relying on laser radar and high-precision maps, it can realize "the national expressway can be opened quickly and easily, and intelligent parking can be stopped easily"-the national expressway and urban expressway support NCA intelligent driving navigation assistance, intelligent driving up and down ramps, encountering road construction, cone-barrel diversion and other scenes, and have certain ability to change lanes and avoid obstacles. Intelligent parking supports more than 160 kinds of parking spaces, such as special-shaped parking spaces and custom parking spaces, which can be parked immediately. At the same time, the battery pack of Zhijie S7 Pro will be upgraded to 82kWh, and the comprehensive cruising range of CLTC will be increased to 705 km, and the increase will not be increased.

The intelligent driving that you can enjoy when you pick up the car, NCA, Huawei’s high-level intelligent driving city, has been fully upgraded recently, without relying on high-precision maps, so that all the main roads and branches of Zhijie S7 can be opened in 40,000+cities and towns across the country. In actual use, the success rate of smart driving urban elevated import/export is up to 99.2%. Intelligent parking supports parking on behalf of drivers, parking service and remote parking, and covers complex special-shaped parking spaces such as ultra-narrow parking spaces and mechanical parking spaces, which can be stopped by opening and stopping.

Intelligent driving is not showmanship, but safety is the true meaning. The omni-directional anti-collision system CAS2.0 protects driving safety in all directions-the effective range of forward AEB is 4-150km/h, and the maximum braking speed is 120 km/h. The effective range of lateral active avoidance is 40-130km/h, and water horses, rows of cones, kerbs, static and dynamic pedestrians, static and dynamic vehicles are actively identified. Backward active safety supports 1-60km/h active braking, actively identifies pedestrians crossing, moving two-wheeled vehicles and vehicles crossing, and reduces the accident probability.

Huawei is deeply empowered, and the intellectual S7 has super scientific and technological strength.

Since its listing, Zhijie S7 has gained extensive attention from the industry and the market, and has started large-scale delivery. This renewal upgrade, the Zhijie S7 model family has added the Zhijie S7 Ultra.

Zhijie S7 Ultra is equipped with a 100kWh battery pack, and the comprehensive cruising range of CLTC reaches 751 kilometers. In terms of passive safety and battery safety, the body of Zhijie S7 meets the C-NCAP five-star collision safety standard and the C-IASI collision safety requirements of China Insurance Research Institute. The battery pack is equipped with 13 layers of hard-core safety protection, which will not deform or catch fire during collision and bottoming.

As the first smart car, Zhijie S7 has been deeply empowered by Huawei in the fields of product definition, ID design, software and hardware development, etc. For example, Zhijie S7 comes standard with HUAWEI DriveONE 800V high-voltage silicon carbide high-efficiency power platform, with the fastest acceleration of 3.3s per 100 kilometers, the lowest power consumption per 100 kilometers and the longest cruising range of 855km. After the super power-saving mode 2.0 is turned on, the comprehensive cruising range of the vehicle can be improved by up to 10%, and the cruising range can be improved by one button. At the same time, Zhijie S7 is equipped with Huawei Turing intelligent chassis for the first time, and has been jointly adjusted by Huawei German Research Institute to intelligently control performance and calmly cope with various working conditions.

It is worth mentioning that the Super Desktop 2.0 of HarmonyOS 4 system in the intelligent cockpit of Zhijie S7 supports the full boarding of mobile phone applications, and HUAWEI MagLink can expand the screen for the back row. It has the ability of data transmission encryption, sensitive authority management and control, and personal data isolation, and is fully protected against network attacks and has no worries about privacy. In addition, in-vehicle intelligent assistant Xiaoyi will be connected to Huawei Pangu model in May and become a smarter private car consultant.


Acceleration for 7 seconds, 2 breakdowns/power loss, high-speed fuel consumption of 4.37L, depth test, BYD Qin PLUS DM-i

Yiche original After the release of -i pre-emptive test drive evaluation, many netizens raised various questions. On the eve of the launch of the new car, I will talk to you about our test results and summarize the core key points for your reference.

(The full text is about 3,500 words, the reading time is 12 minutes, and the reading difficulty is three stars.)

This time, we tested the version of -i with a battery life of 55km. Because it is an engineering trial car, we won’t give you a real shot analysis of the exterior and interior details. Please refer to the static experience video released earlier.

-i The length, width and height of the new car are 4765/1837/1495mm and the wheelbase is 2718mm respectively.

The -i top model will be equipped with a 12.8-inch adaptive rotating large screen, and equipped with DiLink intelligent interconnection system, including supporting most Android software applications and intelligent voice control functions, which is very smooth to operate and highly playable.

Regarding the performance of the new car configuration, I will use a video to explain it in detail. Please pay attention to my car number (car app search: Liang Shuming).

In terms of power, -i adopts the newly released DM-i super hybrid system, equipped with Xiaoyun-Plug-in special 1.5L high-efficiency engine and power blade battery. Its engine thermal efficiency is as high as 43.03%, and the fuel consumption per 100 kilometers of the new car is as low as 3.8L in the state of power loss.

Standard battery life and long battery life are available. The former has a pure battery life of 55km and the latter has a pure battery life of 120km.

The power of the corresponding driving motor will be different. The 55km version is equipped with EHS132, that is, the maximum power of the system is 132kW, the peak torque is 316N·m, and the official 100 km acceleration is 7.9 seconds; The 120km version is equipped with EHS145, that is, the maximum power of the system is 145kW, the peak torque is 325N·m, and the official 100km acceleration is 7.3 seconds.

Question 1: Can you always run without charging and only refuel? What is the fuel consumption level?

-i can run without charging. If you don’t have convenient charging conditions, you can use -i as a hybrid vehicle.

Under the condition of no charging, the engine can also drive the generator to charge the battery, and there is also the setting of energy recovery, and the battery power is always kept above 25% (the SOC setting value can be adjusted from 25% to 70%).

-i The working principle of driving in daily urban areas is mainly driven by motor, and the engine is assisted to generate electricity.

In order to give you a more rigorous understanding of the fuel consumption performance of the -i 55km version under different working conditions, we divide the fuel consumption test into two situations: urban working conditions (30km/h) and high-speed working conditions (speed limit 100-120km/h):

Fuel consumption test under urban working conditions in power deficit state;

When the -i 55km version we tested set off, the remaining power of the vehicle was 25%, and the SOC value was also set to 25%. At the same time, the degree of energy feedback was set to be large, and the driving mode was set to ECO mode. There were three adults in the car.The outdoor air temperature is 6-7℃, and the air conditioner in the car is set to 22℃ and the second grade air volume.

From the suburb of Pingshan, Shenzhen to Futian, the whole journey was 108.4km, the average speed was 36km/h, and the fuel consumption was 3.65L L. The comprehensive fuel consumption of Qin PLUS DM-i 55km version was 3.37L/100km.

Fuel consumption test under high-speed working condition in power loss state;

The same car, in the state of power loss, we filled up the oil in the suburbs of Shenzhen and set off directly on the expressway, driving at the highest speed limit (100-120km/h), and traveled a total of 156km. The actual test fuel consumption is 6.81L, and the comprehensive fuel consumption of -i 55km version is 4.37L/100km under high-speed working conditions.

Comparing this result with Guangzhou Automobile Twin Engine E+, which is also a PHEV, the fuel consumption of the latter is 5.45L/100km, and the fuel consumption performance of -i is quite excellent at both high speed and low speed.

In other words, even in the state of power loss (the lowest state of charge), the DM-i super hybrid model can achieve the fuel consumption level of hybrid models of the same level or even lower.

Question 2: What is the fuel consumption if it is in a state of daily charging?

Of course it will be lower. According to the information released by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, -i fuel consumption is 1.2L/100km, electric energy consumption is 11.7 kW h/100 km, electric energy equivalent fuel consumption is 1.3L/100km, and the lowest state-of-charge fuel consumption is 3.8L/100km.

Why can it be so low? In the last technical article on analyzing DM-i super hybrid, I have analyzed its structure and working principle. Everyone just needs to remember the characteristics of "electricity is the main factor and engine is the auxiliary factor". The engine has two purposes: directly driving the vehicle under high-speed working conditions and serving as the power source for the generator to generate electricity in daily driving. The DM-i super hybrid vehicle takes the driving motor as the power source most of the time, which reduces the running time and workload of the engine and effectively reduces the fuel consumption level.

Question 3: Do you still run fast when there is no electricity?

Through our actual measurement, the best performance of the -i 55km version at 0-100km/h is 7.2 seconds, while the official 0-100km/h acceleration performance is 7.9 seconds; Under the condition of power loss, we also measured that the best result of 0-100km/h acceleration of -i was 8.0 seconds. Therefore, even if the vehicle is in a state of power loss, it is not afraid of insufficient power, and its acceleration ability is similar to that of most medium-sized cars.

This is all due to the powerful EHS electric hybrid system, and the powerful motor guarantees the power demand. After a short acceleration sprint, the vehicle will enter a stable driving process. At this time, the power required to maintain the speed is only a few tens of kilowatts. The 1.5L engine carried by -i is sufficient, and the engine can also drive the generator to charge the battery at the same time.

Question 4: Will there be a sense of frustration when accelerating?

As can be seen from the graph of acceleration G value, at the initial stage of acceleration, -i bursts into the maximum acceleration in an instant, and then the acceleration process is relatively linear and smooth, unlike the previous plug-in hybrid models, there will be a sense of shifting frustration. Therefore, the driving quality of -i is more like an extended-range electric vehicle with smooth and silky power output characteristics.

Question 5: Is Qin PLUS DM-i quiet to drive?

When the speed is below 60km/h, -i is driven by a motor, so the compartment is very quiet. On the highway, the engine runs at an economical speed, and the engine noise is not obvious. The engine noise can only be felt when the vehicle accelerates rapidly.

At high speed, the engine directly drives the vehicle, so stepping on the accelerator deeply will further increase the engine speed, and the engine noise will also be transmitted into the compartment at this time. Of course, the noise performance of the engine in the state of lack of electricity is more obvious than that in the state of full electricity.

You can feel that the noise of -i is mainly tire noise and wind noise. -i used Jiatong’s Comfort F22 energy-saving tire, which performed well in terms of energy saving and durability, and the user’s use cost was low. One drawback is that this set of tires will make a lot of noise when running at high speed.

Generally, the human body is sensitive to the situation that the noise is greater than 65 decibels, so from the test results of the noise level inside the car, the sound insulation and noise reduction performance of -i is better than that of its own brand gasoline vehicles of the same level. Finally, there is still room for improvement in the roughness of engine noise during rapid acceleration. I suggest you go to the store to experience it before buying.

Question 6: How long does Qin PLUS DM-i need to be charged?

Only 220V AC slow charging is supported for the 55km vehicle with pure battery life. It takes 2 hours and 17 minutes (the initial power is 23%) to fully charge the pile at 7kW, which meets the official standard of 2.5 hours full charging. The 120km model with pure battery life supports both 220V AC slow charging and DC fast charging. The official said that the battery can be charged from 30% to 80% in 30 minutes.

Question 7: Will the battery break down and increase the cost of car use?

First of all, the power blade battery mounted on the -i can be guaranteed to charge more than 3,000 times, and the design life of the whole vehicle is 300,000 kilometers, which is equivalent to 10-15 years. At present, consumers who book cars can enjoy the first individual owner’s (non-operating) "Three Electricity" (motor, battery, electronic control) lifetime warranty, and the warranty policy of 6 years or 150,000 kilometers of vehicle warranty.

According to reports, in the process of developing new cars, the bench test exceeded 80,000 hours, and the bicycle was equivalent to 800,000 kilometers. The total test exceeded 8 million kilometers, all of which were tested in depth in the extreme climate of "high temperature, plateau and cold". In this way, consumers don’t need to worry about battery quality.

Question 8: How does the driving quality of Qin PLUS DM-i compare with that of the same price model?

In terms of chassis, -i adopts the front McPherson independent suspension and the rear torsion beam dependent suspension, which adjusts the eccentric sports style as a whole and has a clear road feeling. If you pass through some rough road sections, you can feel that the bumps are not completely filtered, and the overall comfort is slightly inferior to those of twin-engine and twin-engine models.

-i’s chassis has good support, especially when driving in sharp acceleration and on ramp corners. Suspension springs have done a good job in restraining the pitching and tilting of the car body, but if you want to do some intense driving, you don’t think it is suitable. After all, its positioning is still comfortable for family cars.

In the test, the acceleration of floor oil can easily lead to tire slipping, and the strong motor torque output always easily breaks through the tire grip. It is not recommended that consumers make too intense driving actions in daily driving, such as liking floor oil or slamming the direction.

Question 9: Are there any suggestions for improving the new car after the test drive?

There is still room for improvement in driving, such as steering too lightly in comfort mode. -i steering feels very light and easy to open, but the electric power steering is a little "overexert" and the movement mode is relatively normal. If the comfort mode is "tightened", it will be quite good.

In terms of riding experience, the leg support of the -i rear seat is insufficient. I am 1.8 meters tall and have the feeling of sitting on a small bench in the back seat. In order to solve this problem, the angle of the rear seat cushion can be raised appropriately, and the angle of the backrest can be increased appropriately, so that the passenger’s sitting posture is more inclined to a semi-lying state, and the feeling will be better.

Another point is that leather seats are not perforated, which leads to general ventilation and breathability. For users in southern China, it seems a little uncomfortable in hot summer. To solve this problem, we can provide fabric seats, or add perforation treatment to the seat surface, or add seat ventilation/heating configuration to the top model for consumers to choose from.

Question 10: Are consumers in cities with "restricted cards and restricted lines" worth buying?

I think it’s worthwhile to buy a plug-in hybrid car with a green brand from 107,800 yuan. You can experience the driving quality similar to that of an electric car, and you don’t have endurance anxiety. You can solve the problems of license plate and transportation in big cities at a price that is close to the people. In addition, the safety performance is guaranteed and the cost of car use is low. What are the reasons for not considering buying it?

On -i, it shows the possibility that plug-in hybrid vehicles have high cost performance. -i has stronger acceleration performance than gasoline vehicles of the same class, and lower fuel consumption performance than hybrid vehicles of joint venture brands. Moreover, it can get a green license and buy a car free of purchase tax, which has the unique advantages of new energy vehicles.

If you have more questions or ideas about the new -i car, please continue to pay attention to my car number: Liang Shuming, and leave a message in the comment area below.


The third anniversary of BYD Han family OTA launch push includes Yunnian-C/ITAC, etc.

Yichexun On October 23,BYD announced that the Han family will celebrate the third anniversary of OTA, including Yunnian -C, iTAC, voice upgrade and situational mode. From now on, all models will be officially launched in batches.

This OTA upgrade has achieved advanced driving control, and added Yunqi -C intelligent damping body control system, and the suspension damping is adjusted in milliseconds. When the vehicle accelerates rapidly, decelerates rapidly and corners at high speed, the suspension hardness is improved, and the pitching and rolling of the vehicle body are effectively suppressed, thus improving vehicle handling. When the vehicle is driving on the bumpy road, the stiffness of the suspension is reduced, the shock-absorbing performance of the suspension is improved, and the daily driving comfort is improved. In addition, this OTA upgrade also includes iTAC intelligent torque control system, which can dynamically monitor the road adhesion and adjust the driving torque of front and rear axles in real time, effectively preventing vehicles from slipping on stagnant water and sandy roads.

This OTA has also been upgraded in terms of intelligence, and the situational mode has added a nap mode and a screen wiping mode; Intelligent voice has also been upgraded, including online TTS speaker, dual-tone continuous dialogue, intelligent split screen, quick voice assistance, support for intelligent voice under vehicle images, fireworks and firecrackers, voice dynamic effect optimization, and intelligent voice scene interaction. In addition, there is a mobile phone forgetting reminder function. When the mobile phone is forgotten on the mobile phone wireless charging board, the car machine
A reminder will be issued: "The mobile phone is still charging, please don’t leave it behind". UWB digital key: it is not limited by the network environment, and it can realize the non-inductive unlocking function of the vehicle by using iPhone equipment near the vehicle without taking out the mobile phone/car key. Privacy management: the calling authority of microphone and in-car camera can be customized, and the occasional demand can be authorized once to protect your "life circle" from subtleties.

Open the Easy Car App, search for "100,000 km long test" and see the most authentic vehicle long test report.


Under the trend of film cross-border integration, the industry needs a "new force" like Sunac culture.

Is the ceiling of the movie market still far away? Besides box office income, how can the value of movie content find an incremental market?

Reading entertainment | yiqiduyu

Wen | Zero One

The 4th China Film and Television Capital Summit held on June 11th looks a bit "mixed". Combining "finance and economics+film and television+cross-border+integration", the summit also held two special round-table dialogues, among which the round-table dialogue with the theme of "New Consumption, New Cross-border Scenes of China Films" brought together a group of "cross-border people" who are far or near to the film.

Participants in this round-table dialogue include Wang Jianer, Party Secretary and Chairman of Shanghai Film Group; Sun Zheyi, President of Sunac Culture Group and Executive Director of Sunac China; Chen Sicheng, a famous director, screenwriter and actor; Zhang Yu, investment partner of sequoia capital china; Wang Ran, founder and CEO of Yikai Capital; Zhang lei, CEO of Yuanjing Technology Group; Executive Director of POP MART; Chief Operating Officer of the Group; Side, President of China District, etc. They are from various fields, including film and television, investment, environmental protection and new consumption.

This is the first time that Sunac Culture participated in the China Film and Television Capital Summit. As a film "new force" established just over two years ago, Sunac Culture has successively participated in the joint production of mainstream blockbusters such as My People,My Country and A Writer’s Odyssey, and at the same time, it has actively deployed and launched works such as Luo Xiaohei’s War and Wish Dragon in the animation field. At the strategic conference held last month, Sunac Culture showed the panoramic layout of the Group’s business to the outside world for the first time, and launched two major content brands, namely "Sunac Film and Television" and "Sunac Animation", and at the same time revealed a new positioning centered on "IP+ Content+New Consumption Scenes", and its strategic objectives are in line with the theme of this forum.

Since the outbreak, the film industry has experienced a period of ups and downs. From shutdown to recovery, the international market has not yet returned to normal. Although the film market in China has recovered rapidly, the market income source is still relatively single, and the industry is still exploring more stable business models. The topic involved in this "new consumption, new cross-border scenes of China movies" is more related to the future of the film industry, or the development node it faces-Is the ceiling of the movie market still far away? Besides box office income, how can the value of movie content find an incremental market?


The future of the film industry lies in "more than box office"

In the keynote speeches and forums of this film and television capital summit, many guests mentioned the same phenomenon:There is a huge difference between the income composition of China film market and the international market.

Yan Yan, the founding managing partner of Safran Asia Investment Fund, pointed out in his keynote speech that the box office revenue in China film market accounts for almost more than 90%, but the box office revenue in the US film market only accounts for 30% of the total, and two-thirds of the revenue comes from the "back market", such as DVD, pay TV, derivatives, etc. "For example, the famous movie Titanic has a box office of more than 2 billion US dollars, but its back income has reached nearly two billion US dollars.

Director Chen Sicheng mentioned that the film industry is now "empty and influential", and nearly 100 million viewers in Detective Chinatown 3 bought tickets to go to the cinema during the Spring Festival. "But now we.Except for the consumption behavior of watching movies and the consumption scene of cinemas, everything else is almost zero.. Chen Sicheng also mentioned that all domestic cultural film companies together have a market value of less than 16% of Disney’s. In this regard, Chen Sicheng believes: "Disney is not just a logic of selling movie tickets. It sells its own movie tickets around the world, sells its own ideology, and sells its own goods around the world."

Sun Zheyi, president of Sunac Culture Group and executive director of Sunac China, also mentioned the great energy of Disney model and the value of its original IP. "We look at Disney, which is the IP of Star Wars. Their $10 billion box office has a revenue of $40 billion. This piece is the value of real IP. And if this piece pulls the value of global derivatives, the top 50 does not have an IP of China. "

The box office revenue of China film market is absolutely mainstream, but this should not be the "final form" of the film industry.This may also be the reason why new entrants such as Sunac Culture and state-owned film giants such as Shangying attach importance to "IP operation"-Sunac Culture just released a new strategic positioning of "IP+ content+new consumption new scene" last month; Wang Jianer, Party Secretary and Chairman of Shanghai Film Group, also said in the forum that "big IP development" is one of the company’s three core strategies: "From the beginning of creative theme, we should establish the concept of big IP and consider how to combine the investment and new consumption of this film. At the extension end, we should consider the whole chain operation mode and cross-border content operation mode."

From 2010, the box office just broke 10 billion, and the number of national screens just broke 6,200, to 2019, the box office income of 64.266 billion yuan and 69,000 screens. The box office income of the film market has developed rapidly in recent years and slowed down in the past two years, but this does not mean that the ceiling of the film industry has arrived.The diversified business model of high-quality IP still has great potential. The potential beyond box office income-consumption, tourism and technology, the next peak of the development of China film industry needs China film content to try more cross-border forms and create greater value in the vast world of derivative markets.


There are n ways to realize the cross-border integration of movies.

How can the industry do better?

Among the cross-border objects of China film market, "new consumption" is perhaps the most important one. In Mr. Reading Entertainment’s view, this is determined by the background of the great economic development era. In 2020, the National Development and Reform Commission said that China will soon surpass the United States and become the largest consumer market in the world. With the outbreak of strong market scale and active consumption power, a large number of "new consumption" subdivisions have experienced explosive growth: for example, POP MART, with a market value of over 100 billion due to the "blind box economy", the rapidly rising Hanfu market, offline script killing, werewolf killing and other new forms of entertainment consumption.

The mushrooming "new consumption" not only reflects consumers’ enthusiasm for emerging consumer goods, but also reflects the vitality and scale effect of the whole China consumer market.

In this summit forum, Wang Ran, founder and CEO of Yikai Capital, thinks thatThe consumer market has created opportunities for the film industry. ": "Because of the uniqueness of China’s consumer market, its volume and growth have led to so many new consumer brands in China, and new consumer companies like Bubble Matt can break ground and have a large number of them.Capital comes together. Therefore, the capital’s enthusiasm for the consumer industry will indirectly provide a positive for the film and television industry, and integrate with them to grow together with them.Wang Ran believes that in this sense, some unfavorable factors will just force the industry to make a faster breakthrough in the model.

At present, some companies in the industry have actually considered and practiced the possibility of film cross-border integration in many aspects.

Using the existing resources of cinemas combined with new consumption, Wang Ran thinks it is a very important topic, especially for the projection industry. In the cinema space, it can be combined with new brands, new retail, new entertainment and new catering. Reading Entertainment Jun also believes that many of the existing cinema income models actually come from selling goods and advertisements, and the future development may be in the direction of greater integration with commercial real estate and more subdivided new consumption combination.

The derivatives market is a very wide field. Among them, some manufacturers combine IP to produce new consumer products, such as POP MART and Marvel Comics, Harry Potter, Mickey’s co-branded gift box, etc. The tide play based on IP production is a proven and mature mode in IP development mode, and the new upsurge is driven by new gameplay such as IP itself and blind box. In addition to hand-playing, co-branded makeup, co-branded skin of games, and co-branded beverage packaging have all become the gameplay of movie IP derivatives, realizing the influence of movie IP in a large number of consumption scenarios.

There have also been many attempts at the real-life entertainment mode of the movie IP+ Wenlv. In this field, there are both Huayi Brothers’ film town business with light asset model and Sunac culture, a new film force with great advantages in the real estate industry.

It is not difficult to find that there are many ways to realize the cross-border integration of movie IP and new consumption scenes.So, how does the China film industry need to strengthen the cross-border prospect at this stage? Reading Entertainment Jun synthesized some opinions of this forum.

First, most forum guests emphasized the value of head IP. Indeed, whether it is Disney or the Japanese animation market, the cornerstone of cross-border is that the content itself is most widely recognized and thus forms a strong IP influence, so that the subsequent cross-border integration and industrial chain can be opened.

Second, we should jump out of self-limiting thinking. Zhang Yu, a sequoia capital china investment partner from the fashion industry to the investment circle, believes that the change of concept is very important: "Film is a very important link in the overall business planning, just like what we call traditional media, but it is not the only one." 

Third, we should attach importance to localization. China people have the cultural soil of China, so we should combine it with contemporary cultural scenes. This can be seen from the top movie themes in the box office of Chinese movies in recent years. Movies related to local cultural context often occupy the mainstream, and the China market needs localized IP cross-border forms.

Fourth, we must make long-term preparations, and both content creation and cross-border integration need to build long-term value. To form a plan, all kinds of derivative development of IP should be advanced to the content creation stage or even before. In this regard, Sun Zheyi said in the forum, "Whether it is a derivative team or a real-life team, we will focus on content development, including the choice of our theme. We like animated film products and science fiction products, because this kind of product is the easiest to be derived and made real."


Taking the IP "integration" route, Sunac culture is well prepared.

At the brand strategy conference held by Sunac Culture in May this year, Sun Zheyi said that IP building will be the core starting point of Sunac Culture:"IP is the foundation, content is the amplifier, and new consumption and new scenes are the expansion paths of commercial value."

The strategic direction of Sunac Culture coincides with the overall views of the guests in this round-table dialogue. Then, for the cross-border integration of movies, what "big name" does Sunac Culture, which focuses on the strategic positioning of "IP+ content+new consumption and new scenes", hold?

Head concentration is a major trend in China film market, and in the context of cross-border integration, head IP is also the basis of everything. Sun Zheyi also mentioned in the round-table dialogue: "Only the head IP can get through this model, and the waist IP can’t adapt to an industrial chain."

Therefore, after more than two years of hard work, Sunac Culture has established an advantageous IP content layout in both the present and the future. At present, Sunac Culture has mastered the well-known secondary IP such as Ali and Luo Xiaohei, and the films A Writer’s Odyssey and Wish Dragon have also been successful in various schedules.

What’s more worth mentioning is that the influence of these IPS is also very impressive in overseas broadcasting. The first animated work "The Battle of Luo Xiaohei", the IP "Luo Xiaohei" of Sunac Culture, landed in the Japanese market last November, creating a box office record for domestic animated films in Japan; Wish Dragon, the first animated film originally developed, produced and jointly produced by Animation, an animation studio under Sunac Culture, was launched on Netflix on June 11th. On the first weekend of its launch, it won the first place in Netflix’s North American animated film hit list, the second place in the global IP content hit list, and the first place in more than 19 countries such as the United States, Canada and France. Overseas media, including Variety The New York Times, published positive comments, and also gained 77% freshness of rotten tomatoes and 83% audience praise of popcorn index. The recently released Top10 list of Netflix movies in the 24th week of 2021, Wish Dragon once again swept the world to the top with a super high score of 5,118, and the domestic animated films made gratifying achievements in going to sea.

Not only that, Sunac Culture has reached in-depth strategic cooperation with well-known directors and producers such as Frant Gwo, Rao Xiaozhi and Chen Guohui, and at the same time, seven animation studios have been set up in the animation field. A number of animation directors, including Legend of Deification directors Cheng Teng and Li Xia, have formed a "dream team" of Sunac Animation, focusing on the development of "animation+science fiction", two fields that are most suitable for IP cross-border integration.

In addition to content layout, the long-chain operation mode of Sunac culture is bound to become another weapon to boost IP value amplification.

Based on Sunac Group’s dominant position in the real estate industry, Sunac Culture has a large number of cultural tourism hotel resources, cultural tourism cities, theme parks, Qingdao Cinema Film and Television Comprehensive Base, etc. These rich offline resources give Sunac Culture enough foundation to operate movie IP and connect fans to create a large number of new consumption scenes. According to Sun Zhe’s introduction, Sunac Culture has also increased its weight in the field of live e-commerce, locking in the characteristic track of IP live e-commerce. With Sunac Culture’s patient advance layout and long-term strategy blessing, these superior resources can provide diversified power sources for the future cross-border integration and development of movies.

Generally speaking, Sunac Culture has defined itself as an IP commercial operation company from the very beginning, and has taken the lead in the general trend. For the whole film industry, it has become a top priority to find the value amplification of film IP in the vast consumer market outside the box office revenue. In this process, Sunac culture is not only an intruder in the new film market, but also a pioneer in exploring the future of the industry.


Byd Han understands the big space.

The progress of China brand cars in recent years is obvious to all, and some excellent achievements have been made in both internal and external design and comprehensive performance. As a medium and large car, Han has many bright spots. Next, let’s take a look with Xiaobian.

First look at the appearance of Han. The front of Han’s car looks very clean and sporty. Coupled with the angular headlights, it looks quite dynamic and lively. The car is equipped with LED daytime running lights, automatic opening and closing, adaptive far and near light, delayed closing and so on. Coming to the side of the car body, the size of the car body is 4975MM*1910MM*1495MM, and the car body looks very capable with large-sized thick-walled tires, which looks full of sports. In the design of the rear of the car, the lines at the rear of the car are cold, and the taillights look very capable. Overall, they are still relatively tough.

When I came to the Han car, the interior of Han adopted a sharp shape, which made people feel very young and fashionable. The steering wheel design of this car is very dignified, and it is made of genuine leather, which gives people an impulse to control it. Let’s take a look at the central control, with a 15.6-inch central control screen, which makes the interior design quite layered and meets the aesthetic standards of most consumers. Let Xiaobian introduce the dashboard and seats. The dashboard design is remarkable and the sports atmosphere is in place. The car uses a leather/suede mix seat, which is wide and thick and has good overall comfort.

The car is equipped with car networking, driving mode selection, remote control key, Bluetooth key, NFC/RFID key, UWB digital key, indoor atmosphere light, traction control (ASR/TCS, etc.) and other configurations, and the configuration has reached the mainstream level of the same level.

The car introduced today is not only eye-catching in space, but also has reached the mainstream level in various configurations, and there is nothing to be picky about driving experience and space experience. If you like, you can pay more attention to it!


2021 Shanghai Auto Show: Starway Eta Ursae Majoris STELLAR Concept Car

  [car home New Car Launch] On April 19th, at the 2021 Shanghai Auto Show, Starway officially released a brand-new advanced concept and a brand-new new energy strategy. At the same time, the concept SUV "Eta Ursae Majoris" (English name: Stellar) based on the first new energy architecture of EXEED Star Road made its first public appearance in the world.

Home of the car

  Starway Eta Ursae Majoris is based on the first new energy architecture of EXEED Starway, and the launch of the new car indicates the technical development trend and future design direction of Starway brand. From the appearance, the new car has adopted a brand-new design language, and the overall shape is atmospheric. The penetrating headlights and dense broken-line daytime running lights are very individual.

Home of the car

  Eta Ursae Majoris’s front face still has some brand elements of Starway, such as the EXEED English LOGO on the front of the car, the through LED light group, and the front grille with a big mouth. However, as a concept car, its detailed design is more outstanding. For example, the exaggerated C-shaped LED light group on both sides has high recognition, while the lattice LED light strip is used inside the grille. Does it feel very sci-fi? This is because it is based on the first new energy architecture of Xingtu, which represents the design direction of future Xingtu new energy products. (Text/car home Li Na)


BYD Tang real car appearance map exposure 7-seat layout

Spy photos Recently, the domestic media exposed a set of pictures of a brand-new BYD Tang real car. Before that, we have exposed the interior part. The new car has been greatly upgraded both inside and outside, and it is expected to be released and listed in 2018.

If you take a spy photo of a new car, please submit it to spyphotos@bitauto.com. If it is adopted, we will provide remuneration. Everyone can be the media, looking forward to your exclusive spy photos, welcome to join the big family.

The appearance of the new car adopts the "Dragon Face" design, and the overall look is more refined. The large mouth air intake grille is very family-recognizable, and the air inlets on both sides are increased.Transverse width, giving the front impact. The headlight design of the new car is sharper. The interior of the lamp group or the matrix shape of three LEDs is adopted, and the Chinese character "Tang" LOGO is hung in the center of the net.

The "Build Your Dreams" logo was adopted at the rear of the new car for the first time, and the penetrating rear taillights also catered to the current design trend. At the ends of the taillights, symmetrical winding design is adopted, which makes the rear of the taillights look more exquisite. In terms of dimensions, the new width and height are 4870×1940×1720mm and 2820mm respectively, and the layout of 7 seats is standard. In addition, the high-profile models will also be equipped with high performance from the Brebo brand.

In the power part, the new Tang will continue to be equipped with a 2.0T plug-in hybrid system, and the system integration will exceed 368kW, and the 0-100km/h of high-profile models is expected to be shortened to 4.5 seconds. In addition, the new Tang also has a single-drive model and a pure electric version, of which the pure fuel version will be equipped with a 2.0T, 151kW.


2024 Beijing Auto Show | FAW-Volkswagen’s New Generation Magotan Prospective Detailed Explanation

With the approach of the opening of the 2024 auto show in April, many new cars that will make their debut at this auto show have begun to expose more information. As one of the key models of this year, the new generation will be officially released at the 2024 Beijing Auto Show. The new car was declared before listing in January this year. Recently, this new car has a set of latest prototype cars exposed without false spy photos. Through this set of spy photos, we can also get a glimpse of the whole new generation of Magotan. The following will bring a detailed forward-looking interpretation.

In terms of appearance, the new generation FAW-Volkswagen Magotan will still be built based on the new generation Volkswagen Passat B9 of European regulations. However, because the new generation Volkswagen Passat B9 only launched a travel version in the European market. Therefore, as a new generation of sedan, Magotan will be localized by FAW-Volkswagen in appearance design to meet the consumer demand in China market.

Judging from the previous application drawings and the latest exposure photos of the trial car, the new generation of Magotan adopts the exclusive design language of FAW-Volkswagen brand. The new car’s LED headlights are connected with the middle net, and the front face is visually cut through a belt that runs through the whole middle net and incorporates a luminous LOGO. This makes the visual focus of the front of the new generation of Magotan move down, which looks very sharp and atmospheric, thus highlighting the sense of sports and luxury. On the side of the car body, a straight waistline traverses from the front of the car to the rear of the car, creating an elegant sense of high class. In the rear part, the same penetrating LED taillight with luminous LOGO not only echoes the front design, but also enhances the recognition and fashion sense of the rear. Generally speaking, the appearance design of the new generation of Magotan is in line with the aesthetics of mid-level cars in China market in the new era. While retaining the traditional solemn and atmospheric style of Magotan, the new car keeps pace with the times to bring trendy and sporty design elements to reflect the sense of fashion.

In the interior part, judging from the photos of the new generation of Magotan prototype car, the new car adopts a similar intelligent cockpit design, and the center console will shift towards the driver’s seat, thus creating an environment-friendly cockpit atmosphere. At the same time, the new car is also equipped with a 10.25-inch full LCD instrument screen+a 15-inch floating central control screen+a passenger entertainment screen, thus becoming the first Volkswagen model equipped with three screens.

In other details, the new generation of Magotan will adopt electronic shift design and return to using physical buttons. In the central control area, the air conditioning control panel of the new car is still touch-controlled, and equipped with the wireless charging function of the front mobile phone. These designs and configurations are the same as those of the new Passat B9 of European regulations. In the car part, the new car will be built on the basis of the ID. OS 2.0 car intelligent system carried by ID.7Vizzion. It also supports mainstream functions such as AI intelligent voice, Apple Carplay, Baidu Carlife mobile phone interconnection function, car KTV, third-party APP ecology, car networking and OTA upgrade. In addition, the new car is equipped with interior atmosphere lights, digital keys and other configurations, and the AR-HUD head-up display system can be selected.

In terms of dimensions, the body circumference of the new generation Magotan, which is still based on audi ag MQB EVO platform, is 4990/1854/1487mm and the wheelbase is 2871mm. Compared with the previous generation, the wheelbase of the new generation Magotan remains unchanged, and the length, width and height of the car have all increased.

In the power part, the new generation of Magotan 330TSI models will be equipped with EA888 series 2.0T low-power engine; The 380TSI model continues to be equipped with the EA888 evo series 2.0T high-power engine, with a maximum power output of 162kW, matching the 7-speed DSG wet powershift. In addition, if the new car continues to launch the 280TSI model, it is expected to be equipped with the latest 1.5TSI evo engine.

Comments:Although new energy vehicles are gaining momentum in China auto market at present, fuel cars are still the absolute protagonists in the relatively traditional and conservative mid-size car market. According to the data, among the top ten models in China’s mid-size car market in 2023, GAC, SAIC Volkswagen, FAW-Volkswagen Magotan and GAC Honda Accord ranked in the top four, still occupying the dominant position in sales. Among them, the cumulative sales volume of FAW-Volkswagen Magotan in 2023 was 189,400 units, reaching the sales level of only 16,000 units per month, which is really good. In 2024, with the launch of a new generation of vehicles, the product strength of FAW-Volkswagen Magotan will be fully evolved from the outside to the inside, which will undoubtedly boost its sales in by going up one flight of stairs.