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Aouita’s full-scale opening does not rely on high-precision map smart driving push

On April 18th (Shanghai), Aouita Science and Technology announced that the OTA upgrade of AVATR.OS 2.3.0 system will be promoted from now on, which will open a smart driving version that does not rely on high-precision maps for all users of Aouita 11, covering all the national highways, national highways, provincial highways, township roads, main roads, auxiliary roads and branch roads, bringing a new experience of "all the countries can drive, and the more they drive, the better they drive".

Know the road better: the NCA in the urban area is advanced again, and it continues to iterate to seize the "intellectual high point"

The whole system of Aouita 11 comes standard with global sensing hardware including three laser radars, which is matched with HUAWEI ADS 2.0, a high-level intelligent driving assistance system of Huawei, to achieve "intelligent driving on the ceiling". This OTA upgrade not only opens a smart driving version that does not rely on high-precision maps for all users of Aouita 11, but also adds NCA Mute function, Highway NCA intelligent speed reduction when approaching the toll station, steering wheel release reminder, frequent destination recommendation and other functions, which makes the smart driving experience more humanized.

The NCA Mute function means that you can manually switch to the urban lane cruise assist (City LCC) with one button in the urban intelligent driving pilot assist (City NCA), which makes your trip more flexible and comfortable. Moreover, in the above two intelligent driving states, the recognition ability of supporting the lever to enter special lanes such as tidal lane and bus lanes is added, which makes the traffic more convenient.

In the state of Highway NCA, when the toll station is newly added, the intelligent driving system can automatically slow down to 60km/h, which makes high-speed intelligent driving more worry-free. In addition, the function of steering wheel release reminder option is added, and two gears, standard and comfortable, are added; At the same time, the function of quick navigation recommendation for frequent places is added, and common destinations will be intelligently recommended on the navigation homepage, so that you can arrive by smart driving with one click, and you are more familiar and caring.

Safer: Avoidance of side obstacles and parking service-assisted AVP mapping can directly calculate the route and activate it.

In terms of user’s pain points in active safety and intelligent parking, lateral obstacle anti-collision (LOCP) and parking service assist (AVP) are added for further advancement, which makes driving stable, parking well and worry-free.

LOCP function, when the vehicle recognizes a lateral obstacle and there are safety risks such as collision and driving away from the road boundary, the system will automatically trigger emergency intervention and automatically turn to avoid, so as to avoid or reduce the collision risk in time.

The advanced parking service Assistant (AVP) only needs to walk through the parking lot once, and the collection parking space is selected by default. The map can be directly calculated and activated, and the central control screen can also display the AVP interface to make the parking experience more comfortable; After the upgrade, AVP can also be activated in the parking space, which supports the smooth switching from parking space A to parking space B in the same basement, so that users can enjoy the relaxation of freeing their hands from entering the parking lot.

More intimate: the functional experience is upgraded, and smart travel knows you better.

Based on the real needs of users, Aouita continues to advance, and is committed to becoming the "smart incarnation of knowing you" for every user in the smart travel world. To this end, humanized innovation will also be implemented in the product details, and the experience of four-door shortcut buttons, inductive locking mobile phone APP vibration reminder, voice deletion navigation route points will be upgraded.

Relying on the in-depth empowerment of CHN model, Aouita and Huawei have implemented the strategy of integration, co-creation and win-win cooperation, making Aouita the first brand to open smart driving and pushing to all users without relying on high-precision maps. In the follow-up, Aouita will continue to bring high-level smart drivers who know more about China users and China roads, and lead the new track of high-end smart electric vehicles with far-ahead smart driving strength.


Equipped with curved screen and electromagnetic suspension, equipped with 8155 chip, Star Road Eta Ursae Majoris official map exposure.

Objectively speaking, as a high-end brand of Chery Automobile, Xingtu Automobile has been somewhat unsatisfactory in terms of sales since its establishment.

Not long ago, after the high-level changes, there is no doubt that Starway will make big moves.

Sure enough, the official map of Eta Ursae Majoris, a brand-new model of Xingtu Automobile, was exposed recently. The new car is also based on Starway M3X Mars Architecture 2.0, and it is positioned as a medium-sized SUV.

From the picture, the appearance design of Star Road Eta Ursae Majoris is different from other models currently on sale, which can be said to be full of futuristic and technological sense. It has a similar design style to Chery Oumengda, which was listed not long ago. The air intake grille is borderless. The headlights also adopt a penetrating design, which is very recognizable.

The slender body is decorated with many waistlines, and the B-pillar and C-pillar are also blackened and equipped with your Tibetan door handles. At the front fender, there is also an exclusive logo decoration. The hub is petal-shaped and equipped with red calipers.

Compared with the front face and the body, the design of the new car is more radical than that of Chery Oumengda. Equipped with hollow spoiler, high-position brake light and penetrating taillight design, the line design is more complicated, and the exhaust layout with two sides and four outlets is adopted. The length, width and height are 4781/1920/1671mm and the wheelbase is 2815mm respectively.

The design of the interior is somewhat similar to that of Chery Oumengda. The overall feeling is simple and luxurious. The entire center console has almost no physical buttons, and is equipped with a 24.6-inch curved central control panel and a two-piece sports steering wheel.

However, above the central armrest storage compartment, it is equipped with three knobs, which should be used to control air conditioning and volume. On the central armrest, there is no gearbox, so it is very likely that the design of the arms will be used.

In addition, the new car will be equipped with Lion6.0 car system, Qualcomm Snapdragon 8155 chip, L2.9-class assisted driving, 50W wireless fast charging, Queen’s co-driver, signal function, CDC electromagnetic suspension and all-terrain four-wheel drive system.

In terms of power, the new car will still be equipped with the 2.0T engine with excellent Starway power, matching the 7-speed wet dual-clutch gearbox, with a maximum power of 261 HP and a maximum torque of 400 Nm.

It is also reported that Starway Eta Ursae Majoris is matched with an 8-speed automatic manual transmission.

According to the car quick review, Starway Eta Ursae Majoris has many bright spots in exterior interior design and configuration, and it is a new car worth looking forward to.

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It’s as disgusting as eating a mouse! The performance of the Mercedes-Benz E300 bought for 530,000 yuan is really bad.

Netizen: I picked up this E300 on July 25th this year, because it happened to be my birthday. Then, in order to give myself a birthday present, I made it clear to the 4S shop that I must pick up the car on the same day, and then the 4s shop helped me get everything ready on time, and let me pick up the car directly, which can be regarded as a gift for myself at the age of 30.

Originally, I was driving a car myself, but I really didn’t want it after four or five years. It happened that my business was doing fairly well in the past two years, and I had a great improvement. I had more money in my hand, so I thought about changing a car. After discussing with my family, they all supported my idea, and then I began to look at the car, thinking that I would choose one of the two models, and then I would like to see the E300 later.

The main reason is that the reputation and impression of this model are not very good. Why do you say that? Because the Five Series pays attention to the control style, it may be harder to drive, which is not suitable for business reception. However, our main demand for buying this car is for home use, and occasionally it is used for business reception, so comfort is definitely the most important thing to ensure. In addition, it has always given people the impression of being an outsider. I don’t like this feeling very much, so I finally chose it.

But this generation, in terms of design, looks a little rustic, but it doesn’t matter much. I originally wanted to choose a blue E300, but they didn’t have this color scheme. In the end, I had to drive my car to the beauty shop outside, and then let them put up my car clothes, and then they helped me to go to the vehicle management office to do the registration. This one originally looked a little old-fashioned and full of business sense, and suddenly it became very, very.

Seeing that this E300 has been used for three or four months, I am very dissatisfied with the overall performance of the car. I knew I shouldn’t have bought this one at that time, and maybe it would be better.

First of all, the comfort of the vehicle is actually not so reliable, because I feel that the models of his generation are not well done in the seat, and the padding is not very soft now, and the support of the seat is not high. If you ride for a long time, you will feel how much your body is, and you will be a little tired.

Secondly, the sound insulation effect in the car is not in place, but the wind noise can still be heard clearly in the car when driving at high speed. It was said that the sound insulation effect of this car is very good before, but it is completely different from my own experience.

There is also the luxurious atmosphere inside the car and the design of the car, which gives people a feeling of being completely puzzled. Isn’t the old double-screen design style more beautiful? This new design style is really at a loss, and the reaction speed of the car machine is not very fast, and the operation is particularly complicated, which makes people very angry to use.

What makes me want to vomit most is that the driving experience and ride comfort of this car, let’s put it aside for the time being, but now we have begun to pay attention to the attempt to combine sports with comfort, but this is not the case at all in this car. He really only pays attention to the so-called comfort and ignores the driver’s feelings. The chassis adjustment is too soft, making this car drive like watching an old man. "

It is definitely a leader in the field of large cars among luxury brands, and it is also a leader. It has divided different fields, paying more attention to luxury and comfort, and paying more attention to sports control. Basically, consumers with such needs will choose one of these two models at a fixed point.

Compared with the old model, the design style of the new model is indeed a bit stingy, especially the design of headlights has not played a finishing touch role, but it has also affected the overall visual effect. Of course, the overall sense of luxury and grade of the vehicle has disappeared with the efforts of the designer. If you want a medium-sized and large car with a more comfortable riding atmosphere, I will advise you to consider other brands and won’t mind your choice.


New brand accelerates "recruiting" Geely wants to use Volvo to "turn over"

"The headhunting company is still digging people, which is more urgent!" On March 24th, Xin Chen (pseudonym), a veteran who works for a joint venture car brand, told the reporter of China Business News, "According to the headhunting company, Geely is setting up a new company and investing heavily to build a brand-new car brand."

But what is puzzling is, what kind of company will this be? What is the relationship between this company and Volvo Cars? And what is the goal of Li Shufu, chairman of Geely Holding Group? With a series of questions, the reporter found that the CMA platform product jointly built by Geely and Volvo (a brand-new vehicle platform jointly developed by Volvo Car and its parent company Geely Group) is progressing steadily. In order to make the products developed on this platform put on the market smoothly, Geely is making a final sprint, and Geely’s above recruitment move may be related to this platform.

New products will be launched in 2016

The reporter learned that Geely’s recruitment stems from the fact that before the Spring Festival, the recruiters targeted the personnel of "ABB" and other car companies. The recruitment information released by headhunting companies also involves positions such as human resources director and engineer. In contact with headhunting companies, Xin Chen learned that many senior positions have been finalized on the eve of the Spring Festival.

"(Geely) will not form a new company with Volvo, but it will indeed set up a brand new brand. (This brand) will run in the form of a business unit. " On March 25th, Yang Xueliang, spokesman of Geely Holding Group, told reporters: "The recruitment that Geely is implementing is actually a preparation for CMA platform products."

From this point of view, the reason why Geely accelerated its recruitment at this time is because its new CMA platform product jointly developed with Volvo has entered the sprint stage of production. An insider of Geely Automobile said that the factory producing CMA platform products is under construction, and the new products will be officially launched in 2016, and the products will be launched in the above new brands.

It is reported that in September 2013, Geely-Volvo Joint R&D Center started trial operation in Sweden, which is mainly responsible for the development of CMA modular platform. In the future, the application of the platform can not only realize the modular production of vehicle models, thus reducing the manufacturing cost, but also control the weight of the car body, further achieving the purpose of reducing the weight of new cars. In the future, the CMA platform will mainly produce the models of Volvo brand that are positioned in the compact market, and can be extended to the field of small cars. As the other party to jointly develop the CMA platform, Geely Automobile will also share the platform with Volvo Cars.

According to the information initially disclosed by Geely, the R&D center will recruit 200 engineers by the end of 2014. But by the end of 2014, the R&D center had hired 400 engineers. And the recruitment of personnel is still expanding.

According to overseas media reports, Hanken samuelson, President and CEO of Volvo Car Group, said that the first model of Volvo based on CMA platform will be XC40, which will be launched in 2018. In 2019, Volvo will launch a new generation of V40 hatchback and a new compact car S40 based on CMA platform.

According to the information disclosed by Geely at present, its Geely brand model based on CMA platform will be introduced to the market two years earlier than Volvo brand. Yang Xueliang said that Geely’s products built on the CMA platform will include A-class cars and B-class cars. In 2016, Geely will launch a brand-new A-class car.

Conflict suspense

The upcoming production of Geely’s new products means that Volvo’s technical contribution to Geely Automobile has entered a new stage. However, the outside world has also noticed that Geely and Volvo’s new products originate from the CMA platform. Will this cause conflicts between the two products in the market?

For such questions, Geely and Volvo are actually ready. Earlier, in an interview with the media, Hanken samuelson said that although Geely and Volvo use the same platform, the products made by Geely brand based on CMA platform will be completely different from Volvo. He stressed: "The relationship between Volvo and Geely is like the relationship between Audi and Skoda."

In fact, after Geely acquired Volvo, Li Shufu also constantly stressed that Geely is Geely and Volvo is Volvo. Geely and Volvo are well aware that Geely and Volvo cannot be confused, and independent operation can benefit both brands.

It is based on this definition that after Geely acquired Volvo, Volvo’s brand image in the luxury car market was not hurt. The data shows that in 2009, Volvo’s global sales volume was only 330,000, but by 2014, Volvo’s global sales volume reached 465,900, setting a record high. At the same time, in 2009, Volvo sold 22,000 vehicles in China, and by 2014, this figure has also increased to 81,000 vehicles.

Zhang Zhiyong, a well-known commentator in the automotive industry, believes that with the help of Volvo’s technology, Geely has promoted the establishment of CMA platform and the research and development of brand-new products, and recruited automotive talents around the world to make the team create a more popular brand. This shows that after the acquisition of Volvo, Geely’s development ideas have been very clear.

The market is urgent

"The conditions they open are not like the practices of domestic independent brand car companies!" Xin Chen, who has worked in a joint venture car company for nearly ten years, said, "In order to dig up outstanding talents faster, Geely’s treatment and conditions are even higher than many joint venture car companies."

Obviously, Geely, who is eager to launch a sprint, has been a little anxious, hoping to reserve a good team for the upcoming new models through high salaries.

In 2014, Geely Automobile, which once grew rapidly, encountered a bottleneck in its development. Data show that in 2014, Geely Automobile sold a total of 425,773 vehicles, a decrease of 22.50% compared with 2013. As a car company with the largest year-on-year decline, Geely Automobile directly fell from the second place in the sales volume of independent car companies in 2013 to the fifth place. For Geely, in order to completely reverse the situation, the new Geely model based on CMA platform needs to join the "Geely Legion" as soon as possible.

Zhang Zhiyong said that Geely’s acquisition of Volvo not only promoted Geely’s brand, but also provided opportunities for Geely to acquire some key automotive technologies. It is understood that from the date of completion of the acquisition, Li Shufu, chairman of Geely, began to take a series of measures to promote technical cooperation and synergy between Geely Automobile and Volvo Automobile.

As early as 2012, Geely and Volvo signed a technical cooperation agreement, and the two sides will actively promote the joint development of small-displacement, high-performance, environmentally-friendly series engines, environmentally-friendly small car platforms, and new energy vehicle assembly system technologies such as electric vehicles, hybrid electric vehicles and plug-in hybrids.

With the introduction of Volvo technology, Geely has also begun to taste the sweetness. At present, new models and modified models developed on Geely’s existing platform all use Volvo technology to varying degrees. The new Geely car Borui, which will be launched in April 2015, was jointly developed by the Geely European R&D Center CEVT (Geely -VOLVO Joint R&D Center) and Geely Research Institute, using some Volvo technologies.

Some insiders believe that with the launch of the new CMA platform products, Geely will be in a favorable position in the competition of domestic independent brand models. However, it is not clear whether Geely can get what it wants when domestic independent brand car companies are accelerating their development and their independent market share is gradually shrinking.


Say goodbye to parking anxiety and ask M5 to help you unlock the parking problem easily.

   I finally found a parking space in a crowded street, but I had to give it up because the parking space was too narrow and difficult to park. I believe many car owners have experienced this embarrassing scene of "can’t stop". Especially for novice car owners, it will even have a shadow on parking. Perhaps, there is a car that can be easily handled. The asking M5 equipped with HUAWEI ADS 2.0 advanced intelligent driving system not only allows you to bid farewell to parking troubles completely, but also brings a safer and smarter driving experience.

  One-click cure parking anxiety parking is no longer a problem.

  Parking is always a big problem for beginners. With the blessing of HUAWEI ADS 2.0 high-order intelligent driving system, the M5 can be parked when it is visible, and the intelligent driving technology is no longer limited to the marked parking spaces, even if it is a broken road or a very narrow parking space, it can be easily controlled. Once the most troublesome parking problem, now it only needs one-click operation to bid farewell to parking anxiety completely. There will no longer be the trouble of finding a parking space again because of technical problems.

  In addition, the M5 also has the function of unforgettable memory, and is equipped with parking service auxiliary function. Just finish parking at the first storage, and activate the parking service auxiliary function after entering the parking lot again, so that the M5 will automatically find the target parking space and finish parking. When the target parking space is occupied, it will also use its "smart brain" to automatically find other available parking spaces and complete parking, without user operation. With this function, as long as you return to the parking lot after work every day, you can start to be lazy, release your tired body and mind in advance, and save time and comfort.

  The M5 equipped with HUAWEI ADS 2.0 advanced intelligent driving system not only solves the problem of urban parking, but also brings a safer driving experience for drivers. When driving a car on a city road, the line of sight is often blocked by buildings, green belts and buses on both sides, resulting in blind spots. At this time, pedestrians, non-motor vehicles or other vehicles suddenly cross, which often leads to traffic accidents. The M5 has a leading multi-sensor fusion sensing system, which can accurately identify the "ghost probe" and make an emergency stop to avoid accidents even when the oncoming vehicle in the next lane is dazzling and the driver’s vision is blocked.

  Previously, car home had held an active safety confrontation. In the test of ghost probe, the M5 version of Zhijie achieved the highest excellent result of 70km/h, while the ideal L7 Max who participated in the confrontation could only challenge successfully at the low speed of 40km/h at most. The significance of the results lies not only in the data, but also in the actual travel safety, and a tragedy may be avoided in seconds.

  HarmonyOS Smart Cockpit 3.0 Your Exclusive "Smart Mobile Space"

  The improvement of the intelligent level of automobiles has invisibly increased our time in the car, and the space inside the car has gradually become a second home. I believe that many migrant workers have the experience of working in the car. In order to "catch up", they often switch their mobile phones and computers back and forth, and the experience is quite poor. The HarmonyOS Intelligent Cockpit 3.0 equipped with the M5 is equipped with dual-screen collaboration function, which enables the computer and the car machine to be seamlessly connected to form two desktops, which will be more convenient for editing and consulting materials, and improve office efficiency.

  Not only that, HarmonyOS Intelligent Cockpit 3.0 also has the industry’s first HUD height adaptive adjustment and rearview mirror automatic adjustment function. After the vehicle is started for 0.5s, it can quickly identify and complete eyeball positioning, quickly and automatically adjust the HUD to the optimal height, and lightly brake, the exterior rearview mirror will automatically adjust to the optimal angle. The whole operation is comfortable and convenient in one go. In caring about "you", you may be careless occasionally, but the M5 is always online.

  The HUAWEI MagLink magic car interface, which is full of fun values, has a lot of gameplay. Mount the Pad behind the seat. When the children are noisy, parents can choose suitable content for the children in the back row in the front row, so that the children can quietly immerse themselves in the video. Parents can also adjust the brightness, volume and other details for the back row, lock the screen screen, and grasp the viewing time of the back row screen. In this way, children are happy and parents are more worried.

  The appearance of M-5 injected smart travel into the details of users’ lives, which not only made it effective and intelligent, but also filled with humanized life. Intelligent automobile is an irresistible global trend, and it is believed that the brand name will inject more vitality into the development of China automobile industry.


Geely Raytheon Power DHT was copied from Chery because it was all in third gear? Official: We are different.

Recently, there are rumors that Geely Raytheon Power DHT technology copied Chery and registered the patent first. On August 2nd, the official account of Geely Network False Information Reporting Center issued a clarification, saying that the news on the Internet that "Geely Raytheon Power DHT technology copied Chery and registered the patent first" was seriously inaccurate, and the relevant content was wrongly quoted, which seriously damaged the reputation of Geely brand. The company has collected and fixed relevant evidence and reserved the right to investigate the responsibility of the infringer.

Geely issued a statement as follows:

1. The statement that "Geely hybrid car copied Chery car technology" in the online content is seriously inaccurate.

2. The part about "Geely 3-speed hybrid electric drive DHT Pro patent drawing (CN202120284735.7)" appearing in the network content is not a patent of Geely 3-speed hybrid electric drive DHT Pro scheme, but a patent of other Geely projects.

The domestic patent of Geely DHT Pro scheme (CN201810943518.7) was applied in August 2018 and published in January 2019; International patent (PCT/CN2019/078178) was filed in March 2019 and published in February 2020.

In addition, Geely’s 3-speed hybrid electric drive DHT Pro scheme uses the transmission of double planetary mechanisms+clutch+brake, and adopts two planetary gear mechanisms to realize different transmission ratios in the third gear of the power system, improving fuel economy and accelerating power performance of the power system. The planetary gear mechanisms realize different motion states to provide different transmission ratios through the combination or disengagement of the brake and clutch, which makes the power system not only simple in structure, competitive in cost, but also more adaptable. It is different from the transmission path of the "patent (CN201910360258.5) applied by Chery in 2019" quoted in the false content of the network transmission.

3. The statement that the patent nature of Geely DHT Pro is "utility patent" and "Geely dare not apply for invention patent" is seriously untrue. Geely’s DHT Pro technology has applied for an invention patent in August 2018, and our company has complete intellectual property rights for the patent of the 3-speed hybrid electric drive DHT Pro scheme. The patents of this scheme have been authorized in China, the United States and Japan, and the power products have been mass-produced by the end of 2021. The hybrid models of Xingyue L Raytheon Hi·F and Emgrand L Raytheon Hi·P have been delivered.

It is worth mentioning that this statement is the first statement analogy issued since the establishment of this account, which shows that Geely Automobile attaches importance to its power technology brand Raytheon Power.

According to the "Talk on Automobile Pulling", the reason why Raytheon hybrid technology was plagiarized was because both Geely and Chery hybrid transmissions used three gears, but the difference was that Chery’s hybrid technology Kunpeng e+ was a two-way balanced design structure, while Geely’s hybrid technology Raytheon engine was a planetary gear structure, which was exactly the difference between the two transmission paths mentioned in Geely’s statement. Moreover, Geely’s Lei Shenqing engine supports FOTA upgrade in the later stage, and more functions can be unlocked in the future.

In addition, rumors can’t stand scrutiny in time. Geely’s hybrid technology Lei Shenqing applied for a patent in 2018, while Chery applied for a patent in 2019.

At present, the domestic hybrid market is full of flowers, and each family has its own specialty skills. BYD’s DM-i, Great Wall’s lemon DHT, Geely’s Lei Shenqing Hi·X and Chery’s Kunpeng DHT have all been put on specific models and achieved mass production. Rumors and excuses are not enough to destroy technology, which is stronger, and the real market will give an answer sooner or later.


"Live broadcast with goods" with fire consumption

  On April 9, in Qihe Big Cherry Planting Base in Lipanzhuang Village, Haiyang Town, Haigang District, Qinhuangdao City, villager Su Shiming used the online platform to promote big cherries live. People’s vision

  During the epidemic period, e-commerce services have made new achievements, and new consumption has accelerated, with live delivery, online group purchase and cloud travel … … These new online consumption formats show great vitality. The the Political Bureau of the Communist Party of China (CPC) Central Committee meeting held on March 27th demanded that the new online consumption enthusiasm be maintained.

  At present, where is the new online consumption? What are the advantages of these new online formats to expand household consumption? What other policies are needed to accelerate the development of new online consumption? Recently, our reporter approached some consumers and entrepreneurs and conducted an investigation and interview on new online consumption.

  — — Editor

  Zhao Xue, a consumer in Nanchang, Jiangxi — —

  Live broadcast makes people want to buy.

  "During the epidemic, I couldn’t go out shopping. Many friends around me recommended online live shopping. After I tried it, I found it was really good, and I gradually liked this new shopping method." Speaking of "live broadcast with goods", Zhao Xue, who lives in Taoyuan Street, Xihu District, Nanchang City, Jiangxi Province, suddenly opened the "chatterbox".

  Like many young female consumers, Zhao Xue is curious about new things and willing to try them early. After participating in online live broadcasts several times, it has become her living habit to choose goods from the live broadcast room.

  Open the live shopping cart in Zhao Xue. There are many kinds of goods, such as fresh food, clothing, daily necessities, food, beauty cosmetics and home appliances. Among them, fruit is the most frequently purchased. She loves to "watch" in the live broadcast room of agricultural products in Pinduoduo: "pineapple in Xuwen, Guangdong, orange in Danling, Sichuan, navel orange in Zigui, Hubei & HELIP; … I have bought all these special fruits, which are delicious and cheap. " Zhao Xue said.

  On the surface, "live broadcast with goods" is somewhat similar to traditional TV shopping: goods are displayed with pictures and videos, and delivered to your door after placing an order. So, why are more and more consumers willing to stare at the "live room"? In Zhao Xue’s view, live broadcast with goods is highly sought after because of its strong sense of participation and experience, which can make people trust and want to buy.

  — — More intuitive, more realistic and more three-dimensional product display can effectively reduce the trial and error rate.

  "A few days ago, I planned to buy a sweater through live broadcast. The anchor’s height, weight and skin color were similar to mine. I asked her to try on clothes of various colors and sizes, and finally found that a purple medium size had the best effect, so I was relieved to place an order." Zhao Xue said that girls love to buy clothes. In traditional online shopping, the product display area is static, which often makes people struggle in the selection of numbers and colors. The live broadcast room is more stereoscopic and real, and it is generally not wrong to buy it.

  — — Professionals explain online, which has stronger guidance and effectively reduces time costs.

  Last week, Zhao Xue was going to buy an oven and jumped back and forth between several live broadcasts. In the end, she couldn’t make up her mind which one to choose. But later, she found that there was a food "Daren" in the live broadcast room, which directly used the oven to make excellent and delicious bread. Many fans left messages: "Great, yeast and flour are ready, just wait for this ‘ Baby ’ Go home. " Zhao Xue decided to buy this one.

  — — Red envelope rain, shopping vouchers, spike full reduction … … More price concessions are attractive.

  "I am concerned that there is an air fryer in a live broadcast room. At some time from 8: 00 to 10: 00 every night, the anchor will distribute 50% discount coupons. This limited-time limited promotion is very attractive, and everyone wants to try their luck. Last week, I grabbed a half-price ticket and quickly placed an order. " Zhao Xue said.

  He Qinyao, the owner of Yichang live broadcast in Hubei — —

  Walk out of a new road of development

  Two small stores, during the epidemic, achieved sales of 500,000 yuan by live broadcast! This is the "report card" handed over by Hubei girl He Qinyao after 1980s. Compared with some online celebrity anchors, this figure may not be so amazing, but you know, He Qinyao started to broadcast live from scratch. When she first tried to walk into the studio, she didn’t even dare to look at the camera.

  He Qinyao is the head of two Tmall Premium Electrical Appliances Experience Stores in Yiling District and Zigui County, Yichang City, Hubei Province. During the epidemic, in order to stabilize the turnover, she began to test the new format of "live broadcast with goods".

  To this end, He Qinyao participated in the Taobao live training course, and the platform also provided him with professional equipment such as live support. In mid-February, He Qinyao started the first live broadcast.

  However, when the live broadcast started, she suddenly became very nervous, afraid to look directly at the camera, let alone speak vaguely. This is very different from what Kan Kan talked about when she usually introduced products to customers in the store.

  In order to overcome the camera fear, He Qinyao began to train herself by recording videos. For a week in a row, she adjusted the camera alone in the store to "simulate" the live broadcast. Record hundreds of videos at the end of the day, watch them again and again, improve them again and again, adjust your tone and speed, and design actions to make yourself look more natural.

  Gradually, He Qinyao let go of himself, and the live broadcast was smoother every time. Her fans in the live broadcast room quickly exceeded 1,000, and a live broadcast can sell nearly 10,000 yuan of goods.

  "As the turnover is getting higher and higher, you will become more and more confident, and now I can handle it freely in the live broadcast room." He Qinyao said.

  After tasting the sweetness, He Qinyao began to help other shop assistants walk into the live broadcast room. After several explorations, He Qinyao’s live broadcast of Tmall Premium Store formed a relatively fixed mode divided into three periods: the first period was operated by a male colleague to warm up and chat with fans in the live broadcast room; Then there is the live broadcast of the shop tour, in which the clerk recommends the products to consumers in the shop and answers the online questions of consumers; Finally, He Qinyao is the anchor himself.

  "Every business has its own live broadcast style, and our ‘ Syllogism ’ The model allows the clerk to participate, which improves everyone’s enthusiasm and the effect is good. " He Qinyao said.

  "During the epidemic, we found a new way to develop online live broadcast, and we intend to promote it normally in the future." He Qinyao said.

  Expert advice — —

  Improve the consumer rights protection mechanism.

  As a new online shopping method, "live broadcast+e-commerce" ushered in explosive growth during the epidemic.

  "Fire" is in the growth rate of fans. In 50 days, from 0 to 2.7 million fans, Li Jiwang, the owner of Pinduoduo live broadcast in Qinghe, Hebei Province, opened his cashmere clothing brand "Chuanger" to the live broadcast platform in Pinduoduo. Six anchors in the store broadcast live 24 hours a day, the store went online for 50 days, and "Chuanger" women’s wear sold 34,000 pieces.

  "Fire" is in the content of goods. On March 8th, Alibaba’s local life service platform was broadcast live by 24 well-known commercial complexes in 18 cities, including Hangzhou Crystal City, Shanghai Xingguangyao, Chongqing Banan Wanda and Guangzhou Modern Department Store, with nearly 50 live broadcasts, so that consumers in front of the screen could visit the national shopping malls without leaving home.

  "Fire" is in the ability to carry goods. On March 28th and 29th, Suning and his party came to Tianmu Mountain in Zhejiang Province to broadcast the process of farmers digging bamboo shoots live. According to statistics, the two-day live broadcast attracted more than 2 million people to watch, and nearly 150,000 buyers placed orders to buy bamboo shoots from Tianmu Mountain, with a cumulative sales of 700,000 Jin and sales of more than 4 million yuan.

  According to the consulting data of Ai Media, the number of users in the online live broadcast industry in China has increased to 504 million in 2019, with a growth rate of 10.6%. In 2020, it will maintain a rapid growth momentum, and the number of users is expected to reach 526 million, accounting for more than half of netizens.

  "Whether online celebrity brings goods or the clerk brings goods, this new form enriches the way of online sales of goods and makes users have a better consumption experience." Zhu Wei, deputy director of the Communication Law Research Center of China University of Political Science and Law, said.

  Zhu Wei believes that the live broadcast platform should always put the interests of consumers first, and further improve the consumer rights protection mechanism from the whole link such as supply chain and circulation chain.

  A few days ago, the "Online Survey Report on Consumer Satisfaction of Live E-commerce Shopping" released by China Consumers Association showed that from the perspective of the satisfaction of various nodes in the live e-commerce shopping process, such as publicity, live broadcast, goods, payment methods, logistics and after-sales, the highest degree of consumer satisfaction is the payment link, which is 79.1 points; The lowest degree of satisfaction is the publicity link, which is 64.7 points. The consumers interviewed have more opinions on two issues: the exaggeration and false propaganda of the anchor, and the sale of links that cannot explain the characteristics of the goods in the live broadcast room.

  "To guide the healthy and orderly development of the live e-commerce industry, it is necessary to promote social co-governance, severely crack down on all kinds of violations of laws and regulations, and also strengthen supervision and clarify the responsibilities and obligations of live e-commerce operators, especially live e-commerce platform operators. In particular, focus on key nodes and strengthen the standardized management of anchor groups. " Zhu Wei said.


Primary school girls rewarded the anchor with more than 70,000 yuan, and brushed away three "1888" at most one day.

  Comics from Xinhua News Agency

  (Reporter Zhao Liuying text/map) With the rise and development of the webcast platform, the events of "Xiong Haizi" spending huge sums of money to reward anchors frequently occur, and the amount of rewards ranges from tens of thousands to hundreds of thousands.

  Ms. Chen, a citizen engaged in the clothing business, has recently encountered such "troubles". Since September last year, Han Han, an 11-year-old daughter, has frequently recharged and rewarded the live broadcast platform in the United States, spending a total of more than 70,000 yuan.

  Primary school girls reward network anchors for more than 70 thousand yuan

  "I didn’t expect that she would spend so much money on the live broadcast platform, which I don’t understand." Ms. Chen said that her daughter is usually very sensible and studies well, and she is also the monitor of the class.

  Since last year, Ms. Chen has found that her daughter always plays mobile phones and has been educated several times, but she has not taken it to heart. "Now children like to play mobile phones, and they think that their daughters are also very obedient at ordinary times. They have not done anything out of the ordinary, so it is no harm to play during the holidays."

  However, just during the holiday, the webcast platform "took advantage of it". Han Han registered a Meipai account with his own QQ number, without real-name authentication, and registered with his own mobile phone number and authenticated his identity.

  The reporter inquired about the reward record of Han Han in the beauty auction. The account bound by QQ number was rewarded with a total of 14,806 yuan, and the account bound by mobile phone number was rewarded with a total of 61,988 yuan. Reward records are mostly concentrated in the evening, especially during holidays.

  "The amount of rewards on weekdays is relatively small, mostly 30 to 50 yuan. The large amount of rewards is mainly concentrated in holidays. In October last year alone, more than a dozen 1888 yuan were rewarded, including three 1888 yuan on October 8, and the reward amount in October was nearly 30,000 yuan." Ms. Chen said that in addition, in February and May this year, there were also a large number of rewards.

  "When I usually use WeChat to pay, my daughter is beside me, and I didn’t deliberately avoid it. It is estimated that my daughter secretly wrote down the payment password." Ms. Chen said that in addition to the usual pocket money, there is no large amount of cash in her daughter’s WeChat account, and the money for rewarding the anchor is that her daughter steals her mobile phone and makes red packets and transfers on WeChat.

  Ms. Chen said that when doing business, many customers will put money into their WeChat accounts, and they will also use it on weekdays. In addition, her daughter deleted the record of red envelopes and transfers, so for a long time, Ms. Chen did not find it. At present, Ms. Chen hopes that Mei Pai can refund her daughter’s reward.

  Live broadcast platform: only when the user is a minor can the money be refunded.

  So, what is the response of the US film to this matter? The reporter contacted Xiamen Meitu Net Technology Co., Ltd., a subsidiary of Meipai, for the first time.

  "At present, this matter is under investigation. First, we have to confirm whether the user is really a minor, and then we can refund the reward." Zhang Kai, the marketing department of Meitu, said that it takes evidence to confirm the identity of minors and time to communicate with users. As long as the evidence is perfect, you can get a refund.

  It is reported that one of Hanhan’s Meipai accounts has been authenticated, and the ID number entered can confirm his minor status; Most of the other accounts use WeChat payment for rewards, and WeChat payment has been authenticated by real name. Can it be confirmed that Han Han is a minor?

  Zhang Wei said that WeChat’s real-name authentication, they can’t see the background data, but also need to check the user’s usual records and live content on the platform to confirm whether the US pat account and the payment account are the same person and both are minors.

  Prove that "rewarding people" is a difficult problem for minors to protect their rights.

  It is understood that to enter the live broadcast platform of the United States, you only need to enter the mobile phone number, or bind the micro signal and QQ number to enter, and you don’t need real-name authentication, so minors are not restricted to register. Then, how to manage the platform for blind consumption of minors?

  Zhang Kai said that when giving a gift to the anchor for consumption, he will jump to a recharge page. At the top of the page, he will be prompted whether it is a guardian companion mode. Once this mode is selected, he will not be able to provide a recharge service.

  However, although the platform has set this restriction, it is not a rigid requirement. For many minors, the guardian companionship mode will not be actively turned on, and the behavior of recharging and rewarding can still be carried out.

  With the popularity of live broadcast platforms, it frequently happens that minors spend huge sums of money to reward anchors all over the country. Faced with this problem, almost all live broadcast platforms will require proof that users are minors when rewarding anchors. However, how to prove it? This has also become a major problem for parents of minors to defend their rights and recover rewards.

  Lawyer: Civil acts beyond the capacity of minors are invalid.

  In recent years, with the rapid development of webcasting platform, the problem of lack of supervision has been frequently exposed, which is not only the hardest hit area for the spread of obscene articles, but also the lack of defense lines for minors, which leads to the addiction of minors to live broadcasting platform, and frequent incidents of rewarding anchors with huge sums of money.

  "Minors have poor self-control ability, and many behaviors need to be under the supervision of parents. Even if they voluntarily reward the anchor, this behavior of minors is invalid." Mr. Chu, a lawyer in Zhengzhou, said that according to Chinese laws, a minor over 10 years old but under 18 years old is a person with limited capacity for civil conduct, and can engage in civil activities appropriate to his age and intelligence. Other civil activities are represented by his legal representative or with the consent of his legal representative. If the capacity is exceeded, the civil act is invalid unless the parents ratify it.

  Indeed, minors are unable to dispose of large amounts of property. On the one hand, parents should take good care of their children, on the other hand, the webcast platform should be gradually improved. "The next step for the regulatory authorities should focus on whether some network anchors have induced users, especially minors." Mr. Chu said that the webcast platform should gradually improve the risk warning and fulfill the obligation of auditing and verifying identity.

  In addition, some insiders believe that with the popularity of mobile Internet, payment methods have become faster. Parents should also strengthen safety precautions for their children to play mobile phones and guide their children to develop healthy and positive Internet usage habits.


Report on "Red Section" of Jiangmen Branch of China Mobile Guangdong Company


Lin, General Manager of Jiangmen Branch of China Mobile Guangdong Company? double

Zhang Guoxiong, Minister and Professor of Propaganda Department of Wuyi University Party Committee

    From left to right: Zhang Xin, Network Information Security Department of Telecommunications Administration of Ministry of Information Industry; Wang Lijian, Press Office of General Office of Ministry of Information Industry; Zhu Lu, Propaganda Department of Network Bureau of the State Council Press Office.

    The three activities are introduced respectively:

    1. "Cheer for Jiangmen-10,000 reasons why I love Wuyi" SMS solicitation activity.

    On October 8, 2006, the Sixth Plenary Session of the 16th CPC Central Committee was successfully held, and "studying and building a harmonious socialist society" was the main topic of the meeting. Social harmony will become the common aspiration of hundreds of millions of people. We believe that we should also do our best to build a harmonious society, and the best way is to give full play to the advantages of mobile communication at any time, anywhere and with us, carry forward the spirit of "great love" and preach excellent folk customs. So, in a short week, we planned to launch the "Cheer for Jiangmen-10,000 reasons why I love Wuyi" SMS MMS collection activity.

    The solicitation activity lasted for half a year and was divided into three stages:

    The first stage is the short message collection stage. Through active publicity, the company mobilized more than 2.5 million local customers of China Mobile to create healthy and uplifting short messages, without limiting the number of messages sent by each customer, and regularly arranged excellent short messages to be displayed in local mainstream media.

    The second stage is the short message audition stage. The company adopts the popular PK method, and the excellent SMS is selected by the public through SMS voting. The weekly award, monthly award, championship and other awards are all selected by the public. It can be said that our excellent short messages are "from the masses, to the masses".

    The third stage is the short message dissemination stage. The company will review and display the excellent short messages selected by the public, invite relevant experts to comment and summarize, and mobilize readers to disseminate excellent short messages. At the same time, the company also displays and publicizes short messages at bus stops in major streets of the city. By the end of the activity in March 2007, more than 80,000 customers had participated and 100,000 short messages had been collected. The activity received a warm social response. Under the extensive publicity of major media, "Cheering for Jiangmen" has become a beautiful cultural landscape, and "red jokes" have spread all over the hometown of overseas Chinese.

   Featured red paragraph works:

    "Ode to Jiangmen" shows Baishui Guifeng, and Yamen scolds Shi Xiong. China said that Jasper is more exquisite. The red joke "139 * * * 8777" was personally sent by Li Wei, our vice mayor in charge of science, education and culture in Jiangmen, which gave us great encouragement and support! Unfortunately, due to work reasons, Vice Mayor Li can’t be present today to share his creative experience with you.

    "Here are beautiful scenery, outstanding people and harmonious society. Ten years after I came here, I have fallen in love with this hot land! 134 * * * 2277 "is the first short message we collected. Its creator, Mr. Tan, came to Jiangmen from Guangxi more than ten years ago to start a business, and has regarded the hometown of overseas Chinese as his hometown. Our activities gave him a platform to express his thoughts, so he responded quickly.

    "Cheer for the New Eight Scenes in the Hometown of Overseas Chinese" East Lake is rippling with clear water, and birds of paradise attracts visitors. Goose Guifeng is nostalgic, and when Chuan Dao likes to fish. Diaolou beautiful scenery and garden paintings, fairyland hot springs looking for elegant poems. I can’t help loving my hometown, so don’t hesitate to applaud. (Note: the names of the new eight scenic spots are embedded in the poem) 135****1726 "The creator of this red paragraph is Mr. Lin Liang, an old friend of our company. Why do you say he is our old friend? Because from the very beginning of the activity, he paid close attention to us and gave us suggestions, suggestions and suggestions in various ways. What moved me in particular was that after sending the red paragraph, he was worried that we would not receive it in time, so he made a special trip to the company from Xinhui and personally delivered the red paragraph. The sincerity of the elderly not only moved us, but also made us realize that we should not only hold this activity, but also do it well!

    2. Seminar on "Jiangmen Contemporary Spirit"

    100,000 short messages triggered a heated discussion in the whole city. We quickly communicated with the Propaganda Department of the Municipal Party Committee and the Municipal Federation of Literary and Art Circles, and found that these 100,000 short messages reflected all aspects of Jiangmen people’s contemporary humanistic spirit and folk customs from different angles, which should be systematically discussed and summarized. So, on April 20, 2007, we held a grand seminar on "Jiangmen Contemporary Spirit". This is the first time to discuss Jiangmen spirit through such specific activities as "Cheering for Jiangmen" after Jiangmen’s reform and opening up.

    The seminar invited experts and scholars in history, sociology and mass communication to discuss the contemporary Jiangmen spirit displayed by people living in Wuyi area in the new fashion of contemporary harmonious society. The Jiangmen spirit, which is "inclusive, pragmatic, enterprising, sentimental and innovative", has once again inspired the spirit of unity and struggle of all the people in the hometown of overseas Chinese. Major local media have widely reported the activities in major time periods and major pages, and the social response has been very enthusiastic.

    3. Book publishing and new book release conference of "Wuyi Nine Chapters"

    The successful holding of the seminar "Jiangmen Contemporary Spirit" made the people in the hometown of overseas Chinese understand the deep meaning behind the short message "10,000 reasons why I love Wuyi". Inspired by the provincial company’s compilation of "Red Pieces" into a book, with the support of the municipal party committee and municipal government, we decided to select the excellent short messages of "Cheering for Jiangmen" into a book and named it "Wuyi Nine Chapters". "Nine Chapters of Wuyi" is divided into nine chapters, which include celebrities’ elegant traces, beautiful scenery, feelings of overseas Chinese in their hometown, and the new look of ancient cities. At the same time, it shows the folk customs such as dragon dance, three rivers, floating stones and singing songs in water towns.

    The book is prefaced by Mayor Wang Nanjian himself. In the editing process, we specially invited the Propaganda Minister and Vice Minister of the Municipal Party Committee and the Chairman of the Municipal Federation of Literary and Art Circles as general consultants, and invited professors from the Chinese Department, Philosophy Department and History Department of local universities and experts from the Municipal Federation of Literary and Art Circles as consultants, which integrated expert wisdom. As a tangible contribution to building a "famous cultural city" in cooperation with the municipal government, Wuyi Nine Chapters was praised by the Jiangmen Municipal Party Committee and Municipal Government as "a banner for building a" famous cultural city ",a business card for Jiangmen’s external publicity, and a picture showing folk customs", which was well received by the leaders of the National People’s Congress, the provincial party committee and the government at all levels in Jiangmen, and was recognized by international counterparts such as NTT DOCOMO in Japan.

    In addition, in the process of publishing the book, it coincides with the sprint stage of Kaiping Diaolou and villages applying for world cultural heritage. The Five Cities and Nine Chapters not only vividly shows Jiangmen’s historical background, folk customs and contemporary spirit with the handwriting of 100,000 people, but also guides healthy social public opinion by means of information technology, making contributions to the success of applying for the world heritage.

       4. Experience of "Cheer for Jiangmen" theme series of "Red Duanzi"

    The great success of the theme series of "Cheer for Jiangmen" can not be separated from the strong guidance and support of the Jiangmen Municipal Party Committee and Municipal Government, from the momentum promotion and spiritual inspiration of the "Red Piece" activities of provincial companies, and from the support and cooperation of the people in the hometown of overseas Chinese. In addition, Jiangmen Branch also summed up several experiences and insights:

    First, give full play to the advantages of mobility and fulfill corporate citizenship responsibilities.

    Jiangmen Branch of China Mobile Guangdong Company, as a leading communication enterprise in Jiangmen, has been actively exerting the advantages of "anytime, anywhere and with you", not only ensuring urban construction and optimizing investment environment with high-quality network and services, but also promoting the construction of "a famous cultural city" by means of informationization. The theme series of activities of "Cheer for Jiangmen" aims to achieve "zero distance" communication between citizens and the government by building an information platform for the public to communicate anytime and anywhere. We believe that excellent corporate citizens should bear such social responsibilities and make contributions to urban development and progress.

    The second is to carry forward the spirit of the times and help build a harmonious society.

    Building a harmonious society is the main theme of today’s times. On the one hand, the theme series of "Cheer for Jiangmen" mobilized the public to "talk about harmony" and "praise harmony", on the other hand, it "spread harmony" and "praise harmony" by downloading and forwarding short messages, which closely conforms to the spirit of the times and the will of the people.

    At the same time, young people are the future of the motherland. The "Cheer for Jiangmen" activity attracts young people to create and spread red jokes by themselves in the form of SMS and MMS, which are popular among young people. In the "Discover the Beauty of Diaolou" activity, more than 20,000 primary and secondary school students sang about Diaolou and praised their hometown, which promoted the innovation of youth education and helped to promote young people to establish a healthy and upward outlook on life and values.

    Third, combine the culture of the hometown of overseas Chinese and innovate the means of cultural propaganda.

    Wuyi, the hometown of overseas Chinese, has outstanding people and profound cultural heritage. The activity closely revolves around the spiritual culture and folk customs of the hometown of overseas Chinese, and at the same time, it grasps the characteristics of "rapid dissemination and real-time sharing" of online culture, innovates cultural propaganda means, occupies online culture with excellent cultural products, spreads the characteristic folk customs and humanistic feelings of the hometown of overseas Chinese, and dispels the discordant voices, which is warmly welcomed and positively responded by the public.

    Through this activity, Jiangmen Branch of China Mobile Guangdong Company deeply realized that network culture is an important part of socialist culture, and the innovation of network culture content and mechanism represented by "Red Duanzi" is a useful attempt and exploration to implement the spirit of promoting the great development and prosperity of socialist culture in the 17th National Congress. In the future work, Jiangmen Branch will continue to carry forward the good experience and good practices of this activity, cheering for urban homes, cheering for a better life and cheering for a harmonious society!

Editor: Chen Xixia


The 2024 New York International Auto Show kicked off, and multi-brand new models attracted attention.

China news agency, new york, March 27th (Reporter dorri) The 2024 New York International Auto Show kicked off at the Javits Convention and Exhibition Center in new york, USA on the 27th. Various new cars from dozens of car companies around the world were unveiled, among which brand-new models of Janice, British finidi and other brands attracted much attention.

On the day of media and industry day activities, Hyundai Motor’s luxury car brand Jennisseth unveiled its full-size electric SUV model "NEOLUN" concept car for the first time, attracting a large number of onlookers. The car’s body lines are smooth, and the design of door-to-door without center pillar highlights the luxury of the car, and it is convenient for passengers to get in and out from the practicality. The 180-degree rotation function of the front seat can maximize the utilization of the interior space and create an interior living room mode.

Another popular new car belongs to finidi QX80, a luxury car brand owned by Nissan Motor Co., and there are many people waiting in line to experience it. The car is also positioned as a full-size SUV, and its appearance design makes the visual width of the front of the car wider. The car is equipped with the latest technology products such as Jieshi Audio, and the performance and fuel economy are improved by changing the supercharged engine system.

In addition, the brand-new 2024 Toyota Land Cruiser, Lexus Hybrid TX Series, GMC Pure Electric Hummer, and Janice Pure Electric GV60 are also popular.

According to reports, this year’s New York International Auto Show exhibited nearly 1,000 car models, covering automakers such as GM, Ford, Volkswagen, Toyota, Hyundai, Nissan, Dodge, Bentley, Rolls-Royce, Lamborghini and Remark. At the auto show, there are also electric vehicle test tracks, racing games, the 60th anniversary tribute of Ford Mustang, and the exhibition of famous cars in the Automobile Hall of Fame.

It is worth mentioning that KIA EV9 won the annual World Automobile Award at the World Automobile Awards Ceremony held on the opening day of this auto show. The other two nominated models for this award are BYD Seal and Volvo EX30.

The New York International Auto Show, which started in 1900, is the oldest and largest auto show in North America. This year’s New York International Auto Show will be open to the public from March 29th to April 7th after two days of media and industry days.