Aouita’s full-scale opening does not rely on high-precision map smart driving push


Aouita’s full-scale opening does not rely on high-precision map smart driving push

On April 18th (Shanghai), Aouita Science and Technology announced that the OTA upgrade of AVATR.OS 2.3.0 system will be promoted from now on, which will open a smart driving version that does not rely on high-precision maps for all users of Aouita 11, covering all the national highways, national highways, provincial highways, township roads, main roads, auxiliary roads and branch roads, bringing a new experience of "all the countries can drive, and the more they drive, the better they drive".

Know the road better: the NCA in the urban area is advanced again, and it continues to iterate to seize the "intellectual high point"

The whole system of Aouita 11 comes standard with global sensing hardware including three laser radars, which is matched with HUAWEI ADS 2.0, a high-level intelligent driving assistance system of Huawei, to achieve "intelligent driving on the ceiling". This OTA upgrade not only opens a smart driving version that does not rely on high-precision maps for all users of Aouita 11, but also adds NCA Mute function, Highway NCA intelligent speed reduction when approaching the toll station, steering wheel release reminder, frequent destination recommendation and other functions, which makes the smart driving experience more humanized.

The NCA Mute function means that you can manually switch to the urban lane cruise assist (City LCC) with one button in the urban intelligent driving pilot assist (City NCA), which makes your trip more flexible and comfortable. Moreover, in the above two intelligent driving states, the recognition ability of supporting the lever to enter special lanes such as tidal lane and bus lanes is added, which makes the traffic more convenient.

In the state of Highway NCA, when the toll station is newly added, the intelligent driving system can automatically slow down to 60km/h, which makes high-speed intelligent driving more worry-free. In addition, the function of steering wheel release reminder option is added, and two gears, standard and comfortable, are added; At the same time, the function of quick navigation recommendation for frequent places is added, and common destinations will be intelligently recommended on the navigation homepage, so that you can arrive by smart driving with one click, and you are more familiar and caring.

Safer: Avoidance of side obstacles and parking service-assisted AVP mapping can directly calculate the route and activate it.

In terms of user’s pain points in active safety and intelligent parking, lateral obstacle anti-collision (LOCP) and parking service assist (AVP) are added for further advancement, which makes driving stable, parking well and worry-free.

LOCP function, when the vehicle recognizes a lateral obstacle and there are safety risks such as collision and driving away from the road boundary, the system will automatically trigger emergency intervention and automatically turn to avoid, so as to avoid or reduce the collision risk in time.

The advanced parking service Assistant (AVP) only needs to walk through the parking lot once, and the collection parking space is selected by default. The map can be directly calculated and activated, and the central control screen can also display the AVP interface to make the parking experience more comfortable; After the upgrade, AVP can also be activated in the parking space, which supports the smooth switching from parking space A to parking space B in the same basement, so that users can enjoy the relaxation of freeing their hands from entering the parking lot.

More intimate: the functional experience is upgraded, and smart travel knows you better.

Based on the real needs of users, Aouita continues to advance, and is committed to becoming the "smart incarnation of knowing you" for every user in the smart travel world. To this end, humanized innovation will also be implemented in the product details, and the experience of four-door shortcut buttons, inductive locking mobile phone APP vibration reminder, voice deletion navigation route points will be upgraded.

Relying on the in-depth empowerment of CHN model, Aouita and Huawei have implemented the strategy of integration, co-creation and win-win cooperation, making Aouita the first brand to open smart driving and pushing to all users without relying on high-precision maps. In the follow-up, Aouita will continue to bring high-level smart drivers who know more about China users and China roads, and lead the new track of high-end smart electric vehicles with far-ahead smart driving strength.


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