Say goodbye to parking anxiety and ask M5 to help you unlock the parking problem easily.


Say goodbye to parking anxiety and ask M5 to help you unlock the parking problem easily.

   I finally found a parking space in a crowded street, but I had to give it up because the parking space was too narrow and difficult to park. I believe many car owners have experienced this embarrassing scene of "can’t stop". Especially for novice car owners, it will even have a shadow on parking. Perhaps, there is a car that can be easily handled. The asking M5 equipped with HUAWEI ADS 2.0 advanced intelligent driving system not only allows you to bid farewell to parking troubles completely, but also brings a safer and smarter driving experience.

  One-click cure parking anxiety parking is no longer a problem.

  Parking is always a big problem for beginners. With the blessing of HUAWEI ADS 2.0 high-order intelligent driving system, the M5 can be parked when it is visible, and the intelligent driving technology is no longer limited to the marked parking spaces, even if it is a broken road or a very narrow parking space, it can be easily controlled. Once the most troublesome parking problem, now it only needs one-click operation to bid farewell to parking anxiety completely. There will no longer be the trouble of finding a parking space again because of technical problems.

  In addition, the M5 also has the function of unforgettable memory, and is equipped with parking service auxiliary function. Just finish parking at the first storage, and activate the parking service auxiliary function after entering the parking lot again, so that the M5 will automatically find the target parking space and finish parking. When the target parking space is occupied, it will also use its "smart brain" to automatically find other available parking spaces and complete parking, without user operation. With this function, as long as you return to the parking lot after work every day, you can start to be lazy, release your tired body and mind in advance, and save time and comfort.

  The M5 equipped with HUAWEI ADS 2.0 advanced intelligent driving system not only solves the problem of urban parking, but also brings a safer driving experience for drivers. When driving a car on a city road, the line of sight is often blocked by buildings, green belts and buses on both sides, resulting in blind spots. At this time, pedestrians, non-motor vehicles or other vehicles suddenly cross, which often leads to traffic accidents. The M5 has a leading multi-sensor fusion sensing system, which can accurately identify the "ghost probe" and make an emergency stop to avoid accidents even when the oncoming vehicle in the next lane is dazzling and the driver’s vision is blocked.

  Previously, car home had held an active safety confrontation. In the test of ghost probe, the M5 version of Zhijie achieved the highest excellent result of 70km/h, while the ideal L7 Max who participated in the confrontation could only challenge successfully at the low speed of 40km/h at most. The significance of the results lies not only in the data, but also in the actual travel safety, and a tragedy may be avoided in seconds.

  HarmonyOS Smart Cockpit 3.0 Your Exclusive "Smart Mobile Space"

  The improvement of the intelligent level of automobiles has invisibly increased our time in the car, and the space inside the car has gradually become a second home. I believe that many migrant workers have the experience of working in the car. In order to "catch up", they often switch their mobile phones and computers back and forth, and the experience is quite poor. The HarmonyOS Intelligent Cockpit 3.0 equipped with the M5 is equipped with dual-screen collaboration function, which enables the computer and the car machine to be seamlessly connected to form two desktops, which will be more convenient for editing and consulting materials, and improve office efficiency.

  Not only that, HarmonyOS Intelligent Cockpit 3.0 also has the industry’s first HUD height adaptive adjustment and rearview mirror automatic adjustment function. After the vehicle is started for 0.5s, it can quickly identify and complete eyeball positioning, quickly and automatically adjust the HUD to the optimal height, and lightly brake, the exterior rearview mirror will automatically adjust to the optimal angle. The whole operation is comfortable and convenient in one go. In caring about "you", you may be careless occasionally, but the M5 is always online.

  The HUAWEI MagLink magic car interface, which is full of fun values, has a lot of gameplay. Mount the Pad behind the seat. When the children are noisy, parents can choose suitable content for the children in the back row in the front row, so that the children can quietly immerse themselves in the video. Parents can also adjust the brightness, volume and other details for the back row, lock the screen screen, and grasp the viewing time of the back row screen. In this way, children are happy and parents are more worried.

  The appearance of M-5 injected smart travel into the details of users’ lives, which not only made it effective and intelligent, but also filled with humanized life. Intelligent automobile is an irresistible global trend, and it is believed that the brand name will inject more vitality into the development of China automobile industry.


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