"Live broadcast with goods" with fire consumption


"Live broadcast with goods" with fire consumption

  On April 9, in Qihe Big Cherry Planting Base in Lipanzhuang Village, Haiyang Town, Haigang District, Qinhuangdao City, villager Su Shiming used the online platform to promote big cherries live. People’s vision

  During the epidemic period, e-commerce services have made new achievements, and new consumption has accelerated, with live delivery, online group purchase and cloud travel … … These new online consumption formats show great vitality. The the Political Bureau of the Communist Party of China (CPC) Central Committee meeting held on March 27th demanded that the new online consumption enthusiasm be maintained.

  At present, where is the new online consumption? What are the advantages of these new online formats to expand household consumption? What other policies are needed to accelerate the development of new online consumption? Recently, our reporter approached some consumers and entrepreneurs and conducted an investigation and interview on new online consumption.

  — — Editor

  Zhao Xue, a consumer in Nanchang, Jiangxi — —

  Live broadcast makes people want to buy.

  "During the epidemic, I couldn’t go out shopping. Many friends around me recommended online live shopping. After I tried it, I found it was really good, and I gradually liked this new shopping method." Speaking of "live broadcast with goods", Zhao Xue, who lives in Taoyuan Street, Xihu District, Nanchang City, Jiangxi Province, suddenly opened the "chatterbox".

  Like many young female consumers, Zhao Xue is curious about new things and willing to try them early. After participating in online live broadcasts several times, it has become her living habit to choose goods from the live broadcast room.

  Open the live shopping cart in Zhao Xue. There are many kinds of goods, such as fresh food, clothing, daily necessities, food, beauty cosmetics and home appliances. Among them, fruit is the most frequently purchased. She loves to "watch" in the live broadcast room of agricultural products in Pinduoduo: "pineapple in Xuwen, Guangdong, orange in Danling, Sichuan, navel orange in Zigui, Hubei & HELIP; … I have bought all these special fruits, which are delicious and cheap. " Zhao Xue said.

  On the surface, "live broadcast with goods" is somewhat similar to traditional TV shopping: goods are displayed with pictures and videos, and delivered to your door after placing an order. So, why are more and more consumers willing to stare at the "live room"? In Zhao Xue’s view, live broadcast with goods is highly sought after because of its strong sense of participation and experience, which can make people trust and want to buy.

  — — More intuitive, more realistic and more three-dimensional product display can effectively reduce the trial and error rate.

  "A few days ago, I planned to buy a sweater through live broadcast. The anchor’s height, weight and skin color were similar to mine. I asked her to try on clothes of various colors and sizes, and finally found that a purple medium size had the best effect, so I was relieved to place an order." Zhao Xue said that girls love to buy clothes. In traditional online shopping, the product display area is static, which often makes people struggle in the selection of numbers and colors. The live broadcast room is more stereoscopic and real, and it is generally not wrong to buy it.

  — — Professionals explain online, which has stronger guidance and effectively reduces time costs.

  Last week, Zhao Xue was going to buy an oven and jumped back and forth between several live broadcasts. In the end, she couldn’t make up her mind which one to choose. But later, she found that there was a food "Daren" in the live broadcast room, which directly used the oven to make excellent and delicious bread. Many fans left messages: "Great, yeast and flour are ready, just wait for this ‘ Baby ’ Go home. " Zhao Xue decided to buy this one.

  — — Red envelope rain, shopping vouchers, spike full reduction … … More price concessions are attractive.

  "I am concerned that there is an air fryer in a live broadcast room. At some time from 8: 00 to 10: 00 every night, the anchor will distribute 50% discount coupons. This limited-time limited promotion is very attractive, and everyone wants to try their luck. Last week, I grabbed a half-price ticket and quickly placed an order. " Zhao Xue said.

  He Qinyao, the owner of Yichang live broadcast in Hubei — —

  Walk out of a new road of development

  Two small stores, during the epidemic, achieved sales of 500,000 yuan by live broadcast! This is the "report card" handed over by Hubei girl He Qinyao after 1980s. Compared with some online celebrity anchors, this figure may not be so amazing, but you know, He Qinyao started to broadcast live from scratch. When she first tried to walk into the studio, she didn’t even dare to look at the camera.

  He Qinyao is the head of two Tmall Premium Electrical Appliances Experience Stores in Yiling District and Zigui County, Yichang City, Hubei Province. During the epidemic, in order to stabilize the turnover, she began to test the new format of "live broadcast with goods".

  To this end, He Qinyao participated in the Taobao live training course, and the platform also provided him with professional equipment such as live support. In mid-February, He Qinyao started the first live broadcast.

  However, when the live broadcast started, she suddenly became very nervous, afraid to look directly at the camera, let alone speak vaguely. This is very different from what Kan Kan talked about when she usually introduced products to customers in the store.

  In order to overcome the camera fear, He Qinyao began to train herself by recording videos. For a week in a row, she adjusted the camera alone in the store to "simulate" the live broadcast. Record hundreds of videos at the end of the day, watch them again and again, improve them again and again, adjust your tone and speed, and design actions to make yourself look more natural.

  Gradually, He Qinyao let go of himself, and the live broadcast was smoother every time. Her fans in the live broadcast room quickly exceeded 1,000, and a live broadcast can sell nearly 10,000 yuan of goods.

  "As the turnover is getting higher and higher, you will become more and more confident, and now I can handle it freely in the live broadcast room." He Qinyao said.

  After tasting the sweetness, He Qinyao began to help other shop assistants walk into the live broadcast room. After several explorations, He Qinyao’s live broadcast of Tmall Premium Store formed a relatively fixed mode divided into three periods: the first period was operated by a male colleague to warm up and chat with fans in the live broadcast room; Then there is the live broadcast of the shop tour, in which the clerk recommends the products to consumers in the shop and answers the online questions of consumers; Finally, He Qinyao is the anchor himself.

  "Every business has its own live broadcast style, and our ‘ Syllogism ’ The model allows the clerk to participate, which improves everyone’s enthusiasm and the effect is good. " He Qinyao said.

  "During the epidemic, we found a new way to develop online live broadcast, and we intend to promote it normally in the future." He Qinyao said.

  Expert advice — —

  Improve the consumer rights protection mechanism.

  As a new online shopping method, "live broadcast+e-commerce" ushered in explosive growth during the epidemic.

  "Fire" is in the growth rate of fans. In 50 days, from 0 to 2.7 million fans, Li Jiwang, the owner of Pinduoduo live broadcast in Qinghe, Hebei Province, opened his cashmere clothing brand "Chuanger" to the live broadcast platform in Pinduoduo. Six anchors in the store broadcast live 24 hours a day, the store went online for 50 days, and "Chuanger" women’s wear sold 34,000 pieces.

  "Fire" is in the content of goods. On March 8th, Alibaba’s local life service platform was broadcast live by 24 well-known commercial complexes in 18 cities, including Hangzhou Crystal City, Shanghai Xingguangyao, Chongqing Banan Wanda and Guangzhou Modern Department Store, with nearly 50 live broadcasts, so that consumers in front of the screen could visit the national shopping malls without leaving home.

  "Fire" is in the ability to carry goods. On March 28th and 29th, Suning and his party came to Tianmu Mountain in Zhejiang Province to broadcast the process of farmers digging bamboo shoots live. According to statistics, the two-day live broadcast attracted more than 2 million people to watch, and nearly 150,000 buyers placed orders to buy bamboo shoots from Tianmu Mountain, with a cumulative sales of 700,000 Jin and sales of more than 4 million yuan.

  According to the consulting data of Ai Media, the number of users in the online live broadcast industry in China has increased to 504 million in 2019, with a growth rate of 10.6%. In 2020, it will maintain a rapid growth momentum, and the number of users is expected to reach 526 million, accounting for more than half of netizens.

  "Whether online celebrity brings goods or the clerk brings goods, this new form enriches the way of online sales of goods and makes users have a better consumption experience." Zhu Wei, deputy director of the Communication Law Research Center of China University of Political Science and Law, said.

  Zhu Wei believes that the live broadcast platform should always put the interests of consumers first, and further improve the consumer rights protection mechanism from the whole link such as supply chain and circulation chain.

  A few days ago, the "Online Survey Report on Consumer Satisfaction of Live E-commerce Shopping" released by China Consumers Association showed that from the perspective of the satisfaction of various nodes in the live e-commerce shopping process, such as publicity, live broadcast, goods, payment methods, logistics and after-sales, the highest degree of consumer satisfaction is the payment link, which is 79.1 points; The lowest degree of satisfaction is the publicity link, which is 64.7 points. The consumers interviewed have more opinions on two issues: the exaggeration and false propaganda of the anchor, and the sale of links that cannot explain the characteristics of the goods in the live broadcast room.

  "To guide the healthy and orderly development of the live e-commerce industry, it is necessary to promote social co-governance, severely crack down on all kinds of violations of laws and regulations, and also strengthen supervision and clarify the responsibilities and obligations of live e-commerce operators, especially live e-commerce platform operators. In particular, focus on key nodes and strengthen the standardized management of anchor groups. " Zhu Wei said.


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