How does "online celebrity" become "long red" after a person and a song set a city on fire?


How does "online celebrity" become "long red" after a person and a song set a city on fire?

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  With the popularity of social media, a "online celebrity" character and a song can often make a place a punching place for "online celebrity". However, if online celebrity wants to have lasting vitality, it must not only rely on marketing innovation, but also have the competitiveness of product content, including the uniqueness of the product itself and the value it brings to tourists.

  After Ding Zhen became popular, Litang became famous, "going north to Cao" made Cao county out of the circle, and "Mohe Ballroom" brought fire to Mohe … … The emergence of "online celebrity" destinations has brought a new direction to the tourism industry.

  Gu Huimin, a professor at beijing international studies university College of Tourism Science, told Workers Daily that tourist cities can quickly attract attention with the help of the special influence of a special person, event and music, and play a good role in publicity and promotion. Therefore, it is advisable to use the unique advantages of social media to carry out marketing. However, it is an important task for some tourist cities to change "online celebrity" into "Long Red" after its sudden popularity.

  From "Ding Zhen Effect" to Mohe Out of Circle

  Ding Zhen has been popular for more than a year. Driven by the "Ding Zhen Effect", Litang, a small county located in Ganzi Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture, Sichuan, has become a "city of the sky" that many tourists yearn for.

  Affected by this, the local cultural tourism industry has developed rapidly. On October 8, the data released by Litang County Holiday Office showed that Litang County received 137,967 tourists during the "Eleventh" Golden Week, achieving a total tourism revenue of 152 million yuan, a year-on-year increase of 72.4%.

  According to the data of enterprise investigation, there are currently 896 catering-related enterprises in Litang County, with 287 newly registered in the first 11 months of this year, up 85.2% year-on-year; There are 151 tourism-related enterprises, with 26 newly registered in the first 11 months of this year, up 13% year-on-year.

  A person can bring a city with fire, so can a song. Because of a song "Mohe Ballroom", China is the "northernmost town" — — Mohe City, Heilongjiang Province, also made a successful exit.

  On November 17th, the 2021 Winter Tourism Bee Direction released by Ma Honeycomb Tourism and Tencent Travel Service showed that Mohe became the "online celebrity" destination in early winter with a song Mohe Ballroom. After the song was released, the search popularity of "Mohe Travel Guide" in Mahoneycomb Station increased by 166%, and the search popularity of "Mohe Ballroom" increased by 430%.

  In addition, since October 24th, more than 680,000 netizens have watched the Mohe scenery through Tik Tok live broadcast. From October 24th to November 6th, the search volume of "Mohe" in Tik Tok increased by 621% on a biweekly basis.

  Feng Guangqing, director of Mohe Municipal Bureau of Culture, Sports, Radio, Film and Tourism, said in an interview with the media that Mohe Ballroom, like the song Chengdu, can become a local cultural symbol. In the future, we plan to find a suitable location to restore the old ballroom and let this symbol continue to expand.

  The traffic password behind "online celebrity"

  There are many cases in which a song brings fire to a city. Previously, "Chengdu" with a high degree of popularity brought fire to Yulin Road and taverns in Chengdu, and "The Shepherd of Cocoto Sea" also made the beautiful scenery of Altay and Ili in Xinjiang known to more people … …

  "I just got hit by the song Chengdu ‘ Planting grass ’ I just went to Chengdu, especially that sentence ‘ Eager to take a walk in the streets of Chengdu ’ . I went to Chengdu in August last year, and I felt the amorous feelings of that city while listening to songs. It was very good. After listening to Mohe Ballroom, if it weren’t for the epidemic, I would have punched in Mohe. " Ms. Fang, who works in an Internet company in Beijing, told reporters.

  Some experts pointed out that a song can become the cultural brand of a city, and it can also make tourists know and remember the destination. At the same time, the popularity of short videos also enables more users to know more about each city through vivid and interesting content, leaving a beautiful and deep impression, and "weeding" offline through online "planting grass".

  Feng Guangqing said that short video has become a ubiquitous medium, with a huge potential customer base and a vibrant market. If the perspective of short video is human’s perspective, it will give people a sense of substitution and accomplishment. Then there is an array effect on the short video platform. Everyone shoots a punch point and spreads it repeatedly, which will make people want to imitate it.

  "One by one ‘ Online celebrity ’ The emergence of the destination relay has brought a new direction to the tourism industry, with local talents, ‘ Online celebrity ’ The huge economic effects produced by the brand began to appear. " Feng Rao, head of the Ma Honeycomb Tourism Research Center, told reporters.

  Let "online celebrity" City Become a "Long Red" City

  "online celebrity" can not be underestimated in promoting a destination and an experience, so how to cultivate "online celebrity" and make "online celebrity" a "long red" city?

  In order to cultivate a group of local cultural tourism "online celebrity" creators, in November this year, the Shandong Provincial Department of Culture and Tourism jointly launched the "Incubation of Shandong Treasure Players Project" with platforms such as Ma Honeycomb Tourism, and issued recruitment orders for cultural tourism industry practitioners in Shandong Province, such as tourism experts, tour guides, interpreters and non-genetic inheritors, as well as self-media and photographers, with the aim of creating new local tourism highlights and promoting the development of local cultural tourism industry through the local cultural tourism "online celebrity" creators.

  "Local talent itself lives in Shandong and has many conveniences in content creation and output. They not only have a deep understanding of Shandong culture, but also can unlock new ways of playing in time. I hope that by incubating local high-quality creators, they will give full play to the role of spokespersons for cultural tourism and continue to export Shandong’s play inspiration. " The relevant person in charge of the Shandong Provincial Department of Culture and Tourism said.

  However, Gu Huimin pointed out that how to stay popular for a long time after a sudden explosion is an important issue facing some tourist cities.

  "Every city has its own unique image of cultural tourism, which is worthy of further exploration. It can continuously enlarge the traffic by making movies and holding brand activities to create IP." Wei Xiang, a professor at national academy of economic strategy, said that, for example, Changsha Wenheyou has made catering IP very successful, and it has almost become a landmark that must be punched when traveling to Changsha.

  In Wei Xiang’s view, for the "online celebrity" city, if it wants to become a "long red" city, it needs to integrate the cultural tourism industry into the local public service system and supporting urban infrastructure construction. By enriching the supply of cultural tourism products, telling good urban cultural stories and optimizing the consumption environment of cultural tourism, it will bring a sense of gain and happiness to local residents and form an attraction to the outside world.

  Gu Huimin said that if online celebrity wants to have lasting vitality, it must not only rely on marketing innovation, but also have the competitiveness of product content, including the uniqueness of the product itself and the value it brings to tourists. Without innovative products, exciting tourism content, high-quality service, perfect infrastructure and sound market governance, it is difficult to last only through the "online celebrity" effect.


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