Geely Raytheon Power DHT was copied from Chery because it was all in third gear? Official: We are different.


Geely Raytheon Power DHT was copied from Chery because it was all in third gear? Official: We are different.

Recently, there are rumors that Geely Raytheon Power DHT technology copied Chery and registered the patent first. On August 2nd, the official account of Geely Network False Information Reporting Center issued a clarification, saying that the news on the Internet that "Geely Raytheon Power DHT technology copied Chery and registered the patent first" was seriously inaccurate, and the relevant content was wrongly quoted, which seriously damaged the reputation of Geely brand. The company has collected and fixed relevant evidence and reserved the right to investigate the responsibility of the infringer.

Geely issued a statement as follows:

1. The statement that "Geely hybrid car copied Chery car technology" in the online content is seriously inaccurate.

2. The part about "Geely 3-speed hybrid electric drive DHT Pro patent drawing (CN202120284735.7)" appearing in the network content is not a patent of Geely 3-speed hybrid electric drive DHT Pro scheme, but a patent of other Geely projects.

The domestic patent of Geely DHT Pro scheme (CN201810943518.7) was applied in August 2018 and published in January 2019; International patent (PCT/CN2019/078178) was filed in March 2019 and published in February 2020.

In addition, Geely’s 3-speed hybrid electric drive DHT Pro scheme uses the transmission of double planetary mechanisms+clutch+brake, and adopts two planetary gear mechanisms to realize different transmission ratios in the third gear of the power system, improving fuel economy and accelerating power performance of the power system. The planetary gear mechanisms realize different motion states to provide different transmission ratios through the combination or disengagement of the brake and clutch, which makes the power system not only simple in structure, competitive in cost, but also more adaptable. It is different from the transmission path of the "patent (CN201910360258.5) applied by Chery in 2019" quoted in the false content of the network transmission.

3. The statement that the patent nature of Geely DHT Pro is "utility patent" and "Geely dare not apply for invention patent" is seriously untrue. Geely’s DHT Pro technology has applied for an invention patent in August 2018, and our company has complete intellectual property rights for the patent of the 3-speed hybrid electric drive DHT Pro scheme. The patents of this scheme have been authorized in China, the United States and Japan, and the power products have been mass-produced by the end of 2021. The hybrid models of Xingyue L Raytheon Hi·F and Emgrand L Raytheon Hi·P have been delivered.

It is worth mentioning that this statement is the first statement analogy issued since the establishment of this account, which shows that Geely Automobile attaches importance to its power technology brand Raytheon Power.

According to the "Talk on Automobile Pulling", the reason why Raytheon hybrid technology was plagiarized was because both Geely and Chery hybrid transmissions used three gears, but the difference was that Chery’s hybrid technology Kunpeng e+ was a two-way balanced design structure, while Geely’s hybrid technology Raytheon engine was a planetary gear structure, which was exactly the difference between the two transmission paths mentioned in Geely’s statement. Moreover, Geely’s Lei Shenqing engine supports FOTA upgrade in the later stage, and more functions can be unlocked in the future.

In addition, rumors can’t stand scrutiny in time. Geely’s hybrid technology Lei Shenqing applied for a patent in 2018, while Chery applied for a patent in 2019.

At present, the domestic hybrid market is full of flowers, and each family has its own specialty skills. BYD’s DM-i, Great Wall’s lemon DHT, Geely’s Lei Shenqing Hi·X and Chery’s Kunpeng DHT have all been put on specific models and achieved mass production. Rumors and excuses are not enough to destroy technology, which is stronger, and the real market will give an answer sooner or later.


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