It’s as disgusting as eating a mouse! The performance of the Mercedes-Benz E300 bought for 530,000 yuan is really bad.


It’s as disgusting as eating a mouse! The performance of the Mercedes-Benz E300 bought for 530,000 yuan is really bad.

Netizen: I picked up this E300 on July 25th this year, because it happened to be my birthday. Then, in order to give myself a birthday present, I made it clear to the 4S shop that I must pick up the car on the same day, and then the 4s shop helped me get everything ready on time, and let me pick up the car directly, which can be regarded as a gift for myself at the age of 30.

Originally, I was driving a car myself, but I really didn’t want it after four or five years. It happened that my business was doing fairly well in the past two years, and I had a great improvement. I had more money in my hand, so I thought about changing a car. After discussing with my family, they all supported my idea, and then I began to look at the car, thinking that I would choose one of the two models, and then I would like to see the E300 later.

The main reason is that the reputation and impression of this model are not very good. Why do you say that? Because the Five Series pays attention to the control style, it may be harder to drive, which is not suitable for business reception. However, our main demand for buying this car is for home use, and occasionally it is used for business reception, so comfort is definitely the most important thing to ensure. In addition, it has always given people the impression of being an outsider. I don’t like this feeling very much, so I finally chose it.

But this generation, in terms of design, looks a little rustic, but it doesn’t matter much. I originally wanted to choose a blue E300, but they didn’t have this color scheme. In the end, I had to drive my car to the beauty shop outside, and then let them put up my car clothes, and then they helped me to go to the vehicle management office to do the registration. This one originally looked a little old-fashioned and full of business sense, and suddenly it became very, very.

Seeing that this E300 has been used for three or four months, I am very dissatisfied with the overall performance of the car. I knew I shouldn’t have bought this one at that time, and maybe it would be better.

First of all, the comfort of the vehicle is actually not so reliable, because I feel that the models of his generation are not well done in the seat, and the padding is not very soft now, and the support of the seat is not high. If you ride for a long time, you will feel how much your body is, and you will be a little tired.

Secondly, the sound insulation effect in the car is not in place, but the wind noise can still be heard clearly in the car when driving at high speed. It was said that the sound insulation effect of this car is very good before, but it is completely different from my own experience.

There is also the luxurious atmosphere inside the car and the design of the car, which gives people a feeling of being completely puzzled. Isn’t the old double-screen design style more beautiful? This new design style is really at a loss, and the reaction speed of the car machine is not very fast, and the operation is particularly complicated, which makes people very angry to use.

What makes me want to vomit most is that the driving experience and ride comfort of this car, let’s put it aside for the time being, but now we have begun to pay attention to the attempt to combine sports with comfort, but this is not the case at all in this car. He really only pays attention to the so-called comfort and ignores the driver’s feelings. The chassis adjustment is too soft, making this car drive like watching an old man. "

It is definitely a leader in the field of large cars among luxury brands, and it is also a leader. It has divided different fields, paying more attention to luxury and comfort, and paying more attention to sports control. Basically, consumers with such needs will choose one of these two models at a fixed point.

Compared with the old model, the design style of the new model is indeed a bit stingy, especially the design of headlights has not played a finishing touch role, but it has also affected the overall visual effect. Of course, the overall sense of luxury and grade of the vehicle has disappeared with the efforts of the designer. If you want a medium-sized and large car with a more comfortable riding atmosphere, I will advise you to consider other brands and won’t mind your choice.


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