BYD Qin L interior official map released: "landscape painting" cockpit, positioning "intermediate car"


BYD Qin L interior official map released: "landscape painting" cockpit, positioning "intermediate car"

On April 19th, the IT House reported that BYD announced the official picture of the interior of the Qin L model today, showing the interior details of the new car.

As can be seen from the picture, BYD Qin L is equipped with a full LCD instrument panel and a large-size central control screen. Officially, it is called "landscape painting, spacious cockpit, elegant style and elegant atmosphere" and positioned as "intermediate car".

As can be seen from the figure, Qin L retains a number of physical buttons on the steering wheel, and the seat adopts line texture, which is relatively simple as a whole.

As can be seen in another picture, there are two wireless charging panels under the central control panel in the car.

In terms of appearance, the design of the new car is significantly different from that of Qin Plus. The front grille is wider, and the logo design is similar to that of Song L, which improves the recognition. The tail adopts the "Chinese knot" style with penetrating taillights and the same Chinese style, which has a higher value. The body size of Qin L is 4830mm x 1900mm x 1495mm, and the wheelbase is 2790mm.

Qin L is expected to be equipped with the 5th-generation DM-i hybrid system, with a brand-new hybrid chassis code-named "P5" and a front McPherson rear four-bar independent suspension. As a plug-in hybrid vehicle, the new car offers two battery capacities of 10.08kWh and 15.87kWh, with a pure electric cruising range of 60 km and 90 km respectively. IT House will follow up the subsequent sale information.


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