The child has a cold and is recovering at home. You can accompany him to do these parent-child activities.


The child has a cold and is recovering at home. You can accompany him to do these parent-child activities.

When the weather is cold, it is inevitable for children to catch a cold, so they need to have a good rest and recuperate at home. However, how can lively children endure boring life at home? Here are some things you and your child can do together to kill time and make your child feel happy and comfortable.

Step 1 organize old photos


Don’t think that only old people like to sort out old photos and browse past albums, and children can also have fun from them. They rediscovered the sweet memories of the family in old photos. You can give him some old photo albums, or digital photo albums on the computer, and let him organize them. This method can kill two birds with one stone-you’ve been trying to organize those photos for a long time, but you’ve been too lazy to start, haven’t you?

Step 2 flip through recipes

As long as the children are sick and nauseous, they will be happy to participate in this activity. Even for children, recipes filled with tempting foods are fun to read. Give them another stack of paper and ask them to record the good ideas that can be referenced in the recipe, and use them when preparing dinner or dessert at home in the future.

3. Card games

Open a new deck of cards and let the sick children play card games for a while. Playing card games in the real world is more interesting and better for children’s health than staring at iPad all day.

4. relive classic movies together

Play back an old movie that everyone likes. Disney movies that you haven’t seen for a long time, or some warm movies suitable for family fun, will make you embrace a warm time.

Step 5 do manual work

Find a manual labor that can be easily done by children leaning on the sofa. For example, making a necklace with fruit MaiQuan, decorating a photo frame, or drawing pictures can help children relax and divert their attention so that they don’t feel so uncomfortable.

Step 6 play with plasticine


The biggest advantage of playing plasticine is that children will concentrate on playing and be quiet for a while. Illness may bring great pressure to children, so you can take this opportunity to let children release these feelings when kneading plasticine, so as to calm down.

Step 7 breathe fresh air

If the child recovers some strength, you can take him for a walk nearby. If he is not strong enough to walk, it is good to sit in the community for a while. Fresh air can wash your lungs with your children, and sunbathing can also help your children absorb vitamin D, which is very good for their health. At the same time, fresh air can bring a good mood. Staying at home all day is stressful for children and adults.

8. Listen to audio books

If the child is too young or too sick to sit up and read, you can listen to audio books.

9. Meditate


If the child is fidgeting because he is not feeling well, you can try to meditate with him. Find a piece of meditation music and try to meditate with your child for ten minutes, which should help him to divert his attention from thinking about sore throat and other uncomfortable symptoms.

10. rekindle enthusiasm for old toys

Find an old toy left in the corner by a child, or a board game that hasn’t been played for a long time. Maybe children will rekindle their enthusiasm for them.

11. Indoor picnic

Tired of staying in bed or leaning on the sofa all day? Maybe you can move the children under the table. Put a piece of cloth, and you can have a picnic, read books and have a good time with your children under the table.

12. Video chat

Sometimes, you and your children will miss someone who doesn’t live locally. When the child is sick at home, you can open the video software and have a video chat with friends far away. Seeing the familiar faces of your friends and talking to them for a while will definitely make you feel that time flies.

13. write a letter

Why don’t you take your child with nostalgia and try to write a letter by hand? Imagine the surprised expression on grandma’s face when she received the letter written by her child. Or your child has just finished his birthday, you can ask him to write some thank-you cards to the friends who gave gifts, or you can ask your child to write some small cards of blessing for the people around you when a holiday is coming. It is a good time to finish these tasks quietly when you are sick at home.

14. play house


Invite all the plush toys and have afternoon tea together. Or let the sick child play the patient and you play the nurse. You can choose any kind of play house scene, and the key point is to give kind care to the children who are in a bad mood. Help them divert their attention, relax and focus on interesting things.

Original title: When children catch a cold at home, these parent-child activities can kill boring bed time.

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