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Representatives of the Sichuan delegation discussed the report of the 19th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, and planned and implemented measures in combination with their own work

  On the afternoon of October 18, the Sichuan Provincial delegation attending the 19th National Congress of the Communist Party of China held a plenary meeting to focus on the report made by the Supreme Leader General Secretary on behalf of the 18th Central Committee. "The report holds high the banner, the theme is clear, and the thought is profound." "The report is cohesive and inspiring. It is a good report that is people-oriented, full of pride, and inspiring." "The report summarizes the results and seeks truth from facts, studies and judges the situation objectively and accurately, and plans for the future."… The report caused heated discussions in the Sichuan Provincial delegation. In light of their own work realities, the delegates actively considered how to focus on goals and tasks, refine work measures, and implement the report of the 19th National Congress of the Communist Party of China according to local conditions.


  Open to the outside world

  The original sound of the report: Openness brings progress, but closure necessarily lags behind. China’s door to opening up will not be closed, but will only open wider and wider. We must focus on the construction of the "Belt and Road Initiative", adhere to the equal emphasis on bringing in and going out, follow the principle of extensive consultation, joint construction and sharing, strengthen the opening up and cooperation of innovation capabilities, and form an open pattern of linkage between land and sea, and mutual assistance between East and West.

  Luo Qiang, representative of the 19th National Congress of the Communist Party of China:

  Better build a national opening-up hub

  At noon on October 18, Luo Qiang, a representative of the 19th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, deputy secretary of the Chengdu Municipal Party Committee, and mayor, walked out of the Great Hall of the People, unable to hide his excitement. "Don’t forget the original intention to compose a new chapter, and look forward to the grand plans." After listening to the report, he said he was inspired, excited, and confident.

  In the report, Luo Qiang paid particular attention to one word: openness. In his opinion, the Party Central Committee with the supreme leader as the core actively promotes "grand diplomacy", and has never entered the center of the international stage with Chinese characteristics, Chinese style and Chinese style. "In particular, the construction of the’Belt and Road Initiative ‘has reshaped the global economic map, cultural geography and political pattern in the new century, and created new historical opportunities for the country’s economic and social development, including the development of the western region," Luo Qiang said.

  The construction of the "Belt and Road Initiative", Sichuan is both a practitioner and a beneficiary, which is Luo Qiang’s intuitive feeling. Take the China-Europe Express (Rong-Europe Express) as an example, the express train from Chengdu goes directly to Nuremberg, Lodz, Moscow, Istanbul and other 20 cities along the "Belt and Road Initiative".

  In recent years, the construction of "water, land and air" external channels in Sichuan has been accelerated. Only Chengdu Shuangliu International Airport has 102 international (regional) routes, and the annual passenger throughput reached 46 million passengers and cargo throughput exceeded 600,000 tons last year.

  The "big channel" to connect the world has gradually taken shape, and the pace of building a "big platform" for two-way opening up in Sichuan has been accelerating. Tianfu New Area has been upgraded to a national-level new area, and has been successfully approved as a free trade pilot zone. 159 unique ** pilot tasks in investment, trade, financial innovation and other fields have been smoothly advanced. The construction of China-Germany, China-France, China-Italy and other country-specific cooperation parks has been accelerated. The "China-Europe Center" was officially launched in May this year… In the first half of this year, the province’s total import and export trade increased by as much as 5 ****. The total number of international sister cities and friendly cooperative relations in Sichuan has increased to 238

  Luo Qiang said that the report clearly insists on opening the door to the country for construction, actively promotes the "Belt and Road Initiative" international cooperation; at the same time, optimize the layout of regional opening up, increase the opening up of the west, and grant greater reform autonomy to the free trade pilot area, which points out the way for us to accelerate the construction of a pan-European and pan-Asian gateway hub.


  Agriculture rural farmers

  The report’s original voice: The issue of agriculture and rural farmers is a fundamental issue related to the national economy and people’s livelihood, and we must always take solving the "three rural" issue as the top priority of the whole party’s work. We must adhere to the priority development of agriculture and rural areas, and in accordance with the general requirements of prosperous industries, ecological livability, civilized rural customs, effective governance, and prosperous life, establish and improve the system, mechanism, and policy system for integrated development of urban and rural areas, and accelerate the modernization of agriculture and rural areas.

  Yao Qingying, representative of the 19th National Congress of the Communist Party of China:

  Promoting rural revitalization has a "navigation map"

  The five years since the 18th National Congress of the Communist Party of China have been an extraordinary five years in the development process of the party and the country. As a rural grassroots cadre, Yao Qingying, the representative of the 19th National Congress of the Communist Party of China and the party branch secretary of Lianghe Village, Xilai Town, Pujiang County, feels deeply. According to the "small group micro-living" standard, Lianghe Village has built a new residence for farmers in "Lianghe Yiyuan" and remodeled the "Lianghekou" scattered courtyard. Oil sands roads, tap water, natural gas, and optical networks are connected to every household. Villagers have built small villas and renovated them like houses in the city.

  In addition to "visible" changes, there are also "invisible changes". By organizing villagers to independently formulate village rules and regulations, the problems such as burning straw, building indiscriminately, and the environment being dirty and messy that used to be solved by nine bulls and two tigers have now been easily solved. Through the promotion and education of the Chinese Dream, the "Farmers’ Night School" has been well run, and the villagers have been mobilized to bask in the family style and family rules, and the selection of "good children", "good neighbors", "good husband and wife", "good cadres" and "good party members" has made the whole village a happy and harmonious family.

  The report proposes to implement the rural revitalization strategy. It is necessary to adhere to the priority development of agriculture and rural areas, and establish and improve the system, mechanism and policy system of integrated urban and rural development in accordance with the general requirements of prosperous industries, ecological livability, civilized rural style, effective governance and prosperous life, and accelerate the modernization of agriculture and rural areas.

  "The report of the General Secretary of the Supreme Leader has allowed us to further clarify how we see, how to do, and how to do rural work. It is the’navigation map ‘for us to build a happy and beautiful new village." What to do next? Yao Qingying already has a plan:

  Continue to do a good job in the normalization and institutionalization of "two learning and one doing" learning and education, and further strengthen the branch team and manage the party members. "To implement the rural revitalization strategy, grassroots party organizations must give full play to the role of fighting fortresses and lead the masses to work hard."

  To plant more green organic fruits, soil improvement and efficient water-saving irrigation will be carried out on more than 4,800 mu of orchards in the village, efforts will be made to build modern orchards, and farmers will be encouraged to develop leisure tourism.

  It is also necessary to vigorously develop rural e-commerce, build an "e-commerce talent station" in Murakami, attract professional e-commerce sales teams to settle in Lianghe Village, focus on marketing services, and build a 1,600-ton fruit centralized distribution center.


  Poverty reduction

  Report original sound: We must mobilize the whole party and the whole society, adhere to precision poverty alleviation, precision poverty reduction, adhere to the central overall responsibility of the province and the county to grasp the implementation of the working mechanism, strengthen the responsibility system of the party and government leaders to take overall responsibility, adhere to the pattern of large-scale poverty alleviation, pay attention to the combination of poverty alleviation with support and wisdom, in-depth implementation of poverty alleviation cooperation between the east and the west, focusing on the task of poverty reduction in deep poverty-stricken areas, to ensure that by 2020 under the current standards of our country under the rural poor population to achieve poverty reduction, poverty counties are all capped, to solve the regional overall poverty, to get rid of real poverty, real poverty reduction.

  Wang Liangcheng, representative of the 19th National Congress of the Communist Party of China:

  Only by building strong grassroots party organizations and poverty reduction can we have the backbone

  "After listening to the report of the General Secretary of the Supreme Leader, I am deeply encouraged and very excited." Wang Liangcheng, a representative of the 19th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, deputy director of the Price Supervision and Inspection Bureau of Pingchang County, and first secretary of the Party Branch of Limin Village, Shuanglu Township, Pingchang County, was overjoyed. As a front-line cadre in poverty reduction, he has a deep understanding of the "decisive progress in the fight against poverty reduction" pointed out by the General Secretary of the Supreme Leader in the report.

  "Poverty reduction is fast, and the villagers’ days are getting more and more prosperous; the party’s policies are good, and the old areas are full of motivation to catch up and surpass; the party is strictly managed and the party is governed, and the entrepreneurial atmosphere of cadres and officers is good." In 2014, Wang Liangcheng and nearly 200,000 party members in government organs across the country were selected to serve as the first secretary of the village. In the past three years, the provincial party committee has established "four major funds" for education for poverty alleviation, medical assistance for poverty alleviation, poverty alleviation and micro-credit insurance, and industrial support for poor villages, providing them with "sewing kits" for "embroidery" on the front line of poverty reduction; 22 incentive and care measures in 5 aspects have been issued to encourage them to take root in grassroots officers and start businesses. " The concern and love of the organization makes us deeply feel that only by taking the lead and leading the masses to work together can we be worthy of the organization and live up to our mission. "Wang Liangcheng said.

  How to make the villagers’ pockets bulge is the question that Wang Liangcheng thinks the most. The lessons of previous failures in industrial development have made the villagers worried. Wang Liangcheng invited experts to the village to guide and work door-to-door. He called the successful migrant workers in the village one by one, and carried preferential policy brochures to Guangzhou, Chongqing and other places to persuade them to return to the village to start a business with sincerity. Today, the village has established five professional cooperatives, with 1,500 mu of land in circulation, covering 156 households. The villagers have achieved various incomes through land circulation, park work, and industrial development.

  Wang Liangcheng said that combined with the experience and study report of the first secretary of the three years, he deeply realized that only by helping to build and strengthen grass-roots party organizations can poverty reduction be the backbone; only by helping to find the road to prosperity in the industry can poverty reduction be effective; only by integrating into the masses to help, poverty reduction can have cohesion.


  Comprehensive and strict governance of the party

  The original sound of the report: The courage to self-revolution and strictly manage the party is the most distinct character of our party. We must deeply understand the long-term and complexity of the party’s governance test, reform and opening up test, market economy test, and external environment test, and deeply understand the danger of spiritual slack, lack of ability, separation from the masses, and negative corruption. Adhere to the problem orientation, maintain strategic resolve, and promote comprehensive and strict party governance to in-depth development.

  Song Chaohua, representative of the 19th National Congress of the Communist Party of China:

  The great victory of comprehensively and strictly governing the party is inspiring

  Song Chaohua, representative of the 19th National Congress of the Communist Party of China and secretary of the Nanchong Municipal Party Committee, believes that since the 18th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, the Party Central Committee with the Supreme Leader Comrade as the core has taken strong medicine to eliminate diseases, treat chaos, pay close attention to the construction of work style, forcefully punish corruption and corruption, highlight clear rules and regulations, and promote strict party governance to achieve an unprecedented great victory. The people are all rejoicing, applauding, and wholeheartedly supporting.

  Song Chaohua said that in 2014, the central and provincial party committees thoroughly investigated and strictly punished the case of Nanchong soliciting votes and bribing elections. Over the past two years, Nanchong has thoroughly implemented the spirit of the series of important speeches by the General Secretary of the Supreme Leader. Under the strong leadership of the central and provincial party committees, it has deeply learned the lessons of the case, made every effort to purify the political ecology, resolutely eliminated the residual poison of bribery and election, and promoted the formation of a good political ecology in a relatively short period of time.

  Song Chaohua said that practice has fully proved that the central and provincial party committees have thoroughly investigated and strictly dealt with the Nanchong vote-soliciting bribery case, which is very correct. This is a move by strong men to break their wrists, scrape their bones and treat drugs, and comprehensively strictly manage the party’s officials. Not only did it not affect the stability and development of Nanchong, but it also brought unprecedented positive incentives, positive energy and positive effects to Nanchong. At present, Nanchong’s economy and society are developing rapidly and healthily. GDP reached 165.10 billion yuan in 2016, an increase of 7.8%. In the first half of this year, GDP grew by 8.7% year-on-year, ranking fifth in the province in total. The growth rate is higher than that of the whole country, faster than the province, and better than expected

  Song Chaohua said that in the next step, Nanchong will study and implement the spirit of the 19th National Congress of the Communist Party of China as a top political task, especially continue to maintain "comprehensive and strict governance of the party, purification of the political ecology is always on the way", resolutely win the "three protracted battles" of governing party officials, righteousness and discipline, and punishing corruption and corruption. Thoroughly eliminate the lingering poison of canvassing and bribery, and never let bribery and election resurface, never let problems happen again, and never let tragedies repeat themselves. (Reporters, Dong Shimei, Zhang Shoushuai, Li Xinyi, Zhang Lidong, Lin Ling)



Hengchi 5 is deeply rooted in the hearts of the people, are you still hesitating?

Nowadays, young people are already at the forefront of the torrent of the times, and they are also the main force of consumption in society. In addition to cost performance, it also depends on whether this car looks good or not, and whether its performance is strong or not. What I bring to you today is that it has many highlights. Come and see it now.

Take a look at the appearance of the Hengchi 5 first. The front design of the Hengchi 5 is very simple and looks very sporty. With the fashionable and sporty headlights, it looks very visual. The car is equipped with LED daytime running lights, automatic opening and closing, delayed closing, etc. Come to the side of the car, the body size of the car is 4725MM*1925MM*1676MM, the car adopts soft lines, the side looks very sharp, with large-sized thick-walled tires, the shape is eye-catching. In terms of the rear, the rear line of the Hengchi 5 is cool, and the taillights give people a very personalized feeling, creating a good atmosphere.

Sitting in the car, the interior of Hengchi 5 looks very eye-catching, and the overall recognition is very high. The steering wheel of the car is very in line with the interior style, equipped with functions such as manual up and down + front and rear adjustment of the steering wheel, which shows the atmosphere. From the central control point of view, the car is decorated with an eye-catching touch LCD central control screen, which impresses the interior style and has a certain sense of technology. The dashboard and seats also feel good. Let’s take a look. The dashboard design is remarkable, and the shape has taken a sporty route. The car adopts imitation leather seats, and the seats are wrapped in place, which is basically enough for daily use.

Hengchi 5 is equipped with an electric motor with a total power of 150KW and a total torque of 345N.m. It has good acceleration, excellent cruising range, and good power performance.

Equipped with driving mode selection, remote control key, Bluetooth key, rear wiper, interior ambient light, traction control (ASR/TCS, etc.) and other configurations, it is rich in functions and greatly enhances its ease of use.

The Hengchi 5 introduced today is not only eye-catching in space, but also has reached the mainstream level in various configurations. The driving experience and space experience are not picky. If you like it, you can pay more attention!


Q1 earnings observation: Meituan, which was hit hard by the epidemic, why is the stock price still soaring?

New Game Original

By Camellia

Editor: Lei Yunting

Yesterday, Meituan Dianping released the 2020 Quarter 1 performance report. The data shows that Meituan’s total revenue in the first quarter was 16.76 billion yuan, a simultaneous decrease of 12.6%. The operating loss was 1.72 billion yuan, an increase of 31.6% from the 1.30 billion in the same period in 2019, and the adjusted net loss was 216 million yuan, a year-on-year decrease of more than 40%.

Among them, the food and beverage takeaway business achieved revenue of 9.49 billion yuan, down 11.4% year-on-year; the revenue of the store, hotel and tourism business 3.09 billion, down 31.1% year-on-year; new business and other income 4.117 billion yuan, up 4.9% against the trend.

Although Meituan’s two strong businesses, catering takeaway and in-store, hotel business, have been hit hard by the epidemic, the sharp narrowing of net losses and the stories to be told in the future still make the market full of confidence in Meituan. After yesterday’s financial report was released, Meituan’s share price closed at HK $125.8, an increase of more than 6%.

Today, Meituan’s share price closed at HK $138.9, an increase of 10.41%, and the current total market value is about HK $804.706 billion.

Wuliangye has been listed for nearly 22 years, and its market value is 573.70 billion RMB, equivalent to 623.70 billion Hong Kong dollars; Meituan has been listed for less than two years, and its market value has exceeded Wuliangye (000858). The great charm of the new economy is evident.


"Campaign": Reduced commission, withdrawal price

The platform and merchants are originally a community of interests. During the epidemic, Meituan Takeaway launched the "Merchant Partner Commission Refund Program" to provide merchants with free rebates, subsidies and free traffic support to help them tide over difficult times. Hundreds of thousands of merchants across the country participated. In Wuhan, the amount of free commission has exceeded 30 million yuan.

In addition to alleviating the pressure on merchants in terms of free commission, Meituan has also upgraded the "Spring Breeze Action" to the Million Small Stores Program, by providing online operations and other measures to help merchants recover digitally. Newly launched merchants who originally relied mainly on dine-in and needed to develop online channels can enjoy Meituan’s 7-14 days of "new merchant support traffic."

Although the latest financial report shows that Meituan’s commission income in the first quarter was 8.564 billion yuan, and the commission rate was 11.98%, a decrease of 1.5% year-on-year, in the long run, these two measures have accumulated merchants for the Meituan platform. In addition to commissions, the marketing advertising expenses of merchants are also one of the profit channels for the platform, and merchants provide the possibility for Meituan to increase advertising revenue.

Another profit margin for Meituan comes from the cultivation of user consumption behavior.

"Operation Spring Breeze" has enabled many high-quality merchants to achieve a contrarian growth in orders during the epidemic, which has promoted the increase in the unit price of takeaway consumers. According to the financial report, Meituan’s first-quarter catering takeaway revenue decreased by 11.4% year-on-year, the average daily takeaway order volume fell by 18.2%, and the total order volume fell by 46% year-on-year. However, the average price of each order rose by 14.4% to 52 yuan, and the unit price of customers increased significantly.

In addition, since Meituan Distribution was officially established as an independent brand on May 6 last year, as of now, Meituan Distribution has covered 6.20 million multi-product merchants such as catering, fresh food, supermarkets, bookstores, flowers, etc. These categories have become vertical products ordered by users online, and users’ brand awareness of Meituan’s "everything can be home" is deepening.


Future: Food + Platform, Diversity

When Meituan listed in Hong Kong two years ago, Meituan’s co-founder Wang Huiwen repeatedly mentioned Meituan’s Food + Platform grand strategy in the face of the media, that is, starting from takeaway, horizontally covering multiple life service areas such as store delivery, home delivery, and travel.

The core of this strategy is to strengthen a single center of gravity, from the most high-frequency catering consumption to other low-frequency areas, to tap the traffic value of other areas, and to better conduct cross-selling.

Meituan’s current new businesses mainly include food and beverage management systems and B2B food and beverage supply chain services, shared bicycles and online car-hailing, and food retail services.

According to the financial report, in Quarter 1, 2020, Meituan Dianping’s revenue from new business and other divisions was 4.20 billion yuan, an increase of 4.9% year-on-year. This was mainly due to the increase in Meituan’s flash sale and micro-loan business revenue, which was partially offset by the decrease in ride-hailing and B2B catering supply chain service revenue (affected by the epidemic).

The growth of new business is conducive to the overall pull of Meituan.

Meituan’s important fresh food retail business – Meituan market and Meituan flash sale are a major highlight of the earnings report. During the earnings call, Meituan CEO Wang Xing mentioned for the first time that the grocery shopping business will be a very key business sector for Meituan. He said that with the increasing demand of consumers to buy food online, this sector will bring more opportunities and imagination to Meituan in the future, so he will continue to invest in this field.

New businesses including Meituan bicycles and online car-hailing lost 1.40 billion yuan in the first quarter, and the operating profit margin narrowed to -33%. However, the cost of shared bicycles decreased by nearly 1 billion yuan, and depreciation also decreased significantly. Meituan has achieved expenditure control on the bicycle business. These all provide imagination for Meituan’s future development, which is conducive to Meituan’s search for a more perfect growth curve.


Competing against each other: the new economy, the new battlefield

Wang Xing said Meituan has no boundaries. However, conducting multiple businesses also means facing multiple competitors.

Ele.me, Meituan’s main competitor, has significantly outpaced Meituan’s 28.3% growth in revenue performance with a 41% growth in the past 12 months (April 2019-March 2020).

Ele.me’s ability to widen the gap with Meituan in terms of growth rate is mainly due to Alibaba’s integration of resources. From the Double 11 promotion at the end of 2019 to the reduction of commission for catering merchants during the epidemic, and a large number of merchants coming to Ele.me to open stores, Alibaba has used the so-called "synergistic advantages of the digital ecological economy" to attract a large number of merchants to settle in Ele.me, and even non-takeaway merchants such as Marriott Hotel, Decathlon, major museums, and Xinhua Bookstore. This places new requirements on Meituan’s resource integration capabilities and technological upgrading.

As a giant in China’s express delivery industry, SF Express’s entry into the takeaway market has also brought challenges to Meituan. Recently, SF Express launched the "Fengshi" platform, focusing on food delivery services for the corporate employee market. At present, many well-known brands such as Xibei, Yoshinojia, Ajisen Ramen, and Dicos have settled in.

Although SF Express said that the "Fengshi" WeChat Mini Program is still in the incubation stage and is currently only implemented within SF Express, it does not mean to fight against Meituan and Ele.me. But "Fengshi", which focuses on low-draw points, may use the B-end business to develop the C-end, which cannot help Meituan, a colleague, feel anxious.

In March, Didi announced that it had launched errands in 21 cities, including Shanghai, Shenzhen, and Chongqing. Users could summon errands to buy goods they needed and enjoy door-to-door delivery services. The function of picking up and delivering goods in the same city would also be opened. At that time, Didi introduced that the first batch of Didi errands were served by Didi drivers, who rode electric vehicles to receive orders every day. Eligible drivers could provide errands as soon as possible after training.

Just today, Hello’s logistics business "Hello Express" has been launched for testing. Hello Travel said that Hello Express is an "errand running" project currently being explored by Hello Travel’s Pratt & Whitney Vehicle Division. It focuses on the delivery of small items and has not been officially launched. It is currently under test operation in Dongguan and Foshan.


Multiple rivals also mean that the market is vast. As of this afternoon, according to Forbes real-time data, Wang Xing’s personal wealth is 11 billion US dollars (about 77 billion yuan), making him the 20th richest person in China. "We believe that business growth in 2025 is to increase our daily orders to 50 million, and the current data is still a long way off, so we need to further invest in technology in the future." With the strong wind of emerging economies, Meituan is still running.

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Wu Mengda said that Zhou Xingchi needs to be denied, and he was rejected for borrowing money from Zhou Yunfa

Feature: Picture Channel

Wu Mengda

  The Chinese-Korean romantic comedy "Love Art of War" stars Taiwan diva Xu Ruo?, Hong Kong veteran actor Wu Mengda and others, who appeared in Changsha yesterday to meet fans.

  Wu Mengda came to "The Story Behind" and reviewed the years when he was "hurt by women, drinking, and gambling", and exposed the unbearable past that he almost committed suicide when he went bankrupt because of 300,000’s debts. Xu Ruo?, on the other hand, generously talked about the experience of many years of love, laughing that she likes to use "hard to get" in "36 tricks of love".

  Wu Mengda is a guest on "The Story Behind"

  pinnacle of career

  "Hu Tiehua" lost herself

  [Star City collides with stars]

  He has been in the film industry for 37 years, but he has never starred in a real movie. From an unscrupulous father to a decadent and incompetent police officer, he has almost played the joys and sorrows of the common people in the market. Wu Mengda, who is firmly in the No. 2 position of "Funny Man" in Hong Kong. In 1971, Wu Mengda, a young man under the age of 20, went to TVB’s artist training class. After performing a mime, he became classmates with Chow Yun-fat and Chow Xingchi. "When I was a walk-on, I only had 8 lines a day at most." At that time, it was the golden age of Hong Kong movies, and with my little cleverness, Wu Mengda established a firm foothold. The follow-up performance of Hu Tiehua in "The Legend of Chu Liuxiang" made his career soar to the peak, earning $1,500 for one appearance on the stage. " Many people around me took me to the sky, and I completely lost myself. I drank, played cards, etc. every day. I didn’t have the heart to work, so I looked forward to finishing work early. "

  Ruan Jingtian and Chen Qiaoen "don’t call"

  Fortunately, the four-year slump did not completely sink Wu Mengda. After reflection, he began to gain the trust of the circle again. In 1988, he started his first collaboration with Stephen Chow on "He Comes from the Jianghu", and since then the "Stephen Chow + Wu Mengda" model has become a sign of nonsense style. However, the close cooperation between each other has a crack in "Kung Fu". "When I met SARS, my schedule was up, and I couldn’t shoot" Kung Fu ". He didn’t think I was friends enough." Regarding the relationship between the two people, Wu Mengda bluntly said that Zhou Xingchi is not the same as before. "He has raised himself to a high level, and now no one dares to deny him, but I think he needs to be denied, because everyone is wrong at times." Wu Mengda also said that Zhou Xingchi is full of talent, "like’Journey to the West ‘, he just thought about how to make it look good and fun, and he didn’t consider it a classic at all."

  In 1980, Wu Mengda suddenly found that the unemployment crisis was approaching, and he not only could not make ends meet, but also owed 300,000 Hong Kong dollars in gambling debts. What was even more uncomfortable was that there was no drama to play. And in this situation, he was suddenly notified by the Hong Kong government to declare him bankrupt in the media. In order to get through the difficulties, the first thing he thought of was his best friend Chow Yun-fat. "I didn’t expect him to say to me, ‘You solve it yourself!’ I hated him so much at the time, I couldn’t understand that sentence, what was 300,000 to him? I thought about it at home for three days. I remembered a reservoir I went to play in when I was a child, and everything was solved by jumping down. I wanted to commit suicide." Speaking of these unbearable memories, Uncle Da couldn’t help but wipe his tears when he saw his compromised role in "Shaolin Football" on the screen.

eye-catching news

More than 4 people hit Zhang Mingqing

The US military involved in Taiwan will pay the price

Bingbing promotes the new film Black Dress Mourning Xie Jin

India is eager to counter my advanced torpedoes

Maggots and citrus, mostly from Guangxi

Exposing the hidden grievances of Hong Kong’s wealthy families

Land contract rights, homesteads, and farmers’ real estate cannot be mortgaged The West blames Chinese savings for causing the US financial crisis
The United Nations: Beijing is the most equal city in the world China and Russia will jointly build the most advanced fourth-generation nuclear reactor
Beijing plans to bid for the Men’s World Cup Palin says Russia will attack Ukraine after Obama’s election
Liu Zhihua, former vice mayor of Beijing, appealed against the suspended death sentence "Base" calls for another attack on the United States to boost McCain
The BBC makes irresponsible remarks about Inner Mongolia, forcibly connects with Tibet and Xinjiang Beijing ICBC deposits stolen 17.50 million
Taiwan Information Month, the Spice Girls are nearly naked to help out Zhang Mingqing suffered unwarranted disasters, who was violently abused?
Shandong Feixian "poisonous peanut" rumor tracking Dong Jie, Pan Yueming’s old photos were exposed, and the two snuggled sweetly
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A deputy finance mayor jumps from a female friend’s house   <Mei Lanfang > MV released, Chen Kaige sang professionally
Domestic "Taser" stun gun debuts (Photos) Villagers were beaten in the police station and left to die on the side of the road

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Geely has announced plans to launch 11 satellites in early 2024

  [Autohome News] Recently, we learned from Geely officials that the second orbit satellite of Geely Future Travel Constellation was officially launched. Geely announced that it will launch 11 satellites including "Geely Galaxy" satellites in early 2024 to help Geely’s "heaven and earth integration" ecological upgrade. It is understood that Geely (|) will also become the first model equipped with Geely’s self-developed satellite communication technology. It is worth mentioning that Geely Galaxy E8 has been pre-sold before, with a pre-sale price of 188,000 yuan and was officially launched on January 5th.




  The "Geely Future Travel Constellation" is the world’s first commercial communication, navigation and remote sensing integrated constellation independently developed by Geely’s Spacetime Daoyu, which can empower autonomous driving, intelligent networking, mobile phones and IoT devices to directly connect to satellite communication. On June 2, 2022, the "Geely Future Travel Constellation" was successfully launched from the Xichang Satellite Launch Center in a one-shot and nine-star manner, and has been operating stably in orbit for more than one year. This time, Geely plans to launch the second orbit satellite of the constellation in early 2024, and complete the network deployment of 72 satellites in the first phase of the constellation in 2025 to provide satellite application services for global users. Geely will integrate communication, remote sensing, and navigation technologies to empower higher-level intelligent driving and intelligent networking applications in the field of vehicle regulations, empower mobile phones and IoT devices to directly connect to satellite communication in the field of consumer electronics, and provide comprehensive services for multimodal transportation, smart ocean, smart agriculture, emergency disaster reduction, and ecological environment monitoring.

Geely Automobile, Galaxy E8 2024 665km starship, long-range version

  Looking back at the Galaxy E8, it adopts a new design style, officially known as the ripple of light · rhythm grille, equipped with the world’s first mass-produced integrated luminous front face, with a luminous matrix composed of 158 windows, which can present a welcome, left and right water, jumping water, music show and other rich luminous effects. In terms of body color, the new car will provide Begonia powder, smoke gray, autumn apricot yellow, autumn red, early snow silver and willow frost white, a total of 6 color schemes.

Geely Automobile, Galaxy E8 2024 665km starship, long-range version

  From the side, the attitude of the car is close to that of a coupe model, and the roof lines are very smooth. At the same time, thanks to the streamlined body, external AGS active air intake grille, and low wind resistance closed pneumatic wheels, the wind resistance coefficient of Geely Galaxy E8 is only 0.199Cd. In terms of body size, its length, width and height are 5010/1920/1465mm respectively, and the wheelbase is 2925mm.

Geely Automobile, Galaxy E8 2024 665km starship, long-range version

  In terms of the tail, the tail light design is inspired by the rising sun trajectory, and the lamp cavity is equipped with 390 LED lamp beads, which also support different lamp language forms. At the same time, the exaggerated diffuser design at the tail enhances the sporty atmosphere. In addition, the trunk space of the Galaxy E8 can reach 420L, and it is also equipped with 53L of front compartment space.

Geely Automobile, Galaxy E8 2023, basic model

  In terms of interior, the new car will offer two color schemes: Chuji White and Lake Grey. Of course, the most eye-catching Galaxy E8 is equipped with a 45-inch 8K screen, with full-scene AI intelligent voice interaction, and supports mobile phone or handle direct connection to play games in the P-block state. In addition, Geely Galaxy E8 will also be equipped with Qualcomm Snapdragon 8295 chip and Galaxy N OS – Unbounded Edition car system. It is also worth mentioning that the new car will also be equipped with LiDAR, which is also the first model under Geely Automobile to be equipped with LiDAR.

Geely Automobile, Galaxy E8 2023, basic model

  In terms of power, the rear drive version of the model adopts a 400V architecture, with a maximum motor power of 200kW and a maximum torque of 343 Nm; the dual-motor four-wheel drive version adopts an 800V architecture and is equipped with a high-efficiency SiC electric drive. The maximum power of the front motor is 165kW, the maximum power of the rear motor is 310kW, and the maximum torque is 710 Nm. In terms of batteries, the new car will be equipped with 62kWh and 76kWh battery packs, with corresponding battery life of 550km, 665km and 620km respectively. In terms of other parameters, the official 0-100km/h acceleration time is 3.49 seconds, the elk score is 82km/h, and the turning radius is 5.62m. (Compiler/Autohome Zhouyi)


Dana Education’s Blockbuster Inventory at the Beginning of 2024: A Comprehensive Summary of Events and Curriculum Upgrades

Dane’s January 2024 event

01 AI C++/IoT Full Link Engineer Course Released

On January 1, 2024, Dane IT College released the AI C++/Internet of Things full-link engineer course, which is based on the original C++ course and embedded course and merged into the C++/Internet of Things unified course.

And closely fit the AI large model technology, a large number of AI automatic speech recognition, AI hardcoding assistance, AI project architecture design, AI hardware selection and other technologies.

With the strong blessing of the AI model, students can become C++/IoT full-link engineers in line with the needs of the times.

Note: CSD (C++) and ESD (Embedded) are officially merged into C++/IoT (Course Code: ESD), and the CSD course code has been cancelled.

At present, the ESD courses include a full set of C++ courses and a full set of embedded courses.

02 Released Cloud Computing + Automated Testing Full Stack Engineering Course

In January 2024, Dane Institute of IT launched a new industry course benchmark: Cloud Computing Full Stack Engineer.

The course is based on the original cloud computing infrastructure, keeping up with the new trend of AI and operation and maintenance development integration, and adding AI automation tools and automated testing technologies to enable students to systematically cloud computing, software testing, and Python automated testing from zero to one. With the strong support of AI, students can become competent for cross-disciplinary comprehensive IT skills positions in the future, achieving career breakthroughs and promotions.


03 Released "Intelligent Workplace Office" – data analytics course

January 11, "Smart Workplace Office" – data analytics course at Dane IT College.

The course covers 6 major industries, including 8 methods of data analytics, 10 classic business cases, and 2 must-have popular software, allowing students to learn data analytics courses systematically from zero to one. The data analytics skills and tools in the course are currently needed and commonly used by enterprises, helping students better adapt to the needs of the workplace and achieve career breakthroughs and promotions.




Dane’s February 2024 event

01 Released Pure Blood Hongmeng Native Development Famous Enterprise Customized Course

After Huawei released the HarmonyOS NEXT version on January 18, the IT industry ushered in a long-awaited job recruitment outbreak.

After the Spring Festival, Zhaopin.com statistics show that the Hongmeng application/recruitment market ushered in a year-on-year growth of 2.6 times/4.5 times, and Hongmeng programmers were "robbed";

Dana’s important partners plan to recruit 2,000 Hongmeng native development engineers in 2024.

As a strategic partner of Huawei, Danai immediately obtained the latest version of Hongmeng System developer rights and engineering equipment, and redesigned the existing Hongmeng course to fully integrate the latest features of "Hongmeng NEXT Edition" – immediately launched the "Hongmeng Native Application Development Famous Customized Class" course.

02 Released AGI Business Design Monetization Course

On February 27th, Dane School of Design released the AGI Business Design Realization Course. The course is based on the original UID full-link design, follows the new trend of AI design, and adds a large number of AIGC Text-to-Image and Graphic technologies, allowing students to systematically learn MJ and SD technologies from zero to one.

With the strong support of AI, students can complete unimaginable business design solutions in future design positions, achieving career breakthroughs and promotions.


Dane’s March 2024 event

01 Released AI Big Model Full Stack Engineer Course

What is a big model? A big model usually refers to neural networks models with hundreds of trillions to trillions of parameters. These models are commonly used in natural language processing, image recognition and intelligent driving, processing large-scale data, etc. For example, chatgpt, Tencent’s PCAM.

At present, it is difficult to find talents for large-scale model-related positions, and salaries continue to rise. The average salary of AI operations is about 18,457 yuan, the average salary of AI engineers is about 37,336 yuan, and the average salary of large-scale model algorithms is about 39,607 yuan.

And according to Zhaopin.com, the total demand for jobs related to big models rose by 169% this month. Many people exclaimed: "The future belongs to AI". AI big models – become a must-have skill for Internet practitioners.

In March 2024, Danai Education IT College released the AI Big Model Full Stack Engineer Course in light of the current market talent needs. The course is based on the development of AI applications based on big models and enterprise data, and realizes the theory of big models, mastering GPU computing power, hardware, LangChain development framework and projects and other practical skills.

Danai cooperates with Tencent, and the excellent teaching methods are combined with Tencent’s first-line industrial experience, which not only allows him to master solid skills, but also to gain the latest practices of the first-line manufacturers in the industry.

Courses tailor learning content and solutions for different groups of people, enabling them to solve practical business problems.

Give away a Python basic course worth 10,000 yuan, you can learn it with zero basics, and provide a free value of 298 yuan to use the graphics card of the standard A100 and the experimental platform of Tencent Cloud.

02 ACP World Series Dana Division Auditions

On March 4th, the audition for the ACP World Series "Danai Division" officially ended. 24 students from the graphic group of this audition were shortlisted for the finals of the Chinese region. They will compete on behalf of the outstanding designers from Danai and the whole country. 30 students from the video group were shortlisted for the finals, and the winners will be directly selected.

The ACP World Competition started in 2013 and is known as the "heavyweight world skills competition in the global digital media field". In 2020, Yan Zi of Danai Education won the runner-up in the China Finals.



My wife gave 210,000 stars to cross L and drive 3,564 kilometers to share six advantages and disadvantages.

What is the experience of having a "local tyrant" wife? Let me tell you something. You can buy a car at will in buy buy, provided that you can satisfy your wife. You see, I raised the L in full, without blinking an eye. Not much nonsense. Now the new car has driven 3564 kilometers. Let me share the three advantages and three disadvantages of Xingyue L.

My wife pays, I contribute, and I buy a car to match the top. Anyway, it doesn’t cost me money. What are you afraid of if the meat doesn’t hurt? The version I bought is a 2021 2.0TD high-power automatic four-wheel drive flagship (top-equipped model), which is a top-equipped version with all configurations.

The new car guide price is 185,200 yuan, the purchase tax is 16,000 yuan, the commercial insurance plus compulsory insurance is 7,200 yuan, the licensing fee is charged to 800 yuan, and the new car decoration is charged to 3,000 yuan, which is 212,200 yuan.

At that time, the reason for considering the purchase of Star Yue L was very simple, that is, at first glance, it was very attractive, and my eyes were fascinated, just like seeing a beautiful woman, and my eyes were sucked away. Not only did men like it, but actually my wife thought it looked good when she saw the Star Yue L, and then she looked at the interior workmanship, and the configuration was all satisfactory to her, and finally she decided to choose the Star Yue L.

For example, the electric seat is made of two-color leather, which is very luxurious and fashionable, and the touch of the car is very comfortable; There is also the A-pillar with a fur-turning design, which has a high-grade sense ratio and is not bad. The most important thing is the 12.3-inch LCD instrument and the double 12.3-inch central control display screen. The whole central control looks very scientific and classy. You can’t find one of the 200,000 joint venture cars, can you?

My wife likes the function configuration mentioned above very much, and thinks it is almost the same as a tablet, and it is simple and easy for young people to get started. And the visual perception is very good, concise and atmospheric.

In terms of power, let’s say that the car I bought is equipped with a 2.0T high-power engine with a maximum power of 175kW(238 HP). The peak torque is 350N·m, and the gearbox is matched with an 8-speed automatic manual transmission.

What level is this motivation? To tell you the truth, I haven’t actually tried extreme driving. I mostly use it to commute to work in cities, and I rarely run at high speed. Therefore, the 2.0T+8 automatic manual transmission powertrain equipped by Xingyue L is very strong in daily use, and the power burst is strong, so you will hardly touch its limit.

Let’s talk briefly about the space of Xingyue L. Its wheelbase is 2845mm, which is actually not lost compared with Highlander. Officially, Xingyue L is positioned as a compact SUV. I think it is a medium-sized SUV with five seats. Its rear row space is not as good as that, but it is also very spacious for daily use, which is much larger than the ordinary five-seat SUV.

I’ve talked with you so much. Now my new car has driven 3564 kilometers. I’d like to share some advantages and disadvantages with you. I hope it will be helpful for you to buy a car. Let’s talk about the disadvantages first and then talk about the advantages.

Disadvantage 1: At present, the fuel consumption is 11L, and the fuel consumption feels high.

Now the new car has run more than 3,500 kilometers, and it should be past the running-in period, but I feel that the fuel consumption has not been reduced, and now the fuel consumption is about 11L. Personally, I feel that the fuel consumption is still slightly high, and I hope that the fuel consumption can be reduced in the later period. If it can be reduced to 8-9L, so much the better.

Disadvantage 2: the central control display screen is easy to leave fingerprints and is not resistant to dirt.

The central control panel is also a point that can’t be ignored. After half a year of use, the central control panel is not resistant to dirt, and it is easy to leave fingerprints, and it feels dirty after light reflection. I suggest you pay attention to it during use and wipe your hands as clean as possible.

Disadvantage 3: the engine is not easy to start and stop, and there is obvious vibration when starting.

The engine start-stop function of Xingyue L is not easy to use, and sometimes it vibrates at the moment of starting. In fact, the 3 Angkor Serra I used to drive also has this kind of vibration feeling. It may not be the problem of the car, but the function itself. I suggest that you can turn off the startup function, and your daily experience will be better.

Advantage 1: the interior is luxurious, and the central control big screen is very scientific and technological.

What I am most satisfied with is that the interior is luxurious, and there are dual 12.3-inch displays in the central control. I feel that the luxurious atmosphere in the car is very good. Although this car has landed more than 210,000 yuan, this kind of workmanship and configuration feel no worse than that of a 500,000-class joint venture car.

Advantage 2: The power is particularly strong.

The 2.0T power of Xingyue L is very powerful. Officially, the acceleration is 7.7 seconds. In fact, it is particularly powerful to drive. You don’t have to be afraid of lack of power. As long as you are willing to step on the accelerator, the power will come out, giving you a good sense of pushing back.

Advantages 3: Small steering virtual position and high steering accuracy.

The question that makes me feel incredible is that although the Xingyue L is an SUV, it is very easy to drive, the steering accuracy of the steering wheel is very high, and the steering position is very small. When the star flies over L, you can hit it wherever you point and drive it with ease.

At the end of the writing, someone may ask me, do you regret spending more than 210 thousand to buy Star Yue L? I want to say, no regrets. Xingyue L is the best workmanship and materials of 200,000 class in all aspects. You can’t find one in the joint venture car. You can go and have a look at the cars such as,, etc. Which one has the sincerity to surpass L?


iFLYTEK brings Spark cognitive model and industry application to the 2023 world artificial intelligence conference

  From July 6th to 8th, the 2023 World Artificial Intelligence Conference was held in Shanghai. The theme of this conference was "Intelligent Connection World Generates the Future", focusing on the development of general artificial intelligence and creating a good innovation ecosystem. iFLYTEK brought the Spark Cognition Big Model and Industry Applications to this conference, showcasing the core capabilities of the big model and the latest application results in education, medical care, office, industry and other fields, and discussing the opportunities and challenges of general artificial intelligence.

  During the event, the digital human press officer created by iFLYTEK for the conference made a wonderful appearance at the service desk of the Shanghai World Expo Center and the World Expo Exhibition and Exhibition Hall. With the blessing of the Spark Model, the audience can interact with it more naturally in real time to understand the dynamics and hot topics of the artificial intelligence conference. iFLYTEK provided technical support for the opening ceremony and main forum of the conference, helping the participants from home and abroad to achieve barrier-free communication. iFLYTEK provided technical support for the opening ceremony and main forum of the conference, helping the participants from home and abroad to achieve barrier-free communication.

  In addition, the Spark model based on domestic software and hardware was also exhibited simultaneously in the AI model technology area and Huawei’s ecological exhibition area, demonstrating that the Spark cognitive model empowers the diverse ecology of all walks of life, allowing more attendees to experience the charm of domestic models.

  Wu Xiaoru, President of iFLYTEK, Hu Guoping, Senior Vice President of iFLYTEK, Liu Cong, Dean of iFLYTEK Research Institute, and other leaders attended the conference to share the cutting-edge technology of artificial intelligence, industrial ecology, finance, medical care and other fields, and promote the construction of large-scale model related standards and large-scale model applications.

  AI "Smart Emergence" iFLYTEK Spark Cognitive Big Model Triggers Interaction Craze

  "What are the highlights of the 2023 world artificial intelligence conference worth paying attention to?"

  "Please write a poem to describe the future world of artificial intelligence?"

  "Can cooking in an iron pan supplement iron?"

  At the iFLYTEK booth, the iFLYTEK Spark Cognitive Model attracted many attendees to stop. Everyone gathered around the big model to ask it questions, and the big model quickly and accurately gave the answer, becoming the hottest "clock in the exhibition".

  On May 6 this year, iFLYTEK released the Spark Cognition Big Model, demonstrating seven core capabilities such as text generation, language understanding, knowledge answering, logical reasoning, and mathematical knowledge. Since the release, the core capabilities have continued to iterate. On June 9, it upgraded again and released the Spark Cognition Big Model V1.5. Not only did various capabilities continue to improve, but also three major upgrades were achieved in general capabilities: a breakthrough in open knowledge answering, multiple rounds of dialogue, and further upgrades in logic and mathematics.

  iFLYTEK has also launched the Spark APP, Mini Program and H5, which users can use through different entrances. Recently, the iFLYTEK Spark APP has been successfully listed in AppStore, Huawei, Xiaomi, OPPO, vivo, Tencent App Treasure and other app stores, and has become the first domestic large model to fully cover the Android and iOS mainstream app stores.

  The Spark Assistant Center, which covers 1000 + intelligent assistants, triggered an interactive experience boom at the iFLYTEK booth. Click to enter the assistant center to quickly issue instructions, and the big model immediately transforms into a portable intelligent assistant to meet the needs of users including workplace, marketing, creation, life, comments, recruitment, learning, customer service, fun, travel, official documents, emotions, brain storms and other scenarios.

  AI deeply empowers the latest application achievements in the industry

  During the 2023 World Artificial Intelligence Conference, a variety of latest industry application achievements equipped with the Spark Cognitive Model entered the audience’s field of vision at the iFLYTEK booth. In addition to experiencing the core capabilities of the Spark Model, users can also learn about the application results of the Spark Model in education, medical care, office, digital employees, automobiles, finance, industry and other scenarios. In front of iFLYTEK AI learning machine, hearing smart screen, smart office book and other products, the audience scrambled to queue up to experience, and the applause on the spot continued.

  Previously, among the excellent application cases of the large model released by the China Academy of Information and Communications Technology, the three application cases of iFLYTEK AI learning machine, intelligent office book and intelligent RPA were rated as excellent application cases of the large model.

  In the field of education, the iFLYTEK AI learning machine under the blessing of the Spark model allows AI to correct compositions like a teacher and have real-life conversations like a speaking teacher. At the conference, the audience can also experience the newly released Spark Language Partner APP, which can conduct open dialogue and situational communication, practice like a speaking teacher, and perform real-time speaking error correction.

  In the office scene, the intelligent end point of the conference room equipped with a large model – iFLYTEK Hear Smart Screen Enjoy Edition was exhibited for the first time. It can automatically organize and output dynamic meeting records and meeting content, generate various types of meeting copywriting with one click, and help users work efficiently. In addition, the audience can also experience iFLYTEK Hear Writing, which can automatically convert audio & video files into text while performing in-depth analysis of the content to achieve fast output of text such as product promotion copywriting and meeting notes.

  In the medical scenario, based on the iterative optimization of the large model technology, iFLYTEK Medical has comprehensively upgraded the medical post-consultation rehabilitation management platform, extending professional post-consultation management and rehabilitation guidance to outside the hospital. It generates personalized rehabilitation plans for patients, and uses intelligent voice and Mini Program to urge patients to execute and collect patient conditions in a timely manner, and automatically adjusts the patient’s rehabilitation plan. At the same time, it provides consulting services combined with patient medical record data to improve the efficiency of doctors in managing patients and serve more patients under the premise of ensuring patient safety.

  In the field of financial technology, a new generation of intelligent customer service product iFLYTEK Spark Intelligent Customer Service was unveiled, and its application on the financial service APP was displayed at the meeting. Taking commercial insurance recommendation as an example, in the face of users’ voice questions, iFLYTEK Spark Intelligent Customer Service quickly understood the customer’s purchase appeal, and simultaneously displayed relevant business pages, directly recommending a variety of insurance products for customers to choose from. iFLYTEK Spark Intelligent Customer Service products have achieved comprehensive improvement in four levels: intention understanding ability, professional knowledge application ability, dialogue design and interaction ability, and personalized expression ability. On the basis of ensuring the security and control of service information, it helps Financial Institution Group improve the efficiency and quality of Client Server and improve user experience.

  In the industrial scene, the Antelope Industrial Internet Platform is based on the cognitive understanding ability of the large model and combines the professional knowledge of the industrial field with massive resources to create a one-stop industrial Enterprise Services assistant – "Antelope Machine Move", which clarifies the needs of enterprises through multiple rounds of dialogue, provides answers and professional suggestions for various questions raised by enterprises, and can also achieve accurate matching of massive resources to help enterprises find solutions and industry experts that match their needs.

  In the car scene, iFLYTEK demonstrated the interactive experience of the intelligent cockpit based on the Spark Cognitive Big Model. The intervention of the big model makes the conversation between people and cars more free, and multi-modal integration helps vehicles better perceive and express. In addition, in addition to the general knowledge base, iFLYTEK also customized the automotive professional knowledge base to help users solve problems related to car use.

  In addition, the audience can also experience the virtual human intelligent interaction machine up close, which is aimed at government, enterprises, finance, cultural tourism and other fields, providing AI virtual people to conduct "face-to-face" interactive communication with users, business consultation, intelligent Q & A and service guidance and other interactive services, improving the efficiency of Client Server, innovating service experience, and reducing the comprehensive cost of service.

  At present, the cognitive big model has become the dawn of general artificial intelligence. As one of the artificial intelligence national teams, iFLYTEK relies on its long-term solid accumulation in the field of cognitive intelligence, scientific evaluation system and innovation system to promote the continuous evolution of the Spark big model, empower the big model to do everything and lead the industrial transformation.


The concept video of "The Legend of Lu Xiaofeng" was first exposed

  Authorized by Gu Long, the first concept video of the NetEase 3D action martial arts mobile game "Legend of Lu Xiaofeng" was exposed today, and the news that the game will be sealed and tested in mid-January was released simultaneously. Judging from the exposed promotional video, the game inherits the essence of the many mysteries of Gu Long’s novels, which are interconnected and look at flowers in the fog. The high gamble caused by the peak confrontation between the two Kendo masters led to a bizarre murder case in the rivers and lakes, and the clues were connected one by one, and the players logged in to solve the mystery.

  The first decisive battle of all time – the sword god Ximen Chuixue and the lord of Baiyun City, Ye Gucheng, fought on the top of the Forbidden City. The powerful and capable people have gambled heavily on who will win and who will lose. Li Yanbei, who bet on Ximen Chuixue, died tragically in Xicheng Gate, which became the beginning of the suspense of the story. "The Legend of Lu Xiaofeng" perfectly inherits the essence of the original book from the macro settings and details such as character dialogues, scenes, and plot development. A thread seems to weave a net of heaven and earth in front of you. Players seem to be caught in the situation and have clear eyes and ears, fully enjoying the extraordinary taste of ancient dragon-style martial arts.

  The game is open, there must be life and death. Ximen Chuixue disappeared, and Ye Gucheng’s life in the Tang Sect was not long ago. The rivers and lakes are changing, and the swords and swords are evil. Point persons died one after another, and the black hands behind the scenes came and went without a trace, and the events became more and more confusing. "The Legend of Lu Xiaofeng" reproduces the appearance of all beings in the rivers and lakes. The plot is interlocking and full of tension, leading you to experience all kinds of rivers and lakes on the way to breaking the game.

  Ximen Chuixue said: "Those who are not sincere are not enough to discuss swords at all." Ye Gucheng said: "People who learn swords are only sincere in swords, not necessarily sincere in others." The strange warriors in Gu Long’s writing are tall and distant, and their martial arts attainments are unique and mysterious. "The Legend of Lu Xiaofeng" restores the unrestrained posture of the ancient dragon’s long and upright body, and creates a "double" martial arts system, inheriting the high martial arts attainments of the martial arts warriors who are like entering a no-man’s land. In the dashing skirt, dozens of people lie across, and the players guide and control the room, becoming the legendary ruler of the rivers and lakes.

  "Full moon night, the top of the Forbidden City, one sword breaks the flying fairy." "Legend of Lu Xiaofeng" uses top-level 3D modeling and real-life motion capture technology to perfectly realize the peerless posture of the two kendo masters and the unparalleled battle of the top of the Forbidden City. On the top of the Forbidden City, the sword god’s clothes pass before your eyes, and the cold sword qi hits you head-on. In the cool bamboo forest, the green snake driven by the midi leaps in front of you, making you feel terrified that you can’t get along with it. The game’s next-generation high definition image quality and full-truth collection of character movements bring players a top-level action audio-visual experience.

  NetEase 3D action martial arts mobile game "Legend of Lu Xiaofeng" is about to open in mid-January. Qixia Jianghu, waiting for you to explore!

  Regarding "The Legend of Lu Xiaofeng":

  One sword comes west, and the sky is flying immortal! Genuine authorization of Gu Long: NetEase 3D action martial arts mobile game "Legend of Lu Xiaofeng" will open the closed beta in mid-January. The original taste of the game reproduces the essence of Gu Long, the fast sword cuts off the enmity, one finger knows the consonance, and takes you into a real unrestrained knight Jianghu.

  Massive benefits, please pay attention to the official WeChat: lxfcq163


Map navigation has the truth, Baidu or Autonavi, which is more reliable?

  In this era of Internet +, navigation apps have become a must-have software for drivers, and friends who drive frequently rely more on navigation software. Usually, each car owner has his own navigation app, but what are the differences between different navigation software? With the help of a team-building activity, Sohu Automotive Truth Lab colleagues decided to complete a navigation software comparison test. This navigation test uses two mainstream navigation software: Autonavi Map and Baidu Map, hoping that the test can give friends who drive frequently some reference value.

  The team-building activity started from Sohu Media Building, and the destination was Beijing Yulin Tangquan Farm. Our two editors each drove a car, planned the route with two navigation software, Autonavi Map and Baidu Map, and followed the route planned by the two navigation. Not only to see who arrives first, but also to experience the intelligent and humanized navigation during the driving process.

  navigationfunctionComparison: Whether it is comprehensive, fine, and intelligent, whose navigation function is more innovative and intelligent;

  MapdataComparison: whether it is accurate, real-time, and rich, whose positioning is more accurate, and whose route planning is more time-saving, should be changed in a timely manner to reach the destination faster.

  userexperienceComparison: Whether it is professional, easy to use, and entertaining, whose navigation tips are more intuitive, easier to understand, and more user-friendly.

  Route planning varies

  Get on the bus at 13:39 noon. First set the route, and after setting the destination, the two navigators give their own recommended routes:

  Baidu’s recommended route is: Beijing-Tibet Expressway – Beijing Sixth Ring Expressway – Shunsha Road, 39.5 kilometers, 40 minutes

  Autonavi’s recommended route is: Fourth Ring Road – Jingcheng Expressway – North Sixth Ring Road, expected to be 39.4 kilometers and take 44 minutes

  The navigation interface displays information that needs to be more user-friendly

  After everything was ready, we started our journey, and the two cars departed simultaneously at 13:41. At first, both cars were driving on the North Fourth Ring Road, but the two navigation interfaces were different.

  Baidu Maps uses dual-screen navigation, and the interface display is rich in information. There is always a translucent full-process thumbnail in the lower right corner to help car owners understand their location and future road conditions, and display information on key intersections and nodes. The navigation interface of Autonavi Maps also prompts the camera location and vehicle speed limit.

  Alternative routes prompt timely most critical

  When a vehicle using Baidu Maps is driving on the Beijing-Tibet Expressway, an intelligent multi-route prompt appears in the navigation, and the time difference between taking the alternative route can be seen on the interface. Thanks to the dual-screen navigation, drivers can intuitively see the road conditions of the current driving section and the alternative route on the translucent full map, and include real-time road conditions (whether it is congested or not). Autonavi maps adhere to the initial setting of the route.

  Enlarged view of the intersectionClear error avoidance

  Before the road change, both navigators showed a user-friendly enlarged view of the intersection. We took a screenshot of the real enlarged view of the two navigators at the complex intersection for comparison.

  Baidu Map popped up an enlarged view of the real scene 500 meters away from the exit of Beichen West Road. This exit is a double exit, and the arrow indication is very clear. The simulated enlarged map is very fine, and the road signs and corresponding indication information are clear at a glance. Autonavi Map also popped up an enlarged view of the real scene at a distance of 246 meters from Wanghe Bridge. Entering Wanghe Bridge is an uphill intersection, and there are many roads around, and the arrow indication is also very clear.

  In terms of intersection prompts, the prompt time of the two navigation models and the clarity of the real scene enlargement are all well-represented.

  Destination positioning accuracy

  Under the guidance of Baidu’s map, the Baidu team arrived at the destination at 14:22. Before arriving at the destination, a panorama of the destination of Beijing Yulin Tangquan Farm appeared on the navigation interface, showing the destination in real life, which was clearer and more intuitive. The total journey was 39 kilometers and a total of 41 minutes. It was basically the same as the estimated situation. The destination was accurate and the road conditions were smooth.

  There seems to be some deviation in the POI positioning of Autonavi map navigation. At 14:24, the vehicle arrived at the special dish Daguan Garden next to the destination Yulin Tangquan Farm in Beijing.


  We checked the description of the destination location in the two navigation models respectively, and found that the destination location on Baidu map was displayed as within the West District of Xiaotangshan National Agricultural Park, and the destination location on Autonavi map was displayed as Mafang, Xiaotangshan Town.

  After replanning the route, it was found that there was a 6.6-kilometer difference between the special dish Daguan Garden and Beijing Yulin Tangquan Farm.

  After repositioning, the Autonavi team departed from the special dish Daguan Garden and went to the destination Beijing Yulin Tangquan Farm. In the end, the Autonavi team arrived at the correct destination at 14:42, with a total journey of 45.2 kilometers and a total of 61 minutes. The Autonavi team arrived at the destination 20 minutes later than the Baidu team.


  1.POI positioning: Baidu map’s positioning of "Beijing Yulin Tangquan Farm" is accurate, and the navigation is successfully completed; Autonavi map has a small deviation in POI positioning. In the destination location, the specific location of "Beijing Yulin Tangquan Farm" is displayed as "Xiaotangshan Town Mafang", and the real location is "Xiaotangshan National Agricultural Park West Zone".

  2.Route planningThe route planned by Baidu Map did not encounter congestion and the road conditions were good; the route planned by Autonavi Map traveled slowly on the Fourth Ring Road, and adhered to the established route.

  3.navigation interfaceBaidu Maps uses dual-screen navigation, drivers can see the current driving section and remaining routes, and can also understand the real-time road conditions of multiple routes through the route color. At the same time, the top of the navigation page displays "Remaining kilometers, estimated arrival time, current time", which is very intuitive; the navigation interface of Autonavi Maps is clear, and drivers can also understand the current driving section and remaining routes through the main page and the progress bar on the right. However, if you want to know the full route and the specific location of the vehicle in the entire route during the navigation process, you need to touch the screen and manually click the "Full View" button on the page.

  4.destination hint: Before arriving at the destination, Baidu map displays the destination panorama in advance to help the driver determine whether the destination is correct. This function is more user-friendly; Autonavi map does not display the destination panorama, but recommends the parking lot around the destination in advance. What needs to be improved is: when the driver arrives at the destination, the parking lot For You feed surface disappears instead.

  The next afternoon, the team-building activity was over, and the editorial team went back. Due to the failure of an editor’s vehicle, everyone rode in the same car. We took this opportunity to decide to do another test of two bicycles: while driving, we opened the two navigation models of Autonavi map and Baidu map at the same time, to see which of the two navigation functions is more comprehensive and has a better experience in the same route. Considering the convenience of transportation, the return route is Beijing Yulin Tangquan Farm – Sanyuanqiao Phoenix Hui Shopping Center.

  Route planningWhich navigation is more accurate for predicting the number of journeys and time?

  traffic forecastWhich one is faster for real-time traffic updates and which one is better for avoiding congestion?

  Route recommendations in navigationCompare whether the two navigation software recommend a better route based on real-time road conditions during vehicle driving

  Enlarged view of the intersectionCompare the two navigation at the high-speed entrance and exit, the entrance and exit of the main road in the urban area, and other road sections. Which navigation intersection is more intuitive and easy to understand?

  The route plan is the same

  After getting on the bus, open the two navigation software respectively. Take a screenshot of the Autonavi map page at 14:56 pm, and take a screenshot of the Baidu map page at 14:58 pm. The route planning given by the two navigations is basically the same.

  The accuracy of vehicle positioning at the outset

  Usually, the driver starts the vehicle after opening the navigation software, and the positioning of the vehicle by this instant navigation determines the route planning at the beginning. We also compare to see if the two navigation software can accurately locate the front of the vehicle when the vehicle starts.

  At 15 o’clock, the vehicle started, and Autonavi prompted to turn around, but Baidu map did not prompt to turn around. We tried to go straight for a while and found that Autonavi map quickly corrected the navigation prompt and also reminded us to go straight. This shows that Autonavi map has blurred the direction of the front of the car when starting.

  The enlarged picture of the intersection shows the full real picture.

  When the vehicle needs to change lanes, both navigation models present an enlarged view of the intersection in advance. We took an enlarged view of the two navigation models appearing at a complex intersection for comparison.

  At 15:05, before entering Baishan Bridge, the Autonavi map had a real-life simulation enlarged image, but there was no enlarged image on Baidu map at this time.

  At 15:35, when we were about to arrive at the Jingcheng Expressway exit, Baidu Maps presented an enlarged map of the whole real scene 500 meters in advance. We noticed that the enlarged map of the intersection here is a full real scene, which greatly improves the recognition, which is a unique function of Baidu Maps.

  Solutions for sudden road conditions during driving

  During the journey of the vehicle, the original route ahead may experience congestion caused by sudden accidents and increase in traffic flow. At this time, the original route is no longer the best route, and the driver needs to re-plan the driving route. In the face of sudden road conditions, whether the two navigation software can plan new routes in time has important reference value for the driving time of morning and evening peak driving in cities.

  On the way back, at 15:24, Baidu Map predicted congestion ahead. To avoid congestion, the navigation suggested that the driver switch to a faster route, and the intelligent multi-route recommendation function ensured that the driver was always on the fastest road. Considering the time issue, we directly switched to the new route.

  The Autonavi map did not respond at this time, insisting that drivers take the original route of congestion.

  destination accuracy

  Before arriving at the destination, the destination panorama appeared again on Baidu map, which was conducive to the accuracy of the driver’s identification of the destination. Autonavi map showed the parking lot information in advance at 15:47, but the driver’s actual arrival time was 15:50, and the parking lot information was hidden when arriving at the destination.

  At 15:50, the Autonavi map ended the navigation on the outer road of the Fenghuanghui shopping center in advance, while Baidu map led the driver to the main entrance of the Fenghuanghui shopping center before ending the navigation. Judging from the navigation time of the two, the Autonavi map is expected to be 48 minutes, and the actual driving time is 48 minutes. Since we switched to the traffic avoidance route recommended by Baidu map halfway through, the driving time of Autonavi cannot be compared with the estimated time; Baidu map is expected to be 53 minutes, and the actual driving time is 49 minutes. The traffic avoidance route is recommended on the way to help the driver arrive at the destination 4 minutes earlier.

  1. Route planning: When the vehicle encounters congestion during driving, the Autonavi map adheres to the original planned route, and when approaching the destination, the Autonavi map has completed the navigation; Baidu map recommends a new congestion avoidance route after predicting congestion on the original planned route. It is expected to take 52 minutes, and the actual navigation takes 49 minutes. It arrives at the destination in advance, and the navigation ends after the driver arrives at the entrance of the Phoenix Mall.

  2. Avoiding congestion: Both predict congestion in advance, and mark congested sections by color, and can push new congestion avoidance routes based on congestion conditions. Only on the implementation of the new route, there is a certain difference in the reaction speed of the parties.

  3. Enlarged map of intersections: Autonavi maps and Baidu maps have real-life enlarged maps at most main roads and highway entrances and exits, but Baidu maps provide full-life enlarged maps of intersections in some places, making them clearer and easier to identify.

  4. Destination Tips: Autonavi maps recommend parking lots for drivers before arriving at the destination, and Baidu maps present a panorama of the destination before arriving at the destination.

  Although each has its own advantages and disadvantages, from the test results, Baidu Maps is better at destination positioning, avoiding congestion and route planning, especially in unfamiliar unfamiliar road sections, more like an old driver who is well versed in road conditions. Autonavi Maps also has stable and comprehensive comprehensive navigation services, and there is still some room for improvement in humanization. Here, it is also recommended that car owners run in a lot with navigation apps with different "personalities" when traveling by car to find the best partner for self-driving travel.