Extreme krypton 001 will push lightning to switch intelligent four-wheel drive system to improve 34km battery life.


Extreme krypton 001 will push lightning to switch intelligent four-wheel drive system to improve 34km battery life.

  [Pacific Auto Network New Car Channel] On July 11th, the intelligent acceleration slip regulation was officially released on the evolution day. The official said that the intelligent four-wheel drive system with lightning switching will be launched in the future. The lightning switching function can make three driving modes switch intelligently. The official said that its comprehensive cruising range under CLTC conditions can be improved by 34km. In addition, the official also revealed that the drift model is currently being developed.

  It is reported that when users buy a car, they often make a dilemma between high performance or long battery life, two-wheel drive or four-wheel drive. Through the unremitting efforts of the R&D team, the intelligent drive system has evolved, bringing the world’s first mass-produced lightning-switched intelligent four-wheel drive system, which will be the first to be carried in the following version of Krypton 001 YOU.

  Lightning switching can realize intelligent switching of rear drive/four-wheel drive in the blink of an eye of 0.4 seconds. Extreme Krypton 001 can realize the intelligent switching of full-time rear-drive mode, rear-drive mode and rear-drive mode through various driving modes, and the comprehensive cruising range under CLTC working conditions is increased by 34 kilometers.

  When choosing the economic mode, the vehicle can reduce energy consumption while having the rear-drive experience, and the cruising range performance is better than the comprehensive working condition; When choosing comfort mode, timely four-wheel drive will intervene according to road conditions. Ordinary road sections are driven by a single motor, which saves more electricity. If you encounter high slopes, gravel and dirt roads, the four-wheel drive mode will be intelligently switched, so that the vehicle can run stably and get out of trouble efficiently; Full-time four-wheel drive with sports/snow/sand/off-road/personalized driving mode can make driving more stable and effectively solve the safety hazards of understeer, tail flick or slip.

  Based on the lightning switching intelligent four-wheel drive system, the drift mode created by Krypton for performance enthusiasts is being developed and tested, so please look forward to it.

  The intelligent anti-skid dTCS distributed system newly developed for electric vehicles, the official said, can use 10 times faster processing speed than the mainstream TCS traction control system when there are signs of skid at the wheel end, instantly distribute the wheel end, increase the grip of the driving wheel, assist the driver to quickly stabilize the body and strengthen the ultimate handling ability of the whole vehicle.

  According to the official, the measured intelligent acceleration slip regulation can increase the maximum controllable speed of Krypton 001 by 5-15km/h when it makes extreme cornering on an ice ring with a diameter of 200-250m. (Photo/Text/Photo: Pacific Auto Network Uchihiro)


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