From "Hidden" to "Kite", the romantic scenes of spy war dramas are exciting.


From "Hidden" to "Kite", the romantic scenes of spy war dramas are exciting.


"Kite" Li Xiaoran stills

Liu Yunlong directed and performed Kite, which took five years from shooting to broadcasting. Douban scored 8.6 points, higher than the most popular spy war drama "The Pretender" in recent three years. In addition to the suspense and tension of the spy war drama, the emotional drama in Kite is also very beautiful. In particular, the six devils and the "shadow" loved each other and killed each other all their lives, and many clips made netizens relish.

The highest ratings of Kite once broke 2.

In fact, from "Hidden" to "Kite" and high-scoring spy drama, there will always be one or two romantic and touching love scenes, which will make the audience feel infinite sorrow and even tears.



"Kite" is probably the one with the lowest "face value" among all high-scoring spy war dramas. Zheng Yaoxian, the hero played by Liu Yunlong, was somewhat cool and arrogant in his early military career, but he either fled or reformed through labor in the later period, with rags and a beard.

Luo Haiqiong plays the heroine Han Bing in Kite.


As a female communist party, Han Bing, the heroine played by Luo Haiqiong, is devoted to the revolution, and she is plain and plain all the time. There are few handsome and beautiful supporting roles, which attract thousands of audiences to chase the drama, all by "acting value"


As the ace agent of Juntong, Zheng Yaoxian, the sixth son of Dai Li’s "Eight donkey kong", is ruthless, but his real identity is a senior agent of our party lurking in Juntong, code-named kite.

Liu Yunlong plays Zheng Yaoxian.


After the online sacrifice of single-line contact with him, he was like a kite off the line. Not only was he hunted down by the military, but communist party also punished everyone for him. After liberation, he did not dare to restore his identity. He assumed the pseudonym of Zhou Zhigan, a retained employee of the Kuomintang, and continued to provide information for the organization in a unique way. At the same time, because of his public identity, he has been receiving various reeducation through labor.

Zheng Yaoxian and Han Bing were transformed in Kite.


Han Bing, who was slandered for being captured, also accepted the reform-through-labour program. They sweep the streets together every day. Before that, one was Juntong, and the other was communist party, who fought several times and fought like hell.

The picture shows Zheng Yaoxian’s stills in his later years.


Now, being reduced to sweeping the streets together, Zheng Yaoxian is happy and seems to accept everything calmly. When Han Bing is down and out, sit on the steps and chat with her; The most beautiful scene is that Han Bing is swinging on a swing, and he is sweeping the fallen leaves. This is probably one of the most touching romantic scenes in this play.


Two people over 50 years old and in rags, because of this mutual affection, gave birth to a kind of romance of "growing old with you"

In Kite, Zheng Yaoxian and Han Bing live together.


Of course, there is also a sense of bosom friend in this mutual affection. In Zheng Yaoxian’s mind, Han Bing is one of our own — — Communist party; In Han Bing’s mind, Zheng Yaoxian is a military leader and one of our own. It was not until many years later that both sides learned that the other party was the "undercover" they were looking for, and they all collapsed.


Han Bing prepared a table of dishes, waited for Zheng Yaoxian to come to the appointment, and then drank poisoned wine to kill himself. Zheng Yaoxian fulfilled him with tears. Love is no match for faith after all. But in any case, at the moment of swinging, we were happy and sincere.


 Stills of "The Pretender"

"The Pretender" is also a high-scoring spy war drama, with 8.3 points for Douban. What fans of this drama relish most is the brotherhood of the three brothers in the Ming family, but the love drama is also very touching.


The love line in spy war dramas often plays an important role. For example, the man changes his position and joins our party’s arms, often because of the influence of love. For example, Yu Zecheng and his first girlfriend Zuo Lan in Latent, and Xu Congliang and Guan Haidan in Razor.

The fire of The Pretender failed to win the heroine Wang Lejun.


Hugh’s Mingtai in The Pretender is no exception. He used to be a military agent, because he met Cheng Jinyun, a member of the underground party of the Communist Party of China. They met and fell in love and killed each other in the execution of the task, and finally they were successfully rebelled by the beautiful and kind Cheng Jinyun.


However, he had previously had an affair with Yu Manli, a "scorpion beauty" who was also a military agent. They pretended to be husband and wife and cooperated with each other for many times to perform their tasks, and their friendship was deep.

Yi Song plays Yu Manli in The Pretender.


So the love triangle began. During a mission, the military task forces such as Mingtai and Yu Manli met Cheng Jinyun, an underground party disguised as a doctor and nurse, in a small town. The scene was suddenly very embarrassing, and Mingtai was well-advised to slip away, leaving two "heroines".


When rivals meet, they are particularly jealous. So there was a classic dialogue that was widely circulated on the Internet.

 Classic dialogue

Cheng Jinyun: Do you want to talk to me?

Yu Manli: What’s there to talk about with you?

Cheng Jinyun: It seems that you don’t want to talk about it.

Yu Manli: I’ve been wanting to talk to you for a long time.

Cheng Jinyun: Then what do you want to talk about?

Yu Manli: Don’t you know what I want to talk about?

Cheng Jinyun: How do I know what you want to talk about?

Yu Manli: Didn’t you talk to me first?

Cheng Jinyun: OK, let’s talk.

Yu Manli: Talk about it.


One is a white rose and the other is a red rose. Probably because Yu Manli came out first, and lived and died with Mingtai many times, so that their CP voice drowned out the official match between Mingtai and Cheng Jinyun.

 Dialogue between Yu Manli and Mingtai

When Yu Manli was on her last mission with Mingtai, she made a sad confession to Mingtai who was engaged: "I’m not afraid of death. I’m afraid I’ll never see you again after I die." As a result, the two men were ambushed. In order not to drag down Mingtai, Yu Manli cut the rope and died in a trap.


There is a question on Douban. What is the most tearful scene in The Pretender? This clip was elected with a high vote. The love of life and death, don’t have a cruel romance.



 Stills of Latent

Eight years ago, the explosive spy war drama "Hidden" helped Sun Honglei and Yao Chen to reach the top of the list of first-line stars. The emotional drama of the two in the play is also touching.


Cui Ping was sent by the organization to pretend to be a husband and wife with Yu Zecheng, but because of her lack of experience in spy war, she almost made a big mistake several times. It was Yu Zecheng’s nightmare at first. But as time went by, the two gradually understood each other and cooperated more and more tacitly, and they became affectionate for a long time.

In Latent, Yao Chen plays Cui Ping, the female guerrilla captain.


Finally, Yu Zecheng bought a red candle and proposed to Cuiping: "I asked for a sign today, and it’s a great success." Cui Ping: "What the hell do you want?" "I want to marry you." "How?" "Don’t ask, do you want to marry me?" "Nonsense, who wants me to live with you for so long? It’s already yours. " "Me, too. I can’t marry anyone else if I want to."

 Sun Honglei picked up Yao Chen.

Putting melons and fruits and lighting red candles, the two of them worshipped heaven and earth, and there was a happy dialogue in the bridal chamber: "Sleep without reporting, do you think this is a mistake?" "I don’t think so. We have a ceremony." "But the leader didn’t participate, will people believe it?" "After liberation, make up a ceremony and call the leaders."

"Latent" Yu Zecheng and Cuiping get married


There is a line in the play: "Revolutionary love is particularly romantic." It is probably the portrayal of this moment.


The war is ruthless and the love is successful. But happiness is always so short. Finally, Yu Zecheng was temporarily asked by the military to evacuate to Taiwan Province at random, and he hid important information in his henhouse. Anxious, I unexpectedly met Cuiping at the airport. The two people were pleasantly surprised, and their eyes were opposite. Under the eyes of the public, there were thousands of words in their hearts, but they couldn’t say it.

 Yao Chen and Sun Honglei look at each other.

The furthest distance in the world is when I stand in front of you, but I can’t tell you where I’m going. The minute of parting seems to be as long as a century. When Cuiping had to leave by car, Yu Zecheng suddenly "goo goo" dressed up as a chicken flying, suggesting that Cuiping’s information was in the henhouse.


This scene depends on how many viewers are crying.


Cuiping finally understood what he meant. But when we left the airport, we were already in Qian Shan, and we never met again.


 "Red" stills

In the hearts of veteran drama fans, The Red starring Edward Zhang, Zhou Yiwei and Tao Hong is a classic among the classics, and Douban’s score of 9.2 is simply a fate.

 Red score

"Red" is not a typical spy drama. It describes that ordinary little people flirt in Shanghai alleys and live at home with rice, oil and salt, which is far more than the scenes in which the Communist Party struggles with the Japanese army and the military system.

"Red" stars Edward Zhang, Tao Hong and Zhou Yiwei.


This is a spy war drama with high IQ, and it is also a rare spy war drama that gives out sugar all the time. Edward Zhang, a Beijing actor, turned into a Shanghai boy with cowardice and responsibility. Tao Hong, who is over 40 years old, interprets the sense of girlhood just right.


The story is set in November 1937, after the Battle of Songhu ended. Xu Tian, the hero, is skilled, but he is willing to live in seclusion in the downtown area and be a market accountant.

In Red, Edward Zhang plays the leading actor Xu Tian.


On that day, Shanghai fell, and the citizens outside the concession evacuated crazily. Xu Tian was carrying a vegetable basket in his left hand and a fish in his right, so he had to meet his friends. At this time, the heroine Tian Dan, who was rushing to meet her fiance and fled Shanghai by plane, walked gracefully in the turbulent fleeing crowd in high heels, hat and red scarf, and was accidentally squeezed into wrestling. Xu Tian happened to pass by and put her arms around her to prevent her from falling.

 "Red" clip

In her panic, her red scarf fell to the ground. Four eyes relative, Xu Tian hurriedly away eyes. At that moment, he knew that he would never escape in this life. The two men talked briefly and went their separate ways.


Since then, Tian Dan suffered a life change, was abandoned by her fiance, and her parents were killed by the Japanese army. She finally turned into a black-bellied white rabbit and designed to kill the Japanese again and again, but always left clues. Every time Xu Tian silently helped her wipe her ass. She rented a small attic in Xu’s house, and Xu Tian took her to listen to Pingtan and put a hanging basket to buy wonton for her. Get along with each other day and night, and finally feel dark. She doesn’t know, at the beginning, Xu Tian had a look at the moment of passing by in the street for ten thousand years.

The picture shows "Red" stills, and Tao Hong plays Tian Dan.


At that time, the scarf that Tian Dan fell to the ground has been preserved to this day. Xu Tian is actually color blind. This big red scarf is smoky gray in his eyes. However, Tian Dan is the most vivid red in his life.

The picture shows the stills of Red.


Finally, Tian Dan joined communist party and went to Yan ‘an. A year later, Xu Tian also came to Yan ‘an, where they finally got together. The love for the rest of my life is both beautiful and firm.



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