The new energy license plate "one license is hard to find" is quietly coming, and the special license plate will be promoted in three batches.


The new energy license plate "one license is hard to find" is quietly coming, and the special license plate will be promoted in three batches.

  According to the official Weibo news of the Traffic Management Bureau of the Ministry of Public Security, the Traffic Management Bureau of the Ministry of Public Security recently held a meeting in Wuhan, Hubei Province, and deployed to promote the special number plates for new energy vehicles in three batches nationwide from November 20, 2017.

  The industry believes that with the introduction of a series of new energy vehicle policies, the new energy vehicle market will continue to grow, leading to the situation that new energy license plates are "hard to find" in some cities. At the same time, the rapid development of China market has also prompted China enterprises to actively go out and cooperate with international high-end technologies in the field of new energy vehicles.

  New energy license plate "one card is hard to find"

  According to the relevant regulations, vehicles with new energy vehicle number plates will not be restricted by the restrictions, and enjoy the policy of free parking for the first two hours in a large number of parking lots. In addition, pure electric vehicles do not detect exhaust emissions, and fuel cell vehicles and plug-in hybrid vehicles (including extended-range vehicles) are not included in the exhaust emission detection range for the time being.

  These "benefits" are undoubtedly attractive to consumers who live and work in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and other cities with strict motor vehicle management and high parking costs.

  According to the data released by China Automobile Industry Association, in October, the production and sales of new energy vehicles all exceeded 90,000, up by 86% and 106.7% year-on-year. In the first 10 months of this year, the production and sales of new energy vehicles were 517,000 and 490,000 respectively, and the year-on-year growth also exceeded 45%.

  The popularity of the market has led to the situation that new energy vehicle license plates are "hard to find" in some first-tier cities. The Beijing Municipal Office for the Regulation and Control of Passenger Car Indicators recently announced that the indicators of new energy vehicles have already been used up this year, and more than 80,000 people are waiting in line for next year’s indicators. In other words, according to the original plan, Beijing’s new energy passenger car index has been "booked" in advance in 2018. If you apply now, you can only wait until 2019 to get the new energy vehicle index.

  He Daixin, an associate researcher at China Academy of Social Sciences, said that this shows that with the promotion of policies and the continuous expansion of the market, consumers have become more and more accepting of new energy vehicles. But at the same time, the development of new energy vehicles still faces many technical and service problems. In the future, on the one hand, with the encouragement of national policies and the promotion of the capital market, the production capacity will be rapidly formed, and the sales layout of related car companies will also be rapidly launched; On the other hand, we should vigorously promote the quality and quality of after-sales service to ensure the healthy and sustainable operation of the industry.

  Upgrading technical services and accelerating industrial development

  So far, the development of new energy vehicles largely depends on the promotion of policies, and in the context of the gradual decline of subsidies for new energy vehicles, improving the technical and overall service level has become the key to consolidate and develop the market for new energy vehicles.

  Short cruising range, difficult charging, high battery consumption and low vehicle residual value are important factors that currently plague the growth of new energy vehicles. Because of this, these aspects are becoming the focus of social investment.

  Recently, Shanghai Shiwei Technology Co., Ltd. signed a strategic cooperation agreement with Buckingham University in the UK, and released a new product using artificial intelligence and cloud technology — — Energy management system of GAZELE3 electric vehicle.

  According to reports, Shiwei Technology currently has an energy management technology platform with completely independent intellectual property rights, which can be applied to the energy management of passenger cars, capacitive buses and electric forklifts, and can effectively improve the technical performance of electric vehicles. At the same time, the system can give full play to the maximum efficiency of each battery, further prolong the service life of the battery pack and reduce the user’s use cost.

  GAZELE3 system can also support the mixed use of capacitor package and battery package, which solves the bottleneck problem that has plagued the industry for many years. It is reported that the GAZELE3 system can adjust the system management module according to the needs of the vehicle manufacturer to adjust the battery pack energy, so that the BMS can quickly match the vehicle battery management, and the vehicle manufacturer does not need to redesign the battery management system, thus saving the new car design time, reducing the cost and reducing the product risk.

  Not only Shiwei Technology, but also many vehicle companies and technology companies are striving to promote the upgrading of new energy vehicle technology and services. BAIC New Energy Company recently released Optimus Prime Plan to promote a new mode of rapid power exchange for new energy vehicles.

  In this regard, industry experts said that these innovations have improved the quality of batteries, reduced costs, alleviated the problems of high battery cost and difficult recycling of new energy vehicles, and opened up the industrial chain of new energy vehicles, forming a virtuous circle.

  New energy vehicles become the focus of international cooperation

  The National Development and Reform Commission recently issued the "Three-year Action Plan to Enhance the Core Competitiveness of Manufacturing Industry (2018-2020)", and new energy smart cars have become one of the key points. The document calls for promoting the establishment of an international dialogue and exchange platform, strengthening technical cooperation, and promoting various forms of joint ventures and cooperation between leading global enterprises and domestic enterprises.

  At this point, the new energy automobile industry is particularly prominent. Daimler Group and BAIC Group, Volkswagen Group and Jianghuai Automobile, Ford Motor and Zotye have successively carried out in-depth cooperation in the field of new energy vehicles.

  As the largest automobile aftermarket exhibition in Asia, more than 6,000 enterprises from 40 countries and regions participated in the 13th Shanghai International Automobile Parts, Maintenance, Testing and Diagnostic Equipment and Service Supplies Exhibition held not long ago, and the achievements of Chinese and foreign automobile parts enterprises in the field of new energy vehicles became a highlight.

  It is understood that the scale of the new energy vehicles and technology area in this year’s exhibition has increased significantly. In addition to the richer exhibits, the technical core in the past was mainly motor electronic control, but now it is constantly extending to batteries, battery management, charging piles and related core components. Many multinational companies are seeking deeper cooperation with China enterprises, among which German pavilions with many famous brands such as Osram, Fabi and Proffit have expanded by more than 44% compared with the previous period.

  According to Zhou Shaolan, deputy general manager of Frankfurt Exhibition (Shanghai) Co., Ltd., the electrification, automation, intelligence and networking of automobiles and the communication of the "Belt and Road" automobile industry have become the focus of attention of Chinese and foreign manufacturers.

  Cao Jiansheng, assistant managing director of Frankfurt Exhibition Asia Holdings Co., Ltd. also said that high-end technologies such as new energy, intelligence and lightweight have increasingly become the focus of the exhibition. At present, Messe Frankfurt has become a platform to help China enterprises participate in international cooperation.

  Cao Jiansheng said that in the future, it will further enrich and improve the platform function of the exhibition, better serve China enterprises to go global, and help domestic enterprises to achieve a higher level of international cooperation.

  In this regard, industry experts said that with the efforts of many multinational automobile companies in the field of new energy, the international competition of new energy vehicles will come soon. For domestic enterprises, facing the internationalization of the new energy vehicle market, there are both pressures and opportunities, which can encourage domestic enterprises to continuously promote technological progress and service improvement to meet the ever-increasing market demand. (Reporter Li Zhiyong)


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