The third anniversary of BYD Han family OTA launch push includes Yunnian-C/ITAC, etc.


The third anniversary of BYD Han family OTA launch push includes Yunnian-C/ITAC, etc.

Yichexun On October 23,BYD announced that the Han family will celebrate the third anniversary of OTA, including Yunnian -C, iTAC, voice upgrade and situational mode. From now on, all models will be officially launched in batches.

This OTA upgrade has achieved advanced driving control, and added Yunqi -C intelligent damping body control system, and the suspension damping is adjusted in milliseconds. When the vehicle accelerates rapidly, decelerates rapidly and corners at high speed, the suspension hardness is improved, and the pitching and rolling of the vehicle body are effectively suppressed, thus improving vehicle handling. When the vehicle is driving on the bumpy road, the stiffness of the suspension is reduced, the shock-absorbing performance of the suspension is improved, and the daily driving comfort is improved. In addition, this OTA upgrade also includes iTAC intelligent torque control system, which can dynamically monitor the road adhesion and adjust the driving torque of front and rear axles in real time, effectively preventing vehicles from slipping on stagnant water and sandy roads.

This OTA has also been upgraded in terms of intelligence, and the situational mode has added a nap mode and a screen wiping mode; Intelligent voice has also been upgraded, including online TTS speaker, dual-tone continuous dialogue, intelligent split screen, quick voice assistance, support for intelligent voice under vehicle images, fireworks and firecrackers, voice dynamic effect optimization, and intelligent voice scene interaction. In addition, there is a mobile phone forgetting reminder function. When the mobile phone is forgotten on the mobile phone wireless charging board, the car machine
A reminder will be issued: "The mobile phone is still charging, please don’t leave it behind". UWB digital key: it is not limited by the network environment, and it can realize the non-inductive unlocking function of the vehicle by using iPhone equipment near the vehicle without taking out the mobile phone/car key. Privacy management: the calling authority of microphone and in-car camera can be customized, and the occasional demand can be authorized once to protect your "life circle" from subtleties.

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