Geely compact SUV Xingyue L comes standard with 2.0T, and Aisin 8AT is optional.


Geely compact SUV Xingyue L comes standard with 2.0T, and Aisin 8AT is optional.

On the morning of March 4th, Master Jiao received official news from Geely, saying that the powertrain information of the Star Yue L, which has attracted much attention, has been confirmed. The Star Yue L will be equipped with Volvo Drive-E 2.0TD engine as standard, with two kinds of power.

Xingyue L, from the CMA framework, has officially released a high-definition exterior photo of the car, and its super-long central control LCD screen running through the main and co-pilot has become one of the biggest highlights of the interior. In the last official announcement of Xingyue L, the car body size was 4770mm× long × 1895mm× wide× 1689mm high and the wheelbase was 2845 mm. This is clearly the size parameter of the intermediate SUV, but Geely said that Xingyue L will "reduce the dimension", which is positioned in the compact SUV. Some students may not believe it, but the official information does mark the information point of "New Compact SUV Xingyue L under CMA high-end series products".

Xingyue L is equipped with Volvo Drive-E’s high-end power product, 2.0T VEP4 inline four-cylinder all-aluminum supercharged mid-range direct injection gasoline engine, which has won the title of "Ward Top Ten Engine" for three consecutive years. The medium power version is 2.0TD-T4 EVO, with a maximum power of 160 kW and a maximum torque of 325 Nm. So now, looking back at the 300 Nm 2.0T on Xingrui, it is obviously a low-power version. Matching with this set of power is a 7-speed wet powershift, with a transmission efficiency of 97.2%. Just as Master Jiao had guessed before.

The Xingyue L will also be equipped with a 2.0TD-T5 high-power 2.0T engine, with a maximum power of 175 kW and a maximum torque of 350 Nm. What is very much expected is that this set of power will match the Aisin 8AT gearbox. Obviously, the whole powertrain has been moved from the Xingyue model.

Changan UNI-K

Great wall WEY mocha

Starway to the moon

In this way, the final price of Xingyue L will become the most anticipated link. In the last article, Master Jiao tried to interpret the future market competitiveness of Xingyue L. First of all, from the big background, at present, some domestic independent brands really focus on developing 2.0T power, including Great Wall Motor, Changan Automobile and Chery, and all of them have begun to lay out their own new flagship SUV models. For example, Mocha in the Great Wall, UNI-K in Chang ‘an and the moon in the stars. Great Wall Mocha has WEY brand genes and its own "high-end" temperament. Therefore, positioning its opponents as joint venture high-end models will not look at its own brand rivals at the same level at all, but the media people will compare each other with their own wishful thinking. Changan UNI-K is also trying to move in the high-end direction, but it is not as high-profile as WEY brand.

At the beginning of March, Changan Automobile announced the pre-sale price of UNI-K. The pre-sale price of 157,900-188,900 yuan really needs some time for the market to digest. In addition, the current market doubts about Changan 2.0T engine are very heavy, and too many negative emotions directly affect the subsequent performance of UNI-K. At the same time, the "weak" Chang ‘an 2.0T engine has inadvertently held up the star path to capture the moon, which means that there is no harm without comparison.

Everyone should know the news of the 2.0T horsepower machine for the moon! According to Chery’s official introduction, this 2.0T engine has a maximum power of 187kW(254Ps) and a peak torque of 390 N m.. However, a domestic self-media has tested its horsepower machine. In their horsepower machine test, in the original factory state, the measured horsepower is 253.83 horsepower and the peak torque is 448.06 Nm. When using the plug-in computer to "unseal" the test potential, the engine broke out with 280.73 horsepower and the peak torque was as high as 489.23 Nm, even more powerful than BMW Gaogong 2.0T.

Obviously, Geely is very smart. After tasting the sweetness of "dimensionality reduction" with Xingrui, the upcoming Xingyue L will not directly compete with its own brand rivals in the same field. Starting from 2.0T, the price of Xingtu Lanyue has reached 190,000 yuan. Although the car is good, it has become a new commanding height in Chery’s car series.

Since Xingyue L is positioned as a compact SUV, the price will definitely be locked in the acceptable price range of the compact SUV market. Previously, the positioning of the Star Yue SUV itself was compact, so the corner master personally guessed that the starting price of the Star Yue L might be slightly higher than that of the 1.5T with 7-speed dual-clutch Star Yue. After all, it left some face for the Star Yue 1.5T low-equipped model, which is expected to be around 135,000 yuan. The price vacuum area between the Star Yue 1.5T and 2.0T is filled with medium power 2.0T, and there will not be many models. The rest is the world of 2.0T high power, and the starting price is closer to or even with the star. Personally, I guess Geely may set its price threshold at 150 thousand yuan.


Geely and Volvo have reached a merger plan. In the future, they will jointly develop a new generation of dual-motor hybrid system and high-efficiency internal combustion engine, and the next generation of pure electric platform architecture will also be born. The highly automatic driving assistance solution developed by Volvo will be used by more Geely products. Whether Geely Xingyue L can break the conventional thinking of the market like Xingrui will not be known until it is finally listed. Let’s wait and see.


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