"Forgive him 77 times" was released at the film festival. Charlene Choi frankly said that the emotional view "can only love me one."


"Forgive him 77 times" was released at the film festival. Charlene Choi frankly said that the emotional view "can only love me one."


  CCTV News:Directed by Hong Kong director Qiu Litao and starring popular actress Charlene Choi and Hong Kong singer Chau Pak Ho, Gillian Chung’s special love film Forgive him 77 times held a "Love Journey" conference in Shanghai on June 18th, and the three leading actors, Charlene Choi, Chau Pak Ho and Wei Shiya, attended the event hand in hand. The film will be released in the mainland on June 23rd. On June 15th, the film was released in Hong Kong, and its first day’s box office exceeded one million.

  At the press conference, Chau Pak Ho was subjected to emotional torture by two female hosts. He needed to go through many tests to see if he deserved to be forgiven, which also expressed the theme of the film "Love has a time limit". I hope this film can help more couples reflect on love. The scene also exposed the heavy surprise of the film — — The ultimate poster It is reported that this film attracted Charlene Choi’s enthusiastic participation from the beginning of the script, and she even personally brushed her face and invited a group of friends in the circle to join. The first call was made to twins member Gillian Chung (Gillian).


  "Growing up" boyfriend Chau Pak Ho asked for forgiveness at the scene and looked at Asa sweetly at the scene to send sugar 

  Forgive him for 77 times starts with a couple who have been in love for nine years, and the hero played by Chau Pak Ho accidentally discovers a "heartbreak diary" left by the heroine Charlene Choi, only to realize that he has been ignoring the feelings of his lover around him for a long time, and the hero who made mistakes tries his best to save him, but in the face of all kinds of heartbreak, will the heroine forgive him for the 78th time? At the press conference that day, Chau Pak Ho was tortured by two female hosts, Charlene Choi and Wei Shiya, on the emotional journey of love. From daily life to dating, meeting parents and even "one-night stand", the problems that these couples would encounter were tortured one by one, and Chau Pak Ho tried her best to get their "forgiveness". The final poster of the film was also released at the press conference. Charlene Choi and Chau Pak Ho smiled at each other at the intersection. It seems that Chau Pak Ho finally succeeded in "begging for forgiveness".

  Charlene Choi admits that she is not the kind of stingy girlfriend who loves nagging in reality, especially dislikes quarreling. She is a girl who can take care of others and herself, but she will never accept cheating. The domineering declaration is that "love can only love me". Ah Sa also talked with Chau Pak Ho about filming tidbits, laughing that Chau Pak Ho caught a cold on the day of the kiss, and he was afraid of being infected. At the press conference, he performed "reconciliation" eggs and gave candy to Chau Pak Ho sweetly, which made the fans scream. When it comes to all kinds of problems that couples get along with, Ah Sa is generous, claiming that if you want to keep love fresh, you should tolerate each other more.


  Ah Sa participated in the film transformation for the first time, and her acting skills were praised.

  In Forgive Him 77 Times, Ah Sa incarnates as a little woman, and with tolerance and patience, she explores the emotional road of love preservation with her boyfriend Chau Pak Ho, hoping to help more couples reflect on love with their true feelings. At the press conference that day, Charlene Choi not only talked about her feelings, but also talked about the origin of participating in this film, because this love story touched her from the beginning, and she also participated in the film for the first time, personally brushing her face and inviting her good sisters Gillian Chung (Gillian), Zheng Xiyi, Lu Qiaoyin and Wei Shiya to play together. In particular, Gillian Chung (Gillian), a member of twins, played an important role in the film to wake up the heroine, which excited the fans who grew up with the twins.

  Asa’s transformation of young mature women also surprised the audience. After its release in Hong Kong on June 15th, the box office on the first day exceeded one million, and its word-of-mouth performance was quite good. Many viewers made film reviews praising Charlene Choi’s performance as "very girly", and many people even said that they found resonance in the film. "Every quarrel, every touch and every memory in it seems to have happened to them." The creative team of Forgive Him 77 Times is not simple either. The film director Qiu Litao and the screenwriter Li Min are the third collaboration with Charlene Choi after the film Child Prostitute. Li Min once collaborated with Stephen Chow in king of comedy, and he is very experienced in describing the emotional theme between eat drink man woman, especially in portraying female characters. Director Qiu Litao has also cooperated with Charlene Choi for many times. His previous well-known works such as Barbecued Pork Bag in the Eight Immortals Hotel and Ebola Virus have been praised by European and American filmmakers as similar film classics, and this year, Shock Wave 2 has sold nearly 400 million yuan. I believe that with such a powerful team, "Forgive him 77 times" will certainly touch the hearts of mainland audiences.

  Forgive him 77 times was imported by China Film Group Corporation, produced by Hong Kong Emperor Film Co., Ltd. and Stellar Film Co., Ltd., and distributed by Beijing Stellar Film Distribution Co., Ltd. This Hong Kong film, which will be released in the mainland on June 23rd, will also be released in both Mandarin and Cantonese versions, so that more fans can enter the cinema and feel this romantic movie.


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