Report on "Red Section" of Jiangmen Branch of China Mobile Guangdong Company


Report on "Red Section" of Jiangmen Branch of China Mobile Guangdong Company


Lin, General Manager of Jiangmen Branch of China Mobile Guangdong Company? double

Zhang Guoxiong, Minister and Professor of Propaganda Department of Wuyi University Party Committee

    From left to right: Zhang Xin, Network Information Security Department of Telecommunications Administration of Ministry of Information Industry; Wang Lijian, Press Office of General Office of Ministry of Information Industry; Zhu Lu, Propaganda Department of Network Bureau of the State Council Press Office.

    The three activities are introduced respectively:

    1. "Cheer for Jiangmen-10,000 reasons why I love Wuyi" SMS solicitation activity.

    On October 8, 2006, the Sixth Plenary Session of the 16th CPC Central Committee was successfully held, and "studying and building a harmonious socialist society" was the main topic of the meeting. Social harmony will become the common aspiration of hundreds of millions of people. We believe that we should also do our best to build a harmonious society, and the best way is to give full play to the advantages of mobile communication at any time, anywhere and with us, carry forward the spirit of "great love" and preach excellent folk customs. So, in a short week, we planned to launch the "Cheer for Jiangmen-10,000 reasons why I love Wuyi" SMS MMS collection activity.

    The solicitation activity lasted for half a year and was divided into three stages:

    The first stage is the short message collection stage. Through active publicity, the company mobilized more than 2.5 million local customers of China Mobile to create healthy and uplifting short messages, without limiting the number of messages sent by each customer, and regularly arranged excellent short messages to be displayed in local mainstream media.

    The second stage is the short message audition stage. The company adopts the popular PK method, and the excellent SMS is selected by the public through SMS voting. The weekly award, monthly award, championship and other awards are all selected by the public. It can be said that our excellent short messages are "from the masses, to the masses".

    The third stage is the short message dissemination stage. The company will review and display the excellent short messages selected by the public, invite relevant experts to comment and summarize, and mobilize readers to disseminate excellent short messages. At the same time, the company also displays and publicizes short messages at bus stops in major streets of the city. By the end of the activity in March 2007, more than 80,000 customers had participated and 100,000 short messages had been collected. The activity received a warm social response. Under the extensive publicity of major media, "Cheering for Jiangmen" has become a beautiful cultural landscape, and "red jokes" have spread all over the hometown of overseas Chinese.

   Featured red paragraph works:

    "Ode to Jiangmen" shows Baishui Guifeng, and Yamen scolds Shi Xiong. China said that Jasper is more exquisite. The red joke "139 * * * 8777" was personally sent by Li Wei, our vice mayor in charge of science, education and culture in Jiangmen, which gave us great encouragement and support! Unfortunately, due to work reasons, Vice Mayor Li can’t be present today to share his creative experience with you.

    "Here are beautiful scenery, outstanding people and harmonious society. Ten years after I came here, I have fallen in love with this hot land! 134 * * * 2277 "is the first short message we collected. Its creator, Mr. Tan, came to Jiangmen from Guangxi more than ten years ago to start a business, and has regarded the hometown of overseas Chinese as his hometown. Our activities gave him a platform to express his thoughts, so he responded quickly.

    "Cheer for the New Eight Scenes in the Hometown of Overseas Chinese" East Lake is rippling with clear water, and birds of paradise attracts visitors. Goose Guifeng is nostalgic, and when Chuan Dao likes to fish. Diaolou beautiful scenery and garden paintings, fairyland hot springs looking for elegant poems. I can’t help loving my hometown, so don’t hesitate to applaud. (Note: the names of the new eight scenic spots are embedded in the poem) 135****1726 "The creator of this red paragraph is Mr. Lin Liang, an old friend of our company. Why do you say he is our old friend? Because from the very beginning of the activity, he paid close attention to us and gave us suggestions, suggestions and suggestions in various ways. What moved me in particular was that after sending the red paragraph, he was worried that we would not receive it in time, so he made a special trip to the company from Xinhui and personally delivered the red paragraph. The sincerity of the elderly not only moved us, but also made us realize that we should not only hold this activity, but also do it well!

    2. Seminar on "Jiangmen Contemporary Spirit"

    100,000 short messages triggered a heated discussion in the whole city. We quickly communicated with the Propaganda Department of the Municipal Party Committee and the Municipal Federation of Literary and Art Circles, and found that these 100,000 short messages reflected all aspects of Jiangmen people’s contemporary humanistic spirit and folk customs from different angles, which should be systematically discussed and summarized. So, on April 20, 2007, we held a grand seminar on "Jiangmen Contemporary Spirit". This is the first time to discuss Jiangmen spirit through such specific activities as "Cheering for Jiangmen" after Jiangmen’s reform and opening up.

    The seminar invited experts and scholars in history, sociology and mass communication to discuss the contemporary Jiangmen spirit displayed by people living in Wuyi area in the new fashion of contemporary harmonious society. The Jiangmen spirit, which is "inclusive, pragmatic, enterprising, sentimental and innovative", has once again inspired the spirit of unity and struggle of all the people in the hometown of overseas Chinese. Major local media have widely reported the activities in major time periods and major pages, and the social response has been very enthusiastic.

    3. Book publishing and new book release conference of "Wuyi Nine Chapters"

    The successful holding of the seminar "Jiangmen Contemporary Spirit" made the people in the hometown of overseas Chinese understand the deep meaning behind the short message "10,000 reasons why I love Wuyi". Inspired by the provincial company’s compilation of "Red Pieces" into a book, with the support of the municipal party committee and municipal government, we decided to select the excellent short messages of "Cheering for Jiangmen" into a book and named it "Wuyi Nine Chapters". "Nine Chapters of Wuyi" is divided into nine chapters, which include celebrities’ elegant traces, beautiful scenery, feelings of overseas Chinese in their hometown, and the new look of ancient cities. At the same time, it shows the folk customs such as dragon dance, three rivers, floating stones and singing songs in water towns.

    The book is prefaced by Mayor Wang Nanjian himself. In the editing process, we specially invited the Propaganda Minister and Vice Minister of the Municipal Party Committee and the Chairman of the Municipal Federation of Literary and Art Circles as general consultants, and invited professors from the Chinese Department, Philosophy Department and History Department of local universities and experts from the Municipal Federation of Literary and Art Circles as consultants, which integrated expert wisdom. As a tangible contribution to building a "famous cultural city" in cooperation with the municipal government, Wuyi Nine Chapters was praised by the Jiangmen Municipal Party Committee and Municipal Government as "a banner for building a" famous cultural city ",a business card for Jiangmen’s external publicity, and a picture showing folk customs", which was well received by the leaders of the National People’s Congress, the provincial party committee and the government at all levels in Jiangmen, and was recognized by international counterparts such as NTT DOCOMO in Japan.

    In addition, in the process of publishing the book, it coincides with the sprint stage of Kaiping Diaolou and villages applying for world cultural heritage. The Five Cities and Nine Chapters not only vividly shows Jiangmen’s historical background, folk customs and contemporary spirit with the handwriting of 100,000 people, but also guides healthy social public opinion by means of information technology, making contributions to the success of applying for the world heritage.

       4. Experience of "Cheer for Jiangmen" theme series of "Red Duanzi"

    The great success of the theme series of "Cheer for Jiangmen" can not be separated from the strong guidance and support of the Jiangmen Municipal Party Committee and Municipal Government, from the momentum promotion and spiritual inspiration of the "Red Piece" activities of provincial companies, and from the support and cooperation of the people in the hometown of overseas Chinese. In addition, Jiangmen Branch also summed up several experiences and insights:

    First, give full play to the advantages of mobility and fulfill corporate citizenship responsibilities.

    Jiangmen Branch of China Mobile Guangdong Company, as a leading communication enterprise in Jiangmen, has been actively exerting the advantages of "anytime, anywhere and with you", not only ensuring urban construction and optimizing investment environment with high-quality network and services, but also promoting the construction of "a famous cultural city" by means of informationization. The theme series of activities of "Cheer for Jiangmen" aims to achieve "zero distance" communication between citizens and the government by building an information platform for the public to communicate anytime and anywhere. We believe that excellent corporate citizens should bear such social responsibilities and make contributions to urban development and progress.

    The second is to carry forward the spirit of the times and help build a harmonious society.

    Building a harmonious society is the main theme of today’s times. On the one hand, the theme series of "Cheer for Jiangmen" mobilized the public to "talk about harmony" and "praise harmony", on the other hand, it "spread harmony" and "praise harmony" by downloading and forwarding short messages, which closely conforms to the spirit of the times and the will of the people.

    At the same time, young people are the future of the motherland. The "Cheer for Jiangmen" activity attracts young people to create and spread red jokes by themselves in the form of SMS and MMS, which are popular among young people. In the "Discover the Beauty of Diaolou" activity, more than 20,000 primary and secondary school students sang about Diaolou and praised their hometown, which promoted the innovation of youth education and helped to promote young people to establish a healthy and upward outlook on life and values.

    Third, combine the culture of the hometown of overseas Chinese and innovate the means of cultural propaganda.

    Wuyi, the hometown of overseas Chinese, has outstanding people and profound cultural heritage. The activity closely revolves around the spiritual culture and folk customs of the hometown of overseas Chinese, and at the same time, it grasps the characteristics of "rapid dissemination and real-time sharing" of online culture, innovates cultural propaganda means, occupies online culture with excellent cultural products, spreads the characteristic folk customs and humanistic feelings of the hometown of overseas Chinese, and dispels the discordant voices, which is warmly welcomed and positively responded by the public.

    Through this activity, Jiangmen Branch of China Mobile Guangdong Company deeply realized that network culture is an important part of socialist culture, and the innovation of network culture content and mechanism represented by "Red Duanzi" is a useful attempt and exploration to implement the spirit of promoting the great development and prosperity of socialist culture in the 17th National Congress. In the future work, Jiangmen Branch will continue to carry forward the good experience and good practices of this activity, cheering for urban homes, cheering for a better life and cheering for a harmonious society!

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