Hot search! Netizen: No wonder I am so sleepy.


Hot search! Netizen: No wonder I am so sleepy.

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"I’m so sleepy recently.

I want to sleep when I have a little time. "

"Am I the only one who can’t sleep these two days?"

"Not only drowsiness but also eating, is this normal?"


these two days

Netizens frequently discuss their abnormal state.

Sleepiness, insomnia

Oversleeping at work and not wanting to go to school.

Everyone found out that it was always like this!

This is all because of geomagnetic storms?

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Aurora appeared in Qiqihar, like "blush". "Does the magnetic storm have an impact on the human body?"

"Will magnetic storms affect sleep?"

It has become a topic of concern to many people.

The topic # geomagnetic storm sleepiness # was once boarded.

Weibo ranks first in the hot search list.

According to the China Meteorological Bureau

Bulletin of National Space Weather Monitoring and Early Warning Center

09: 16 Beijing time on March 23rd.

Solar flare activity

X-ray flux reached its maximum at 09: 33.

The peak intensity of flare is X1.1

According to analysis

It is expected that the earth will usher in a medium-to-earth magnetic storm.


Solar monitoring picture of flare explosion SDO satellite

According to the news of China Meteorological Bureau, there will be geomagnetic activity on March 24th, 25th and 26th, among which a moderate geomagnetic storm or even a geomagnetic storm may occur on March 25th, and it is expected that geomagnetic activity will last until March 26th.

Under this influence, the orbital height of the space station may decrease due to atmospheric drag, and the positioning error of satellite navigation equipment will increase, and aviation flight will face the dual risks of poor communication environment and trans-polar radiation. For the public, especially homing pigeon players and aurora lovers, we should always pay attention to space weather information in the next few days.

Source/CCTV News

Geomagnetic monitoring data show that from 23: 00 Beijing time on March 24th to 23: 00 on March 25th, there were 3-hour extra-large geomagnetic storms, 6-hour moderate geomagnetic storms and 3-hour small geomagnetic storms.

This is the same as that released on March 24.

The early warning results of geomagnetic storms are basically the same.

Under the strong bombardment of this energy from the sun, the earth’s magnetic field has undergone drastic short-term changes, accompanied by numerous collisions between the earth’s atmosphere and the high-energy particles of the sun, and the result is the formation of aurora.

Wu Rui, chief service officer of Shanghai Meteorological Bureau, told reporters that high-energy particles interfere with geomagnetic storms generated by the earth’s magnetic field, which has little impact on human health, but will have an impact on mobile phone signals, navigation, satellite TV and aviation. Huang Yu, a researcher at the Purple Mountain Observatory’s solar high-energy and related physical processes research group, also said that magnetic storms have little impact on human health.

What is geomagnetic storm?

What impact will it have on our lives?

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it is reported (that)

Geomagnetic storms are not harmful to human health.

exert an influence

Nor will it affect human life.

Have too much influence

At present, there is no scientific research to show that

Geomagnetic storms can cause

Symptoms such as drowsiness and insomnia.

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