Xiaomi car suddenly broke out! Emergency response …


Xiaomi car suddenly broke out! Emergency response …

  Recently, some netizens found that Lei Jun was on the delivery day of Beijing Xiaomi Automobile Factory.There is white attachment falling from the rear wheel of the blue millet SU7 Max.

  On April 5, Xiaomi Wanghua responded in Weibo, saying,Through on-site investigation, it is found that there are material particles for on-site construction and delivery ceremony on the ground.After being crushed by the rear wheel, it adheres to the tire, and then naturally falls and is recorded by video. Please rest assured that it is not the vehicle screws that fall off, and thank the careful netizens for their discovery. According to china securities journal’s previous report, Wang Hua is the general manager of the public relations department of Xiaomi Group.

  Subsequently, Lei Jun forwarded the Weibo with an essay: "Everyone is looking at Xiaomi SU7 with a magnifying glass now, and we are under great pressure. But many problems with a magnifying glass may not be a problem. Everyone has time to take a closer look. "

  In addition, on April 5th, the topic # Lei Jun, my SU7# also rushed to the hot search.

  It is worth noting that the number "1810" under the steering wheel of the car caught the attention of netizens.

  According to public information, the code of Xiaomi Group’s Hong Kong stocks is 1810. As of the close of Hong Kong stocks on April 5, the share price of Xiaomi Group (HK1810, share price of HK$ 15.54, market value of HK$ 387.73 billion) dropped slightly by 0.13%.

  On March 19th, Xiaomi Group released its 2023 annual and Q4 performance report. In the past year, the company’s total revenue was 271 billion yuan, and its adjusted net profit reached 19.3 billion yuan, a year-on-year increase of 126.3%. The gross profit margin of the Group reached a record high of 21.2%. Q4′ s revenue returned to double-digit year-on-year growth, reaching 73.2 billion yuan, and its adjusted net profit was 4.9 billion yuan, up 236.1% year-on-year.


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