The bathroom in the mall was occupied by "online celebrity" for a few hours, and the cleaning aunt was worried.


The bathroom in the mall was occupied by "online celebrity" for a few hours, and the cleaning aunt was worried.

  In Hangzhou, it seems that you can meet Miss online celebrity, who looks good everywhere, and all kinds of online celebrity punching places. Wave after wave of street beats often attract people to stop and watch. However, this place is a little special — — The bathroom in a shopping mall.

  Some readers broke the news that the bathroom in 501 City Square of Hangzhou Tower was "occupied" by a group of online celebrity with big bags and small bags, and they changed their clothes and took pictures in it for hours.

  Yesterday at noon, our reporter came to the shopping mall, and the bathroom was really tall: the floor was neat, soft chairs and high stools, with plenty of light, the whole area was large and spacious, with glass mirrors on the whole wall and simple lines of tiles, without a trace of odor. No wonder online celebrity ladies are willing to take pictures here. Maybe it’s the weekend. It’s said that there are busy toilets on the second and third floors, and people who haven’t taken pictures appear around two o’clock in the afternoon.

  The reporter met two groups of little online celebrity who took pictures, one in a bathroom on the fourth floor that has not yet been activated; There are two girls taking pictures of each other. There are several big bags of clothes on the ground. There are clothes and shoes on the table and on the ground.

  Free, good environment and high value.

  The bathroom in the shopping mall has become a photography shed.

  As soon as she stepped into this unused bathroom, a girl who was taking pictures kindly reminded the reporter, "It’s not available here yet, and there is another bathroom next door." The reporter saw that there were two big black plastic bags in the corner of the bathroom door, and some clothes were piled on the ground, which looked like they were replaced after shooting. They shoot autumn and winter clothes, including sweaters, coats, etc., which are very fast, or stand or sit. After a few movements, a suit is finished. These two said that they are just shop assistants, so they came here to shoot because they are new in different seasons.

  The reporter found that the two bathrooms were a little messy, and the entrance and exit were not affected. This is not enabled, and the girl will remind the customers who come in from time to time that they can’t use it yet. Another normal bathroom was not greatly affected yesterday. A girl surnamed Mu told reporters that they run a physical store. "Because the environment here is good and there is no charge, I came here to take pictures." Between talking to the reporter, she cut the photos conveniently.

  "These photos are for customers and friends." Mu Girl said, "Taobao people generally don’t come here to shoot, but go to those paid shooting bases." She said that she was a wholesaler in Sijiqing clothing market, and she had taken photos outside before, but it was inconvenient to change clothes, so she chose the bathroom in the shopping mall.

  There are too many things to waste.

  Aunt cleaning should wipe the floor with a towel.

  "I often come here, and I always see people taking pictures in it, which has a little influence." Ms. Gu said.

  Many shopping guides and waiters in the shopping mall also said that they can often see these girls taking pictures. "Sometimes there are many people, sometimes there are few people, not necessarily." Aunt Wu is a cleaning staff in the shopping mall. She started to work in the shopping mall last year. "They all put on makeup, and they changed clothes and took photos as soon as they came." At most, Aunt Wu has seen three or four people taking pictures together. "Sometimes, the bathroom is all things they bring from here to there, and they can’t walk away."

  Some people have less clothes and shoot fast. "Some people leave after shooting for more than an hour; Some people have a lot of goods, three or four bags, shoes and hats, and it takes several hours to shoot. " Aunt Wu generally advises them not to occupy a stool and leave it to customers in need as much as possible. "Some people will say hello to me when they leave, saying that aunt I am leaving, so please. Some are not very polite. "

  What bothers Aunt Wu most is the "garbage" they left behind. "It was not intentionally lost, and some tags, labels and stickers fell to the ground. The label is ok. Yesterday, there were two round things stuck on the ground and I couldn’t pick them up for a long time. " There are many furry clothes in autumn and winter. Aunt Wu said that at the end of the day, "Little Mao Mao is everywhere, and some sweaters are good at shedding hair. Look at nothing. When the towel is wiped, it’s all dirty. The hair on the ground, we are not allowed to use a sponge mop, we can only wipe it with a towel, and the towels can’t be cleaned. "

  There are also complaints from customers that girls who want to take pictures should not occupy the bathroom. Aunt Wu smiled bitterly. "It’s useless for me to persuade, but I still want to come."

  Shopping mall management is very helpless.

  Many places in Hangzhou have been "occupied"

  This phenomenon is not unique to the 501 City Plaza of Hangzhou Tower. Besides occupying the bathroom, some people even make up and change clothes in the maternal and child room. Vientiane City, in77, and Leti Port, many high-value toilets or maternity rooms have the helplessness of "blaming me for the decoration". Some readers left a message, and I met it in Vientiane City before. The photographer patted it there regardless of the people around him who were eating, and he also used the flash. It was really unpleasant to sit next to him and eat.

  Mummy, a netizen, complained that she was once in the maternal and child room of Yintai in77 on the lakeside. She originally wanted to change the baby’s diaper, and waited at the door for a long time, but no one paid attention to knocking at the door. "Later, a girl in baby clothes came to knock at the door, and the door opened, and there was also a cosplay costume inside. I said that you are not a mother and baby, what are you doing in the mother and baby room? " As a result, the other party said that there was something wrong.

  Some netizens also put forward various suggestions. Aunt cleaning has been working very hard all day, so please keep these online celebrity girls as clean as possible.

  Does the mall know about this situation? How is it managed? A staff member surnamed Tong said, "As a shopping mall, we can only say that customers are welcome to come, and it is not good to label others. After all, they are also customers who come to spend, so we are not good at driving them away."

  Ms. Tong said that the shopping mall welcomes all customers to come. As for the use of the bathroom, the shopping mall is also trying its best to guide them. "There will be staff to inspect at ordinary times, and people have always taken pictures. On weekends, the passenger flow in shopping malls is relatively large, and customers will use the bathroom more frequently, which will still have an impact. "

  Some netizens suggested that monitoring should be installed in public areas such as toilets to put an end to this phenomenon. Ms. Tong said that this is more difficult to achieve. "The bathroom is a relatively private space after all, and it is impossible to install monitoring even in public areas such as the sink."


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