The story of China people, online celebrity after 80s! How did he get elected to the 19th National Congress?


The story of China people, online celebrity after 80s! How did he get elected to the 19th National Congress?

  China Youth Network, Beijing, October 21st (trainee reporter Zhang Tong) relies on lectures on ideological and political education in colleges and universities instead of shouting wheat or freestyle. He became a "big V" with hundreds of thousands of fans, a veritable "online celebrity".

  There is no charge, no appointment, and WeChat can answer questions online at any time. After answering nearly 100,000 questions in three years, he won the hearts of students with "speech therapy service".

  On October 9th, Xu Chuan, as a representative of young party member from the Communist Party of China (CPC) at the grassroots level, spoke at the meeting of Chinese and foreign journalists organized by the State Council Information Office. source map

  Xu Chuan, born in 1980s, is a teacher of Nanjing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics and a member of the 2280 delegates of the 19th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, a very young one!

  In May 2016, one of his letters, "Answering a student’s question: Why did I join the Communist Party of China (CPC)", with a reading volume of 100,000+,exploded the circle of WeChat friends.

  Xu Chuanhuo, why? Xu Chuan said that every step of life counts. Ten years ago, Xu Chuan gave up his high salary and chose to be an ordinary counselor in China Southern Airlines. From a daily salary of 1,000 yuan to a monthly salary of 1,000 yuan, such a choice is always confusing.

  Xu Chuan said that if you really like a job, you don’t have to worry about the future. In China Southern Airlines, Xu Chuan’s relationship with students is more like "playing games to upgrade". Teaching and learning learn from each other, getting along with students day and night, so that Xu Chuan is always in a state of charging. "In the information age, students probably know more than I do, and they push me forward," Xu Chuan said.

  Xu Chuan lectures and never plays cards according to common sense. In his class, Marx is a promising young man who belongs to a tiger. Obviously, he is "Gao Fushuai", but he sees through wealth and understands nobility. He always wants to do something "big"!

  Xu Chuan said, to understand a person’s thoughts, you don’t even know him. The basic things have not been solved. Where are the high-level values attached? Xu Chuan’s class has captured a large number of fans by "making meaningful things interesting". In China Southern Airlines, students call him "Brother Chuan".

  The course selection is full first, which is comparable to grabbing concert tickets; In the classroom, the aisles are often full of students. "Value cannot be completely measured by money, and money is only a form of value. Being able to help others out of the predicament is a direct and overwhelming sense of accomplishment. "

  "Be a companion that students will never forget" is Xu Chuan’s motto. In order to help more young people, he started to operate Weibo and WeChat WeChat official account.

  In order to make this accompanying group more powerful, Xu Chuan set up a "continuous ideological and political work team". "What I want to do is to make ‘ I ’ Become ‘ We ’ And bring together more people with firm beliefs. "Xu Chuan’s idea is simple and simple.

  Now, Xu Chuan has a new role-the representative of the 19th National Congress. In addition to performing his duties as a representative, Xu Chuan sees himself more as a bridge between the 19th National Congress and the youth. "The 19th National Congress is related to the formulation of the grand blueprint for the whole country in the next five years and is closely related to young people. I will look at these policies and changes from the perspective of young people. "

  Today, China Youth Network specially selected some wonderful answers from Xu Chuan’s answers to students’ questions. Let’s feel it together!

Hot spots of public opinion emerge one after another, how to stand in line with the reversal drama?

  Finally, I attach "Answering a student’s question: Why did I join the Communist Party of China (CPC)" written by Xu Chuan (excerpt):

  To join an organization, we must understand its past and see its future clearly.

  In fact, many people don’t know much about this organization’s past. They don’t study Party history or party constitution.

  We haven’t experienced hard times, so we can’t build our feelings and deep affection for the party out of thin air.

  Therefore, we should look back, think carefully and walk slowly.

  The history of this party is not far away, and the present of this party is actually not complicated.

  Only when you know where you came from can you know where you are and where you are going.

  This is the simplest logic.

  The future of this political party is also easy to judge. We have witnessed many things in this year or two.

  Everyone can see "beating tigers and swatting flies" and "strictly administering the party";

  Everyone can see the "eight regulations" and "three strictness and three realities";

  Everyone can see the "mass line" and "two studies and one work";

  More and more specific, more and more strict, more and more normal, this is the trend.

  The truth is not complicated. If there is no people in your heart, you will be abandoned by the people.

  The glory of this political party is closely related to the people, and its future glory will inevitably depend on it.

  That’s the only way.

  This is the answer given by history and the choice of the CCP itself.

  I think what I gave today is definitely not the final answer.

  Or, I don’t want to give you a final answer.

  Now, the threshold for joining the party is getting higher and higher, and it is becoming more and more difficult to join the party.

  It is never the quantity of party member that determines the vitality and vigor of a party, but the quality.

  Let the comrades who really want to join this organization face more tests.

  In my opinion, if a student does not have a strong mass base, does not devote himself wholeheartedly to his classmates, and does not put hardship first and pleasure second, he is not qualified to join the party.

  At least, it is such a standard and requirement as far as I can radiate.

  If everyone agrees with this view, it is not just me, but us.

  We come from all corners of the country and come together for a common goal.

  At the same time, we should also bring everyone’s beliefs and stories.


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