A true version of the "latent" story of three thousand underground parties secretly fighting Beiping


A true version of the "latent" story of three thousand underground parties secretly fighting Beiping

  A true version of the "hidden" story of "deep sea" Dan Xin

Yan Youwen, who looks like a Kuomintang colonel, took a group photo with his wife.

In February 1949, Yan Youwen (first from right) went to Xibaipo with Fu Zuoyi (third from right) and was received by Zhou Enlai.

  This year marks the 60th anniversary of the peaceful liberation of Beiping. The "Historical Materials Exhibition of the Peaceful Liberation of Beiping" on display in the Beijing Archives has opened the tip of the iceberg of the real version.

  Yan Youwen, a strange name, ranks with Liu Houtong, He Siyuan and Fu Dongju as the hero of the peaceful liberation of Peiping, and his portrait is in a prominent position.

  Before the founding of New China, his apparent identity was Secretary Fu Zuoyi and Major General of the Kuomintang, but he was actually Communist party member on the hidden front of the Chinese Communist Party. After the founding of New China, he became a general of the Kuomintang uprising and was actually a United front worker of the Party. It was not until 1993, 31 years after his death, that Yan Youwen’s true identity was known to his children, but his story and achievements were still unknown to the public.

  A few days ago, the reporter interviewed many parties to reproduce this true version of the "latent" story for readers.

  Identity mystery

  In 1962, Yan Youwen, who was the director of the Grain and Oil Production Bureau of the Ministry of Agriculture, died in Beijing at the age of 48.

  Yan Youwen was buried in Babaoshan Revolutionary Cemetery. The tombstone is engraved with the inscription:

  "Comrade Yan Youwen, a native of Wanrong County, Shanxi Province, was born on July 6th, 1914. He used to be a member of the National Committee of the China People’s Political Consultative Conference, director of the Grain and Oil Production Bureau of the Ministry of Agriculture of People’s Republic of China (PRC), members of the Communist Party of China (CPC) … Comrade Yan Youwen, who had done a lot of work for the revolution in the past … "

  There are several words in this inscription that make people think hard: as a communist party member, it is common sense to specify the time of joining the revolution and the time of joining the party, but it is not in the inscription. After the founding of New China, Yan Youwen’s previous positions were clear, but the part before the founding of New China was replaced by the vague phrase "I have done a lot of work for the revolution in the past."

  But in 1962, Yan Youwen’s family faced this unusual inscription, and there were many question marks in their hearts, but there was nowhere to dispel them.

  Yan Youwen has six children. When he died, the eldest was 24 years old and the youngest was only 8 years old. When they fill in their family background, they are all "revolutionary cadres" (revolutionary cadres), as are Kuomintang generals and their relatives who revolted before 1949.

  They didn’t expect that a few years later, the identity of the father became a mystery that their family could not solve.

  The mystery is concentrated in the political review when the family joined the party and promoted. From Yan Youwen’s wife to her little daughter, "it gets stuck when it comes to political review." From the 1960s until the reform and opening up, in those years when politics was emphasized and class struggle was the key link, Yan Youwen’s wife not only could not join the Party, but also became a "reactionary officer’s wife". The second child once worked in a public security organ, but was transferred and never returned to the team. The third child graduated from Harbin Military Industry, and could have worked in the Commission of Science, Technology and Industry for National Defense, but was assigned to a civilian factory as a maintenance fitter.

  The conclusion of the political review is generally not disclosed to the parties, and the Yan family does not know the inside story. Until Lao Liu applied to join the party in the army, the army repeatedly sent letters to the Ministry of Agriculture to transfer the political examination, but still could not find a clear answer. The answer was "Comrade Yan Youwen’s historical problem is unclear."

  Yan’s children found the United Front Work Department. The files of Kuomintang uprising officers should all be here, but Yan Youwen’s name can’t be found in the roster of the United Front Work Department.

  The clue was broken in this. The familiar father seems to be shrouded in heavy fog.

  It was not until 1993 that Yan’s children’s quest for fatherhood turned to an inflection point.

  Liu Guangren, former deputy director of Beijing Public Security Bureau, was the leader of Yan Youwen’s second daughter. What did the old underground party in Beiping realize after learning about the Yan family, but there was no way to prove it.

  Liu Guangren is no stranger to Yan Youwen. When he was engaged in underground work in Peiping, his public identity was as a reporter of Pingming Daily, while Yan Youwen was Fu Zuoyi’s secretary and concurrently served as the director of the information office of the "suppression general" in North China, and they had many contacts.

  After more than 60 years, when the reporter interviewed Liu Guangren, he still clearly remembered the image of Yan Youwen: "He is slender, tall and thin, and speaks quietly, like a scholar." Because Pingming Daily is a newspaper in Fu Zuoyi, Yan Youwen has taken more photos of Liu Guangren, but neither side knows the true identity of the other.

  In 1993, at a gathering of veteran cadres in the public security system, Liu Guangren met Wang Yu, a former colleague and also an old underground worker, and talked about the descendants of Yan Youwen. I didn’t expect Wang Yu’s mood to get excited at once.

  Liu Guangren recalled that Wang Yu first sighed and then said to him: "It has been more than 40 years, and Yan Youwen should be able to decrypt it. You must help me contact Yan Youwen’s children. "

  The mystery uncovered by Wang Yu proves Liu Guangren’s guess: Yan Youwen is a hidden soldier deeply lurking in our party. And Wang Yu, is the contact with Yan Youwen’s top secret single-line contact.


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