The price of Xiaomi SU7 can basically be guessed, the standard version is 199,800, and the MAX version is 299,800.


The price of Xiaomi SU7 can basically be guessed, the standard version is 199,800, and the MAX version is 299,800.

The Xiaomi auto conference is over, and many people have only one feeling-Very well, the first millet that young people can’t afford appears..

How many people watched the three-hour automobile technology conference drowsy?

Xiaomi Auto is a technology company, and I understand the Internet. It doesn’t matter that a new car couldn’t get on the market years ago. Let’s have a technical conference and talk about the technical breakthrough for two hours. With the data of the laboratory and the motor that got on the bus in 2025, I will also draw a pie for everyone. Netizens all said, "Yes, this is a thunder style" and "familiar millet analogy method".

In the last hour, how many people want to go to WC like Xiaobian, and they are afraid that the new car will appear in the second they miss. The result is obviously a little worry. The whole conference is composed of PPT and video. With Lei Jun’s slightly accented and simple Mandarin, there is no price announcement, but Mr. Lei directly replied to some speculations about the price, 99,000? No way! 149,000? Forget it!

Netizens have only one thing to say about this-Xiaomi SU7, this friend will not be handed over! I’ll wait for Redmi SU1!

After this conference, the configuration parameters and characteristic design of Xiaomi Automobile will be exposed in the future. Not surprisingly, the hot spots in the auto market in the next two months will focus on Xiaomi SU7, and it is not difficult to see from Lei Jun’s words that Xiaomi SU7 is currently in the stage of small-scale mass production, and it is expected that it will be several months before it is officially listed. There is a high probability that it will be chosen in March-April, when the traditional holiday ends, and it will be officially unveiled through large-scale auto shows and other activities, with its own heat and topics.

However, judging from the comments of netizens at this conference, it seems that Xiaomi SU7 is going to make a wedding dress for others (here, it refers to extremely krypton 007).

"It’s so tall, isn’t it still a carpool?" "10 billion brings a bunch of nonsense, and even the real car is not allowed to watch." "Xiaomi Ecology, can you start by opening the car door and watching the advertisement for 30 seconds? ""mobile phones don’t rank among the top three from 0, so it’s unrealistic to steal them and you’ll get "…

After all, the initial positioning of Xiaomi car is to be the first car for young people, just like mobile phones.

But now, after a press conference, Xiaomi SU7′ s "running points" competition is comparable to Porsche and millions of Tesla, and even frequently mentions super-running luxury cars such as Ferrari. Lei Jun seems to be lost in the dazzling data, forgetting that the original intention of entering the automobile industry is to be the first car for young people.

Many people criticized that the price was not announced at this conference, blindly guessing that the price of millet must be around 200,000, or even higher, so the price was hidden, otherwise once he announced the price of 200,000+,it was doomed to send the potential audience directly into the embrace of Krypton 007.

However, there are also many senior fans who said "no surprise, Xiaomi’s usual routine" for yesterday’s press conference. Adjust the tone a little higher, and then launch an entry-level version, kill the quartet by cost-effectiveness, and then engage in hunger marketing. There is no goods all the year round, so if you want to buy it, you have to match it …

At present, judging from the parameter configuration of the two models announced by Xiaomi Automobile, this conjecture has a high probability of becoming a reality. Moreover, once again, it is not difficult to see from the configuration that no matter whether Xiaomi SU7 claims to be a benchmark Porsche or a million-level Tesla, its competing products actually land on the model represented by Extreme Krypton 007.

Therefore, it is speculated that after Xiaomi SU7 is really listed, the price can basically be guessed.The standard version is priced at 199,800.(Down to 200,000 to show sincerity),Max version is priced at 299,800.(The embodiment of strength and technology, Xiaomi thinks that SU7 is "expensive and reasonable").

Let’s take a look today. It’s also around 200,000. Who can play better than Xiaomi SU7 and Extreme Krypton 007?

The two cars have a lot in common, such as Qualcomm Snapdragon 8295 and NVIDIA Orin-X chip, both of which are L2-level autopilot systems, and the standard version is 254TOPS. There are also some differences and distinctions;

Mileage: Krypton 007 is longer, 688km, and Xiaomi SU7 is 668km. There is a gap, but not much difference.

Book parameter: Extreme Krypton 007 is superior. Although Xiaomi has rendered its own speed for a long time, its motor performance is not as good as that of Extreme Krypton 007 on the standard model. The maximum power is 220kW, the peak torque is 400 Nm, and the maximum horsepower is 299Ps. Extreme Krypton 007 can reach the maximum power of 310kW, the maximum torque of 440 Nm, and the maximum horsepower of 422Ps.

Dimensional data: Xiaomi has an advantage. Xiaomi SU7 is positioned as a C-class car, which is nearly 5 meters long and has a wheelbase of 3 meters. In contrast, it is slightly inferior to the polar 007, but the wheelbase of 2928mm can also ensure comfortable space performance.

Configuration differences:

Advantages of SU7: Compared with the entry-level version of Krypton 007, there is an additional middle airbag, which supports keyless entry of the whole vehicle. The central control is larger in size and has the function of simulating sound waves. Leather seats, sports style, adjustable buttons in the back of the co-pilot, 25 speakers, Dolby panoramic sound function, better driving experience.

Advantages of krypton 007:

More sentry mode/clairvoyance, built-in driving recorder, road call for rescue, steep slope descent, from the number of cameras, Krypton 007 has one more camera and two millimeter-wave radars than SU7. There are also rain-sensing wipers, and the exterior rearview mirror has the functions of reversing automatically and rearview mirror memory, with Bluetooth phone, voice wake-up-free words, the LCD instrument size is extremely excellent, and the interior rearview mirror also has anti-glare function and electronic gear shifting.

Krypton 007 has an electric trunk, NFC and UWB digital keys, an active closed grille, and a remote start function to support external discharge. Regarding the trunk and external discharge, Xiaobian tends that Xiaomi Automobile has not announced more detailed parameters, and such popular configurations should not be absent.

From the point of view of configuration differences, the currently published parameter Krypton 007 is better. Unless Xiaomi SU7 shows sincerity in price, there is only a gap of ten thousand blocks, so it is difficult to make up for these configuration differences. If Xiaomi really abandons the label of cost performance, the potential audience will largely switch to the embrace of Krypton 007. After all, compared with Krypton, it is fully tested in the market, and it is endorsed by Geely and Volvo. Its stability, reliability and reputation are relatively excellent. Xiaomi, as an emerging brand, has insufficient knowledge of making cars. What is the comparison?

Through the comparison, it is not difficult to find that the standard version of Xiaomi SU7 comes from all dimensions to lower the selling price, adopting Foday’s battery, lithium iron phosphate battery, and the Contemporary Amperex Technology Co., Limited announced at the press conference is not until the Max version, so it can be concluded that the standard version will inevitably make some concessions on the selling price.

However, obviously, many rice noodles will be disappointed. This millet SU7 obviously didn’t come to be the first car for young people. Its positioning is a C-class performance car, and with three unusual color schemes, many people don’t know who it will be sold to. Pricing is a mystery. If we can’t convince the executives to give sincerity on the price overnight, Lei Jun may still suffer from insomnia in the next thousand days, or thousands of days …


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