Hangzhou drag racing case: the victim’s father applied for protest to talk about the "body double" incident.


Hangzhou drag racing case: the victim’s father applied for protest to talk about the "body double" incident.

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News review:The Xihu District Court of Hangzhou responded to body double’s rumor: Hu Bin’s identity is undoubtedly confirmed.

  Zhongxin. com, Hangzhou, July 28th (Reporter Shuang Yuan, Chai Yanfei) The sensational "5.7" traffic accident case in Hangzhou had the first trial result, but the result did not end the incident. Parents of both sides first expressed unfairness to the court’s decision, and many netizens even expressed doubts about whether Hu Bin was body double at the trial. On 24th, Tan Zhuo’s father, Tan Yue, sent a protest application and a complaint to the procuratorate and the court. The Xihu District Procuratorate said today that it has accepted the appl ication for protest, but it still needs to be studied whether it will protest.

  At about 8 pm on May 7th this year, Hu Bin, who was only 20 years old, raced with his friends in the busy streets of Hangzhou, killing Tan Zhuo, a 25-year-old Zhejiang University graduate who was crossing the zebra crossing to go home after watching a movie. Subsequently, the local police in Hangzhou determined that Hu Bin was driving at "70 yards per hour", which caused public outcry. For a time, students from major media, forums and Zhejiang University paid great attention to this traffic accident, which also had a wide impact throughout the country.

  On July 15th, the Xihu District People’s Court held a public hearing on the case. More than 60 people from all walks of life, including relatives of the victim Tan Zhuo, former colleagues, relatives of the defendant Hu Bin, deputies to the National People’s Congress and CPPCC members, attended the trial. On the 20th, the court made a public judgment in the first instance and sentenced the defendant Hu Bin to three years’ imprisonment for traffic accident. In addition, after the incident, Hu Bin’s relatives have compensated and voluntarily compensated the victims’ relatives for economic losses totaling RMB 1,130 100 yuan.

  Although Hu Bin’s parents thought the verdict was unfair, they said they would not appeal for the time being. Tan Zhuo’s father, Tan Yue, sent an application for protest to Xihu District Procuratorate, Hangzhou Procuratorate, Zhejiang Procuratorate and the Supreme People’s Procuratorate on the afternoon of the 24th. Letters of complaint were sent to Xihu District Court, Hangzhou Intermediate People’s Court, Zhejiang High Court and the Supreme People’s Court; In addition, fact sheets were sent to the Hangzhou Municipal People’s Congress, the Zhejiang Provincial People’s Congress and the National People’s Congress. Tan Yue said that he "expects the superior judicial department to have a legal and fair characterization of Hu Bin’s crimes".

  "Because the procuratorate has not replied whether I will protest, it is not convenient to open the application for protest now." Tan Yue told reporters that the protest application mainly includes two points. One is the issue of the characterization of the charges in the first-instance judgment. Tan Yue said that he never agreed with the charge of "traffic accident " and still insists that Hu Bin committed the crime of "endangering public safety by dangerous means". Second, the issue of Hu Bin’s "body double". Regarding the rumor-dispelling notice issued by the West Lake Court a few days ago, Tan Yue thought that it was "unconvincing and meaningless, even a fake body double would answer the question in this way". He hoped that the higher judicial organs would take this matter seriously and adopt an open, fair and transparent method to identify the true and false Hu Bin in accordance with the law, so as to dispel everyone’s doubts.

  Tan Yue told reporters that the procuratorate has received his protest application today, and it is still under review, but whether to protest needs to be reviewed before making a decision. "If the application for protest fails, I will exercise my second right and apply to a higher court for legal supervision procedures."

  According to Article 182 of China’s Criminal Procedure Law, if the victim and his legal representative refuse to accept the judgment of first instance of the local people’s courts at all levels, they have the right to request the people’s procuratorate to lodge a protest within five days after receiving the judgment. The people’s procuratorate shall, within five days after receiving the request of the victim and his legal representative, make a decision on whether to protest and answer the request. (End)

The incident occurred at 8 pm on May 7.
  Hu Bin raced with friends in a Mitsubishi sports car in Hangzhou, killing Tan Zhuo who was crossing the zebra crossing. [detailed]

"Deceive the real horse" on May 8.
  The Hangzhou police said that the speed was 70 yards, which was inconsistent with the eyewitness’s statement and caused many questions. Netizens invented a new online word "cheat real horses" (70 yards). [detailed]

Criminal detention on May 8
  Hu Bin is suspected.trafficThe crime of causing trouble was detained, but its "trafficThe crime of causing trouble was questioned. [detailed]


Appraisal report on May 14th.
  According to the report, the speed of the accident vehicle ranged from 84 yards to 101 yards, and it was modified or partially modified. [detailed]

Arrest on may 17
  "5.7" submitted by Hangzhou People’s Procuratorate to Hangzhou Public Security Bureau for arrest.trafficHu Bin, the suspect in the accident case, approved the arrest according to law. [detailed]

Compensation on May 20
  The victim’s family and the perpetrator have reached an agreement, and the victim’s parents have received compensation of 1.13 million yuan. [detailed]


First trial on July 20
  Hangzhou Xihu District People’s Court on "5.7"trafficThe accident case was publicly pronounced in the first instance totrafficThe defendant Hu Bin was sentenced to 3 years’ imprisonment for the crime of causing trouble. [detailed]

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