Summary of weekend news: the central bank and other three departments have stepped in to support enterprises in this industry to raise funds through reasonable equity in the capital market.


Summary of weekend news: the central bank and other three departments have stepped in to support enterprises in this industry to raise funds through reasonable equity in the capital market.

  What major events may affect the capital market over the weekend? The highlights are summarized as follows:

  Macro and market news

  State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission: Accelerate the construction ofA new type of power system with the main body

  According to a report by Cailian on Saturday, the State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission of the State Council held a special meeting on the work of central enterprises to keep warm and supply this winter and next spring on November 16th. The meeting demanded that the long-term mechanism should be improved, the construction of peak-shaving power supply should be promoted according to local conditions, investment in technological innovation should be increased, and the construction of a new power system with the main body should be accelerated. It is necessary to strengthen risk investigation, put safety in production in a prominent position, and serve the overall situation of ensuring supply and stability with a good situation of safety in production. Relevant responsible comrades of 17 central energy supply enterprises attended the meeting., State Grid, ChinaFour enterprises, such as Electric Power and National Energy Group, reported the situation of power supply protection on the spot.

  Three departments: lend, withdraw and cut off loans to real estate enterprises in normal operation, and support real estate enterprises to raise funds through reasonable equity in capital market.

  On Friday, the people of ChinaThe General Administration of Financial Supervision and the China Securities Regulatory Commission jointly held a forum for financial institutions to study the recent real estate finance,Key tasks such as launching and debt risk resolution of financing platforms.

  The meeting emphasized that in the past, the financial sector actively cooperated with the competent departments of the industry and local governments, made comprehensive policies from both the supply and demand sides of the real estate market, maintained the stability of key financing channels such as credit, bonds and equity, supported the improvement of industry operations, optimized and adjusted individual housing loan policies, and made efforts to stabilize the real estate market, which achieved good results. Recently, financial departments and industry authorities jointly held a symposium on representative real estate enterprises.Understand the main financial needs of industry risk resolution and high-quality development. All financial institutions should thoroughly implement the deployment of the Central Financial Work Conference, adhere to the "two unwavering", meet the reasonable financing needs of real estate enterprises of different ownership equally, and spare no expense in lending, drawing loans and cutting off loans to real estate enterprises in normal operation.

  Continue to make good use of the "second arrow" to support private real estate enterprises to issue bonds for financing. Support real estate enterprises to raise funds through reasonable equity in the capital market. It is necessary to continue to cooperate with local governments and relevant departments, adhere to the principle of rule of law and marketization, increase financial support for Baojiaolou, and promote the industry.. It is necessary to actively serve the construction of "three major projects" such as affordable housing, accelerate the reform of the supply side of real estate finance, and promote the construction of a new model of real estate development.

  Three departments: consider the credit supply in the second two months of this year and the beginning of next year as a whole to promote the stable growth of China’s economy with the stability of credit growth

  On Friday, the China Municipal People’s Government, the General Administration of Financial Supervision and the China Securities Regulatory Commission jointly held a forum for financial institutions. The meeting held that in the next step, we should strengthen our confidence, continue to exert our strength and make contributions for a long time, continue to increase policy implementation and work promotion, and persistently create a goodFinancial environment. It is necessary to implement the requirements of cross-cycle and counter-cycle adjustment, focus on strengthening the balanced supply of credit, and make overall consideration of the credit supply in the second two months of this year and the beginning of next year to promote the stable growth of China’s economy with the stability of credit growth. It is necessary to optimize the capital supply structure, revitalize the existing financial resources, increase financial support for major strategies, key areas and weak links, and enhance the sustainability of financial support for the real economy.

  Securities and Futures Commission: Improve the regulatory rules and severely crack down on derivatives as a "channel"The behavior of futures market supervision

  On Friday, the CSRC publicly solicited opinions on the Measures for the Supervision and Administration of Derivatives Trading (Second Draft for Comment). Among them, it is mentioned that the supervision rules should be improved and the behavior of circumventing the supervision of the futures market with derivatives as a "channel" should be severely cracked down. The CSRC has systematically sorted out this issue and standardized it in these Measures, including prohibiting the circumvention of the position limit system, the letter cover system and the reduction and sale restriction system through derivatives trading, prohibiting short-term trading, insider trading and market manipulation through derivatives trading, and prohibiting derivatives operating institutions from being bigger than listed companies., the actual controller, Dong Jiangao, and the subject of reducing holdings and restricting sales to carry out derivative transactions with the shares of the listed company as the subject matter.

  Industry news

  The third day of national talks: lively atmosphere delivers good newsEnterprises appear in anti-tumor drugs or concentrate on negotiations.

  Today, on the third day of the national talks, according to the on-site observation of the reporters of Cailian Association, the number of enterprise representatives has increased significantly., AstraZeneca,, Deqi Medicine,Representatives of companies such as Novartis and Kelun appeared one after another. According to this, the reporter judged that anti-tumor drugs will be concentrated in negotiations today.

  It is reported that Hengrui and other "PD-1 Four Little Dragons" will all negotiate for renewal or expansion of indications today, as well as cornerstones andCooperative PD-L1 suglimab injection. In addition, AstraZeneca is responsible for the negotiation of destrastuzumab for breast cancer drug DS8201 injection, which has also attracted much attention.

  Directly hit the 2023 medical insurance country to talk about the next day: the pace is accelerating! More than 30 companies have appeared on hypoglycemic drugs or concentrated on negotiating varieties.

  On Saturday, the four-day 2023 national health insurance talks entered the second day of the agenda. According to the reporter of science and technology innovation board Journal, it is estimated that more than 30 enterprises will participate in today’s negotiations, AstraZeneca,, Hunan Kelun, Liaoning, Bayer, Shijiazhuang Four Medicines Group and many other enterprises have made appearances.

  According to the reporter’s statistics, among the enterprises participating in today’s negotiations, there are many products involving diabetes drugs. It is speculated that hypoglycemic agents are one of the key varieties to be negotiated today.

  AI becomes the focus of high-tech fair:All-in-one machine attracts the audience to stop. The release of domestic Chiplet large model reasoning chip

  Cailian reported on November 18th that the 25th China International Hi-Tech Fair (hereinafter referred to as "Hi-Tech Fair") was being held in Shenzhen. At the new generation information technology exhibition in Futian exhibition area, a huge server box with Logo was prominently placed in the center.

  According to the on-site technicians of Luchen Technology introduced to the reporter of science and technology innovation board Daily, this equipment is the original DGX H800 all-in-one machine, and Luchen Technology independently designed and developed the corresponding large-scale model software service to match it, thus forming Luchen Technology’s Colossal-AI extremely fast large-scale model workstation for sale or rental.

  Huawei Xiaomi’s new car is overcharged with fire? 4COn the eve of mass application, listed companies in the industrial chain "prepare for war"

  The reporter of Cailian learned from the industry on Saturday that the 4C overcharge brought by the 800V high-voltage electrical architecture will be applied in batches next year. In addition, the reporter learned from a non-public survey summary that it is estimated that about 25 car companies have launched 800V PRO models at present, and they should make significant contributions to the increment next year.

  At this stage,When the layout 4C is overcharged. In the supply chain of 4C rechargeable battery, the shipments of both electrolyte and anode covering materials are not large. A person from a negative material factory told Cailian that the fast-charging negative electrode shipped by the company in recent years can basically reach 4C. According to its forecast, the shipment of 4C negative electrode is expected to be the same as that of ordinary negative electrode in the next year. And more related industrial chains have their production capacity layout.

  Huawei not only asks the intellectual circles, Yu Chengdong: There are also two "circles", from BAIC and Jianghuai.

  The 2023 Guangzhou Auto Show officially kicked off on Friday. Yu Chengdong, managing director of Huawei, CEO of BG, and chairman of BU, a smart car solution, appeared at the auto show. In an interview with the media, he revealed that there will be two "boundaries" from BAIC and JAC after the world of intelligence.

  This time, Huawei HarmonyOS Zhixing participated in the exhibition as an independent booth for the first time, and its debut models also included Wenjie M5 Urban Huancai suit, Wenjie New M7 and Zhijie S7. In addition, the high-end luxury car M9 also made its first public appearance at the auto show, and it is planned to be officially listed in December this year. Yu Chengdong warmed up the M9, which made its first public appearance. There were many "secrets" and the turning radius was very small, so it "drove like a car".

  Exclusive |Next week, the price of the China market will continue to increase.

  On Friday, Blue Whale reporter learned from close insiders that after three consecutive price increases, the China market price will be raised again next week.

  Company news

  This week, more than 10 listed companies intensively disclosed the business progress related to computing power.The interactive platform said that in the future, the rental price of computing power will be adjusted according to various factors.

  continueTuesdayIt is planned to raise the charge of NVIDIA A100 computing service entrusted for operation by 100%. According to incomplete statistics, as of press time, this week includes parallel technology,、、, cloud from technology,andMore than 10 listed companies have also announced or responded to the progress of computing business on the interactive platform. Among them, the interactive platform said that the first phase of the company’s intelligent computing center will provide about 2500P computing power rental services, and the rental price will be adjusted according to various factors. Parallel science and technology announcement, purchasing 22 A800 AI computing servers from Ziguang Huashan. Announced the signing of a 346 million yuan computing service framework.The unit price is 180,000 yuan /P/ year. Xiaocai Note: In September, it signed a 346 million yuan computing service framework agreement with Qinghai Unicom, and the service fee was calculated according to the tax of 120,000 yuan /P/ year. According to this calculation, the company’s computing lease fee increased by 50%.

  Shenzhen Zhengwei’s largest industrial park stopped production for two months.

  Interface News reported on November 17th that Quanwei (Tongling) Copper Technology Company, a subsidiary of Shenzhen Zhengwei (Group) Co., Ltd., suspended production. "In the first half of this year, the company’s production situation was still good. After entering the second half of the year, it began to decline gradually. A few days ago, the company notified the holiday." A staff member of Quanwei Copper said. A document issued by the human resources department of Quanwei Copper, which the reporter was informed of, shows that all employees of Quanwei Copper temporarily stopped working on November 9, tentatively for two months. During the holiday period, the salary of personnel shall be paid according to the minimum wage standard of Tongling City.

  More than 10 listed companies in Tik Tok responded intensively to the short video of testing water.It is said that the income source of its Tik Tok-certified MCN institutions may be broadened

  Tik Tok started to pay for testing short video content. As of Friday’s close, it has related business cooperation with Tik Tok.20CM daily limit for two consecutive trading days,andAlso harvest two boards. According to the incomplete statistics of Cailian, as of press time, including,,andMore than 10 A-share listed companies, including Tik Tok, responded to the business impact of content payment or related cooperation with Tik Tok on the interactive platform in the past two days.

  Among them, it is said that the income source of Tik Tok Star Map Service Provider and Tik Tok Certified MCN Agency, whose subsidiary Cinema Tianxia continues to export the content of Daren account in the fields of plot and evaluation, may be broadened. It is a local life service provider and live broadcast agent in Tik Tok, and its subsidiary Zhangwei Technology and other companies have also participated in short drama and short video services in Tik Tok.

  Behind the expansion of Huawei’s smart car selection model, 11 listed companies in A-share circle of friends supply two or more cooperative car companies at the same time.

  Yu Chengdong revealed in the latest interview with the media at Guangzhou Auto Show that there will be two "circles" from BAIC and JAC after asking the world and the intellectual world. At the same time, at the auto show, the M9 made its debut for preheating, and the S7 of Zhijie started the big set. Yu Chengdong said at the S7 pre-sale meeting in Zhijie last Thursday that at present,There are four partners in the smart car selection model, including, Chery, Jianghuai, BAIC.

  According to the incomplete arrangement of Cailian, the suppliers, Chery,A-share parts manufacturers with two or more enterprises in BAIC Group includeand. Among them, mainly suppliers such as Jianghuai, Chery and BAIC Group. Supply ordinary wheel hub products for Xiaokang, Chery and Jianghuai passenger cars. To supply bumper products, to supply shock absorption products, and to supply shock absorption and pedal products to Chery. Xiaocai Note: Since the June low, the cumulative maximum increase of the stock price has nearly doubled, and it recorded 17 days and 8 boards in intraday trading on Friday.

  Five-link plate: The company’s smart car management and other services are applied to intelligent driving in driving test training scenarios different from passenger car scenarios.

  After-hours announcement on Friday, the company was concerned that some media listed the company as a smart driving concept stock. In the company’s main business, smart vehicle management and smart driving and training business focus on driver training and examination and the information field of vehicle management office, which is applied in the driver examination and training scene, which is different from intelligent driving in the whole scene of passenger cars.

  The research and development project of brain-computer interface is not expected to affect the company’s production and operation in the short term.

  After-hours announcement on Friday, the company’s brain-computer interface R&D project is a special project of Jiangsu Province’s key R&D plan. As a project participant, the company undertakes the research and development of sub-projects. At present, the project is in the research and development stage, and it is expected that it will not affect the company’s production and operation in the short term, nor will it generate sales revenue. The company uses Beidou technology to develop and produce timing products, and its annual sales revenue in 2022 is about 20 million yuan. It is estimated that the sales scale in 2023 will be the same as that in 2022. The revenue scale of such products accounts for less than 0.5% of the company’s sales revenue in 2022, with a small proportion.

  Overseas news

  SpaceX confirmed that it lost contact with Starship and was forced to trigger its self-destruction system.

  According to CNN’s report on Saturday, SpaceX’s second test flight was better than the first, but unfortunately, it failed to complete all the scheduled plans and eventually exploded again. According to the report, a few minutes after the launch of the "Starship", Space X Company has confirmed that it lost contact with the "Starship" and its self-destruction system has been forced to trigger.

  Investors put pressure on the board of directors to let go.Man or return to OpenAI?

  According to a report by Cailian on Sunday, OpenAI suddenly announced the dismissal of CEO Sam Altman on November 17th, US time. The latest report shows that it is not impossible for Mann to return to OpenAI.

  Bloomberg quoted people familiar with the matter as saying that OpenAI’s investors are putting pressure on OpenAI’s board of directors to revoke the recall decision. The above-mentioned insiders also said thatCEO Satya Nadella has been in contact with altman and promised to support him no matter what measures altman takes next. Under heavy pressure, the tone of OpenAI’s board of directors softened. Brad Lightcap, its chief operating officer, came forward and said in another note sent to employees on Saturday morning (November 18th, US time) that there was no "dereliction of duty" behind altman’s dismissal, but there was a communication barrier between altman and the board. According to The Verge, the board of directors of OpenAI is negotiating with altman, hoping that he will return.

  According to the Wall Street Journal, altman is considering returning, but he has told investors that if he returns, he hopes to have a new board of directors and governance structure. People familiar with the matter said that he had discussed setting up another company to hire former OpenAI employees, including several who resigned in protest against his dismissal. People familiar with the matter said that altman expected to make a decision between the two options as early as this weekend.

  Hundreds of layoffs in Alexa department say they will focus more on production.

  On Friday, local time, the American technology giant announced that it would cut hundreds of jobs in Alexa’s voice assistant business department, on the grounds that the business focus has changed and more resources will be invested in the production field. In addition, some projects are planned to be suspended, but the exact scale of layoffs or which projects are planned to be suspended are not specified.

  The storm of Samsung’s head has started again! South Korean prosecutors accused him of manipulating stock prices and demanded a five-year imprisonment.

  On Friday, South Korean prosecutors accused Lee Jae-yong, the head of Samsung Electronics, of accounting fraud and stock price manipulation in the $8 billion merger of Samsung’s subsidiary in 2015, demanding that he be sentenced to five years’ imprisonment. Lee Jae-yong denied any wrongdoing at the hearing. This hearing is the last hearing of the lower court before the ruling. It is expected that the final ruling of the lower court will be made within a few months, and will be finalized at the latest early next year, thus ending a trial that lasted for three years.

  The three major US stock indexes closed slightly higher, all of which recorded three consecutive weekly gains.

  The three major US stock indexes closed slightly higher on Friday, all of which recorded three consecutive weekly gains. The Dow rose 0.01%, up 1.94% this week; The Nasdaq rose by 0.08%, up 2.37% this week; The S&P 500 index rose by 0.13%, and this week it gained 2.24%. Large technology stocks were mixed, and Google fell more than 1%., NVIDIA,Slight decline; Amazon rose more than 1%, Meta,A slight increase. Energy stocks rose across the board,Up more than 2%,Up more than 1%.


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