Analyze the difference between live delivery and TV shopping.


Analyze the difference between live delivery and TV shopping.

TV shopping and live e-commerce, the essence of both is video+buying goods, using emotions for marketing. However, different carriers, scenes and prices make live delivery more popular.

  • In 1992, the Pearl River Channel in Guangdong Province broadcasted the first TV shopping program in Chinese mainland.
  • In 1996, Beijing BTV opened the first professional TV shopping channel in mainland China, and TV shopping has been in Chinese mainland for 24 years.
  • In 2016, Taobao live broadcast was launched, positioning "consumer live broadcast". In 2019, the turnover of Tmall double 11 was 268.4 billion, a record high, and the turnover of Taobao live broadcast was nearly 20 billion, which enabled more than 50% businesses to achieve new growth through live broadcast.
  • On March 15th, 2020, CCTV 315 conducted an investigation, and the live broadcast was chaotic: online celebrity and e-commerce teamed up to cheat fans.

Online celebrity’s new shopping mode-bringing goods, even if you don’t pay attention to it deliberately, keywords such as live selling goods in Li Jiaqi and Luo Yonghao have been passively accepted. The live broadcast of goods has set off a gust of wind, which seems to be the next outlet. This reminds me of TV shopping many years ago. What are the similarities and differences between them? Is there anything worth learning from and avoiding with live broadcast?

In order to solve the doubts in my heart, I made a small survey.

I interviewed colleagues and friends around me about the intuitive impressions of TV shopping and live broadcast, and got a lot of information to form a keyword collection.

Classify, sort out and duplicate the keyword set, and finally get five keywords for TV shopping and live delivery, showing their intuitive impressions in the public’s mind at present.

Needless to say, you also know which group is TV shopping and which group is live broadcast with goods. There has been a one-sided situation, and people are generally optimistic about live broadcast with goods, expressing recognition and encouragement; And TV shopping has become synonymous with "liar", which is negative, disgusting and distrustful. In the interview, many people said that relatives and friends have been subjected to TV shopping routines.

People have a bad impression on TV shopping now, but it can’t be denied that it was also expected when it rose. It was also the birth of such an excellent enterprise as Acorn International and its well-known brands: easy to remember stars, good back and oxygen stand. And so far, TV shopping is still an important channel for consumers to buy goods in the United States, Japan, South Korea, etc. In this way, merchants continue to provide high-quality products and distribution services to consumers in front of TV sets, and the sales of TV shopping on American cable TV networks alone reach tens of billions of dollars a year.

They have a common theoretical basis, the same form, all video+selling goods, the same underlying principle, and all use emotions for marketing.

Psychological emotional law:The law of emotions tells us that people are 100% emotional. Even if some people say that someone is rational, in fact, when this person thinks rationally, it is also influenced by his emotional state at that time. "Thinking rationally" is itself an emotional state. Therefore, people are 100% emotional animals, and decisions at any time are emotional decisions.

By arousing your high arousal emotions such as happiness, anger and disgust, or by negative picture description, you can completely break away from the status quo, or by depicting a bright future, you can make your freshmen yearn for it (remember the washing powder advertisement? A Xiong Haizi is covered in dirt, which may not be so dirty in reality). It can be said that TV shopping and live broadcast with goods are the same gameplay under different traffic carriers.

One happened in the past, and the other happened in the present. The more differences are often caused by the different technical resources and scientific knowledge in different times. How much has the consumer’s cognition changed compared with 20 years ago? There may be great differences, but the most basic human needs and emotions depend on these lowest things. I am afraid that only twenty years will not bring much change, and the psychology textbooks are basically the same. Therefore, the rollover of TV shopping in China is more of a man-made disaster.

TV shopping is on TV, which requires cooperation with TV stations and media centralization. Live broadcast with goods spread by the Internet, pc Internet, mobile Internet, where there is a network, everyone can participate, and the media is decentralized.

Tv shopping is generally an obstacle, and live broadcast with goods is a promotion. Why?

People turn on the TV to either follow the drama or watch entertainment programs, and anyone’s goal is to watch sales promotion. Not the target in people’s scenes, then his appearance will form interference and become an obstacle. The environment where the live broadcast takes the goods is e-commerce. The scene is that users have clear shopping goals or just stroll around. In short, they are all on the same side. The anchors with the goods are often knowledgeable and researched. What you recommend is something you want to buy. You must pay attention to see if there is a discount. If you don’t want to buy it, you won’t be disgusted. After all, I just come to stroll, not to mention that the anchors are either floating or handsome and won’t cause physical discomfort.

Tv shopping is the cooperation between manufacturers and TV stations, and live broadcast with goods is the cooperation between manufacturers and anchors with goods. There is basically no threshold between anchors and platforms, and at most, it is divided into several parts, and the big part is in the anchor.

Manufacturers spend a lot of money to buy the broadcast time of TV stations. In order to return to their own companies, they will use this time to the extreme. Manufacturers have no obligation to maintain the reputation of TV stations. The goal is to sell more goods in a limited time, so it is not surprising that the quality of deceptive marketing products is inferior. At that time, people didn’t have so many kinds of entertainment as they do now, and they could only watch TV to kill time when they were at home. In addition to the top few TV stations, there are a lot of idle broadcast time in other stations. Therefore, TV shopping, which seems to be inaction and criticized by people, has always existed. This is also an inevitable phenomenon in the era when channels are king.

On the contrary, the live broadcast brings goods. The anchor pays more attention to its own reputation and even only its reputation goes to the world. Why? The era of live broadcast with goods is the era of decentralized media. Users’ needs can be met by TV, mobile Internet, pc Internet and even car Internet at the same time. Users have more choices, so a good reputation in e-commerce will increase the differentiated competitive advantage, and selling fakes is tantamount to death. Therefore, the TV shopping manufacturer’s extreme use of radio reputation is completely opposite, and the probability of selling fakes in live video is lower now.

How did the lowest price of the whole network come from? This is the empowerment of the development of the times and the power of modern supply chain integration behind it. The production paradigm of human society has evolved from small-scale peasant economy, handicraft workshop to modern industrialized assembly line production for three generations. With the development of information technology, the fourth generation of production mode has actually appeared in the live broadcast industry, that is, industrialized customized production. The cost reduction brought by information technology will further expand the price competitive advantage, which was not available a few years ago.

The live broadcast with goods uses Internet technology to realize the real-time interaction between the audience and the anchor, and the anchor can immediately perceive the subtle changes of the user and make adjustments, while TV shopping does not have this, so it can only go down step by step according to the previously prepared desktop. The more interactive, the higher the purchase conversion rate will be.

To sum up, let’s look at the problems that need to be solved when TV shopping is close to live broadcast:

  1. The first is the TV station.Change the modeThe advertising broadcast time is close to free opening to the outside world, and the income comes from the anchor’s share of goods. The risk of TV stations has to be diluted by high-flow well-known anchors, and the narrowing of cooperation scope is inevitable. The marginal cost of anchors is extremely low and the cooperation intention is higher.
  2. nextUser group problemThe product ordering process needs to be very streamlined, whether it’s a phone call or a code scan, it needs to be simple enough for parents’ generations to complete, and it needs more efforts at the product level to customize the TV channel.
  3. Word of mouth problemThis feeling is also the most difficult. Over the years, TV shopping has been broken. How to change people’s perception of TV shopping "deceptive marketing" in a short time and at low cost is a bit difficult.
  4. As for the above.Scene problemI think it can be alleviated through program arrangement, such as arranging the live broadcast of outdoor products after the outdoor reality show and arranging clothes and cosmetics after the emotional TV series. Does it also eliminate the "obstacles" brought to users in the scene to some extent?

If TV shopping wants to enter the second spring, it is inevitable to deal with the operation mode, product design, word of mouth and scene problems. No one wants to be cannon fodder, and this comeback will become extremely difficult.

Now is the era of multi-channel decentralized media, and it is no longer the era when TV channels are king. It is definitely impossible to resurrect TV shopping with blood. It is unknown how much money you can get in the torrent and how many cakes you can get. One day, live broadcast will be as old as TV shopping, but we must avoid premature decline into TV shopping in the life cycle of live broadcast.


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