Great Wall Motor donated a pickup truck with a total value of 1.5 million yuan to help Sichuan earthquake-stricken areas.


Great Wall Motor donated a pickup truck with a total value of 1.5 million yuan to help Sichuan earthquake-stricken areas.

  Recently, an earthquake of magnitude 6.8 occurred in Luding County, Ganzi Prefecture, Sichuan Province. The disaster situation touched people’s hearts. Great Wall Motor urgently donated 2 million yuan worth of money and materials to help Luding County, Ganzi Prefecture, Zichuan, Shimian County, Ya ‘an City and the surrounding disaster areas. Among them, the Great Wall pickup truck with a total value of 1.5 million yuan was donated to the China Red Cross Foundation for disaster relief materials transportation, emergency rescue in disaster areas and support for subsequent reconstruction.

  After the earthquake, roads were blocked due to landslides, gravel rolling and other reasons, and some roads became narrow and impassable. In the section where big trucks are difficult to pass, pickup trucks donated by the Great Wall can transport materials to the disaster area, support post-disaster reconstruction and enrich the shortage of local rescue vehicles by virtue of their strong passability, ability to get rid of difficulties and loading.

  The Great Wall pickup truck will also pay close attention to the progress of post-disaster rescue and tide over the difficulties with the people in the disaster areas.

  Rushing for disaster relief, empowering public welfare rescue standardization

  All along, Great Wall pickup truck has been actively practicing public welfare and shouldering corporate social responsibility while developing itself.

  Last year, the "7.20" torrential rain in Henan Province, the National Motorists’ Association of the Artillery Alliance gathered overnight, and more than 200 Great Wall cannons rushed to Henan for disaster relief, opening a life channel for more than 4,000 Zhengzhou residents. At the same time, the Great Wall pickup truck acted quickly and launched eight care policies to provide all necessary protection and services for the affected car owners and minimize vehicle losses.

  More than that, Great Wall Artillery also established the first public welfare rescue college in the industry, and launched a centralized training camp focusing on solving the actual rescue situation, aiming to stimulate the enthusiasm of Great Wall artillery riders to participate in public welfare rescue, and also to make public welfare rescue professional and standardized, so that every rescue is awe of life.

  At present, the Great Wall Gun Public Welfare Rescue College has graduated more than 110 users, greatly improving the practical skills of public welfare rescue and empowering users to standardize public welfare rescue.

  Climbing Mount Everest to protect the scientific research and help the national task

  In addition to in-depth rescue in the disaster area, the Great Wall Gun also climbed Mount Everest, crossed the desert and escorted the national scientific research with users.

  In the activities of measuring Mount Everest for three consecutive years, the Great Wall Gun in 2020 helped the country successfully complete the guarantee task of Everest elevation measurement; In 2021, the Great Wall Cannon, together with more than 300 car owners and 120 Great Wall Cannons, stood the test of rain, snow, fog and other complicated weather and gathered at the foot of Mount Everest. In 2022, the full-line pickup truck model of the Great Wall Gun once again successfully arrived at Everest Base Camp to pay tribute to the spirit of climbers.

  The Great Wall Artillery also escorted the successful completion of the scientific research task of Lop Nur, China Academy of Forestry. As the official vehicle for scientific research tasks, the Great Wall Gun, with its all-terrain off-road performance and towing rescue capability, broke through the harsh natural environment, escorted the scientific research workers all the way, ensured the successful completion of the national scientific research tasks as planned, and also contributed to wildlife and ecological environment protection.

  Persist in caring for students and shoulder the responsibility of people’s livelihood

  The Great Wall pickup truck is also concerned with rural revitalization and insists on caring for students. In 2021, the Great Wall pickup truck "Worry-free Service to China" was officially upgraded to the Great Wall Gun Action, which was upgraded in four aspects: service, culture, products and commerce, and truly realized the user-centered and built a brand-new value system in which brands and users grew together.

  Everywhere the Great Wall pickup truck goes, it will offer love to the local send warm and help more people in need. Up to now, Great Wall pickup truck has established 98 demonstration villages in 20 provinces and cities across the country to help upgrade local characteristic industries and promote rural revitalization.

  Committed to building a car with people’s livelihood value in thousands of industries, Great Wall Gun has launched a variety of products that meet the user’s car scene and meet the user’s needs, and also deeply linked with the user’s industrial format to create Great Wall Gun products, helping more high-quality, original and original ecological products to enhance value, get out of the mountains and lead the national tide.

  No matter the disaster relief, or the establishment of public welfare rescue college; No matter measuring Everest or escorting the national scientific research, and insisting on caring for students, Great Wall pickup truck, as a leader in pickup truck industry, has always actively practiced corporate social responsibility and demonstrated its corporate responsibility. In the future, the Great Wall pickup truck will continue to uphold the initial intention of public welfare, set off the responsibility and responsibility of enterprises, and contribute to the society and users.


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