Do you really understand the advantages and disadvantages of Qin PLUS EV? What is BYD’s confidence in hitting the high end?


Do you really understand the advantages and disadvantages of Qin PLUS EV? What is BYD’s confidence in hitting the high end?

Careful, you can easily find that BYD’s EV models are generally more expensive than the DM-i of the same model. The reason is that, first of all, the cost of EV models is higher, especially the power battery cost of pure electric models. Besides, what are the highlights and shortcomings of BYD’s EV models?

Teacher Bang also borrowed one recently to see if he could see some clues in it.

There are many small flaws in big advantages.

When I sat in the driver’s seat, what caught my eye was this instrument embedded in the center console. This is also one of the few small and exquisite instruments that Mr. Bang has seen in his many years of experience in reading cars. In terms of functionality alone, the information displayed by the instrument is rich enough, but in terms of grade sense, there is indeed room for improvement.

Coming to the back row of Qin PLUS EV, the longitudinal space performance of the legs is acceptable. The head space is really big, and the teacher Bang, with a net height of 170cm, is slightly unhappy. Coupled with the short cushion, the comfort of riding in the back row for a long time is really poor.

In addition, many state friends think that BYD’s EV models are on the high side, and the price of the flagship model of 145,800 yuan can only buy the 500KM endurance version of Qin PLUS EV. In fact, in addition to the price difference at the battery level, Mr. Bang also found the difference in chassis design between the two cars.

Qin PLUS EV rear suspension adopts multi-link form, while DM-i adopts torsion beam. Of course, it does not mean that the multi-link independent suspension is necessarily better than the non-independent suspension torsion beam, which has a great relationship with the adjustment of the whole chassis. However, in terms of comfort and cost, independent suspension is generally more advantageous.

At this point, Qin PLUS EV has more advantages than competing products such as Aion S and geometric A Pro.

During the actual experience, Qin PLUS EV chassis has a strong sense of weight and excellent vibration filtering performance, and the chassis can filter out the fine bumps on the road very well. When passing through the speed bump, the car’s shock absorption rebound is also very crisp, there is no unnecessary vibration, and it is also very resilient.

We also tried to drive the Qin PLUS EV for emergency merging. At this time, the car still has a certain roll range. After all, as a family car, the overall suspension setting is also biased towards a comfortable orientation.

Qin PLUS EV equipped with BYD’s latest Ferrous lithium phosphate blade battery makes up for the short battery life of lithium iron phosphate batteries in the past, and at the same time gives consideration to safety. The battery capacity of Qin PLUS EV 71.7 degrees, and the battery life reaches 600km. With the control strategy and energy recovery technology, the power consumption per 100 kilometers can be as low as 12.9 kWh.

During these two days’ experience, my driving conditions include high speed and urban congestion. Personally, I think there is not much difference between the actual mileage of Qin PLUS EV and the remaining cruising range of the watch when the air conditioner and music are turned on all the time.

Of course, in order to ensure the rigor, the electric state also made an objective EVRI endurance test for this car. What is the real endurance performance of Qin PLUS EV? Please pay attention to the subsequent test content of Qin PLUS EV of the electric state.

Another point that Mr. Bang agrees with is the design of Qin PLUS EV. BYD’s latest design language was well received when it was launched in Han. And this car follows the design of BYD Han, just like a small version of "Han EV".

Highlights of detail design include arrow-feather-shaped LED headlights, coupe-type sliding back design, through LED taillights, and 18-inch wheels at the top. The interior shape is very simple, and most functions are integrated on the central control panel.

Whether the design level is good or not is a matter of different opinions, but as far as the shape of BYD’s new car is concerned, I believe it is in line with the aesthetics of most Chinese people.

The 12.8-inch suspended central control panel in Qin PLUS EV car is very playable. First of all, the performance of this screen is excellent enough in clarity and fluency, and the rotatable design is also its highlight. The central control panel is equipped with DiLink 3.0 Zhilian system, which supports voice interaction, and third-party applications are also very rich.

What are the reasons for the excellent sales?

Having experienced Qin PLUS EV, this car does have some shortcomings, but overall, the advantages are obvious. Let’s discuss BYD’s sales performance again. It can be said that no matter what new car is launched, BYD now seems to have no shortage of fans and attention.

Recently, BYD announced its sales in May, and its new energy passenger car sales reached 31,681, up 198.8% year-on-year. Among them, BYD’s pure electric vehicle sales accounted for 18,711 vehicles, up 126% year-on-year, and plug-in hybrid vehicles accounted for 12,970 vehicles, up 458.3% year-on-year.

Super hybrid products such as Qin PLUS DM-i and Song PLUS DM-i just launched this year have also brought over 10,000 sales to BYD, and even the demand exceeds supply.

Since 2021, BYD has made frequent moves. First, the super hybrid DM-i products were launched one by one, and all its pure electric models also completed the "sabre" (equipped with brand-new blade batteries). On May 19, with a Han EV slowly driving off the production line, BYD also became the first member of the "Million Clubs" of new energy. Recently, it has been reported that BYD will release high-end brands in the fourth quarter, and the price range of the first model is 500,000-800,000 yuan.

BYD in 2021 is destined to be extraordinary!

In May, BYD Han sold 8,214 vehicles, and the cumulative sales volume also exceeded 80,000 vehicles, which is already a very good sales level. BYD’s flagship SUV, Tang, sold 2,301 vehicles in May. Among them, Tang EV increased by 80.1% and Tang DM increased by 66.1%.

BYD’s DM-i model can be said to be popular with its product strength. BYD Qin PLUS DM-i has a power loss of 3.8L per 100 kilometers and a long battery life of more than 1,000 kilometers, which is hot in the market. Qin Plus DM-I sold 10,566 vehicles in May, up 53.8% from the previous month. Song PLUS DM-i received a total of more than 30,000 orders in four months.

At the same time, BYD’s EV model has not only improved its cruising range, but also performed better in battery safety after the "Sabre", and these are exactly the issues that users care about. Today’s BYD, regardless of DM-i or EV, has been recognized by the majority of users.

What do you think of BYD’s brand-new high-end brand?

Let’s take a look at BYD’s brand new brand. Recently, it is reported that BYD will release a brand new high-end brand in the fourth quarter, including a brand new brand logo. The brand will also be an independent brand, an independent team and an independent sales channel. It is reported that the first model will be released later, and the model has a high-end positioning, and the price range is expected to be 500,000-800,000 yuan.

In fact, it is nothing new for China brands to constantly improve their brand positioning and brand image, which is also what most brands are doing. Nowadays, we can no longer measure China brand with the eyes of "domestic cars" many years ago, especially in the field of new energy. We are familiar with Weilai, Ideality, Gaohe, Extremely Fox and Lantu, which all have good reputation and products.

For example, the average selling price of Weilai has exceeded 400,000, and the price is not lower than that of BBA models of the same level. Of course, it does not mean that selling more than BBA is a high-end brand. High-end brands often mean reliable quality, advanced technology, luxurious design and excellent service, which is a very comprehensive thing.


BYD’s mainstream new energy products are mainly concentrated inIn the range of 100,000-300,000 yuan, its products also have stable sales and high recognition. And if BYD will build high-end brands and models of 500,000-800,000 yuan, its greatest strength naturally comes from the stable sales volume and strong technical strength at this stage.


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