"the glory of the king" or "King Pesticide": Healthy games are more than addiction prevention.


"the glory of the king" or "King Pesticide": Healthy games are more than addiction prevention.

  Xinhua News Agency, Guangzhou, July 7th Title: "the glory of the king" or "King Pesticide": Healthy games are more than anti-addiction.

  Xinhua News Agency "China Net" reporter Ye Qian Yan Zhihong

  The explosive game the glory of the king once again ignited the controversy of mobile games, and even was criticized as "pesticide of the king" and "poison of the dead" due to some extreme cases. In fact, not only this game, but also the whole mobile game market is very popular in recent years, which has almost become a new way of entertainment for all. How does mobile games affect minors? Can the anti-addiction system work? Can healthy games be realized?

  How many minors are playing?

  Random street question, what is the glory of the king? Most people know that it is a multiplayer online tactical competitive game (MOBA). In the game, the heroes of No.5, No.3 or No.1 display their skills, upgrade their levels and kill each other on the map, with the ultimate goal of taking the lead in destroying the crystal tower of the enemy base.

  It is often seen that in front of restaurants and cinemas, three or five young people get together and fiddle with their mobile phones with their heads down. Nine times out of ten, it is a "black-out" (starting a game in teams), and from time to time, you can hear game lines such as "I have one skill and one thousand blood".

  According to the data released at the annual conference of Tencent Interactive Entertainment in April 2017, the glory of the king has accumulated more than 200 million registered users, making it the MOBA mobile game with the largest number of users in the world. According to Tencent’s data, its daily active users reach 50 million.

  Xie Meilan, the sixth-grade head teacher of Haicang Yankui Primary School in Xiamen, made a small survey in the class and found that half of the 41 students in the class were playing this game. Some parents questioned that a large number of primary and secondary school students are addicted to this game, and even some media reported that more than half of the users of this game are primary and secondary school students.

  Tencent denied the question that "more than half of users are primary and secondary school students". The the glory of the king Research Report released by Aurora Big Data, a market research organization, shows that users under the age of 14 account for 3.5%; 15-19 years old accounted for 22.2%.

  Tencent did not reply to the user data information of the game under the age of 18 when interviewed by reporters, and said that such official data has never been released.

  Can the anti-addiction three-axe work

  A teacher in Hangzhou, Ms. Lan, said that the children’s class organized a doctor to talk about eye knowledge. The doctor said that it was best not to look at the computer and mobile phone for more than 15 minutes at a time. As a result, a child said that "15 minutes is not enough to play a game of the glory of the king". It is precisely because of the addiction of underage players that this explosive mobile game has caused great social controversy.

  On July 4th, Tencent launched the "the glory of the king" health system, which is known as the "anti-addiction" measure. It is clearly stipulated that minors under the age of 12 (including 12 years old) are limited to play for one hour a day, and minors over the age of 12 are limited to play for two hours a day.

  According to the background data provided by Tencent, as of July 6, in the two days after the system was launched, its "growth guardian platform" added more than 700,000 new bound accounts. That is to say, according to the setting, once the time limit is reached, these accounts will be offline.

  Despite this, industry insiders and parents report that anti-addiction measures have limited effect.

  A parent in Guangzhou reported that this game has not been certified by real-name registration system, and it can be played without submitting information. Tencent also said that the background is based on the information submitted by users and comprehensive credit information to judge whether it is 12 years old.

  More importantly, most users log in to the game through WeChat or QQ account. In this case, the information used to judge in the background is the information of WeChat or QQ users. Many parents reported that children can play games through their parents’ mobile phone WeChat. Even if they are given mobile phones, their accounts are often opened in the real name of their parents.

  Wan Liyong, deputy director of public relations of Duoyi Network Company, who developed the mobile game "SHEN WOO 2", told reporters that the users of mobile games are mainly 16 to 26 years old, and there is still no effective way to restrict underage users.

  Many of the best-selling mobile games in China, including the glory of the king, have the function of forcing players to go offline. No matter for minors or adults, when the game is online for 2 hours, it will remind you to rest, and when the game is online for 5 hours, it will force you to go offline to rest.

  How to Realize "Healthy Games"

  In order to upgrade and buy equipment, some students spend thousands of yuan … … It is often reported that teenagers, especially minors, spend a lot of money on mobile games, which makes the parents miserable. In addition, pornography, violence and incorrect historical descriptions have aroused social concern.

  Correspondingly, many post-80s and post-90s netizens said that they also played online games when they were growing up, and they also encountered similar criticisms at that time. Games were just a form of entertainment. Many game teenagers in those years have now made many contributions to the country and society in various posts.

  Aside from these, experts believe that regulators, parents and game development operators should work together to take due responsibility for preventing addiction, especially for minors.

  Feng Gang, a professor of sociology at Zhejiang University, believes that parents must bear the responsibility of family education. "Some parents feel that they have no time to accompany their children and hope that enterprises or society will assume the responsibility of supervision, but in the process of children’s growth, family education is still the most important and irreplaceable part."

  In the Apple App Store, the glory of the king is rated as "17+".According to Apple’s evaluation system, it is recommended that you should be over 17 to play this game.

  In this regard, industry experts suggest that the regulatory authorities should explore the game grading system in China, providing a basis for future supervision and setting boundaries for game developers. Lu Xiaokun, executive director of Guangdong Game Industry Association, said that the game grading system currently implemented in Europe and the United States is mainly based on the entry threshold of application stores such as Apple Store, Android Store or Google Store. When the game enters the application store, it is necessary to declare whether the game involves violence, drugs, gambling and other content. The relevant stores will grade the game according to the content of the questionnaire and set a suitable age range accordingly.

  "This problem should be sparse and not blocked." Zhong Hong, vice president of Guangzhou Baitian Information Technology Co., Ltd., a mobile game company, said that it is necessary for the government, enterprises and society to work together to make teenagers play healthy games.


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