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2021 Shanghai Auto Show: Starway Eta Ursae Majoris STELLAR Concept Car

  [car home New Car Launch] On April 19th, at the 2021 Shanghai Auto Show, Starway officially released a brand-new advanced concept and a brand-new new energy strategy. At the same time, the concept SUV "Eta Ursae Majoris" (English name: Stellar) based on the first new energy architecture of EXEED Star Road made its first public appearance in the world.

Home of the car

  Starway Eta Ursae Majoris is based on the first new energy architecture of EXEED Starway, and the launch of the new car indicates the technical development trend and future design direction of Starway brand. From the appearance, the new car has adopted a brand-new design language, and the overall shape is atmospheric. The penetrating headlights and dense broken-line daytime running lights are very individual.

Home of the car

  Eta Ursae Majoris’s front face still has some brand elements of Starway, such as the EXEED English LOGO on the front of the car, the through LED light group, and the front grille with a big mouth. However, as a concept car, its detailed design is more outstanding. For example, the exaggerated C-shaped LED light group on both sides has high recognition, while the lattice LED light strip is used inside the grille. Does it feel very sci-fi? This is because it is based on the first new energy architecture of Xingtu, which represents the design direction of future Xingtu new energy products. (Text/car home Li Na)


2024 Beijing Auto Show | FAW-Volkswagen’s New Generation Magotan Prospective Detailed Explanation

With the approach of the opening of the 2024 auto show in April, many new cars that will make their debut at this auto show have begun to expose more information. As one of the key models of this year, the new generation will be officially released at the 2024 Beijing Auto Show. The new car was declared before listing in January this year. Recently, this new car has a set of latest prototype cars exposed without false spy photos. Through this set of spy photos, we can also get a glimpse of the whole new generation of Magotan. The following will bring a detailed forward-looking interpretation.

In terms of appearance, the new generation FAW-Volkswagen Magotan will still be built based on the new generation Volkswagen Passat B9 of European regulations. However, because the new generation Volkswagen Passat B9 only launched a travel version in the European market. Therefore, as a new generation of sedan, Magotan will be localized by FAW-Volkswagen in appearance design to meet the consumer demand in China market.

Judging from the previous application drawings and the latest exposure photos of the trial car, the new generation of Magotan adopts the exclusive design language of FAW-Volkswagen brand. The new car’s LED headlights are connected with the middle net, and the front face is visually cut through a belt that runs through the whole middle net and incorporates a luminous LOGO. This makes the visual focus of the front of the new generation of Magotan move down, which looks very sharp and atmospheric, thus highlighting the sense of sports and luxury. On the side of the car body, a straight waistline traverses from the front of the car to the rear of the car, creating an elegant sense of high class. In the rear part, the same penetrating LED taillight with luminous LOGO not only echoes the front design, but also enhances the recognition and fashion sense of the rear. Generally speaking, the appearance design of the new generation of Magotan is in line with the aesthetics of mid-level cars in China market in the new era. While retaining the traditional solemn and atmospheric style of Magotan, the new car keeps pace with the times to bring trendy and sporty design elements to reflect the sense of fashion.

In the interior part, judging from the photos of the new generation of Magotan prototype car, the new car adopts a similar intelligent cockpit design, and the center console will shift towards the driver’s seat, thus creating an environment-friendly cockpit atmosphere. At the same time, the new car is also equipped with a 10.25-inch full LCD instrument screen+a 15-inch floating central control screen+a passenger entertainment screen, thus becoming the first Volkswagen model equipped with three screens.

In other details, the new generation of Magotan will adopt electronic shift design and return to using physical buttons. In the central control area, the air conditioning control panel of the new car is still touch-controlled, and equipped with the wireless charging function of the front mobile phone. These designs and configurations are the same as those of the new Passat B9 of European regulations. In the car part, the new car will be built on the basis of the ID. OS 2.0 car intelligent system carried by ID.7Vizzion. It also supports mainstream functions such as AI intelligent voice, Apple Carplay, Baidu Carlife mobile phone interconnection function, car KTV, third-party APP ecology, car networking and OTA upgrade. In addition, the new car is equipped with interior atmosphere lights, digital keys and other configurations, and the AR-HUD head-up display system can be selected.

In terms of dimensions, the body circumference of the new generation Magotan, which is still based on audi ag MQB EVO platform, is 4990/1854/1487mm and the wheelbase is 2871mm. Compared with the previous generation, the wheelbase of the new generation Magotan remains unchanged, and the length, width and height of the car have all increased.

In the power part, the new generation of Magotan 330TSI models will be equipped with EA888 series 2.0T low-power engine; The 380TSI model continues to be equipped with the EA888 evo series 2.0T high-power engine, with a maximum power output of 162kW, matching the 7-speed DSG wet powershift. In addition, if the new car continues to launch the 280TSI model, it is expected to be equipped with the latest 1.5TSI evo engine.

Comments:Although new energy vehicles are gaining momentum in China auto market at present, fuel cars are still the absolute protagonists in the relatively traditional and conservative mid-size car market. According to the data, among the top ten models in China’s mid-size car market in 2023, GAC, SAIC Volkswagen, FAW-Volkswagen Magotan and GAC Honda Accord ranked in the top four, still occupying the dominant position in sales. Among them, the cumulative sales volume of FAW-Volkswagen Magotan in 2023 was 189,400 units, reaching the sales level of only 16,000 units per month, which is really good. In 2024, with the launch of a new generation of vehicles, the product strength of FAW-Volkswagen Magotan will be fully evolved from the outside to the inside, which will undoubtedly boost its sales in by going up one flight of stairs.


BYD Qin pro is China Tesla? These points tell you why you bought Qin pro.

I believe that my friends are still wanting more, and a brand-new energy source is coming out again-PRO. He has made great achievements in the field of new energy and never let consumers down. What kind of car is Qin pro, known as the "China"? Can it be accepted by the times? Let Xiaobian open your eyes today!

Designer’s operation

Since the former design director Iger was hired, our products have finally got rid of rusticity in design style, and have been well received by consumers in the market. Qin pro was designed by former designer Iger himself.

Iger graduated from the International Academy of Arts and Sciences in Milan, Italy, majoring in design. He is a favorite pupil of the famous design teacher Silva. He has created countless magic cars such as A3, Q7, TT and R8. This time, I believe it will make our eyes shine.

China ""

Pro adopts the latest "Dragon Face" design language, and the large-mouth air intake grille with "dragon beard" headlights adds a new atmosphere and a sense of movement. The design is relatively simple, and the overall line looks euphemistic. Together with the through taillight line, it is calm, neat and generous.

In the overall appearance, it is not inferior, not lost at all, so it enjoys a good reputation-China.

Pro upgrade is more spacious

In terms of size, it is longer, wider, taller and bigger. With a super spacious suitcase, no matter what shape people are, there is no need to worry about the crowded space inside the car. No matter how many things you have, you don’t have to worry about not letting go. It’s just so capricious.

Strong momentum is ready to go.

It is understood that Qin pro has released two versions of pure electric version and plug-in hybrid version, which are consistent in appearance. The plug-in hybrid version of Qin pro is equipped with a 120 motor (up to 150KM/h) and a 1.5L naturally aspirated or 1.5T (up to 200KM/h) in terms of power. The acceleration of a hundred miles takes only 5.9 seconds and the spike is 7.09 seconds.

In terms of power, it has been widely praised by major consumers, and it has received rave reviews on the websites of major cars. Can pro compare with it?

Stay tuned for actual battery life.

I believe that friends who love cars will care about the performance of new energy vehicles in battery life. From what has been released, we can know that its battery life is 80-100KM, so what kind of battery life will pro have? Still to be known! However, Xiao Bian believes that my brother is quite good, and the younger brother is definitely not bad. The actual battery life should exceed 100KM.

Summary: The back waves of the Yangtze River push the front waves, and Qin pro will do its part.

Qin used to do a good job in power, space and configuration, but the appearance has always been complained about this PRO upgrade, which has filled this short board. Therefore, as long as the price of Qin PRO is reasonable in the future, it is a high probability event that the monthly sales volume exceeds Qin. However, in the current system and intelligent acceleration, PRO should be able to add many technologies to surprise consumers, which is worth looking forward to.

I believe that in the future, we will go further and further, do better and better in the brand, and make products that are satisfactory to the people and suitable for the people of China.


It doesn’t matter whether Hua Xizi is a "domestic product" or a "foreign brand".

The discussion of Hua Xizi should not be limited to the anchor.

The continuous fermentation of the Li Jiaqi incident not only caused the sales of Huaxizi to drop, but also put the brand itself in the spotlight. A topic of "Huaxi’s foundry is a Japanese-funded enterprise" has also recently boarded a hot search in Weibo.

Confirmed by Investor. com, a considerable part of Huaxi’s suppliers (foundries) are indeed foreign-funded backgrounds. Nevertheless, it still can’t change Hua Xizi’s status as a "domestic product", and it’s hard to hide the fact that the employees of foreign-funded foundries are all from China.

The rise of live broadcast with goods is a game of making money, so Li Jiaqi, Viya and other head anchors can actually gain control over the sales channels. For consumer goods, channels are too important. But consumers care more about whether domestic products can stand up than what Li Jiaqi said.

What percentage of foreign capital is "concentration"

From the perspective of ownership structure, Hua Xizi’s status as a "domestic product" is beyond doubt. Enterprise investigation shows that its sole shareholder is Zhejiang Yige Beauty Cosmetics Group Co., Ltd., and Zhang Dayong, executive director and general manager of the company, and Wu Chenglong, supervisor, are also from China.

The "Japanese-funded foundry" of Hua Xizi questioned by netizens is indeed true. Not only that, but after combing the product information of the top 10 and top-ranked products in the flagship store of Huaxizi Tmall, Investor.com found that more than half of the producers of these products are foreign investors.

The foundries of Shouwu Eyebrow Pencil, Air Honey Powder, Silk Honey Powder and Flower Dew Cleansing Wet Wipes are: Shanghai Chuangyuan, Shanghai Zhenxin, Shanghai Ourun and Hangzhou Huaningxiang. The manufacturers of these products are all domestic-funded enterprises, and Hangzhou Huaningxiang, the manufacturer of makeup remover wipes, may be Huaxi’s own production capacity.

In the foreign investment part, we should first look at Hua Xizi’s makeup set, whose sales volume itself is low, but because of the topicality at the beginning of listing and the design sense of the product itself, Hua Xizi put it at the top of the list. According to the product information on Tmall, its manufacturer is Suzhou Annokos Cosmetics R&D Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Annokos").

The largest shareholder of Anokos is Axilong Shunhua Aluminum Plastic Industry Co., Ltd., holding about 87.5%, while the latter’s major shareholder is a subsidiary of Spain Axilong Metal Co., Ltd., holding about 60%. In addition, two Korean shareholders hold about 12.5% of the shares. Generally speaking, foreign capital accounts for more than 50% of the shares in Annokos.

It doesn't matter whether Hua Xizi is a "domestic product" or a "foreign brand".

It doesn't matter whether Hua Xizi is a "domestic product" or a "foreign brand".

The Japanese manufacturer Dongse Daily Chemical mentioned in the hot search produces a four-elephant balanced skin-sticking liquid foundation. The manufacturer is wholly owned by Japan Dongse Cosmetics Co., Ltd.; Koma Cosmetics, the manufacturer of Yurong Yunsha sunscreen makeup cream, is a wholly-owned Korean enterprise; Lixin Biotechnology Cosmetics, the manufacturer of Yurong Ningzhi Makeup Powder, is a Hong Kong-funded enterprise.

In addition, Kesimeishi, a manufacturer of products such as Jade Girl Peach Blossom Light Honey Powder, was established in 1992 and has a long-standing reputation in the beauty OEM industry. It is also a Korean enterprise. It is worth mentioning that this foundry also established Shanghai Yige Ningxiang Biotechnology R&D Co., Ltd. together with Hangzhou Huaningxiang Biotechnology Co., Ltd. behind Huaxizi.

It doesn't matter whether Hua Xizi is a "domestic product" or a "foreign brand".

Moreover, Cosme also invested in Perfect Diary Cosmetics (Guangzhou) Co., Ltd. and Yixian Biotechnology (Guangzhou) Co., Ltd., both holding 51% of the shares, which is also deeply related to Perfect Diary.

The above 11 products involve 9 manufacturers, among which 5 are foreign-funded manufacturers. Huaxizi itself is a domestic product, but the proportion of foreign investment in its cooperative foundries is indeed not small.

Channel dependence needs to be broken

For consumer goods, sales channels are always a problem that enterprises need to pay attention to.

In particular, the light-asset beauty brands such as Huaxizi, Tangduo and Perfect Diary, apart from focusing on enhancing brand value through marketing means, lack of online sales channels has always been the fate of these brands.

After Li Jiaqi’s "accident", Hua Xizi’s problem was obviously magnified. Hua Xizi was established in 2017, and the cooperation with Li Jiaqi began in 2019. Since then, Hua Xizi’s fame and sales have been closely linked with this man.

In April 2019, Hua Xizi launched a "micro-carved star dome carved lipstick". After the promotion of this product in Li Jiaqi the following month, the sales increased to 5.948 million yuan, up 165% from the previous month. Although this lipstick bears the label of "flashy" and "reluctant to use", its sales volume has increased rapidly. By November of that year, its sales volume increased to 23.952 million yuan.

Li Jiaqi also became Hua Xizi’s "chief recommender" in September of this year. In 2020, the cooperation between the two companies will become more intensive. The Huaxi sub-brand entered the live broadcast room in Li Jiaqi 71 times, with an average of 5 times a month, and the number of cooperation in May of that year was as high as 10 times. In 2019, the sales of Huaxizi was about 1.5 billion yuan, which exceeded 3 billion yuan in 2020 and 5.4 billion yuan in 2021.

According to the data of Foresight Economist, in 2020, more than 30% of Huaxi’s traffic will come from Li Jiaqi’s live broadcast room and Tik Tok, and Li Jiaqi’s contribution to Huaxi’s GMV will even exceed 60% in such critical periods as various shopping festivals. In February, 2020, 80% of Huaxi’s sales came from online, and 40% of them came from the live broadcast room in Li Jiaqi.

According to the data from October 10th to November 9th, 2019, the average daily live broadcast of Hua Xizi in Taobao is about 200, but only the live broadcast in Li Jiaqi can bring the peak of sales.

It doesn't matter whether Hua Xizi is a "domestic product" or a "foreign brand".

The "Matthew effect" in the anchor group with goods in the head is a cliche, and this ending has its inevitability. After the MCN organization ran out several head anchors in the early days by casting a wide net, these heads themselves have become a "famous brand" with strong endorsement ability. With a huge number of fans, they can get the source of the head brand and talk about the lowest discount on the whole network.

Few consumers can resist the "triple whammy" of head anchor endorsement+well-known brand products+the lowest price of the whole network, and the solid guarantee of sales volume also makes the brand side more inclined to choose the head anchor. This kind of channel monopoly, which is difficult to define and exists objectively, is formed, so that it is difficult for the platform to break this monopoly by transporting traffic to KOL and even KOC.

What Hua Xizi has to face today is that Li Jiaqi made a mistake and the public relations department resigned, while his own offline channel is still in its infancy. On December 19, 2022, Hua Xizi opened the first offline store near the West Lake in Hangzhou, but there is still no exact news about the subsequent store opening plan.

As of January, 2023, there were about 20 offline stores in China. By the end of 2022, there were 158 stores of Perfect Diary.

Are all fellow travelers

To some extent, Perfect Diary, Huaxizi and Tangduo are all fellow travelers. They were born at the end of the blowout era of the Internet industry, but they got on this express train after all. Xiaohongshu, Tik Tok, Taobao live broadcast, these are the explosion points of new e-commerce. On these platforms, new brands have the opportunity to stand on the same starting line as old brands.

The fastest runner is Perfect Diary, and its parent company Yixian E-commerce successfully landed in the US stock market.

In January 2019, Perfect Diary opened its first offline store in Guangzhou. After listing, Yixian E-commerce also indicated that it will use 30% of the raised funds to support business growth and expansion, including increasing the number of offline stores. In terms of its own production capacity, in August 2023, the first factory of Yixian E-commerce was officially put into operation. The partner of the project was Kosmet, with Yixian E-commerce holding 49% and Kosmet holding 51%.

It is worth mentioning that Kosmet also has similar cooperation with Hua Xizi.

In terms of R&D, in recent years, the R&D investment of Yixian E-commerce has been maintained at a high level, and 30% of the listed funds have been used to seek potential M&A targets. Yixian E-commerce has also intensively acquired a number of high-end skin care brands before and after listing. After receiving the delisting warning from NYSE in April, 2021, the company also said that the beauty industry as a whole will shift from channel bonus-driven to product and brand-driven stage, which will increase investment in skin care and makeup products.

During the channel bonus period, domestic brands only need to pull up a team, build a brand and contact a group of foundries, so it is easy to make high sales with the help of channel bonus, and even get a high valuation in the primary market. However, after all, the foundry is an "industry bus", and the beauty products themselves lack a moat. Under the light asset game, competitors will emerge at any time.

Yixian e-commerce has almost stepped out of the growth path of an online beauty brand with light assets, which can be summarized as: starting online, opening offline stores, building self-built production capacity and making skin care products.

Judging from the current known information, Yixian e-commerce is taking the fourth step, and Tangduo has just begun to take the second step. From the point of view of opening a store under the Huaxi Sub-line and cooperating with Cosmis, it may be taking the second and third steps at the same time.

Skin care products have higher technical content and naturally have more profit space. Looking at the big brands on the market at present, they may also have a considerable number of products from foundries, but in terms of skin care, they all have their own "housekeeping formula".

No matter what consumers think of an inflated anchor, one thing is certain: they all hope that domestic brands can really stand up.


Huawei ADS 2.0 Smart Drive High-end Package launched a limited-time discount with a one-time purchase price of 26,000 yuan.

Yichexun On December 23rd, AITO Automobile announced in WeChat official account that the HUAWEI ADS 2.0 smart driving premium package will usher in a major upgrade, supporting many major new functions of smart driving pilot NCA, such as "it can be opened all over the country, and the more it is opened, the better it is opened". In addition, it is also announced that HUAWEI ADS 2.0 Smart Drive Premium Package will launch a limited-time discount, with a one-time purchase price of 26,000 yuan, and the discount period is from January 1, 2024 to March 31, 2024.

AITO Automobile said that the HUAWEI ADS intelligent driving system carried by HarmonyOS Zhixing series products has been well received by consumers since it came out. On the occasion of the end of this year and the beginning of this year, HUAWEI ADS is about to upgrade to users and support many major new functions such as intelligent driving and piloting NCA "the whole country can open, the more it opens, the better it opens" and parking and driving. At the same time, relying on Huawei’s strong investment in cloud computing power and AI cluster training, we can realize the rapid evolution of intelligent driving ability and experience, and continue to bring users a better, safer and smarter intelligent driving experience.

In addition, in order to thank consumers for their support to HarmonyOS Zhixing, we continue to offer a limited-time discount on ADS 2.0 premium package, with a one-time purchase price of 26,000 yuan, and the discount period is from January 1, 2024 to March 31, 2024.


Say goodbye to parking anxiety and ask M5 to help you unlock the parking problem easily.

   I finally found a parking space in a crowded street, but I had to give it up because the parking space was too narrow and difficult to park. I believe many car owners have experienced this embarrassing scene of "can’t stop". Especially for novice car owners, it will even have a shadow on parking. Perhaps, there is a car that can be easily handled. The asking M5 equipped with HUAWEI ADS 2.0 advanced intelligent driving system not only allows you to bid farewell to parking troubles completely, but also brings a safer and smarter driving experience.

  One-click cure parking anxiety parking is no longer a problem.

  Parking is always a big problem for beginners. With the blessing of HUAWEI ADS 2.0 high-order intelligent driving system, the M5 can be parked when it is visible, and the intelligent driving technology is no longer limited to the marked parking spaces, even if it is a broken road or a very narrow parking space, it can be easily controlled. Once the most troublesome parking problem, now it only needs one-click operation to bid farewell to parking anxiety completely. There will no longer be the trouble of finding a parking space again because of technical problems.

  In addition, the M5 also has the function of unforgettable memory, and is equipped with parking service auxiliary function. Just finish parking at the first storage, and activate the parking service auxiliary function after entering the parking lot again, so that the M5 will automatically find the target parking space and finish parking. When the target parking space is occupied, it will also use its "smart brain" to automatically find other available parking spaces and complete parking, without user operation. With this function, as long as you return to the parking lot after work every day, you can start to be lazy, release your tired body and mind in advance, and save time and comfort.

  The M5 equipped with HUAWEI ADS 2.0 advanced intelligent driving system not only solves the problem of urban parking, but also brings a safer driving experience for drivers. When driving a car on a city road, the line of sight is often blocked by buildings, green belts and buses on both sides, resulting in blind spots. At this time, pedestrians, non-motor vehicles or other vehicles suddenly cross, which often leads to traffic accidents. The M5 has a leading multi-sensor fusion sensing system, which can accurately identify the "ghost probe" and make an emergency stop to avoid accidents even when the oncoming vehicle in the next lane is dazzling and the driver’s vision is blocked.

  Previously, car home had held an active safety confrontation. In the test of ghost probe, the M5 version of Zhijie achieved the highest excellent result of 70km/h, while the ideal L7 Max who participated in the confrontation could only challenge successfully at the low speed of 40km/h at most. The significance of the results lies not only in the data, but also in the actual travel safety, and a tragedy may be avoided in seconds.

  HarmonyOS Smart Cockpit 3.0 Your Exclusive "Smart Mobile Space"

  The improvement of the intelligent level of automobiles has invisibly increased our time in the car, and the space inside the car has gradually become a second home. I believe that many migrant workers have the experience of working in the car. In order to "catch up", they often switch their mobile phones and computers back and forth, and the experience is quite poor. The HarmonyOS Intelligent Cockpit 3.0 equipped with the M5 is equipped with dual-screen collaboration function, which enables the computer and the car machine to be seamlessly connected to form two desktops, which will be more convenient for editing and consulting materials, and improve office efficiency.

  Not only that, HarmonyOS Intelligent Cockpit 3.0 also has the industry’s first HUD height adaptive adjustment and rearview mirror automatic adjustment function. After the vehicle is started for 0.5s, it can quickly identify and complete eyeball positioning, quickly and automatically adjust the HUD to the optimal height, and lightly brake, the exterior rearview mirror will automatically adjust to the optimal angle. The whole operation is comfortable and convenient in one go. In caring about "you", you may be careless occasionally, but the M5 is always online.

  The HUAWEI MagLink magic car interface, which is full of fun values, has a lot of gameplay. Mount the Pad behind the seat. When the children are noisy, parents can choose suitable content for the children in the back row in the front row, so that the children can quietly immerse themselves in the video. Parents can also adjust the brightness, volume and other details for the back row, lock the screen screen, and grasp the viewing time of the back row screen. In this way, children are happy and parents are more worried.

  The appearance of M-5 injected smart travel into the details of users’ lives, which not only made it effective and intelligent, but also filled with humanized life. Intelligent automobile is an irresistible global trend, and it is believed that the brand name will inject more vitality into the development of China automobile industry.


Do you really understand the advantages and disadvantages of Qin PLUS EV? What is BYD’s confidence in hitting the high end?

Careful, you can easily find that BYD’s EV models are generally more expensive than the DM-i of the same model. The reason is that, first of all, the cost of EV models is higher, especially the power battery cost of pure electric models. Besides, what are the highlights and shortcomings of BYD’s EV models?

Teacher Bang also borrowed one recently to see if he could see some clues in it.

There are many small flaws in big advantages.

When I sat in the driver’s seat, what caught my eye was this instrument embedded in the center console. This is also one of the few small and exquisite instruments that Mr. Bang has seen in his many years of experience in reading cars. In terms of functionality alone, the information displayed by the instrument is rich enough, but in terms of grade sense, there is indeed room for improvement.

Coming to the back row of Qin PLUS EV, the longitudinal space performance of the legs is acceptable. The head space is really big, and the teacher Bang, with a net height of 170cm, is slightly unhappy. Coupled with the short cushion, the comfort of riding in the back row for a long time is really poor.

In addition, many state friends think that BYD’s EV models are on the high side, and the price of the flagship model of 145,800 yuan can only buy the 500KM endurance version of Qin PLUS EV. In fact, in addition to the price difference at the battery level, Mr. Bang also found the difference in chassis design between the two cars.

Qin PLUS EV rear suspension adopts multi-link form, while DM-i adopts torsion beam. Of course, it does not mean that the multi-link independent suspension is necessarily better than the non-independent suspension torsion beam, which has a great relationship with the adjustment of the whole chassis. However, in terms of comfort and cost, independent suspension is generally more advantageous.

At this point, Qin PLUS EV has more advantages than competing products such as Aion S and geometric A Pro.

During the actual experience, Qin PLUS EV chassis has a strong sense of weight and excellent vibration filtering performance, and the chassis can filter out the fine bumps on the road very well. When passing through the speed bump, the car’s shock absorption rebound is also very crisp, there is no unnecessary vibration, and it is also very resilient.

We also tried to drive the Qin PLUS EV for emergency merging. At this time, the car still has a certain roll range. After all, as a family car, the overall suspension setting is also biased towards a comfortable orientation.

Qin PLUS EV equipped with BYD’s latest Ferrous lithium phosphate blade battery makes up for the short battery life of lithium iron phosphate batteries in the past, and at the same time gives consideration to safety. The battery capacity of Qin PLUS EV 71.7 degrees, and the battery life reaches 600km. With the control strategy and energy recovery technology, the power consumption per 100 kilometers can be as low as 12.9 kWh.

During these two days’ experience, my driving conditions include high speed and urban congestion. Personally, I think there is not much difference between the actual mileage of Qin PLUS EV and the remaining cruising range of the watch when the air conditioner and music are turned on all the time.

Of course, in order to ensure the rigor, the electric state also made an objective EVRI endurance test for this car. What is the real endurance performance of Qin PLUS EV? Please pay attention to the subsequent test content of Qin PLUS EV of the electric state.

Another point that Mr. Bang agrees with is the design of Qin PLUS EV. BYD’s latest design language was well received when it was launched in Han. And this car follows the design of BYD Han, just like a small version of "Han EV".

Highlights of detail design include arrow-feather-shaped LED headlights, coupe-type sliding back design, through LED taillights, and 18-inch wheels at the top. The interior shape is very simple, and most functions are integrated on the central control panel.

Whether the design level is good or not is a matter of different opinions, but as far as the shape of BYD’s new car is concerned, I believe it is in line with the aesthetics of most Chinese people.

The 12.8-inch suspended central control panel in Qin PLUS EV car is very playable. First of all, the performance of this screen is excellent enough in clarity and fluency, and the rotatable design is also its highlight. The central control panel is equipped with DiLink 3.0 Zhilian system, which supports voice interaction, and third-party applications are also very rich.

What are the reasons for the excellent sales?

Having experienced Qin PLUS EV, this car does have some shortcomings, but overall, the advantages are obvious. Let’s discuss BYD’s sales performance again. It can be said that no matter what new car is launched, BYD now seems to have no shortage of fans and attention.

Recently, BYD announced its sales in May, and its new energy passenger car sales reached 31,681, up 198.8% year-on-year. Among them, BYD’s pure electric vehicle sales accounted for 18,711 vehicles, up 126% year-on-year, and plug-in hybrid vehicles accounted for 12,970 vehicles, up 458.3% year-on-year.

Super hybrid products such as Qin PLUS DM-i and Song PLUS DM-i just launched this year have also brought over 10,000 sales to BYD, and even the demand exceeds supply.

Since 2021, BYD has made frequent moves. First, the super hybrid DM-i products were launched one by one, and all its pure electric models also completed the "sabre" (equipped with brand-new blade batteries). On May 19, with a Han EV slowly driving off the production line, BYD also became the first member of the "Million Clubs" of new energy. Recently, it has been reported that BYD will release high-end brands in the fourth quarter, and the price range of the first model is 500,000-800,000 yuan.

BYD in 2021 is destined to be extraordinary!

In May, BYD Han sold 8,214 vehicles, and the cumulative sales volume also exceeded 80,000 vehicles, which is already a very good sales level. BYD’s flagship SUV, Tang, sold 2,301 vehicles in May. Among them, Tang EV increased by 80.1% and Tang DM increased by 66.1%.

BYD’s DM-i model can be said to be popular with its product strength. BYD Qin PLUS DM-i has a power loss of 3.8L per 100 kilometers and a long battery life of more than 1,000 kilometers, which is hot in the market. Qin Plus DM-I sold 10,566 vehicles in May, up 53.8% from the previous month. Song PLUS DM-i received a total of more than 30,000 orders in four months.

At the same time, BYD’s EV model has not only improved its cruising range, but also performed better in battery safety after the "Sabre", and these are exactly the issues that users care about. Today’s BYD, regardless of DM-i or EV, has been recognized by the majority of users.

What do you think of BYD’s brand-new high-end brand?

Let’s take a look at BYD’s brand new brand. Recently, it is reported that BYD will release a brand new high-end brand in the fourth quarter, including a brand new brand logo. The brand will also be an independent brand, an independent team and an independent sales channel. It is reported that the first model will be released later, and the model has a high-end positioning, and the price range is expected to be 500,000-800,000 yuan.

In fact, it is nothing new for China brands to constantly improve their brand positioning and brand image, which is also what most brands are doing. Nowadays, we can no longer measure China brand with the eyes of "domestic cars" many years ago, especially in the field of new energy. We are familiar with Weilai, Ideality, Gaohe, Extremely Fox and Lantu, which all have good reputation and products.

For example, the average selling price of Weilai has exceeded 400,000, and the price is not lower than that of BBA models of the same level. Of course, it does not mean that selling more than BBA is a high-end brand. High-end brands often mean reliable quality, advanced technology, luxurious design and excellent service, which is a very comprehensive thing.


BYD’s mainstream new energy products are mainly concentrated inIn the range of 100,000-300,000 yuan, its products also have stable sales and high recognition. And if BYD will build high-end brands and models of 500,000-800,000 yuan, its greatest strength naturally comes from the stable sales volume and strong technical strength at this stage.


Geely Raytheon Power DHT was copied from Chery because it was all in third gear? Official: We are different.

Recently, there are rumors that Geely Raytheon Power DHT technology copied Chery and registered the patent first. On August 2nd, the official account of Geely Network False Information Reporting Center issued a clarification, saying that the news on the Internet that "Geely Raytheon Power DHT technology copied Chery and registered the patent first" was seriously inaccurate, and the relevant content was wrongly quoted, which seriously damaged the reputation of Geely brand. The company has collected and fixed relevant evidence and reserved the right to investigate the responsibility of the infringer.

Geely issued a statement as follows:

1. The statement that "Geely hybrid car copied Chery car technology" in the online content is seriously inaccurate.

2. The part about "Geely 3-speed hybrid electric drive DHT Pro patent drawing (CN202120284735.7)" appearing in the network content is not a patent of Geely 3-speed hybrid electric drive DHT Pro scheme, but a patent of other Geely projects.

The domestic patent of Geely DHT Pro scheme (CN201810943518.7) was applied in August 2018 and published in January 2019; International patent (PCT/CN2019/078178) was filed in March 2019 and published in February 2020.

In addition, Geely’s 3-speed hybrid electric drive DHT Pro scheme uses the transmission of double planetary mechanisms+clutch+brake, and adopts two planetary gear mechanisms to realize different transmission ratios in the third gear of the power system, improving fuel economy and accelerating power performance of the power system. The planetary gear mechanisms realize different motion states to provide different transmission ratios through the combination or disengagement of the brake and clutch, which makes the power system not only simple in structure, competitive in cost, but also more adaptable. It is different from the transmission path of the "patent (CN201910360258.5) applied by Chery in 2019" quoted in the false content of the network transmission.

3. The statement that the patent nature of Geely DHT Pro is "utility patent" and "Geely dare not apply for invention patent" is seriously untrue. Geely’s DHT Pro technology has applied for an invention patent in August 2018, and our company has complete intellectual property rights for the patent of the 3-speed hybrid electric drive DHT Pro scheme. The patents of this scheme have been authorized in China, the United States and Japan, and the power products have been mass-produced by the end of 2021. The hybrid models of Xingyue L Raytheon Hi·F and Emgrand L Raytheon Hi·P have been delivered.

It is worth mentioning that this statement is the first statement analogy issued since the establishment of this account, which shows that Geely Automobile attaches importance to its power technology brand Raytheon Power.

According to the "Talk on Automobile Pulling", the reason why Raytheon hybrid technology was plagiarized was because both Geely and Chery hybrid transmissions used three gears, but the difference was that Chery’s hybrid technology Kunpeng e+ was a two-way balanced design structure, while Geely’s hybrid technology Raytheon engine was a planetary gear structure, which was exactly the difference between the two transmission paths mentioned in Geely’s statement. Moreover, Geely’s Lei Shenqing engine supports FOTA upgrade in the later stage, and more functions can be unlocked in the future.

In addition, rumors can’t stand scrutiny in time. Geely’s hybrid technology Lei Shenqing applied for a patent in 2018, while Chery applied for a patent in 2019.

At present, the domestic hybrid market is full of flowers, and each family has its own specialty skills. BYD’s DM-i, Great Wall’s lemon DHT, Geely’s Lei Shenqing Hi·X and Chery’s Kunpeng DHT have all been put on specific models and achieved mass production. Rumors and excuses are not enough to destroy technology, which is stronger, and the real market will give an answer sooner or later.


Xiaomi SU7 lost an average of 6,800 yuan when selling one.

At the press conference of Xiaomi SU7, Lei Jun said frankly that the sales strategy of this model is to "sell one and lose one".

According to the latest Citigroup report, the estimated delivery volume of SU7 of Xiaomi Group will be between 5,000 and 6,000 units in April, while the annual delivery volume is expected to be about 55,000 to 70,000 units.

At present, the delivery time of Xiaomi SU7 has been as long as 6 months, which has aroused the market’s concern about its production capacity. If the production capacity can’t keep up with the market demand, Xiaomi may face a growth challenge similar to last year’s G6 in Tucki. It is estimated that for every SU7 sold by Xiaomi in 2024, it will lose an average of 6 800 yuan, and the whole car-making business is expected to lose as much as 4.1 billion yuan.

However, some bloggers broke the news that the production capacity of Xiaomi SU7 began to increase this week. It is estimated that the daily production capacity will increase to more than 400 units, and the monthly output will directly jump to 12,000 units. This is undoubtedly a positive signal for SU7, a high-positioning model.

Looking into the future, it is predicted that by April 2024, Xiaomi SU7 is expected to rank among the top three in the pure electric car market with a price of over 200,000 yuan in China.

Lei Jun mentioned in his previous speech: "Our original standard version was priced at 229,000 yuan, while the top version was priced at 350,000 yuan. However, considering the price reduction strategies of other car companies, we decided to adopt a more sincere pricing strategy. Therefore, the standard version is priced 30,000 yuan lower than Tesla Model 3, while the Max version is priced at 299,000 yuan. "

For this report, Xu Jieyun, Special Assistant to the Chairman of Xiaomi Group and Deputy General Manager of China Marketing Department, quickly responded at the Weibo, saying that there may be a big deviation in this information.


"Far ahead" was ridiculed as a hot stalk, and Yu Chengdong responded: Only when there is a long lead …

Every edited Li Zedong    

As we all know, "Yu Chengdong‘ Far ahead ’"has become a hot spot in the domestic science and technology circle. Recently, it alsoSelected as one of the top ten online buzzwords in 2023.

At Huawei’s new M7 press conference on September 12th, Yu Chengdong mentioned "far ahead" for at least five times and "ahead" for more than 20 times in 90 minutes. In the earlier Huawei Mate 40 series conference, according to media statistics, Yu Chengdong said "far ahead" 14 times in a conference.

On December 9th, Yu Chengdong responded to the "far ahead" teased by netizens at Huawei Pollen Annual Meeting.Call yourself a press conference, sometimes at most one is far ahead, and sometimes even none at all, only when you are ahead in this field.

Image source: video screenshot

Yu Chengdong said,It is not easy to be "far ahead". Behind every lead is the result of R&D innovation, technical investment and continuous efforts.He said that he was born in R&D and knew how hard the partners of the R&D team had worked.

In addition, it is worth noting that Yu Chengdong said at the annual meeting,Next year, we will launch very leading, innovative and subversive products.Yu Chengdong bluntly said: "You can see how we can.Rewrite the history of this industry. I hope that I can continue to exceed everyone’s expectations and do things that others can’t think of or think of but can’t do, even things that they dare not think of. "

Yu Chengdong also predicted that Huawei will launch products with native applications and native experiences in HarmonyOS next year.That will be the real king in the entire China terminal operating system.”。

Image source: video screenshot

Earlier, it was reported that Huawei might launch an Android-incompatible version of HarmonyOS next year. On November 20th, according to a report in The Paper, a Huawei related person said that the launch time is still uncertain, and in the future, IOS, HarmonyOS and Android will be three independent systems.

Earlier, according to the Securities Times, some insiders also said: "Huawei does have this plan, that is, it will launch a HarmonyOS version that is incompatible with Android next year, but at present, no relevant notice has been issued internally, so it is not clear when it will be launched."

At the new product launch conference of Huawei’s autumn scene held on September 25th, Yu Chengdong, managing director of Huawei, CEO of BG and chairman of BU, a smart car solution, announced that the native application of HarmonyOS was fully launched, and the preview version of HarmonyOS NEXT developer will be open to developers in the first quarter of 2024.

National business daily comprehensive from the Securities Times, The Paper, public information.